Transit of Venus through 8th House of the Horoscope

Venus passing through this field brings good luck in matters related to general finances, with other people’s money, as well as with insurance, inheritance matters, taxes, etc. Usually conducive to financial speculation, investing in joint ventures, sharing profits, pooling capital. At this time, a person can get access to joint finance. If there are indications in the natal chart, then inheritance is possible. Profit is possible through the use of personal contacts, and love affairs are often used. All sorts of problems, troubles, crises that may arise at the moment of switching on the VIII house, when Venus enters it, either do not occur at all, or the impact significantly weakens, passes as if tangentially. This, of course, “works” only if Venus, passing through this field, does not make any negative aspects, especially to pest planets, and does not have them in the natal chart. If Venus is the ruler of the VIII field, then she will manifest first of all as the ruler of the VIII house.

This is a time of intense emotions, intensification of sensuality. If the relationship with a partner has so far been platonic, then the entry of Venus into the VIII house can push the couple towards closer relationships. In a relationship, something is sure to happen: either they move to the next level, or they collapse. It happens that at this time a person returns to an old partner. Old, seemingly extinct feelings can reignite. Although with such an intensity of feelings, passion can easily be mistaken for love. These days it is difficult for a person to resist the temptation. As the people say, at this time “blood runs”. There are also fleeting connections that give a new sensory experience.

Negative aspects bring experiences, an internal struggle with one’s own emotions and passions, which a person invariably loses. During the period while Venus walks through this field, he can experience the whole gamut of emotions: from love to hate, from all-encompassing passion to complete indifference. Here is jealousy, suspicion, and the feeling that he is being deceived, not loved, betrayed. A person can fall in love unrequitedly, he can survive the so-called. “Death of love” can succumb to passion and change a loved one and because of this lose him. Although it is also possible to worry about a loved one in connection with the misfortune that befell him. You should not make any transactions with money these days, especially with strangers. There is a danger of waste, loss of strangers and their own money, theft, robbery. Beware of forgery, fraud, magical influence.

Transiting Venus and Natal Sun in the 8th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct Sun

This transit arouses feelings, a person wants to experience something special, so he can “go in search of adventure.” At this time, he literally radiates sexual energy, so it is not surprising that “adventures” are not long in coming. On the other hand, this transit gives a special flair for money, which a person can use. For example, having invested other people’s money in some enterprise, receive dividends. It is possible to successfully resolve cases related to insurance, taxes, inheritance, etc. in favor of the owner of the horoscope (provided that there are no additional negative indicators). They can repay a long-standing debt.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Sun

The conjunction readings are repeated. They also give an elated mood, a feeling of omnipotence and special personal attractiveness. Often they give luck in financial transactions, sometimes quite risky. Heightened sensuality is sexually liberating, even if a person is usually restrained in expressing emotions. Intimate encounters can become unforgettable, full of passion.

Transiting Venus Square or Opposition Sun

These aspects are hard to go through. Venus, passing through the VIII field, creates a great emotional stress, so a person at this time is usually dissatisfied with everyone, including himself. Anything can be a cause for irritation. The main thing here is not the reason, but the ability to throw off the negative emotions that overwhelm a person. This is especially characteristic of women, who, in fact, can “get” the owner of the horoscope. During this period, a person is annoyed by everything that does not meet his hopes and desires. Even if he is aware of this, it is difficult for him to restrain himself. Behind the scandal, which rarely does not break out on such days, may hide jealousy, envy, resentment of sexual lack of demand, and even a desire to thus attract the attention of a person you like.

