Transiting Saturn with Mars

Saturn conjunct Mars

Mars and Saturn are diametrically opposite in their qualities, they have almost no points of contact. The only thing that unites them is directness and honesty. Neither one nor the other takes detour. Thus, this conjunction can be both constructive and destructive. Much depends on the natal status and location of Mars and Saturn in Radix. If a weak Mars is suppressed by a strong Saturn, then pressure, initiative is lost, a person can break under the weight of the situation. Strong Mars neglects the prudence of Saturn, under his influence he can further increase the pressure, which does not always bring good. Ideally, if the forces of Mars and Saturn are approximately equal, then both planets, in the absence of negative aspects to them, have a beneficial effect on each other.

Mars, under the influence of Saturn, concentrates energy in one direction, receives an additional incentive to achieve the goal. Saturn does not allow Mars to put all his forces into one blow, but calculates them so that they are enough to win, he reduces the impulsiveness of Mars, makes him be more circumspect and choosy in the choice of means. Here the conjunction of Mars and Saturn is a more advantageous position than one, albeit strong, Mars. Even if Mars is not as strong as we would like, action for some purpose is always more fruitful than simply waving hands. Therefore, with such a transit in your natal chart, you must remember that this conjunction makes it possible to achieve success if the goal is clear and definite. In addition, it is very important: success is achieved by one’s own efforts and hard work with an unbending faith in victory.

In the absence of negative aspects to the conjunction, transit makes it possible to achieve success, to obtain a practical result. Possible job change, promotion, important task.

In the presence of negative aspects, it is of great importance what these aspects are, to which areas they belong. But even the presence of negative factors does not deprive a person of the opportunity to achieve what he wants. Another thing is that the cost of success can turn out to be prohibitive. And here a person will have to weigh how important the goal is for him, what price he is willing to pay for its implementation. Negative aspects create difficulties and obstacles that can be viewed as a test of maturity, loyalty to the chosen goal, but often they are a sign that a person has chosen the wrong path.

  • Good timing (in the absence of negative additional factors) – see Favorable aspects
  • Bad timing (if negative additional factors are present) – see Unfavorable aspects

Saturn sextile Mars or Saturn trine Mars

Here, as in the case of conjunction, Saturn enhances Martian will and energy and directs it in the right direction. The success of an enterprise requires first of all its own strength, perseverance, perseverance, patience, as well as a thoughtful approach and a well-planned strategy. Subject to these conditions, a person is able to realize his most daring dreams. This is a time of practical results, professional success, completion of business and start of new enterprises. It is better to use old proven methods in work. In all matters it is necessary to follow the proverb: “measure seven times – cut one.” Discretion and caution will not hurt. Sometimes this transit speaks of gaining working authority, a responsible assignment, the possibility of promotion or an offer to take a leadership position.

When Saturn sextile Mars or Saturn trine Mars it is a good time

  • to start and expand a business, create new enterprises;
  • for active actions, project implementation;
  • for a new job and promotion;
  • to contact the management, to experienced people, to government agencies to resolve economic issues;
  • for sporting achievements;
  • to start building a house, repair and home improvement;
  • to start long-term treatment of chronic diseases;
  • for elective surgery, extraction, prosthetics or dental implantation.

Saturn square Mars or Saturn opposition Mars

A very difficult time. Whatever a person does, he stumbles upon obstacles, everything goes through a stump-deck. And the more efforts he makes, the more fussing, the worse the result. As a result, he either gets lost and stops any activity, trying to understand what is happening, or becomes angry, aggressive, impudent. Because of this, he makes even more mistakes, makes wrong decisions, makes hasty conclusions. In order to get at least some result, he has to make more efforts, even if it is about familiar matters. Trying at all costs to turn the situation in his favor, he can break a lot of firewood. Problems also arise at work, a person makes more mistakes than usual or neglects his work duties. Although it is possible that such a volume of work will be put on him, which he cannot bear. Loss of a job is not excluded; it is not recommended to voluntarily leave work at this time.

Saturn, with its negative aspect, awakens primitive instincts, which are extremely difficult for a person in this state of affairs to restrain. All this creates a very strong internal tension, often discharged through quarrels, conflicts and inappropriate actions, often bordering on crime. A person becomes nervous, irritable, numerous failures and failures can discourage him from doing anything at all, as a result, he may become depressed.

Much depends on the level of human development. Someone is looking for a reason in themselves and trying to change something in their behavior, in their approach to business, someone drops everything halfway and is looking for a new area of ​​application of their forces, someone “goes over their heads”, not particularly choosing methods fight.

A crisis in personal life is possible due to financial difficulties or sexual problems. This transit causes a protracted conflict that can lead to assault and breakdown of relations.

It is especially dangerous if Mars in Radix has negative aspects with Saturn and the transit aspect repeats the natal one. This threatens with big work problems, loss of honor, authority, prestige, predicts an accident, injuries, serious injuries, falls from a height, and sometimes criminal actions either in relation to the owner of the horoscope or emanating from him. In especially severe cases, one should fear detention and violent death.

Even healthy people can experience a breakdown, bouts of weakness, incomprehensible ailments, chronic fatigue syndrome. In chronic patients, the symptoms of underlying diseases are aggravated. Problems with teeth, blood vessels of the brain are likely. Skin inflammatory diseases are possible: abscesses, boils, boils, etc. The danger of hypertensive crisis, stroke, heart attack.

During the period of this transit, you should be careful and careful. Do not succumb to fits of rage, anger. You should not give vent to your feelings and hands, in other words, you need to keep yourself in tight-knit gloves, so as not to do things that you can later regret. Any adventures, rivalry, disputes, clashes, silly competitions, bravado should be avoided.

When Saturn square Mars or Saturn opposition Mars it is a bad time

  • for work related to high physical activity and height;
  • for new businesses, starting new businesses, starting or expanding a business;
  • to move to a new job, take up a new position;
  • for research work, testing, experiments, experiments;
  • for negotiations, concluding contracts, signing important papers and documents;
  • to start a trial, filing a claim;
  • to contact the management, to experienced people, to government agencies;
  • for moving, change of residence;
  • to start construction;
  • for sports, recreation, travel, travel, business trips;
  • for solving personal problems, getting married, celebrating holidays;
  • for conception, elective surgery;
  • for treatment or implantation, this is not a suitable period.

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