Virgo Zodiac

August 24 – September 23

  • Sign. Feminine, earthy, mutable.
  • Governors. Mercury and Proserpine.
  • Exaltation. Mercury retrograde and Proserpine retrograde.
  • Axil. Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.
  • Fall. Venus and Chiron retrograde.

Constitution associated with Virgo zodiac. Asthenic. Proportional physique. Oval face. High, well shaped forehead. Small chin. Thin, compressed lips. Gray or blue eyes. The shoulders are sloping, slightly lowered. The voice is calm, “teacher’s”, intrusive. The gait is energetic.

Temperament associated with Virgo zodiac. Melancholic, restrained, cold on the one hand, nervous, mobile on the other.

Positive traits of character and disposition associated with Virgo zodiac. Diligence, efficiency, efficiency, sharp mind, tenacious memory, good learning ability, diligence, diligence, diligence, methodology, punctuality, pedantry, pragmatism, accuracy, conscientiousness, arrogance, great self-esteem.

Negative character traits associated with Virgo zodiac. Formalism, pedantry, pettiness, pickiness, criticism, heartlessness, rationality, inner anxiety, anxiety, nervousness, indecision, egocentrism, greed, ambition, dissatisfaction with oneself and others, cunning, cunning, flattery, insidiousness, resentfulness, spitefulness capriciousness, greed, vanity.

Weak points of the body associated with Virgo zodiac. Gastrointestinal tract, solar plexus area, gastric pylorus, duodenum, cecum, pancreas, spleen, liver, gallbladder, autonomic nervous system, abdominal cavity.

Diseases associated with Virgo zodiac. The aforementioned organs and parts of the body, neuralgia, neurasthenia, inflammation. Diseases associated with metabolic disorders, skin diseases. Various manias and phobias. Memory loss, epilepsy, dumbness, blindness.

Metal. Brass.

Minerals. For the talisman – yellow agate and jasper. In general: yellow sapphire, amber, citrine, chrysolite. Specificity – for those born from August 24 to September 2 – carnelian, from September 3 to 12 – olivine, from September 13 to 23 – beryl.

Flora associated with Virgo zodiac. Apple tree, sandalwood, hazel, rye, wheat, millet, lettuce, parsley, chicory, valerian, endive, privet, yarrow, cumin, mint, cinnamon, millet, oats, cucumbers, zucchini, fruits.

Fauna associated with Virgo zodiac. Monkey, fox, pig, parrot, sparrow, snakes, spiders, bees, ants.

Microelements. Potassium sulfate, iron phosphate.

Vitamins. C, B, E.

Numbers. 5, 10.

Day. Wednesday.

Colour. Bright yellow and yellow brown.

Countries and regions associated with Virgo zodiac. Asia Minor, Turkey, Assyria, Iraq, Croatia, about. Crete, Mesopotamia, Kurdistan, Greece, Lower Silesia, Virginia, Switzerland, Western India, Brazil.

Cities associated with Virgo zodiac. Los Angeles, Baghdad, Basel, Boston, Breslau, Erfurt, Heidelberg, Cheltenham, Jerusalem, Corinth, Lyon, Norwich, Paris, Todmorden, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Riga.

Virgo Personality

Virgos are the real “campaigners”, excellent administrators and organizers. They have good intellectual and performing abilities, are often talented, thoughtful, artistic, unquestioningly follow all laws and regulations, all rules and regulations, but at the same time they are very petty, picky and critical. Because of their pedantry and pragmatism, they stick their nose everywhere. Their curiosity haunts no one. They should know everything, they should be informed about everything. The realistic and practical constantly gain the upper hand, for material values, material wealth and a secure old age are always in the first place for them. Thriftiness and frugality can reach stinginess, greed and greed.

There are no emotional impulses as such. In their feelings they are always sober and reasonable, as if they have neither feelings nor passions at all. But Virgos quickly get irritated and excited, get offended even faster with or without reason. They are constantly dissatisfied with something: themselves, their work, the work of others, their position and the successes achieved and not achieved, their relatives and friends. Hot-tempered and quarrelsome, they argue and quarrel over any trifle. They love conversations and various discussions on any topic, where they can express their point of view, skillfully manipulating irrefutable facts.