Transiting Venus and Natal Moon in the 8th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct Moon

During this period, a person lives by feelings and intuition. Anxiety increases, a person worries about the family, about children, about money, about everything that is most important for him at the moment. Nervousness and increased sensitivity interfere with working and interacting with others. A person may be offended by an unsuccessful joke, an accidental remark can greatly hurt him. The mood can change in one minute. Just now the man was cheerful and suddenly darkened, tears welled up in his eyes. This occurs not only as a reaction to external stimuli, but also in response to some internal processes, about which he himself has a very vague idea. Memories may flood, torment nostalgia, maybe just a sad mood for some reason.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Moon

At this time, feelings also prevail, but mostly optimistic. Intuition grows. Perhaps a premonition or expectation of something good. This transit gives heightened sensuality, tactile contact gives a person special pleasure, but at the same time he strives for spiritual unity with a loved one. Sensitive people can have realistic dreams when a person, waking up, cannot understand: was it a dream or a reality. A very favorable time for romantic dates, intimate meetings, family celebrations. Alimony or inheritance issues may come up.

Transiting Venus Square or Opposition Moon

This transit creates an unfavorable emotional background, anxiety, excitement, fear, depression. Sensitivity increases sharply, a person becomes sensitive not only to words, but also to insignificant details, he subtly feels the mood of other people. It is especially difficult during this period for women with their labile psyche. They can be irritable, picky, capricious. They can throw a tantrum, burst into tears. This behavior is not necessarily a reaction to external factors. A person often cannot explain the reason for a suddenly spoiled mood or tears. Old, seemingly forgotten grievances may emerge, and one becomes sorry for oneself. You should be careful in acquaintances, as these days it is easy to catch a venereal disease. You also need to be careful when dealing with other people’s money.

Transiting Venus and Natal Mercury in the 8th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Sextile or Trine Mercury

At this time, intuition is combined with consciousness, a person simply feels where the subtle place is and where there may be a catch. At this time, it is good to draw up all sorts of paper related to insurance, alimony, inheritance affairs. It is possible to obtain information on this matter or money from these sources. Some circumstances may be revealed regarding the partner’s money or common money, the possibility of an additional source of income, often secret, may open up.

Transiting Venus Square or Opposition Mercury

This transit brings concern about money, source of income, alimony, inheritance. Unpleasant news may come that is associated with additional costs or expenses, for example, a letter from the tax office. One should beware of theft of money, waste of state funds, loss of money due to distraction or upset feelings. Misunderstandings can arise that easily escalate into a quarrel. At this time, a person is too subjective, so it is often difficult for him to explain something, he either hears what he wants to hear, or generally rejects any other people’s arguments. If you don’t like a person, then he doesn’t like the information that comes from him. In other words, the perception of information at this time is difficult due to excessive sensitivity and nervousness. These days you should not start a new job, make new acquaintances,

Transiting Venus and Natal Venus in the 8th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Sextile or Trine Venus

They enhance the indicators of transit Venus (see the passage of Venus through the VIII field of the horoscope). This transit is conducive to money matters, gifts, love affairs. Good for cases related to alimony, insurance, inheritance. A trip to the tax office should be timed to these days to resolve pressing issues. You can borrow money, you can return the old debt. Promotes love dating, artistic and social activities. It is good to announce an engagement, to celebrate weddings, especially if the marriage is to a widow (widower) or divorced person. Profit from occult practices or fortune-telling is possible.

Transiting Venus Square or Opposition Venus

They bring instability of mood, whims, jealousy and other negative emotions. Sexual attraction increases, and internal restrictions weaken, so at this time, casual relationships and adultery are not uncommon. The partner may have money problems. All financial affairs and issues related to alimony, insurance, inheritance, taxes should be postponed, inflated emotions contribute to losses rather than profits. At this time, you can not lend money, and even less lend it. There is a danger of poisoning and infection with venereal diseases.

