Transiting Venus in the 5th House of the Horoscope

A period of little use for work. A person wants to relax, have fun, do what he loves, and not go to the service with its routine. This transit is good only for activities related to art: for actors, artists, musicians, poets, etc., and for people whose profession requires a creative approach, for example, architects, designers, fashion workers. This is a time of romantic and intimate meetings and entertainment, on which a lot of money is spent. But on the other hand, you can win a small amount of money in gambling, lottery, drawing or playing on the stock exchange. Possible random money, fluke, gifts, prize, bonus, or other monetary rewards that a person deserves. For example, Venus, passing through the V field, can help to win in any competition involving a cash prize. Along with fame, a person also has material incentives. These days, you can seek support from famous or influential people, including women. If Venus does not have negative aspects, then children will delight with their successes or behavior. It is very good to use this period for spiritual closeness with children, for some joint activities or entertainment with them, for introducing them to high art. Women are more likely to conceive.

Negative aspects can indicate problems with children or on the love front. There is a possibility of a quarrel with a loved one and even parting with him. This may be due to disappointment, a new hobby, or an accidental intimate relationship that has become known to the partner. Large spending of money on entertainment, gambling, losses due to speculation, failed scams are possible. New connections that arise these days usually have no future and will soon fall apart, and feelings will fade. Sometimes such a transit inclines to selling love or to an intimate relationship with a selfish purpose. Women can use their charm to “improve” their financial situation. Heart problems are possible due to worries, emotional outbursts, hormonal problems.

Transiting Venus and Natal Sun in the 5th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus conjunct, Sextile or Trine Sun

They give special attractiveness, good mood, desire, to have fun, to relax. A person is tuned in to love, therefore, he tries to attract attention to himself, seeks meetings with a loved one, awaits confessions. There is also complete understanding with children, parents try to pay more attention to them. A very good time for a joint holiday on all sorts of attractions. A beneficial time for creative people and people of art. Artists with such a personal transit shine on stage and have particular success, receiving well-deserved applause. It is good to make lavish presentations to show your abilities or work results. With appropriate natal indicators, there is an opportunity to receive a gift or win a lottery or a promotional drawing. There may be another lucky chance that brings money or valuable things. A very good time for romantic and love meetings. The possibility of conception increases.

Transiting Venus Square or Opposition Sun

They create problems on the love front. Romantic dreams don’t come true, dating doesn’t bring joy. A person may consider himself to be deprived of the attention he believes he deserves. Perhaps the imposition of their feelings, the desire to seem better or richer than it really is. Outfits can be too flashy or frilly, with a claim to luxury. Men, in order to conquer a woman, can buy too expensive gifts or, conversely, present a fake jewel, passing it off as real. Women can buy expensive items or jewelry that, by and large, they cannot afford. In general, everyone tries to show themselves in all their brilliance, wanting to impress the audience with their appearance or talents, which often makes them funny. Sexual appetite at this time is increased, therefore, all kinds of intrigues are possible, either with the aim of winning some celebrity, or just for pleasure, but in no case for further serious relationship. All efforts during this time are aimed at obtaining pleasure. It is dangerous to get involved in any adventures, to start risky deals, it is better to give up the desire to hit the jackpot in gambling. You can make yourself a laughing stock, cast a shadow on your good name.

Transiting Venus and Natal Moon in the 5th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus conjunct, Sextile or Trine Moon

As with the aspect with the Sun, it evokes the desire to relax and please yourself with something pleasant. The main thing is to have fun. In this transit, a person involves the whole family in the circle of entertainment. He arranges a family holiday or goes to the attractions, to the zoo, to the theater or to other places of entertainment, spoils the children, buying them trinkets and goodies, becoming a child himself for a while. This is a very suitable time to escape from everyday worries and do what you want, and not what you need, even if it’s just doing nothing on the couch or in a chaise lounge by the pond. A person these days tastes the bodily joys of life to the fullest.

Transiting Venus Square or Opposition Moon

This transit brings dissatisfaction with their affairs on the love front. A person experiences a deficit of attention and affection, often sexual dissatisfaction. Reality does not want to reconcile with dreams in any way. Children or loved ones can spoil the mood. Even if nothing special happens, the feeling of joy and celebration is still lacking. Everything seems gray and mundane. People of art may not go well with the creative process due to internal dissatisfaction or lack of inspiration. Artists can replay, play passion at the level of hysteria. Women these days are better off communicating with each other less.

