Transiting Saturn in 11th House of Horoscope

Usually narrows the circle of friendships. This may be due to age (the older a person becomes, the fewer friends he has), with the relocation of friends or the person himself to a new place of residence, with a change in interests, and heavy workload. Sometimes companionship freezes on its own for no particular apparent reason. This transit is a kind of test for the strength of existing friendships. Reliable and loyal friends remain, unnecessary connections disappear by themselves. Sometimes at this time new relationships are struck, which can last for a long time, at least as long as common interests will fuel it. Influential friends, older people, can provide support in your endeavors. An old friend may show up. This is a good period for planning, setting long-term goals. Saturn here helps to outline steps for their implementation, find people, which will help in their implementation. As for collective work or joint research, this is possible only in the case of serious tasks, scientific or professional. Perhaps the beginning of a serious study of the occult sciences. But the time is not right for wide public or promotional activities.

Negative aspects also indicate a limited circle of friends, but the reason here may be insoluble disagreements between like-minded people, betrayal or loss of a friend due to illness or accident. Friends can make increased demands on the owner of the horoscope, oppose his undertakings, or he himself will be unfair to them. There may be manifestations of diktat, an attempt to command a group of like-minded people, to insist on its own at all costs, or the group rejects the owner of the horoscope, not wanting to take into account his interests. Sometimes, on this transit, a person loses interest in what until recently fascinated him. During this period, it is difficult for a person to find someone who would support him, help in the implementation of his ideas, although the ideas themselves may not be feasible. There is a danger of being drawn into sects, criminal groups.

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