Transiting Venus and Natal Mars in the 8th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Square or Opposition Mars

Transit brings problems due to excessive emotionality. A person can react violently to everything that he considers offensive or unfair, as if he is waiting for attacks to explode. All this creates a tense atmosphere around him, and the person himself does not see that he is a troublemaker, but sincerely believes that he reflects the attacks of external enemies and ill-wishers. A person is annoyed by everything that is not done the way he wants it, he can react quite aggressively to a remark or advice. Quite violent quarrels with a partner are possible, often due to jealousy or sexual dissatisfaction, and after a quarrel, no less violent sex is possible. This state of affairs can lead to conflicts with law enforcement agencies. It is strictly forbidden on these days to conduct any financial transactions or solve any other matters related to finances, especially if they are common or strangers. There is a danger of robbery, an accident with one of the family members or with a close relative. Women should be wary of rapists, but they (women) should remember that on such days they often unknowingly provoke violence themselves. Surgical operations are not recommended on this transit.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Mars

They increase sensuality and passion, a person is sexually liberated, more boldly makes contact. Women in this transit become more attractive, a certain inviting devilry appears in them, against which the opposite sex is difficult to resist. Women often use this in solving many cases. At this time, the main thing is desire, if there is one, it means that half of any job is done. Desire gives a burst of energy, luck multiplies it many times over. These days, matters related to insurance, alimony, inheritance taxes are well resolved. It is possible to receive money through a partner.

Transiting Venus and Natal Jupiter in the 8th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Sextile or Trine Jupiter

These aspects promise the satisfaction of many desires, including material and sexual ones. You just need to use the opportunities provided by this transit. This can be the arrival of a significant amount through a partner, the possibility of expanding a joint business, successful investments or transactions, the successful resolution of inheritance issues. A person can be entrusted with public money or a charitable foundation. Additional favorable financial prospects may open up. In the sphere of relationships – mutual understanding, fullness of emotions and sensations.

Transiting Venus Square or Opposition Jupiter

Usually they bring high hopes and subsequent disappointments due to the fact that they were not destined to come true. Overestimated requests, both material and sensual, are possible. In this regard, the waste of other people’s money is possible. For example, a person hoped for financial receipts and squandered other people’s money for personal needs or pleasures, but the receipt for some reason did not take place. At this time, excessive optimism is inappropriate, especially in the financial sphere, so it is better to postpone transactions and other matters, not to believe promises and promises. A profitable offer may ultimately turn out to be really profitable, but not at all for the owner of the horoscope, who will just be at a loss. You should also be careful in promises, you can take on obligations that later will be impossible to fulfill. For the same reason, you should not borrow or lend money. In the realm of relationships, high expectations and disappointing results are also possible. Disagreements are possible, but usually do not come to a break in relations. Men can spend a lot on pleasure and women. Women can spend large sums of money on various kinds of procedures designed to increase their sex appeal. You should be careful when taking medications, handling household chemicals, etc.

Transiting Venus and Natal Saturn in the 8th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Square or Opposition Saturn

They create a decadent mood, dissatisfaction with their personal life, a feeling of uselessness, insecurity. Possible painful memories, self-pity or apathy, unwillingness to contact someone. It can come down to thoughts about death, and in especially difficult cases, a person can find a solution to problems in it. On the other hand, dissatisfaction with one’s emotional state can give irritability, pickiness, excessive criticism, and a tendency to scandals. Sexual desire can generally come to naught, or vice versa – a person will suffer from the inaccessibility of a partner. Possible financial problems, theft or shortage of general or other people’s money. Issues of insurance, inheritance, taxes will not be decided in favor of the owner of the horoscope. The partner or the owner of the horoscope himself may have a disease, or they may have an accident, often water related. Women are more likely to be humiliated or physically abused. Elderly people can create problems.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Saturn

At this time, a person is able to cope with his emotions and fears and safely solve cases related to insurance, taxes, inheritance, etc. It is possible and necessary to put things in order in financial matters, especially concerning joint business. Relationships can undergo trials, but there is no need to worry, because only the unnecessary and obsolete are destroyed. What is necessary for further development will only become hardened and strengthened. You should use this time to pay taxes and distribute debts.