When communicating with people who are under the strong influence of the Virgo sign, you should behave with them in an easy, fun and relaxed manner. To get the result from communication with Virgos, first of all, it is necessary to praise their work and themselves. They can be generous if you can win their sympathy, favor, and trust. The insult inflicted is never forgotten or forgiven, as they are vindictive and often insidious and vindictive.

It is easy for them to study, so most Virgins have a higher education. Virgos tend to choose intellectual work. They are excellent financiers, accountants, medical workers, teachers, achieve success in science, technology, research work, applied sciences and crafts, that is, in professions that require special care and scrupulousness. Virgos are not devoid of interest in philosophical and religious issues, they love literature, art, but more often they choose professions related to material values. They are all smart and, as a rule, professionals in their field. They go to the life goal persistently and consistently. Achieve high social status through business partners. They can be deeply religious, engage in magic and the occult, the innermost sciences, as well as diplomatic or political activities.

Virgo achieves everything by her own labor. She has to overcome numerous obstacles. But strong blows of fate sometimes force the Virgo to withdraw from life, become a hermit or even go to a monastery, since they are always under the rule of their mood, which most often depends on external circumstances. Virgos have a strong will and are not easy to convince, but they are able to obey the will of a stronger person.

At an early age, Virgos are haunted by diseases that can be life-threatening or require surgery. Accidents resulting in personal injury are also possible. But Virgo is a born healer. She is well versed in medical matters. Virgo is the “walking encyclopedia of medicine.”

Virgos have many friends, acquaintances, fans, and real ones – two or three, but who can play a fatal role in destiny. Often fatal encounters occur during trips or travels, when it is possible to meet a person from a distant land or another country. Love brings a lot of suffering and disappointment, and marriage often leads to divorce. Widowhood is often possible.

One of the parents or their family members may die violently or die from an incurable chronic illness.

Now let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of men and women of the sign of Virgo.

Virgo man

Virgo Man

The Virgo man is the most sober type of the entire Zodiac, a pedant and a “literal”. His God is law and instructions, rules and regulations. This is an inborn critic, mentor, businessman, accountant. Subtle and deep analysis is available to him. His sober prudence, prudence and frugality contribute to promotion to high positions and positions. They prefer hard facts and arguments. If they receive any awards or titles, it is exclusively in the field of exact sciences and scientific research.

The life credo of Virgo men is the constant accumulation of spiritual and material values, which provides confidence in the future. They almost never take risks. If they lose their fortune, it is not their own fault. But over time, they rise up again and return to their previous normal life. Their innate cunning and slyness helps them get around all sharp corners and avoid pitfalls. They act calmly, deliberately, purposefully, purposefully, with great dignity and do not like fuss. Of course, Virgos can sometimes have nervous breakdowns, but they are quickly extinguished by an excellent ability to control their emotions. Their “Achilles’ heel” is quick resentment. Any neglect or insult hurts them very deeply, they never forget the wrongs.

Virgo men are not made for a bohemian life and never break the “traffic rules”. They are rarely windy, since it is important for them how others will react to their behavior. For the same reason, they drink little alcohol, avoid the society of dubious people.

The heart of a Virgo man works like an electronic counting machine, and flawlessly. He chooses a wife with his usual prudence. It should be an inexpensive and rare specimen in terms of a set of talents and abilities, which should unite in one person a housewife, colleague, comrade, salon lady, secretary, mother and the head of the financial department. He decides to marry only after long and painful hesitation, careful selection of candidates and checking them for “sample purity”.

Great happiness in life rarely smiles at them. But in marriage, Virgo men are reliable partners. Virgos have the lowest divorce rate. They manage the economy themselves, allocate money for expenses and put it in Sberbank on their own account. Their passions are shackled, hidden in the deepest corner of the soul. They endure disappointments in love firmly and calmly, without going beyond the bounds of decency.

Virgo woman

Virgo Woman

Virgo women are an example of loyalty, reliability, dedication, diligence, diligence and accuracy. They are not only smart and quick-witted, but also good-looking. As a rule, they organize and build their personal lives themselves, without outside help.

At work, they are appreciated, respected, valued. They work like real computers – soberly, judiciously, prudently and pedantic. To keep them in the workplace, they receive higher wages and bonuses.

