Transiting Saturn in 2nd House of Horoscope

Here, as, indeed, in other fields, Saturn can give something positive only if he has a strong cosmic status in the Radix, he is devoid of negative aspects and has nothing to do with harmful fields. In all other cases, he rather takes, limits, than gives. Where Saturn is, there are always many worries and problems.

As you know, the II field is responsible for the means that a person needs to provide himself with everything necessary to support life. Therefore, Saturn in this field poses serious tasks for a person. At this time, he is concerned about his financial situation (present and future), since the opportunities to make money during this period decrease. Depending on aspects and other factors, a person may lose his job or additional earnings, he may have difficulties with finding a job, or due to the lack of orders or components, a person is forced to go on unscheduled leave. There can be many reasons for losing your job. From their own negligence, negligence, lack of discipline, to global events that do not depend on the will of a person, for example, because of the revolution, when everything collapsed and people massively lost their jobs.

If there is still work, then this transit may indicate production problems, an increase in the volume of work for the same salary, difficulties associated with financing. A decrease in production volume, a decrease in profits, unplanned additional costs, delay in wages are possible. Under the most favorable conditions, it can mean stabilization, strengthening of positions in the workplace. In other words, in the event of a mass dismissal, a person remains in the workplace, but, we repeat, if Saturn is in an advantageous position in Radix himself. If not, he will be one of the first to be fired.

It is clear that at this time a person needs to treat money and material resources very prudently. Opportunities to save or save money are significantly reduced, so you should introduce a mode of saving and careful planning of your spending, you should not buy anything spontaneously. Although with Saturn, favorably located in Radix, and in the absence of negative transit aspects, serious acquisitions are quite possible, for example, the purchase of land, real estate, large and solid things. In other cases, the purchase or sale of property will be accompanied by various difficulties, for example, the seller or the buyer at the last moment abandons the transaction, there will be problems with obtaining a loan, prices will change, other urgent expenses will appear, etc.

During the transit of Saturn through the II field, it should be borne in mind that energy during this period is restored slowly, a person needs more time to recuperate, therefore, here, as in the passage of Saturn through the I field, one should calculate one’s strength and not work until exhaustion.

Negative aspects indicate a lack of energy, apathy, unwillingness to work. This is a period of worsening financial situation, loss of property. It brings waste, unjustified expenses, lack of money, debts, poor food. Unfavorable for obtaining a loan, large purchases, real estate transactions: buying, selling, renting. Problems at work and in business, including solving legal issues. Unfavorable for cleansing the body, fasting or diets not recommended by a doctor.

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