Transiting Saturn in 1st House of Horoscope

From the moment when Saturn enters the first house of the horoscope, a new period begins, which is not yet entirely clear, for clarity will manifest itself only together with the cumulative analysis of Saturniar (the horoscope built at the time of Saturn’s return to its natal position). The old cycle of Saturn’s passage through the fields of the horoscope has ended; from the moment of its conjunction with the Ascendant, a new almost thirty-year cycle begins. The years when Saturn moves along the I field are always difficult for a person. Considering that Saturn is a slow planet, this can drag on for several years, especially since the length of the field is different for each person.

This is a particularly difficult period for young people, since they have not yet gained the experience that Saturn gives. Saturn makes you stop, think, rethink, calculate everything and only then move on. Young people do not like to wait, they are in a hurry to live and still do not know the wisdom that he can give, so they perceive this time as a period of failures, problems, obstacles, stagnation. If by this time a person has already grown up, he can behave in two ways. Or he finally abandons something old and tries to find his new path, relying on the experience he has already received. Or he starts to protest against what is happening to him. This is especially pronounced if Saturn, passing through this field, makes negative aspects with any natal planets.

At this time, a person is busy with himself, so he may look somewhat aloof, eternally preoccupied, does not want outsiders to interfere in his affairs, although it may seem to the person that everyone has left him, no one wants to help, so he has to do everything yourself. In general, life and people at this time make increased demands on a person. He can be entrusted, or he himself will take on some responsible mission, often such that he can endure. On the one hand, he complains that everyone has put one on him, on the other, he does not allow anyone to approach himself and his business. In a positive aspect, this period contributes to the development of inner composure, concentration, self-confidence and the ability to cope with affairs and difficulties on their own. At this time, many illusions leave a person,

Negative aspects can cause depression, sadness, depression. A person feels lonely, abandoned, betrayed by everyone. Congenital complexes make themselves felt, which gives rise to uncertainty, clumsiness. The difficulties and problems that accompany this period become too painful for him, and then he falls into despair. There is another side of the same coin: internal complexes can come to the surface in the form of insolence, insolence, a person becomes self-willed, does not want to obey anyone or anything. He can prove himself as a despot and a tyrant, be cruel, too demanding, consider himself deprived. He painfully reacts to any restrictions, which can be expressed in insubordination, violations of discipline. In this transit, a person is most often to blame for many troubles, but often he is literally haunted by misfortune. Based on this, it is better to give up important plans and decisions or be ready for big and hard work and small results.

At this time, great physical exertion, hard exhausting work, unbearable obligations, fraught with overwork, are possible. From overload, a person can get sick. In general, during the period when Saturn is in field I, the general physical condition of a person deteriorates due to a decrease in vitality. Old sores make themselves felt, there is periodic lethargy, drowsiness, lack of appetite, blues.

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