Transiting Venus and Natal Mercury in the 5th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Sextile or Trine Mercury

These days, you want to communicate more with your loved ones, so this is a very good time for letters, poems, joint walks. The lovers have a feeling of complete mutual understanding, their thoughts and desires coincide. A good time for writers, poets and other pen workers, for promotions, public lectures, theatrical performances, etc. And also for excursions and intellectual games with children, shopping for cute trinkets and inexpensive jewelry.

Transiting Venus Square or Opposition Mercury

Often they cause problems in relationships with children and loved ones. Children become disobedient, loved ones become inaccessible, at that moment when you want to communicate with them. The speech at this time becomes emotionally intense, somewhat theatrical, which may not be very pleasant to the partner and causes distrust. However, protest can cause anything: words, intonation, and movements accompanying speech, since what is said does not coincide with what a person wants to hear. Therefore, the interlocutor may not understand what, in fact, the person is offended. For people whose activities are related to communication and conversation, things may not work, because they too emotionally perceive responses. Advertisements turn out to be fake and do not have the desired effect. There is a danger of suffering from rumors, slander, slander. You should not schedule a tour for these days,

Transiting Venus and Natal Venus in the 5th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Sextile or Trine Venus

This is a time of love, romance and joy. Feelings overwhelm a person, he wants to share this joy with everyone. A person strives for an idle pastime, wants a holiday, therefore these days he often visits places of cultural recreation. He seeks to enjoy himself and tries to deliver it to his loved ones. Can please them with flowers, gifts, displays of special attention. A great time for romantic meetings, declarations of love, marriage proposal, jewelry shopping, social events, parties and any other holidays. For creative people, this is a period of inspiration.

Transiting Venus Square or Opposition Venus

This transit causes uncontrollable emotions. A person wants one thing or the other, but nothing can give him the feeling of complete joy. He can be capricious, find fault with a partner, demand special attention from him, but again he remains unhappy even if his desires are satisfied. These aspects can manifest as an irresistible craving for entertainment, prodigality, and indulgence. Contact with children is also broken, it is difficult to find mutual understanding with them. Unfavorable period for weddings, any festivities, advertising activities. The manifestations of envy and jealousy are not excluded. For people of art – dissatisfaction with the creative process, intrigue, behind-the-scenes fuss. A quarrel with a loved one is possible.

Transiting Venus and Natal Mars in the 5th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Square or Opposition Mars

At this time, emotions are heated to the limit, any little thing is painfully perceived. Discontent is usually directed at loved ones, for example, because of jealousy, or at children who can get mad at their antics. It is difficult for a person to keep within the bounds of decency, he can break loose and make a public scandal. It is practically impossible to avoid temptation during this transit, therefore fleeting sexual relations are quite possible, and if there is an addiction to gambling, then large sums of money are lost. With such a transit, a person becomes an easy target for all kinds of fraudsters and swindlers, they quickly find a “delicate place” in a person, skillfully manipulate his emotions, which makes him do what they need. Men can be cleaned to the skin by a casual intimate partner, women fall into the networks of gigolos and gigolos, and with appropriate natal indicators, they can become a victim of a rapist. There is a danger of a breakdown in relations due to revealed adultery.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Mars

These aspects indicate increased sexual potential and passion. A person openly expresses his feelings, his speech becomes emotionally saturated. He easily makes promises, spares no money for gifts, a woman at this time buys herself beautiful things that can emphasize her individuality and attractiveness. This is a very favorable time for artists, politicians, public figures who can inspire the audience with their emotional speeches. Good for active recreation, sports competitions, all kinds of speculation, communication with active, business and famous people.

Transiting Venus and Natal Jupiter in the 5th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Sextile or Trine Jupiter

This is the time when a person will surely have some kind of happy chance. It can be winning the lottery or gambling, winning any competition, drawing, or promotion. Success is brought by speculative activity, business related to organizational and administrative activities. Good for financial transactions, stock exchange transactions, capital investments. You can seek support from high-ranking and famous people. In love, the brightest period comes when everything pleases, so you need to use the moment to confess your love or make a marriage proposal. It is good to celebrate a wedding or other celebration these days. Artists and other people of art will be successful, therefore, if such a transit is planned in the map, you can safely participate in competitions. Even if someone more fortunate gets the first place,

Transiting Venus Square or Opposition Jupiter

This transit can also be successful, but it often comes at such a cost that it is not completely satisfying. Usually, with such aspects, a person wants much more than life can provide. He is dissatisfied with his achievements, his position, the attention that he gets – he considers all this insufficient, being sure that he deserves more. So, he will be upset to get the second place in the competition, because he was aiming for the first. Having received the prize, he will consider it insufficient, etc. On the other hand, a person may be too wasteful at this time, literally waste money, arranging grand feasts, treating everyone in a row, as if buying feelings for an hour. To this he is pushed by strangled pride, excessive ambitions, a desire to show himself. It is dangerous to visit gambling halls, casinos, restaurants these days. Lack of a sense of proportion can cause significant material loss, and the image can also suffer. Failures in love affairs are possible, often from excessive obsession, exorbitant claims, bragging.