Virgo women in love and family life are rarely happy. And this is natural. They carefully weigh the pros and cons, create an ideal for themselves and look for it. Making a final decision for Virgos is the most difficult and difficult task, often unsolvable, but there are Virgos who make a decision “on the fly” – take their “victim” by the hand and go with her to the registry office or to church. But, as a rule, they are painstakingly looking for their chosen one, and as a result, their long-awaited, worn out object for ideal love appears before them, and they immediately, without hesitation, get married. It happens that they marry their own bosses.

But no matter how wise they are, their marriage often lacks the main thing – love, feelings and passion. No matter how ideal the chosen one of the Virgo woman is, over time she will still be disappointed in him, but will continue to love him calmly, without excessive ardor. Love crises are experienced by her internally and with great dignity. From love problems, they go headlong into work. Their intelligence is a screen behind which everything that strangers should not see and know is reliably hidden. If Virgo’s partner turns out to be an “inferior ideal”, she will simply give herself more to work, to her work.

After the first sad experience in love, Virgos become more circumspect. The choice of the next partner is carried out with even greater care and care. A sad severity appears in her features, but at the same time she becomes more attractive and attractive, like Circe. And besides hope, she no longer gives anyone anything.

Many girls remain virgins before marriage. Since Virgo women gravitate towards platonic love. If they do not find their ideal, they remain so until the end of their days, without fully experiencing all the feelings and suffering that love brings. According to statistics, the largest percentage of “old maids” are women of this particular zodiac sign.

Virgo Decanate

In addition to the general characteristics for all Virgos, consider some of their specificity.

Virgos born from August 24 to September 3 are great strategists. They are ambitious, diligent, hard-working, but this does not give their soul either peace or satisfaction. Educated, broad-minded, have good ability and success in science and research, especially in mathematics, physics, literature and philology. They enjoy authority and respect in the service, but not love. They are destined to have a long and fruitful life, but in work and in relationships with people, they can be hampered by excessive shyness and shyness.

Sometimes they are distinguished by selfishness, self-interest, severity and ruthlessness towards their loved ones, not to mention subordinates, showing unexpected reactions and excessive claims. They often lack the flexibility and ability to adapt to people or circumstances. Communication with them can bring both great benefits and losses.

Virgos born from September 4 to September 13 are hardworking, efficient, persistent, persistent, self-possessed, hardy, patient, thrifty, demanding. Mostly noble, but with a quarrelsome character. Many consider themselves misunderstood and unrecognized. They are distinguished by their great love for science and passion for the world of art. Here Virgos are very different in character: some are susceptible, impressionable, emotional, hysterical, capricious, others are sleepy, lethargic, apathetic, others are enterprising, restless, who love various movements, trips and travels, the fourth are inert, etc.

Virgos born from September 14 to 23 are distinguished by high intelligence and intelligence. They are attracted by research, science, art. There are many inventors and innovators among them. But in love and family life, they are haunted by failure, disappointment and suffering. An explosion, fire, accident or bad influence from the outside can lead to complete or partial ruin.

Virgo Decanate

Interpretation of Virgo Decanate

1st Virgo Decanate: 0 ° – 10 °

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Analytical mind. Ability for mathematics, physics, literature, philology, mechanical sciences. Success in these areas of expertise. A long and fruitful life that in most cases can be spent in solitude and solitude. Patience, humility, modesty, timidity, shyness, a lot of adversity and suffering. Often – captivity or hospital, prison or concentration camp.

2nd Virgo Decanate: 10 ° – 20 °

The rulers are Saturn and Uranus.

The mind is philosophical. Perseverance, persistence, endurance, endurance, patience, hard work, efficiency, frugality. Cheerful nature, polite and benevolent, honest and conscientious. Brilliant oratory, the gift of eloquence, often – genius (the influence of the Moon and Neptune). Craving for science and research work, for the world of art. Success as a scientist or art worker. There are problems in family life, quarrels with a possible divorce.

3rd Virgo Decanate: 20 ° – 30 °

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

Intelligence, intelligence. Research and inventive spirit. High social level, authority, recognition in society, material well-being, even wealth. Success is possible in science and research, in the world of art. There are many disappointments in love and marriage. Passion for gambling, possibly complete ruin, loss of property. Often losses due to explosion, fire, fire or accident.

Virgo 5 degree range

0 ° – 5 ° (-)

Tall, slim figure. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Or the growth is short, the figure is magnificent, stout.

Distinctive features: pride, dignity, tact, sophistication.

