Transiting Saturn in 8th House of Horoscope

In general, an unfavorable transit, bringing a period of trials, suffering, losses, fatal events. At best, if a person does not go beyond contracts and the law, there will be no special problems in business, unless you have to work hard and hard. Saturn does not promise fabulous profits, but what is supposed to, it will give. Investments should be made only in proven enterprises and, in general, deal only with long-term, well-proven partners. At this time, a person may find himself involved in serious situations and affairs that he will not be able to refuse (for example, he may be sent to a dangerous job or given a secret assignment). He can take part in rescue operations,

If there is a possibility, then with such a transit without great need one should not dare to take extreme actions. In the case of negative aspects of Saturn to malefic natal planets, serious injuries, fractures, threatening disability are possible. In the worst case scenario, you can pay with your life. Although more often during the passage of Saturn across the VIII house, a person becomes a witness to someone’s death. It could be the death of a loved one.

Saturn here can cause delays or difficulties in matters related to taxes, insurance, inheritance. In the case of negative aspects, big problems, material and moral losses are possible. There are misunderstandings, quarrels, conflicts between business partners related to joint finances. The financial condition of the marriage partner may deteriorate. Often this transit gives a decrease in sexual desire, problems in this area, the absence or loss of a sexual partner.

The negative aspects create a very heavy atmosphere. At this time, serious destructive events are possible, the loss of loved ones, suffering from the betrayal of a loved one. The usual rhythm of life usually breaks down, a person has to solve complex problems, often requiring the full commitment of physical and mental strength. Possible loss of money due to fraud, forgery, incorrect investment. Deception or betrayal of a business partner, robbery, accident, catastrophe, fall from a height, attempt, detention. There is a danger of suffering from a natural disaster, falling into a landslide, an avalanche, being covered with earth, becoming a victim of a criminal or being involved in a crime.

At this time, you should not take a loan, borrow money, purchase securities, take on obligations, commit illegal actions, conflict with the law and tax services.

Due to nervous overload, health can suffer. Latent diseases may appear.

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