Transiting Saturn with Uranus

Saturn conjunct Uranus

This conjunction has a negative impact rather than a positive one (Uranus – freedom and unpredictability, Saturn – border and prudence), therefore, in order to predict the consequences of this transit, you need to look at the natal chart. It is clear that the strongest influence of this conjunction will be felt by those in whom Saturn and Uranus are connected by an aspect in the natal chart. If there is no aspect, then the impact will be minimal or not felt at all.

With positive aspects, a person can be involved in joint work, often at the final stage, for example, he can be invited as an expert or consultant. At this time, his invention can be put into production or a patent can be issued for it, a rationalization proposal can be adopted for development. He may lead some kind of interest group or community organization. This is a time of change, for example, a person can understand what his vocation is, and finally decides to do what he is really interested in. In this regard, the circle of friends is changing, a change of profession or interests is possible. On the one hand, a person is freed from the past (the Uranus principle). On the other hand, he knows exactly what he will be doing, i.e. it is not a “riot on the ship” for the sake of the riot itself, but a well-grounded, well-thought-out decision (the principle of Saturn). In other words, he understands that it is possible to benefit society not only by doing a certain job, but also by doing what he loves. This transition is not easy, but rewarding.

Otherwise, this period is not so positive. Even the absence of negative aspects to conjunction does not give the right to relax. Uranus is the planet of surprises and adventures, even Saturn is not a hindrance to him here. Therefore, you should be careful with everything related to electricity, explosive substances, weapons. The entire period of this transit is unfavorable for travel by any type of transport, especially for those who have these planets in a negative aspect in Radix. People with a positive natal aspect between Saturn and Uranus should also be careful, since this is also important for them, just the consequences of accidents for both will be different, and they can sit in the same car that suffers an accident.

Also during this period, health difficulties are possible. These are mainly circulatory problems, disturbances in the rhythm of the heart, nervous diseases, sudden attacks of suffocation.

  • Good timing (in the absence of negative additional factors) – see Favorable aspects
  • Bad timing (if negative additional factors are present) – see Unfavorable aspects

Saturn trine Uranus or Saturn sextile Uranus

Significant if Saturn and Uranus have a mutual aspect in Radix. With a positive aspect, you can expect good luck in business, especially if they are associated with new trends or technologies. With a negative aspect, success is possible, although it will not be cloudless. But here one should take into account the strength of the natal aspect and additional factors associated with both planets, since even positive transit aspects do not protect against problems associated with the specifics of Uranus, if there are negative indicators in the natal chart.

In general, the circumstances are good for people who are creative and inventive. This transit allows you to find a way out of difficult situations, as it combines resourcefulness with the ability to concentrate on the problem. These aspects can speak of friendship or cooperation with highly educated, progressive-minded people. Or indicate the beginning of a joint scientific work, which the owner of the horoscope may even lead. New projects can be supported by influential people. Sometimes this transit may indicate participation in political or public life, or a person from the production sphere moves to the sphere of public administration. If a person is able to accept new trends, then this period brings him positive changes. If he adheres to conservative views, then the changes that await him,

When Saturn trine Uranus or Saturn sextile Uranus it is a good time

  • to start the implementation of new projects, the practical implementation of new ideas;
  • for a change of profession, production or business reforms;
  • for the realization of personal goals and objectives, the processing of original ideas;
  • for the introduction of modern techniques, the latest technologies;
  • for software development;
  • for re-equipment of the workplace, the purchase of modern technology and equipment;
  • for planning, serious scientific work, scientific and other research;
  • for complex calculations, technical tests;
  • for the organization of unions, associations, societies, group activities;
  • to start studying astrology and other secret sciences and their practical application;
  • for friendship with elderly people with authority and power;
  • for the purchase of household electrical appliances, a computer, the development of office equipment;
  • for examination and treatment using modern methods.

Saturn square Uranus or Saturn opposition Uranus

They create problems that can only be predicted by astrological methods, since at this time events often occur that a person can neither foresee nor prevent. His life can change dramatically, although this little depends on him – life confronts him with a fait accompli, often not giving even a hint of a way out of the current situation. If we consider this issue more deeply, then it (the situation) is only the result of what has long been happening inside a person, which gradually accumulated. Transiting Saturn, having made an aspect with natal Uranus, “broke through the dam” and released everything that was held by a person due to his unwillingness to change anything in his life. All this gives rise to anxiety, fear of the future. A person understands: something will have to be changed, there is no getting away from it. Further, it all depends on the level of development of a person and his natal indicators.

Sometimes the person himself at this time breaks everything that connected him with his past life. In spite of everything, overcoming the bewilderment and misunderstanding of those around him or those close to him, he finally decides to change something in his life. In this impulse, he can “throw out the child with the water”, ie destroy and that could still live and bear fruit. But he is in a hurry to get rid of everything that, as it seems to him, prevents him from being free. Often he himself cannot explain why he acts this way and not otherwise. At this time, he can easily go to extremes, for example, quit a prestigious or profitable job, leave home, leaving no coordinates to anyone.

There may be problems associated with a career, own business, partnership, cooperation, implementation of contracts. Due to an unstable internal state, serious mistakes and miscalculations in work are possible. There is a danger of losing your job, position, reputation. Sudden legal problems are possible.

It is clear that on this basis conflicts arise with others, a rebellion against any attempt to restrict him in some way, against the authorities and any authority. Betrayal of friends, rupture of relations with them or with loved ones are possible. Leaving the society in which the person was or, conversely, entering the society, which he still denied.

Danger of accidents, falling from a height, injury. It is highly likely to suffer from an explosion, natural disaster, attack by bandits or terrorists. Health problems: fractures, hypertensive or vascular crises, heart rhythm disturbances, acute toothache, skin diseases, nervous system disorders. Women may have problems with pregnancy. Care should be taken when using electrical appliances. In some cases, arrest may threaten.

When Saturn square Uranus or Saturn opposition Uranus it is a bad time

  • for undertakings, planning, implementation of plans;
  • for transformations, reforms, expansion of the scope of activity;
  • to make responsible decisions in career matters;
  • for scientific research, conducting important calculations, tests, experiments, experiments;
  • for the introduction of progressive methods of work, the development of new technologies;
  • for capital investments, conclusion of transactions, contracts;
  • to solve property or economic issues;
  • for addressing the management, visits to official and public, legal organizations;
  • for planning, drawing up certificates and reports, accounting work, summing up the balance;
  • for audits and inspections, inventory, error correction, putting things in order, repaying debts;
  • for solving legal problems, restoring justice, starting a trial, filing a claim;
  • for the organization of unions, associations, societies, both commercial and public;
  • for travel, public speaking, political statements;
  • for the purchase of modern technology, electrical appliances;
  • to purchase real estate, start construction, move, change of residence;
  • for engagement, wedding, family celebrations;
  • for medical examination, start of treatment, conception.

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