Sun in Transit

Transits of the Sun through the Zodiac Signs

Transit of the Sun through Aries

Shows in people a craving for leadership, a desire to dominate in his company or work collective. During this period of time, people become more self-confident, decisive, strong-willed, domineering, aggressive, their energy increases, and ambitious claims appear. The desire to be self-reliant and independent grows, and organizational skills may appear. These days, a person can be entrusted with any, even the most responsible work. Success awaits the military, criminologists, civil servants, entrepreneurs, athletes and everyone who has chosen the Martian profession.

Transit of the Sun through Taurus

During this period of time, some people have an increased craving for material values, while others – for spiritual values, depending on the profession, position held and spiritual level. People become more stubborn, persistent, self-possessed, enduring, patient, and purposeful. This period is favorable for all financial affairs – stock exchange transactions with securities, investments in banks, firms, production. A good time for business, applying for a job, purchasing large, beautiful and expensive things. Success awaits those who hold positions related to material responsibility or have a profession related to art.

Transit of the Sun through Gemini

At this time, an intellectual surge occurs. People become more intelligent, strive for knowledge or just information, often hidden hitherto intellectual abilities are manifested. Therefore, this period is favorable for study, self-education, passing exams, defending graduate works and dissertations. At this time, it is good to start a new work of an intellectual nature or return to the one left earlier and finish it. This is also the period of travel, business trips, as well as activities related to mediation, matchmaking, commerce. Favorable for writing or journalistic work and for Mercurian professions.

Transit of the Sun through Cancer

During this period of time, people, as a rule, return to their roots, they have an increased attachment to their own home, parents, family, children. Some people manage to take time off or even leave during this time to do household chores. But in most cases it is done by people of mature age, young people prefer to use it for tourist trips, travel, business trips abroad. But in any case, this is a period of emotional uplift, subtle perception and insight, the psychic component of a person’s personality comes to the fore. Favors scientists, educators, literary figures, translators, artists, social activists, those who are engaged in charitable affairs, as well as travelers and missionaries, people engaged in commercial activities related to foreign countries, those who work in scientific or other types of expeditions related to the search for natural resources. Success awaits physicians, healers, healers, herbalists and creative workers.

Transit of the Sun through Leo

At this time, efficiency and ambition increase. People become more powerful, articulate and persuasive. Favorable character traits especially dominate – nobility, generosity, humanism, the desire for charitable and philanthropic activity, there is a desire to help the sick, weak, defenseless, offended. People are aiming at big and even global affairs for the good of someone or something. At this time, the craving for the opposite sex also increases, the possibility of conception or the successful completion of childbirth increases. Success is foreshadowed by scientists, educators, the military, criminologists, detectives, civil servants and politicians. Speculations, stock exchange transactions, capital investments can be successful. For those who have testimony in Radix, there comes a period of luck in gambling.

Transit of the Sun through Virgo

During the progress of the Sun in the sign of Virgo, either spiritual needs or craving for material values ​​may increase. Prudence temporarily increases, people become more calculating, overly critical, egoism and greed increase by an order of magnitude. But at the same time, working capacity, diligence, responsibility are increasing. People follow established rules more closely, follow instructions and prescriptions. At this time, the likelihood of encountering manifestations of bureaucracy, literalism, boringness increases. A favorable period for scientists, teachers, accountants, chief accountants, literary critics, critics, art historians, as well as for people who are busy serving other people.

Transit of the Sun through Libra

A good period of time to soften disputes, disagreements between people, as the need for peace and harmony increases, feelings of legality and justice come to the fore. This time is good for strengthening your own authority and prestige among professionals, gives you the opportunity to gain popularity, become famous in a certain circle or society. Often, the attraction to the opposite sex increases, people can be more relaxed, prone to flirting and romantic adventures, up to the manifestation of promiscuity and immoral behavior. Also during this period aesthetic needs increase, people strive for art in all its manifestations. Problems related to the design of interiors of public places, offices, shops, shop windows, parks, gardens are especially successfully solved. Legal issues are resolved more easily and successfully than usual.

Transit of the Sun through Scorpio

The sun, passing through this sign, temporarily increases the attraction to the opposite sex and increases interest in sexual matters. Many at this time become real seducers, who cannot be resisted. During this period, ambition, lust for power, and a propensity for aggressiveness and acts of violence also increase unreasonably. People strive to achieve what they want at any cost. They become more excitable, passionate, touchy, suspicious, more disposed to disputes, in connection with which they make more mistakes. But during this period there can be successful cases related to large finances and inheritance. Success awaits surgeons, psychiatrists, doctors, healers, as people become more susceptible to extrasensory influences. These days, good luck also accompanies everyone who is engaged in secret and underground activities, secret work, serves in investigative agencies, state security agencies, intelligence agencies, counterintelligence or in research work. At this time, some secrets may be revealed.

Transit of the Sun through Sagittarius

At this time, the spirit of wandering awakens in people, someone goes on a journey or a scientific expedition. Interest in foreign countries, foreign culture is growing. At the same time, favorable traits of character and disposition are strengthened – nobility and generosity, optimism and enthusiasm, mercy, good nature, benevolence, a craving for philosophical and religious issues. During this period of time, people have an increased craving for law and justice, as well as for knowledge, they become more sociable, open. There is a growing interest in science, especially medicine, both academic and non-traditional, and there is a growing desire to help people. At this time, it is good to address petitions to the authorities, to the courts, to high-ranking officials.

Transit of the Sun through Capricorn

During the advancement of the Sun through the sign of Capricorn, persistence, perseverance, as well as endurance, patience and determination are manifested in people. They become more calm, collected and executive, they violate the rules and instructions less, but at the same time, a thirst for independence awakens in them and they try to solve their problems on their own. At this time, one should deal with those matters that contribute to climbing the social ladder and material well-being, the accumulation of material values. People are becoming more practical, down-to-earth, it is possible to purchase real estate. This period of time is favorable for contacting the superiors and higher officials. Favors politicians, government officials and others in positions of responsibility.

Transit of the Sun through Aquarius

This is the time for establishing friendships and joint ventures in a group of like-minded people. The best period for finding sponsors and patrons. Favorable time for registration of guardianship, for passing exams, defending diplomas and dissertations, scientific research, for continuing self-education and spiritual development. At this time, interest in sciences, especially technical ones, such as aviation and space technology, electronics, cybernetics, etc. may appear. Interest in borderline and secret sciences, for example, astrology, is growing. Healers, fortune-tellers and astrologers do not experience a lack of clients at this time. The number of fleeting, non-binding intrigues is growing. Along with this, the weakening of marriage bonds is possible. It should also be noted that at this time a spirit of freedom and a craving for justice awakens in the souls of people,

Transit of the Sun through Pisces

This is a period of secret affairs concerning both the activities of this or that person and his personal life. It can be political adventures, and a secret love affair that will begin or, conversely, end. During this time, the hidden often becomes apparent. Those who have no secret affairs, for the most part, become more sentimental, tuned in to a lyrical mood, it is easier to pity them, to arouse sympathy. There is a desire to do good, life provides a chance to help some of the suffering. Although during this period someone has a desire to be alone with themselves, to do what their soul longs for. Success is possible with people working in the field of art, psychologists, as well as those who are interested in non-traditional sciences. One should beware of an accident, the intrigues of secret enemies.

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