Transiting Saturn with Sun

Conjunction with the Sun

Due to the fact that Saturn moves slowly, the conjunction can last for a long time (from three months to six months, depending on the speed of Saturn). At this time, physical and mental fatigue literally falls on a person. He doesn’t want to do anything, and if something is being done, then he has to overcome all conceivable and inconceivable obstacles, so that he gets the impression that everyone has turned away from him, he is not needed and interesting to anyone. At first, a person is lost, then offended, then falls into melancholy and already himself turns away from the world. The degree of his detachment depends on additional aspects to conjunction and the natal status of both planets. Trying to break through the blockade, which, as it seems to him, has built life around him, he stumbles upon a wall of incomprehension. Others sincerely believe that the owner of the horoscope for some reason wants to be alone, and do not interfere with it. He believes that everyone abandoned him or betrayed him. It is especially difficult at this time for those who have the natal Sun in the signs of Aries, Cancer, Leo, Pisces, Libra or Aquarius.

Although in fairness it should be noted that the problems of this period are not only internal. There are also enough external problems. This can be a dismissal, a humiliating situation that hurts painfully self-esteem, a breakdown in relations with a loved one, separation or loss of a loved one, disappointment in someone or in a profession, unfulfilled hopes, poor health, and much more that can lead a person to despondency.

Here it is necessary to understand the main thing: Saturn is the planet of experience, which, as Pushkin said, “the son of difficult mistakes.” Saturn is our karmic teacher, so it is useless to be offended by him. It is better to use this time to realize yourself. To look into the past, analyze our actions, evaluate them soberly and understand what life wants from us, what it teaches. Events that occur during this time indicate what to look for and what errors need to be corrected. If you continue to persist, then the situation will only get worse, because the conjunction of Saturn and the Sun is first of all an aspect of humility and hard work on oneself. In order not to feel the rejection of the world, which repels a person, so that he finally takes care of himself, and not to waste time and energy, which are not so many at this time, on resentments and claims,

If the conjunction has no negative aspects, and in the natal chart Saturn and the Sun are not problematic, then this aspect helps a person to focus on a specific goal and achieve it. Then both success and considerable achievements are possible. But, firstly, this success comes at the cost of hard, and sometimes exhausting work, and secondly, even the absence of negative factors does not save one from problems and obstacles on the way to the goal. Therefore, it is better to “shake the straw” in advance, so that it would be softer to fall if something happens.

During this transit, in addition to depressive conditions, exacerbations of chronic diseases are possible, although sometimes new ones are found (colds, skin diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system). A person may be disturbed by incomprehensible states when nothing seems to hurt, but anxiety or general malaise is present. Dental problems are possible. Danger of accidents, falls from a height, fractures, frostbite.

In general, at this time you should be careful in almost everything. Intense physical activity is strictly contraindicated, the heart may suffer.

  • Good timing (in the absence of negative additional factors) – see Favorable aspects.
  • Bad timing (in the presence of negative additional factors) – see Adverse aspects.

Saturn sextile Sun or Saturn trine Sun

This transit contributes to the fact that a person becomes more serious, patient and restrained, but also less mobile. For the success of enterprises, it is necessary to choose a key area and focus all efforts on one, the most important business at the moment. Progress and advancement are made possible through hard work, perseverance and resilience. Perhaps a responsible task that is given by someone from above, or a person sets a task for himself. Good time for long-term planning. With the right goal setting and due diligence, you can lay the foundation for future achievements. Promotion, production success, small and large personal victories, including over oneself, are possible. You can achieve the location of the bosses, the support of professionals, the patronage of influential people, more often older ones. In women, in some cases, this transit indicates the possibility of marriage with a reliable partner. In this case, as with conjunction, it is better to limit the social circle as much as possible. If possible, work well in solitude. This is especially shown to creative people.

In chronically ill people during this period, the general condition stabilizes or improves, although heavy physical activity is contraindicated in this case.

When Saturn sextile Sun or Saturn trine Sun it is a good time

  • for new enterprises, completion of long-started cases;
  • to change jobs, profession;
  • for financial transactions, investments, purchases, exchange;
  • to conclude and sign contracts, agreements;
  • for the purchase and sale of land or real estate,
  • to start construction;
  • to receive protection, seek help from experienced people;
  • for engagement, wedding;
  • to stabilize relations with children, their upbringing;
  • for the treatment, extraction and prosthetics of teeth;
  • to start therapeutic fasting, cleansing procedures;
  • for surgical intervention, the beginning of a long course of treatment.

Saturn square Sun or Saturn opposition Sun

As with conjunction, during this transit, there is a decrease in general tone, increased fatigue, depression, indifference, and loss of interest in business. In severe cases, prolonged depression is possible, including suicidal thoughts. A person feels lonely, unloved, rejected, cannot understand his states and is looking for a reason in the external world. Often he is disappointed in close people, quarrels with them, remembering past grievances and accusing them of heartlessness and other sins. At the same time, he himself does not notice his inconsistency and cruelty towards them. It is clear that this entails alienation, builds a wall of misunderstanding between people and leads to separation. Relations with the older generation, as well as with the bosses and influential people, are especially difficult.

At this time, many worries can fall on a person, from which he cannot get away and which lead to physical and moral overload. Problems can arise in the professional field. There may be annoying mistakes and serious omissions in work, accusations of unprofessionalism, a person can take on overwhelming obligations. Joint activity at this time is contraindicated, since during this transit a person becomes quarrelsome, picky, rude, too harsh.

Old commitments, past mistakes and omissions, possibly frustration of plans, collisions with the law emerge. Danger of accidents, accidents, injuries, falls from a height, diseases associated with diseases of Saturn and the Sun.

When Saturn square Sun or Saturn opposition Sun it is a bad time

  • for undertakings, job changes, taking office;
  • for investment, purchases, exchange;
  • to conclude and sign contracts, agreements;
  • for the purchase and sale of land or real estate;
  • to start construction;
  • for changes, moving, traveling;
  • to contact the authorities and government agencies;
  • to communicate with the elderly;
  • to stabilize relations with children, their upbringing;
  • for the treatment, extraction and prosthetics of teeth;
  • for medical fasting, cleansing procedures;
  • for surgical intervention, starting a course of treatment;
  • for family and love relationships, for engagement, marriage;
  • for great physical exertion.

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