5 ° – 10 ° (+)

Medium height, healthy complexion, light brown eyes, light brown hair.

Distinctive features: honesty, conscientiousness, sincerity, benevolence, sophistication.

10 ° – 15 ° (+)

Medium height. Nice facial features. Gray-blue or gray-green eyes. Hair is blonde and often curly.

Distinctive features: friendliness, benevolence, sophistication, visual appeal. Strong research spirit.

15 ° – 20 ° (-)

Height is about average. Slim figure. Round face. Well-defined forehead. Dark lively eyes.

Distinctive features: prudence, restraint, oratorical gift. A penchant for science or the art world.

20 ° – 25 ° (-)

Medium height. The face is elongated, thin, with high cheekbones. Wide nose often. Black or dark eyes. Thin, pursed lips.

Distinctive features: great intelligence, sincerity, courtesy, quickness, helpfulness, kindness, benevolence. Oratory, eloquence with great power of persuasion.

25 ° – 30 ° (+)

Medium to high growth. Proportionally folded figure. Healthy complexion.

Distinctive features: artistry, cheerfulness. Strong inclination to material values ​​and goods.

Virgo Degree

Interpreting degrees of Virgo

0 ° – 1 ° (150 ° – 151 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Passionate nature, but shyness and shyness. Love for pleasures, external brilliance and luxury, spiritual and material values. Dreams and ideas are realized gradually, step by step, thanks to high intelligence and understanding of the essence of any business. Success in business and science.

If damaged. Lack of hard work and consistency in the realization of a life goal. Superficiality, delusions, unnecessary searches. Increased sexuality.

1 ° – 2 ° (151 ° – 152 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Overconfidence. Sharp, discerning mind. Curiosity and curiosity. Craving for unknown secrets of nature and the Universe. Good ability in science and research work. Success in literature and journalism.

If damaged. Excessive daydreaming, weak will. Fatality, gossip, intrigue, slander. Harassment from loved ones, brothers, sisters, neighbors, subordinates, opponents or enemies. In old age, the threat to be left completely without a livelihood.

2 ° – 3 ° (152 ° – 153 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and Uranus.

Diligence and efficiency. Active and deep mind of a philosophical warehouse. Irritability, excitability, touchiness, but just as quick quickness. Cunning, cunning, selfishness, vanity, ambition, prudence, prudence, prudence, caution, the gift of foresight. Self-discipline, self-control, self-control. Dreaminess and practicality and realism. Kind heart, love of law and justice. Satisfaction of spiritual and mental needs in the second half of life.

If damaged. Pronounced self-will and willfulness. Arrogance, arrogance. Strife and discord with others. The possibility of an accident, disaster. Premature death of a violent nature or death in a foreign land.

3 ° – 4 ° (153 ° – 154 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Deep and sober mind of a philosophical make-up, penetration and foresight, good understanding of people and business. Striving for power. High social level and good financial standing. Often a penchant for mysticism and unknown secrets of nature and the Universe. Love for rural lifestyle, gardening and horticulture.

If damaged. Achieving the goal by any means. Lies, deception, self-deception, trickery, fraud. Often violence, cruelty, ruthlessness. Violent premature death or suicide.

4 ° – 5 ° (154 ° – 155 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Rulers Mars and Pluto.

The critical degree is 4 ° 07’01 ” – 4 ° 17’52 ”.

Philosophical mindset, the ability to concentrate on one thing (strong Mercury, Chiron, Uranus or accented signs of Earth and Air). Constructive imagination, thoughtfulness, prudence, quick wit, prudence, strong subconsciousness. Confidence in their abilities and capabilities. Great success in entrepreneurship or in the military field, as well as in science and research, in the art world, in applied sciences and applied arts, in astronomy, astrology, philology.

If damaged. Excessive practicality, criticism, selfishness, mercantilism, greed. Excessive power. Violence and coercion. Persecution by the “mighty of the world”.

5 ° – 6 ° (155 ° – 156 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Beautiful appearance, attractiveness, charm. Freshness of views, optimism, diligence, diligence. The talent to use others to fulfill their goals, plans and intentions. Addiction to entertainment, pleasure, pleasure. Loyal friends, loyal associates, strong patrons, mentors, guardians, patrons. Scientific research, the world of art, music and literature bring success.

If damaged. Strong desire to please everyone and everyone. Endless repetition of fruitless experiences. Problems in married life.

