Transiting Saturn with Saturn

Saturn conjunct Saturn

It happens once every 30 years, it marks the end of the old and the beginning of a new Saturnian cycle. Usually brings a crisis, the strength of which depends on the natal status and position of Saturn. A person, willingly or unwillingly, looks back, overestimates his life, often it ends with a change in life priorities. The first such reappraisal occurs at the age of 29-30, the second – at 58-60. A “transition period” crisis usually concerns the sphere in which the natal Saturn is located. The new Saturnian cycle begins on the basis of the experience that the previous cycle brought, and depends on what conclusions a person has drawn, what milestones he has set on his path and what goals he has set. How this new cycle will develop can be shown by a map built on the exact moment of Saturn’s return to its natal point.

Often, this conjunction makes a person look at himself more soberly, detached, evaluate himself as a professional and decide to raise his professional level or change his field of activity. In a good scenario, it is possible to move to another job that is more consistent with the professional status of a person, possibly a promotion, a leading position. In general, a person at this time becomes more serious, thinks about the future, about his place in society. This is especially pronounced at the first conjunction of the transit Saturn with the natal, at the age of 29 – 30 years. Youthful maximalism is becoming a thing of the past, a person somehow grows up sharply, becomes purposeful, is determined in his desires. Often at this time he is involved in political or social activities, starts his own serious business.

Due to the experiences and psychological stress of this period and due to a general decrease in vitality, latent diseases may appear. Acute diseases can turn into chronic ones. Danger of injuries, fractures, falls, other accidents.

  • Good timing (in the absence of negative additional factors) – see Favorable aspects
  • Bad timing (if negative additional factors are present) – see Unfavorable aspects

Saturn sextile Saturn or Saturn trine Saturn

They give stability, commitment, purposefulness, responsibility. They indicate the possibility of achieving the set goals through their own efforts, perseverance and perseverance. You can count on the support of influential or experienced people, high-class professionals. A person becomes sober, serious, organized, independent, mature. He is aimed at high achievements, tries to improve his professional level, is able to set goals for himself. All this cannot but affect his status, therefore, at this time, an increase in prestige and authority among others is quite possible. It is not excluded a promotion, a successful job change, a person can be entrusted with a responsible section of work. A good time to end long-term affairs, start new long-term projects, and also to restore order in relationships.

When Saturn sextile Saturn or Saturn trine Saturn it is a good time

  • to start new businesses and important enterprises, take up a new position;
  • to lay the foundation for the implementation of long-term objectives;
  • to make responsible decisions in career matters;
  • for work that requires endurance, perseverance, concentration, patience;
  • to stabilize the professional position, to strengthen the material base;
  • to put in order economic, property and financial affairs;
  • for drawing up and signing long-term agreements and contracts, concluding transactions;
  • for planning, drawing up certificates and reports, accounting work, summing up the balance;
  • for audits and inspections, inventory, error correction, putting things in order, repaying debts;
  • to restore justice, resolve various misunderstandings and conflicts;
  • for contacting government agencies, human rights institutions;
  • for the acquisition of real estate, the start of construction, repair;
  • to exchange an apartment or move to a new place of residence;
  • for mastering skills, advanced training.

Saturn square Saturn or Saturn opposition Saturn

Problems related to the professional sphere can affect personal life and health. They bring a sense of anxiety, pessimistic moods, doubts about themselves and their capabilities, fear of the future. A person is not happy with anything, he sees everything in a gloomy light. This may be due to a deterioration in well-being, illness, a general decrease in vitality, or problems in the work environment and in relations with others. A person may lose his job or there may be major troubles, serious mistakes that have long-term consequences. A person can become stubborn, obstinate, touchy, unsociable. He feels that the environment rejects him, condemns, tries to belittle his authority or merits.

Often this transit brings conflicts with management, influential people, public or official organizations, officials, foreshadows financial problems, collapse of plans, legal problems, sometimes indicates the death of a loved one. Separation or breakdown of relations with those who were close and dear is possible, or the owner of the horoscope will be responsible for caring for an elderly person – seriously ill or with a difficult character.

The crisis period for health. Depressive states, experiences, fears deprive a person of peace of mind, he may be tormented by insomnia, nightmares, or, conversely, he will experience insurmountable drowsiness or use sleep as a way to get rid of problems at least for a while. Chronic diseases are aggravated, dental problems arise. Danger of accidents, accidents, injuries.

In general, a person has a black streak in life. Whatever he does, it causes resistance and rejection from others. Sometimes a person cannot solve even very simple problems. It’s time to fall into depression and become a pessimist, which often happens during this transit. But if a person is aware of what is happening, he can wait out this time, trying not to get upset over trifles, but humbly accept all the problems. Here it is important not to be offended by anyone, not to blame anyone for your troubles, but to try to change the strategy, approach to solving certain problems. Unfavorable aspects are given for that, so that we move away from stereotypical actions, find new ways of solving the problems that life puts before us.

When Saturn square Saturn or Saturn opposition Saturn it is a bad time

  • for work associated with heavy physical exertion, height, mines, caves, etc.;
  • for beginnings, changes, expansion of the scope of activity, employment;
  • to make responsible decisions in career matters;
  • for capital investments, property and financial affairs, speculation;
  • to obtain long-term loans, investments;
  • to conclude transactions, contracts, sign important papers, draw up important documents;
  • for planning, drawing up certificates and reports, accounting work, summing up the balance;
  • for audits and inspections, inventory, error correction, putting things in order, repaying debts;
  • for solving legal problems, restoring justice, starting a trial, filing a claim;
  • for important performances, negotiations;
  • for the acquisition of a land plot, real estate, the start of construction, repairs;
  • for exchange, moving to a new place of residence, business trips;
  • to contact the authorities, government agencies;
  • for engagement, marriage.

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