Transiting Saturn with Jupiter

Saturn conjunct Jupiter

Also, not the most successful combination (Jupiter is the planet of expansion, Saturn is the contraction), but if we take into account the capabilities of each planet, then from this combination one can benefit from Saturn somewhat restrains Jupiter’s impulses to conquer new spaces, gives him the opportunity to gain a foothold on the conquered borders, get the practical result of the work done. Often this transit means that the time has come for professional achievements. With due diligence and thoughtfulness of steps, at this time it is possible to lay a solid foundation for future prosperity, to gain positions in the scientific field, in the political or public arena. As already stated, any success associated with Saturn does not come by itself. So here, too, success is usually prepared by long years of work. Saturn, joining Jupiter, puts an end, sums everything up, what the person was striving for at this time. Sometimes it is perceived by others as an unexpected disclosure of talent, and only the person himself knows how much he had to experience for this. During this period, a person can become the head of any movement or party, take a leading post. Often it is determined with belonging to any confession.

It is clear that all of the above should be confirmed by the natal horoscope, since if Radix does not indicate that a person is capable of becoming an influential politician, then it is unlikely that he will ever become one. Here, too, everything depends on the strength of Jupiter and Saturn, and on the regions they control, and on the presence or absence of an aspectual connection between them, and on the transit situation, and on many other things. If Saturn and Jupiter in Radix have a strong favorable aspect and the transit conjunction does not have additional negative aspects, then all of the above will be true. If the natal aspect is positive, and the transit conjunction has a negative aspect, then the path to success will not be smooth, potholes and bumps will come across it. If the aspect between natal Saturn and Jupiter is negative, then success can not be expected, or,

If Saturn and Jupiter in the Radix are not related to each other by aspects, then this transit will not be especially important and, depending on the catalytic indicators, it will mean either some takeoff or obstacles to development. In general, it all depends on the Radix indicators.

In the case of a weak cosmic status of natal Saturn, Jupiter or both, and if they have negative aspects in Radix, then problems are possible (see Unfavorable aspects).

  • Good timing (in the absence of negative additional factors) – see Favorable aspects
  • Bad timing (if negative additional factors are present) – see Unfavorable aspects

Saturn sextile Jupiter or Saturn trine Jupiter

They point to stabilization in the professional sphere, business, and in the scientific field. They give the opportunity to receive the long-awaited recognition of merits, to earn credibility among professionals. It is possible to move up the career ladder, strengthen social and material positions. You can count on the support of influential people and the state. Good for completing projects and developments, starting new long-term research, continuing or completing special education. Perhaps involvement in public or political structures, the beginning of administrative or organizational activities. The practical result may have cases related to foreign partners or structures. A long business trip, a trip abroad to work or study, a change of residence is possible. In general, this is the time for realizing long-term goals and plans. While Saturn is in aspect with Jupiter, it is necessary to have time to lay the foundation for what will bring dividends for a long time to come. Large investments in long-term projects are shown. Any relationship that starts on this transit promises to be long, successful and fruitful.

The condition of chronic patients stabilizes, there may even be some relief. Shown are sanatorium treatment, sea and alpine resorts.

When Saturn sextile Jupiter or Saturn trine Jupiter it is a good time

  • for work that requires endurance, perseverance, concentration, patience;
  • to start or expand a business and sphere of influence, implement long-term projects;
  • for employment, career advancement, advanced training;
  • to conclude long-term contracts, obtain long-term loans;
  • to appeal to the leadership, to influential and authoritative people, to government agencies;
  • to start cooperation with foreign partners;
  • for contacting lawyers, solving cases in courts;
  • for public and political activities;
  • to purchase a land plot, real estate, start construction;
  • to start repairs, household purchases, solving property issues;
  • to start studying at a higher educational institution, on refresher courses;
  • for exchange, moving to a new place of residence;
  • for marriage, long-term family plans;
  • for a comprehensive medical examination;
  • for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis.

Saturn square Jupiter or Saturn opposition Jupiter

They predict a long period of difficulties, mainly in the professional sphere, in business, cultural, social and political activities and in other areas subject to Jupiter. Any undertakings run into obstacles, since Saturn here hinders everything that Jupiter can give. Saturn reduces or removes the likelihood of career or professional growth.

This transit creates learning problems, reduces profits or causes losses, and can reduce earnings. Loss of work, business, bankruptcy due to improperly invested funds, dishonest partners, a sharp increase in loan rates or due to an unprofessional approach, excessive self-confidence, fraud are possible. An attempt to rectify the situation at the expense of foreign partners is untenable and will bring nothing but losses.

A person may face alienation, misunderstanding or condemnation of others. May lose reputation, position in society or high or honorable office. In general, at this time, the environment is opposed to the owner of the horoscope. Sometimes this happens as a result of the intrigues of competitors or enemies, but often by his actions he provokes such an attitude towards himself, taking a too tough stance towards others, showing intolerance, demonstrating arrogance and contempt for those who, in his opinion, are below him by social ladder.

Sometimes this transit forces a person to fight for his rights, for leadership, or he can be seen in illegal actions, in anti-government speeches, not to mention conflicts with the authorities and higher structures. It is possible to bring to court responsibility, or the owner of the horoscope himself sues someone.

Often this transit affects health. Possible problems with the liver and gallbladder, allergic diseases, attacks of gout, osteochondrosis, persistent increase in blood pressure, problems with blood vessels, etc.

When Saturn square Jupiter or Saturn opposition Jupiter it is a bad time

  • for starting new businesses and projects, getting a job;
  • to expand the scope of activity, take up a new position;
  • for investment, financial affairs, speculation;
  • to obtain long-term loans, investments;
  • to conclude long-term transactions, agreements, sign important papers, draw up important documents, obtain loans, receive money on credit;
  • to settle legal formalities, solve legal problems, start a trial, file a claim;
  • for business trips, important performances, negotiations;
  • for the acquisition of a land plot, real estate, the start of construction, repairs;
  • for exchange, moving to a new place of residence;
  • to appeal to the leadership, to influential and authoritative people, to government agencies;
  • for public and political activities, running for election;
  • to defend a thesis or dissertation;
  • for the publication of scientific papers, collected works, etc .;
  • to start studying at a higher educational institution, on refresher courses;
  • to solve personal and family problems;
  • for love explanations, engagement, marriage.

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