6 ° – 7 ° (156 ° – 157 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

Modesty, shyness, harmlessness. Strong curiosity and curiosity. Early awakening and development of mental strength. Lots of thoughts and ideas, interesting, exciting plans and intentions. Great interest in occult and secret sciences, philosophy and religion. Striving to unravel the secrets of nature and the Universe, the true goal and purpose of human life and being. Love for the art world, especially for music, poetry, literature and painting, success is possible in these arts.

If damaged. Lightheadedness, frivolity, immoral lifestyle. Painful cowardice. The threat of loss of personal freedom and independence, dependence on the will of other people.

7 ° – 8 ° (157 ° – 158 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Self-discipline, self-control and self-control. Convincing self-expression. Early development of physical strength and mind. Contemplation, caution, practicality. Craving for knowledge of the truth and essence of being. Success in business, finance, science and research work, in the military, in the naval business. Abilities for literature, poetry, music. The greatest satisfaction comes from the fruits of one’s own labor.

If damaged. Excessive idealism, utopia, naivety. Unrealistic, unrealizable plans. Loss of personal freedom and independence.

8 ° – 9 ° (158 ° – 159 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Dreaminess, individualism. Bright artistic talent, convincing self-expression. Interest, craving for everything secret, unknown. The greatest success will be in literature and crafts, especially in the artistic direction.

If damaged. Excessive pretentiousness. Painful superstition. After rising, a fall is possible. Unsuccessful marriage, separation from children. Chronic diseases, paralysis is possible. Loneliness at the end of life.

Conjunction with Aliot’s star. Same as for damage. Sometimes the possibility of being the victim of a crime, homicide or suicide.

9 ° – 10 ° (159 ° – 160 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and Uranus.

Prudence and prudence. Good understanding and knowledge of reality, modern lifestyle and the purpose of being. Passion for easy income and self-enrichment.

If damaged. Unsuccessful and meaningless contracts, alliances. Fall or overthrow (damaged Sun or Moon). Excessive sexuality with dire consequences. As a result, unhappy family life. The threat of divorce. In women’s horoscopes – an unhappy married life, suicide.

10 ° – 11 ° (160 ° – 161 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Talented nature. Will, determination, courage. Serious attitude to business. Prudence and reason prevail over feelings and emotions. Great optimism and enterprise. Successful career, well-deserved fame, popularity, fame and, as a result, wealth. Great success is expected in science and research work, in public service, in the art world, as well as in the occult and secret sciences, astrology, philosophy, religion, or in cultural and educational activities.

If damaged. Excessive conceit, arrogance. Manias and phobias, fear of being poisoned. An immoral lifestyle is possible.

Conjunction with the star Zosma. Danger to life, especially from malignant tumors or poisoning with poisons.

11 ° – 12 ° (161 ° – 162 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Rulers Mars and Pluto.

Courage and courage. Commercial talent. Mysticism. Strong subconsciousness. Love for the unknown secrets of nature and the Universe. Craving for parapsychology, magic, astrology.

If damaged. Stealth. Pretense, lies, deception, self-deception, fraud, betrayal, wandering “in the three pines.” Possibility of great unhappiness for friends and family. Premature death of a violent nature, suicide.

Conjunction with the star Zosma. See the description of the previous degree.

12 ° – 13 ° (162 ° – 163 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Strength of personality. Commercial and poetic talent. Successful overcoming of obstacles and obstacles. The ability to realize dreams and ideas. High ideals. Inspiration. Happy love, successful marriage. Life is long, fruitful, calm, full of pleasure. Perhaps wealth.

If damaged. After rising and taking off, usually a fall or overthrow. Link or emigration.

13 ° – 14 ° (163 ° – 164 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

Great sensitivity, susceptibility, impressionability. Restraint, calmness, dignity. Business and commercial ability. Interest in cultural life and social activities, traditions, especially oriental culture. Love for art, especially for cinema, theater, stage. The possibility of inheritance.

If damaged. Excessive passion for money. Dependence on other people: guardians, sponsors, patrons or on a partner in love or business. The likelihood of fake friends, traitors. The danger of alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution. Forced forced domestic labor. Danger to life, especially in public places, during travel, business trips, travel. At the end of life, solitude, loneliness and isolation.

