Transiting Saturn with Neptune

Saturn conjunct Neptune

In general, this aspect can be considered negative (for more details see Unfavorable aspects), since it can have a positive effect only on highly developed people and those who have both Saturn and Neptune in Radix and have exceptionally good status (in this case, see “Favorable aspects “). But even in the case of positive transit aspects to the conjunction in the forecasts, one should be careful. When dealing with Neptune, it is better not to promise too much, so as not to mislead people about their actual position, especially if Saturn and Neptune have an unfavorable aspect between themselves in the Radix of the client, or Neptune has a dubious position in the Radix of the astrologer.

Bad timing – see Bad Aspects.

Saturn sextile Neptune or Saturn trine Neptune

They can confront a person with a real manifestation of a miracle, i.e. before the eyes of man, things happen that go beyond the natural. For example, a doctor sees the healing of a patient whose disease is incurable by means of traditional medicine. This transit can make a person think about God, faith, about his life, in connection with which he begins to search for the spiritual component of his existence and takes specific steps for this. An atheist can become a believer, accept the rite of baptism. An ordinary person can leave his profession and take ordination or take monastic vows. In other words, the Saturn-Neptune aspects are aspects of spiritual rebirth. If they are positive, changes in a person occur naturally and therefore painlessly, circumstances develop in such a way that a person feels the need to join spiritual shrines.

At this time, a person feels interest in everything that helps him to know himself, he begins to study psychology, parapsychology, participates in meditation, is engaged in other spiritual or occult experiences. Despite a strong attraction to all this, he does not take everything for granted, but tries to understand with his mind, try on himself, i.e. there is knowledge through experience. In connection with new hobbies, trips are possible, or a person prefers solitude in order to deal with everything that rises from the depths of his subconscious. Often, during this transit, a person begins to see his past incarnations or another unusual gift is revealed to him. A fruitful period begins for creative people, since Saturn will make it possible to embody what a person feels or sees with his inner vision. For people who are not concerned with spiritual development,

When Saturn sextile Neptune or Saturn trine Neptune it is a good time

  • for secret research, creative work;
  • for religious, social, ideological activities;
  • for mental work, teaching, spiritual pursuits;
  • for the development of receptivity, psychological and spiritual practices;
  • for musical studies, artistic creation, introduction to high art;
  • for baptism, wedding, communion, taking the oath, dignity, dedication;
  • to stabilize household and family affairs, engagement, marriage;
  • for scientific travel, health trips, sea cruises;
  • for making new and important acquaintances;
  • for traveling abroad, scientific expeditions;
  • for planned hospitalization, comprehensive examination, diagnosis, treatment strategy development, water procedures;
  • for the treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, any addiction;
  • to appeal to healers, psychics, fortune-tellers, clairvoyants.

Saturn square Neptune or Saturn opposition Neptune

A dangerous time. This transit brings dissatisfaction with life, environment and gives rise to an internal mental crisis. What happens to a person is what is called the confusion of the soul. He experiences an incomprehensible anxiety, he is tormented by forebodings, fears, pictures appear before the inner gaze, one more gloomy than the other, he doubts everything and fears for his loved ones. His spiritual core, as it were, is breaking, which makes it difficult for him to resist adversity. If, at the same time, he falls into depression, begins to feel sorry for himself, complain about life or generally fences himself off from the world, then as a result, neurosis and even mental disorders of varying severity may develop.

At this time, past flaws or wicked actions that a person tried to forget about may remind of themselves. The owner of the horoscope re-experiences the same negative feelings as at the time when the hurting events took place. In general, a negative atmosphere of suspicion, omissions, ridiculous accusations, dull hostility is created around a person at this time, the case can reach public trials, scandals, in the center of which he finds himself. As a result, he generally ceases to navigate, where is the truth, where is the lie, gets entangled in a web of hypocrisy and falsehood.

On the other hand, circumstances at this time are developing in such a way that the person himself will not behave like an innocent lamb. He can evade the fulfillment of duty and obligations, deceive, cheat, plot intrigues, mislead others about his opportunities, both professional and personal. A person can be deceived about their professional abilities. All this may also end in legal proceedings, but already official.

This transit is fraught with loss of job, reputation, good name, material losses due to excessive gullibility or imprudence. Business and other relationships that start at this time usually end in disappointment at best, deception, scam, and financial losses at worst. Nor should you deal with foreigners. The search for the “bluebird” far from home will also not be successful. Personal relationships may not go well, and if Saturn or Neptune are related to the IV or VII field, then betrayal or breakdown of relations with a partner is possible.

During this period, in order to avoid mental trauma, one should avoid occult, parapsychological and psychological experiences, communication with psychics, healers, fortune-tellers. Do not enter into conflict with law enforcement agencies and do not deal with questionable people. There is a danger of being involved in criminal acts, especially under the influence of alcoholic vapors or drug intoxication.

Danger of infectious disease, poisoning and other accidents related to water, chemicals and drugs. Diseases occurring at this time are difficult to diagnose, so treatment is ineffective. It is possible that the prescribed treatment or medication was incorrectly administered.

When Saturn square Neptune or Saturn opposition Neptune it is a bad time

  • for work associated with heavy physical exertion, height, mines, caves, bodies of water, chemicals, etc.;
  • for undertakings, planning, starting the implementation of plans, hiring;
  • for ideological work, religious or social activities;
  • for scientific research, conducting important calculations, tests, experiments, experiments;
  • for investment, financial affairs, speculation;
  • for the conclusion of transactions, contracts, paperwork;
  • to obtain long-term loans, investments, conclude long-term transactions;
  • for contacts with foreigners, foreign partners;
  • for addressing the management, visits to official and public, legal organizations;
  • to solve property or economic issues;
  • for planning, drawing up certificates and reports, accounting work, summing up the balance;
  • for audits and inspections, inventory, error correction, putting things in order, repaying debts;
  • for solving legal problems, restoring justice, starting a trial, filing a claim;
  • for buying real estate, starting construction;
  • for moving, change of residence;
  • for baptism, wedding, taking the oath, dignity, consecration, marriage;
  • for psychological experiences, spiritual and occult practices;
  • for medical examination, the beginning of a course of treatment, conception;
  • for family vacations, health trips, travel, especially sea;
  • to start a course of treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, any addiction;
  • to appeal to healers, psychics, clairvoyants.

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