Transiting Venus and Natal Uranus in the 8th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Square or Opposition Uranus

Often they bring material losses due to unforeseen events: fire, explosion, problems with electricity. Possible unforeseen expenses, loss of money, often strangers. If possible these days it is better not to deal with financial issues, not to deal with other people’s money, not to lend money and not to borrow it yourself. Problems with business or marriage partners are possible. It could be a normal fight, but it could also be an accident, robbery or other violent act, especially for women. Adultery is possible, but usually it happens spontaneously, not intentionally. You should not deal with people (especially women), endowed with superpowers. There is a danger of magical effects.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Uranus

They bring unexpected luck in all matters of the VIII field. It can be unexpected money that a partner will bring to the house. It is possible to resolve issues related to inheritance, insurance, taxes, alimony in favor of the owner of the horoscope, a happy event associated with a joint business, successful exchange or financial transactions, etc. A fleeting, vivid sexual connection is possible. A good time to contact astrologers or traditional medicine specialists.

Transiting Venus and Natal Neptune in the 8th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Square or Opposition Neptune

These days there is a confusion of feelings. Even if nothing special happens, a person cannot understand what is happening to him. Doubts, fears, premonitions of trouble are possible. All this worries a person, deprives him of peace. But at this time, it is common for a person to be delusional, feelings often deceive him. He is not satisfied with many things both in relations with neighbors and in the state of finances. You can face deliberate deception, fraud, money scam, as well as discrimination, intrigue, slander, betrayal. In some cases, this transit may indicate a danger to the life of the partner due to poisoning with chemicals and corrosive liquids, drowning or other accidents related to water in one way or another. At this time, it is better to avoid dating, people may not be who they say they are.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Neptune

This transit allows you to experience an incredibly wide range of feelings. This is a time of inspiration and passion, combined with an all-consuming tenderness for loved ones. Feelings completely overwhelm a person, he does not find words to express them. Intimate meetings are filled with a special inner meaning and give a feeling of complete physical and spiritual merging with a loved one. These days, the inner reserves of a person “wake up”, he intuitively feels where and in what he can expect success, how exactly one should approach the solution of certain cases of the VIII field in order to bypass all the pitfalls. Good time for meditation, going into a trance, “going to the astral”, mediumistic sessions.

Transiting Venus and Natal Pluto in the 8th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Square or Opposition Pluto

A very difficult time. Emotions are strained to the limit, a person may be dissatisfied with everything and everyone, he may be tormented by suspicions, he may be haunted by bad feelings. Feelings seethe, as in a closed cauldron, which can be expressed in the form of internal grumbling. It is almost impossible to predict what will be the cause of their release. A person these days should understand that his state is more internal than external, and try not to rip off his bad mood on others. Although, of course, external factors are also possible that knock a person out of balance and cause him mental suffering. If a person fails to contain his negative feelings, then there is a high probability of scandals that do not bring relief, but, on the contrary, can drive him into a depressive state. On such days, you need to be very careful, in the heat of emotions you can get injured. An accident, robbery or other acts of violence with the person himself or with his relatives are possible. Women often create problems. There is a possibility of material losses due to the fault of the partner; in general, it is better to postpone financial affairs for a while. It is also better not to have contact with people endowed with hypnotic abilities due to danger, evil eye, damage or other magical effects. If meetings cannot be avoided, then you should not look them directly in the eyes. Surgical operations on the pelvic organs and kidneys are categorically contraindicated, except in cases associated with danger to life. endowed with hypnotic abilities due to danger, evil eye, corruption or other magical effects. If meetings are unavoidable, then you should not look them directly in the eyes. Surgical operations on the pelvic organs and kidneys are categorically contraindicated, except in cases associated with danger to life. endowed with hypnotic abilities due to danger, evil eye, corruption or other magical effects. If meetings are unavoidable, then you should not look them directly in the eyes. Surgical operations on the pelvic organs and kidneys are categorically contraindicated, except in cases associated with danger to life.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Pluto

They also bring intensification of feelings. An observant person can note that on such days, desires are often fulfilled as if by themselves. True, desires must be “pure”, ie. their implementation should not harm other people. In general, a person at this time becomes especially sexually attractive, his sensitivity sharply increases. He himself is able to deeply feel and experience and give his partner a wide range of feelings. A good time to address issues related to the affairs of the VIII field. A person intuitively makes the right choice. It is possible to solve material problems with the help of a partner, often a woman.

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