14 ° – 15 ° (164 ° – 165 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Shyness and shyness, kindness. The mind is philosophical. Artistic talent, sophisticated manners, convincing self-expression. Honesty and conscientiousness in dealing with business partners, even with competitors. Loyalty to friends and like-minded people, loyalty to a partner in love and marriage. Great love for the art world, especially for poetry. Eroticism. Success is possible in commercial activities. Frequent travel, travel, business trips.

If damaged. Cunning, craftiness, dexterity, resourcefulness, flattery, lies, duality, deceit. Danger to life. Sudden and unexpected death.

Conjunction with the Mizar star. Martian qualities. In conjunction with malevolent planets, it does not give anything good. In mundane horoscopes, it indicates natural disasters, natural disasters, massive fires, the death of large masses of people, etc.

15 ° – 16 ° (165 ° – 166 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Diligence, efficiency, diligence, diligence, ingenuity, prudence. Commercial talent. Prudence, ability to plan. Skillful use of past experience. Passion for “show-off”. The greatest success is achieved in the world of business, trade, when concluding various financial transactions, in intermediary activities (especially in brokerage). Success is also possible in science, research work, in the political arena and in church affairs. Strong craving for mysticism.

If damaged. Strongest materialism. After a career has taken off, a fall is possible (Sun, Moon). Premature death from an accident: falls, collapse, crash.

Conjunction with the Mizar star. See the description of the previous degree.

16 ° – 17 ° (166 ° – 167 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and Uranus.

Prudence, self-confidence, cunning, slyness, caution, prudence. Creative inspiration, ability to be creative. Confident ascent up the social ladder. Achieving a good financial position. Altruism, humanism, desire to help everyone, to be useful to everyone. Life, as a rule, passes in full view. Posthumous fame and fame. The second half of life is calmer and happier than the first.

If damaged. Lots of weird and bizarre ideas that are impossible to implement. Sudden illnesses with disorders of the nervous system and psyche. Danger to life. Premature death of a violent nature, suicide.

17 ° – 18 ° (167 ° – 168 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

The critical degree is 17 ° 08’06 ” – 17 ° 08’56 ”.

Resilience. Helpfulness, benevolence. Attractiveness, sympathy of others. Wealth of thoughts, humanism and altruism. Curiosity, curiosity. Different ideas, love and affection for home and family, for nature and animals. Craving for the study of the secrets of nature and the Universe, for the occult and secret sciences, knowledge of the “other world” and understanding of life. Long and fruitful life is possible. A person will leave a good memory of himself.

If damaged. Expressed selfishness, superficiality. A lot of grief, eternal worries and troubles. Unhappiness in the family. A heavy, unbearable burden accompanies a person until the end of his days. Threat of inflammation or malignant tumors, especially in the abdominal cavity. Danger to life. Premature death of a violent nature. Fall, overthrow are possible.

18 ° – 19 ° (168 ° – 169 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Rulers Mars and Pluto.

Perseverance, persistence, endurance, endurance, dedication, purposefulness, enterprise, foresight. Substantial outside support. The ability to achieve success in all spheres and areas of life: in science and research, in philosophy and medicine, in the sports arena, as well as in the art world. Often married to a wealthy partner.

If damaged. A very restless nature, full of all sorts of oddities and quirks. Eternal hesitation, lack of determination. Falling or overthrowing after rising and taking off. Premature violent death or suicide.

19 ° – 20 ° (169 ° – 170 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Cheerfulness, self-confidence, cunning, cunning, intuition, prudence, prudence, foresight, mathematical talent. The ability to achieve a goal. Business and commercial activities bring good luck.

If damaged. Strong rebellious spirit. Fight against competitors, opponents and enemies. All my life I have to overcome numerous obstacles and obstacles.

20 ° – 21 ° (170 ° – 171 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

Strong self-discipline, self-control and self-control. Clear logic, sober self-esteem, past experience. Balance between spiritual and material. Fast and successful career. Achieving a high social level and financial position. Scientific searches and research work bear fruit in close collaboration and co-authorship. Great love for art, music and painting, for everything beautiful. Possessing excellent taste with an original understanding of beauty, strong and convincing self-expression, a person literally charms the world around him, the public, the audience and the masses with his talent, and deserved success comes to him.

If damaged. Defects, injuries or diseases of the genitals or anus. The threat of infectious diseases or surgery. Disorders of the digestive system or diseases associated with metabolic disorders.