Transiting Venus and Natal Saturn in the 5th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Square or Opposition Saturn

Create problems in relationships with loved ones and children. Coldness, some alienation may be outlined, accumulated resentments may be revealed. The whims of children are possible, they are simply “beaten off”. Dissatisfaction with a partner can push a person to seek new love, but it usually brings nothing but new disappointment. In addition, the possibility of conception increases. Pregnant women are at risk of miscarriage. You should not engage in financial affairs these days, tempt fate at roulette, embark on adventures. There is a danger of becoming a victim of swindlers and scammers.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Saturn

At this time, feelings are under control, so a person is given the opportunity to determine the seriousness of his feelings for a loved one. Of course, in a relationship there is no that brightness and play, as, for example, with an aspect with Mars or Jupiter, but they are replaced by a feeling of confidence in a partner. Good days for a marriage proposal. It is also favorable for exchange transactions, speculation, you can try your chance at gambling. You don’t have to wait for big income, but luck may smile. At least the loss can be avoided by leaving the game on time.

Transiting Venus and Natal Uranus in the 5th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Square or Opposition Uranus

These aspects give emotional instability, nervousness, agitation, abnormal excitability. It is difficult to predict what exactly will affect a person, at whom the emission of emotions may be directed. Most often this comes from an internal desire to be noticed due to dissatisfaction with the relationship, the state on the love front. Such excesses can occur not only in unsettled pairs, but also in stable ones. At this time, a person wants to experience something new, unknown, therefore, the danger of betrayal increases. Relationships can simply end without any particular external reason. These days, speculation, buying and selling shares and other securities, gambling or gambling are contraindicated, as this can lead to irreparable material losses.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Uranus

They often make changes in a person’s personal life. It can be an extraordinary meeting with a future partner, an unexpected turn in the relationship. Creative people experience a period of special inspiration at such moments, for example, an artist who for a long time could not finish a painting, suddenly felt what he lacked, and finished it overnight, as if he breathed life into it. It is difficult to predict where you can expect good luck at this time, but luck is also possible, which is then legendary. For example, in a casino, a person bets on the winning numbers three times in a row, or a person can be presented with a lottery ticket that turns out to be lucky.

Transiting Venus and Natal Neptune in the 5th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Square or Opposition Neptune

Transit brings misunderstandings, confusion, deception, illusions, and often treason into relationships. Intrigue, gossip, envy into the creative environment. There is a danger of facing scammers or a marriage swindler. You should be careful with people endowed with special abilities, in particular those with hypnosis. For example, not to respond to the urges of gypsies who know how to deftly influence feelings. Adult parents may be unpleasantly surprised when they accidentally find out that their beloved child has fallen in love with someone else, in their opinion, it should be. In general, this period is unfavorable for romantic acquaintances. It is advisable to postpone the final decision on the wedding.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Neptune

Aspects of Venus with Neptune usually give exaltation of emotions, feelings at this time are heightened, therefore, in any word, movement, deed the lovers seem to have a secret meaning. A person is tuned in to a poetic mood, he wants love. If this is a creative person, then this state helps him in his activities. It’s time to present the fruits of your creativity to a wide range of people. It is good to receive and give gifts, you can accidentally win the lottery, luck can accompany speculation, but here much depends on the case, nothing can be guaranteed for sure. Favorable time for romantic meetings, declarations of love, engagement, weddings, family celebrations.

Transiting Venus and Natal Pluto in the 5th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Square or Opposition Pluto

Transit usually brings a deterioration in relationships with loved ones. There may be a reason for suspicion, jealousy. Feelings are heated to the limit, it can be very difficult for a person to cope with them, especially if Venus has negative aspects in the natal chart. He can begin to sort things out, express some claims, and no explanations usually bring him relief, but give rise to new suspicions. If you do not stop in time, do not realize the futility of trying to figure out something, things can come to a break in relations. Even if this does not happen, something may break in the relationship and they will cease to be trusting. Women should be wary of unmotivated aggression directed at themselves, possibly rape. There is a danger of becoming a victim of swindlers or scammers.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Pluto

These days, sensitivity increases dramatically, sexual attraction increases, a person becomes more passionate than ever. This should be taken into account, since the likelihood of conception is greatly increased. A good day for building relationships with women, for seeking help from influential women, for financial transactions, speculation, banking, investment. Auspicious time for people of art.

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