Transiting Saturn with Venus

Saturn conjunct Venus

Here, as in any case of conjunction, at least two variants of manifestation are possible even in the absence of additional aspects to it. Either a person becomes too touchy, non-contact, withdrawn, secretive, or he is determined with his feelings, love relationships get a logical conclusion: they disintegrate or are consolidated by the official seal. In a positive aspect, this conjunction gives confidence in a partner and in his future with him, in a negative aspect – a feeling of loneliness, a loss of a sense of happiness, love. In any case, some sobering of feelings occurs during this period. The love flair subsides, and the person sees his partner as completely different than during the period of love fever. In such a situation, a person often asks himself the question of what connects him with a partner, on what this union is based. In critical situations, he asks himself, how he could connect his life with him. In other words, the truth appears before him in its merciless guise.

Often, a change of partner takes place at this transit. A person leaves in search of a lost feeling of happiness, but while the aspect acts, only disappointments await him. A marriage proposal made during such a period usually speaks of the depth of feelings and serious intentions or that a person is driven by calculation. It happens that not finding satisfaction with peers, a person is looking for a partner much older than himself.

Transit also points to the possibility of financial difficulties, although at best we can talk about stabilization of the cash flow: it will not decrease, but it will not add much, and it is difficult with additional and casual income. Potential delays in compensation payments or relationship problems. They become more official, and contacts are more rare, communication ceases to be warm and soulful, the desire to share intimate things disappears, or there are no conditions for this.

The likelihood of a venereal disease also increases. Beware of chills. Cosmetic surgeries are not recommended.

If there are negative aspects to the conjunction, see “Adverse Aspects”.

  • Good timing (in the absence of negative additional factors) – see Favorable aspects
  • Bad timing (if negative additional factors are present) – see Unfavorable aspects

Saturn sextile Venus or Saturn trine Venus

As in conjunction, it has a sobering effect on the sphere of feelings, but during this transit, it is not the cooling of the feelings that occurs, but their some pacification. A person acquires the ability to soberly assess a partner and those around him, he has a sense of duty to a partner. This contributes to the fact that at this time a person chooses a partner, relying not so much on feelings as on reason. This applies to both love partners and business partners. Sometimes transit confronts a person with a former partner with whom he had romantic feelings or close friendship, and the relationship can resume. The financial sphere will stabilize during this period, no surprises are expected when dealing with old time-tested partners. Family relations are also not in danger, unless, of course, there are other factors affecting this area.

When Saturn sextile Venus or Saturn trine Venus it is a good time

  • to start long-term joint ventures;
  • for employment, business cooperation;
  • for commercial, social activities;
  • to create unions, associations;
  • to solve property and economic issues;
  • for measures to strengthen production and financial discipline, improve the quality of work;
  • to contact the management or official, legal public institutions;
  • to seek patronage and financial support from elderly and authoritative, influential people;
  • for meetings, meetings, important speeches;
  • for the adoption of mutual obligations, contacts and the conclusion of alliances;
  • for explanations, engagement, marriage with older people, marriage of convenience, fictitious marriage;
  • for the treatment and prosthetics of teeth, cosmetic procedures.

Saturn square Venus or Saturn opposition Venus

A prolonged period of mental discomfort. Relationship problems at all levels, feelings of loneliness, disappointment in a partner. A person is dissatisfied with the quality of relations, suffers from lack of interest in himself, becomes demanding, capricious, or experiences alienation, betrayal, betrayal of a partner. A person either closes in on himself, falls into a prolonged depression, or becomes obsessive, tries to pity his partner, by hook or by crook tries to attract his attention. And in one, and in another case, he is dissatisfied with himself and his partner, but continues to act in the same spirit, which only aggravates the situation. The paradox is that the more a partner pays attention to a person with such a transit and tries to prove that he is worrying in vain, the less he believes him. Suspicions, jealousy, family scenes – all this can ultimately lead to a break in relations. In general, at this time, the partner delivers a lot of problems, mostly they go through women.

This transit may also indicate imprudence in choosing a partner, strange relationships with immoral people, problems of the sexual sphere. Relationships usually end in a breakdown in relations at best and family problems, public scandal, shame, venereal disease – at worst. Connection or even marriage with a much older partner is possible. Here, both a marriage of convenience and a “fictitious marriage” are likely. In general, a marriage entered into on such a transit will not last long, the partners will disperse disappointed with each other, the break will be painful and long.

Relations with business partners do not go well either, they can fail, betray, it becomes difficult to find a common language with them. Personal problems can interfere with work, the owner of the horoscope can express mistrust, make public censure, accusing him of callousness, stinginess, dishonesty, immorality. Often these accusations are unfair, although the owner of the horoscope can himself give a reason for gossip.

All this can be superimposed on financial problems. Material losses, lack of profit, non-payment of wages, losses due to the tendency to lead a “cheerful” lifestyle, in men – spending on women and pleasure are possible.

Health problems are possible. Angina, other diseases of the throat, hormonal problems, diseases of the genital organs, thyroid and thymus glands, and others. Cosmetic surgery and some cosmetic procedures are contraindicated.

When Saturn square Venus or Saturn opposition Venus it is a bad time

  • to start joint ventures, business cooperation, job placement;
  • for commercial, advertising, social activities;
  • for financial transactions and operations, solving property, economic and agricultural issues;
  • for debt obligations, obtaining a loan, a loan;
  • for meetings, meetings, important speeches;
  • to contact the management or to official, legal, public institutions;
  • to conclude contacts, conduct negotiations, sign contracts;
  • for purchases or trade in art, jewelry, luxury goods, cosmetics and other goods subject to Venus;
  • for marriage, family celebrations, conception;
  • to communicate with older people;
  • for the treatment and prosthetics of teeth, cosmetic procedures and operations.

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