Conjunction with the star Denebola. Originality of thinking and behavior, sober judgment and logic. Popularity, respect of others. Unexpected changes for the better. Happy love and successful marriage. Prosperity or wealth. In case of damage – natural disasters or accidents through their own fault.

21 ° – 22 ° (171 ° – 172 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Strong feelings and affection. Great interest in the cultural values ​​of the past and respect for them, the desire to bring them to future generations. Everything is assessed. When configured with a strong Mars – success in military affairs or in the field of medicine.

If damaged. Increased sensuality and passion. Cynicism, unnatural inclinations, perversions, an immoral lifestyle are possible. Disorder of the nervous system and psyche.

Conjunction with the star Denebola. See the description of the previous degree.

22 ° – 23 ° (172 ° – 173 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Will, self-discipline, self-control, self-control, well-developed subconsciousness, romanticism, nobility, benevolence. Skillful use of the heritage of ancestors and the experience of the past. Strong craving for science, medicine, technology, mechanics, sports, occult and secret sciences. Travel and travel, especially sea travel, broaden the spiritual horizon.

If damaged. Losses from speculative activities and risky enterprises. Spine diseases. Risk of premature violent death or suicide.

23 ° – 24 ° (173 ° – 174 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and Uranus.

Simplicity and kindness. Rich imagination and vivid, vivid imagination. Purity of soul and attitude. Scientific searches are possible. Ability in the art world, especially painting.

If damaged. Unhappy love, unsuccessful marriage and family life. Danger of losing personal freedom and independence. Diseases through their own fault.

24 ° – 25 ° (174 ° – 175 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Royal degree.

High intellectual activity. Any business started is completed. Ability to adapt to people, things, circumstances. Craving for cultural and educational activities and philosophical and religious problems. Science and research, military affairs, government service, political activity and the art world bring success.

If damaged. Hot temper, irritability, imperiousness, craving for revolutionary activity, anarchy, suicide.

25 ° – 26 ° (175 ° – 176 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Rulers Mars and Pluto.

Charm and attractiveness. Cunning, slyness, diplomacy. The ability to be inspired by any business and enterprise. Lots of friends and well-wishers who are helpful. Permanent source of income. A man helps many, and some even live at his expense.

If damaged. Disputes, quarrels, scandals, confrontations. Danger to life.

Conjunction with the Benetnash star. Premature death of a violent nature or due to a serious and dangerous illness. In mundane horoscopes – natural disasters and various natural disasters.

26 ° – 27 ° (176 ° – 177 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Authority, popularity, prestige, good reputation. The superiority of the inner world over the outer. Accumulation, preservation and analysis of cultural and social values ​​of the past. Success in business and commercial activity.

If damaged. Weakness, weak will, lightheadedness, frivolity, passivity, indecision. Cruelty and ruthlessness towards other people. Disorders of the nervous system and psyche, various fears and phobias are possible. Premature death of a violent nature or due to injury.

Conjunction with the Benetnash star. See the description of the previous degree.

27 ° – 28 ° (177 ° – 178 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

Diligence and efficiency. Talent, great mental strength. A busy life. There are many loyal friends and loyal like-minded people, especially of the opposite sex. A lot of children. Success in science and research work, in collaboration, co-authorship, in various groups, unions and associations.

If damaged. Pulmonary diseases, diabetes, tuberculosis, sometimes dropsy.

28 ° – 29 ° (178 ° – 179 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance, hard work, efficiency. A philosophical mind with a religious tinge. Strong desire to move up the career ladder. Interest in mysticism, occult and secret sciences. Often these people are members of Masonic lodges or any other ideological or political organization.

If damaged. Too soft and pliable character, passive and inert. Deep mysticism can bring a lot of suffering and frustration.

29 ° – 30 ° (179 ° – 180 °) Degree Virgo Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Philosophical mindset. The growth of the spiritual level. Engaging in occult and secret sciences.

If damaged. Frequent attacks of headaches, melancholy, head or face injury, loss of voice, hearing loss (damaged (or weak) Moon or Mercury or with tense signs of Cancer and Virgo). The threat of an accident, disaster. With damaged (or bad) Neptune and the Moon in the signs of Cancer or Pisces – a disorder of the nervous system and psyche. With bad and damaged Mars – injury to the head, face.

Virgo Stars

Influence of fixed stars of Virgo Zodiac

The star Aliot has the properties of Mars.

  • Conjunction with evil planets – problems and troubles in the family, failures in the professional sphere, disappointment in friends.
  • Conjunction with the Sun in female horoscopes – suicidal thoughts.
  • Conjunction with the Moon is a danger during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Conjunction with Uranus – in killers.
  • Conjunction with Pluto is a serious, incurable disease.
  • Conjunction with Mercury – congenital diseases.

The star Aliot in 1950 was at 8 ° 13 ‘, in 1970 at 8 ° 30’, and in 1990 at 8 ° 47 ‘of Virgo.

The star Zosma has the properties of Saturn and Venus. Gives a lively mind, but endows with melancholy, depression, fears, brings various kinds of restrictions. Poisoning, accidents, problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Conjunction with the Moon / Neptune or Uranus in the female horoscope – diseases of the genital organs and malignant tumors.
  • Conjunction with Mars in the male horoscope – malignant tumors, such as prostate cancer.

The star Zosma in 1950 was at 10 ° 37 ‘, in 1970 – at 10 ° 54’, and in 1990 – at 11 ° 11 ‘of Virgo.

The star Mizar has the properties of Mars. Under good conditions, favors people of art: musicians, composers, stage and film actors, as well as inventors and writers. In mundane horoscopes, it indicates natural disasters, massive fires.

The constellation of Mizar with the Sun in the mundane horoscope of France on the night of August 23-24, 1572 is known in history as the St. Bartholomew’s Night, or the “bloody wedding”, when the mass massacre of the Huguenots took place everywhere in France, which claimed about 20 thousand lives.

Mizar in conjunction with the Ascendant – by Mozart and Marlene Dietrich; with Meridian – from the writer Oswald Spengler.

The star Mizar in 1950 was at 14 ° 59 ‘, in 1970 – at 15 ° 16’, and in 1990 – at 15 ° 33 ‘of Virgo.

The star Denebola has the properties of Uranus, Mars and Venus. Depending on the position in the horoscope, it can give rise or fall, collapse, accident, catastrophe, premature death. A good Aspectrium can be conducive to progressive reform efforts. In mundane horoscopes heralds cataclysms on a global scale.

  • Conjunction with Mercury on the Ascendant is a scandal, especially during public appearances.
  • Conjunction with Mercury and Uranus – nervous disorders and mental illness.

Denebola was on the Titanic’s Ascendant when he set sail. As you know, the entire team and about 1,500 people died. With the same configuration, Hitler came to power, but in this case, millions of people from many countries of the world died and suffered.

Denebola in conjunction with the Sun – from the German explorer Wilhelm Filchner; with Uranus – from the murderer-recidivist Peter Courten, from Mussolini; with Meridian and in square with Mercury – from the industrialist Konrad Hilton; with Uranus – from the German tycoon Flick.

The star Denebola was at 20 ° 55 ‘in 1950, at 21 ° 12’ in 1970, and at 21 ° 29 ‘in Virgo in 1990.

The star Benetnash has the properties of Uranus, Saturn and Mars. She has always been associated with death, grief and mourning. In mundane horoscopes, Benetnash indicates accidents during blasting operations, destruction of houses and bridges, landslides and landslides in the mountains, earthquakes and other natural disasters, cataclysms.

  • Conjunction with Mars and Uranus – premature or sudden death. At the end of July 1968, the transit Uranus was in exact conjunction with the star Benetnash. This conjunction was marked by such tragic events in many countries of the world as the occupation of Czechoslovakia, the uprising in Damascus, outbreaks of unrest in Indiana, bloody clashes in Mexico, volcanic eruption in Costa Rica, etc. In early November 1968, when the transit Mars passed through Benetnas, there was a severe flood in Italy and an earthquake in Yugoslavia. On September 19, 1968, the Sun transited through Benetnas, and the next day an earthquake occurred in Caracas, during this period a large number of accidents were also recorded.

Benetnash in conjunction with Meridian – by Friedrich Nietzsche; with Venus-Saturn / Uranus – the sadist-rapist Haarman; with Uranus – by Karl Goerdeler.

The star Benetnash in 1950 was at 26 ° 14 ‘, in 1970 – at 26 ° 31’, and in 1990 – at 26 ° 48 ‘of Virgo.

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