Transit of Venus through 11th House of the Horoscope

This is the time when some dreams and hopes come true. Warm, trusting relationships are established with friends, cooperation with one of the friends is possible, romantic relationships in a friendly circle. Love may arise for a sponsor or other benefactor who gives money for a project or to promote an invention. From joint work on a project or in a social organization, mutual feeling can grow, which is facilitated by common ideas, common aspirations. During this period, a person becomes the soul of the community, brings peace and harmony to relations between its members, becomes an arbitrator in disputes. Although it can be just gatherings with friends, general entertainment or meeting with a woman who will become a like-minded person and a friend. Possible small income through friends or through joint work.

Negative aspects can bring emotional problems with friends. This can be disagreement, resentment, dissatisfaction due to unfulfilled hopes, unrequited love for one of the community members or for a friend. Upset over friends, spending time idly with them, ending in a quarrel or other troubles. An intimate relationship with a friend is possible, which the person will later regret. Also during this period there is a danger of falling under the influence of a friend or, because of unrequited feelings towards him, commit an unseemly act. Although a person may not be aware of either his dependence, or the ugliness of his actions, or the absurdity of the situation, indulging himself with illusions, taking wishful thinking and erecting castles in the air, one more majestic than the other, and at the same time considering himself an adherent of a great idea.

Transiting Venus and Natal Sun in the 11th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Sextile or Trine Sun

These days, a person emotionally needs the support of friends, he seeks to communicate with like-minded people with whom good relations are established these days. A person can join any union, society or hobby group, or he himself organizes something like that. He can become popular in his group or society, show himself on a good side, for example, resolve a dispute between conflicting parties, introduce an idea that will inspire many. There is an opportunity for moral and material support from friends. Often love is with a person from a circle of friends.

Transiting Venus Square or Opposition Sun

They point to disagreements among like-minded people, which are based on differences of opinion or have material grounds. Although emotions may be involved, for example, jealousy or envy of a friend’s success, etc. Hopes for sponsorship can be dashed, or there is a moral cost to it. Even if a person receives support, he feels humiliated or obligated, i.e. does not feel joy from this.

Transiting Venus and Natal Moon in the 11th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Sextile or Trine Moon

They give a special sense of unity with friends, a sense of integrity, family. A person takes care of his friends, confides in them his dreams and aspirations and gets the same in return. He can join the community because a loved one or a loved one is in it, or under the influx of emotions at the time of being at a meeting of like-minded people. Often a person motivates his act by the desire to help people, although subconsciously he seeks to become a part of the whole. In this way, he can escape the feeling of loneliness in the hope that this whole will protect and support him. Sympathy is possible in a circle of like-minded people, members of a creative or any other union, a scientific group, etc., which in the end can lead to the creation of a family.

Transiting Venus Square or Opposition Moon

These aspects, as you know, give the instability of the emotional state, give rise to nervousness, restlessness, unmotivated moods or depression, apathy, depression. All this is bad for the relationship within the group. One should not join any society on such days, since it will be difficult to join it, a person will feel alienation, some caste. Quarrels with friends, mutual reproaches, complaints, jealousy, envy are possible. There may be intrigues. Friends can interfere with personal life, and plans collapse due to the whims, claims of friends or women who are part of a group of society.

Transiting Venus and Natal Mercury in the 11th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Sextile or Trine Mercury

They create a special emotional atmosphere with friends. These days, you usually have to communicate a lot with friends, make joint trips, deal with paperwork related to communities, unions, etc. There may be good news coming through friends, usually women, or meetings with like-minded people on trips or at meetings, conventions, conferences. A good time to discuss hopes, prospects and plans with friends. New friends often appear, useful acquaintances with younger people.

Transiting Venus Square or Opposition Mercury

They often bring disagreements and quarrels with friends and members of the same community. Problems may arise due to frivolity, dishonesty, or deceiving friends. A slip of the tongue, intentional or unintentional distortion of information is possible, when a person says not what is, but what he would like it to be. Plans are often unrealistic, far from reality, and are taken under the influence of emotions. Any promises and commitments should be avoided as they will be difficult to keep. Often there are changes that make a person worry.

Transiting Venus and Natal Venus in the 11th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Sextile or Trine Venus

Full understanding and support of female friends and like-minded people. An excellent time for almost any joint activity, collaboration, work on one scientific project. Gifts are possible, as well as moral or material assistance from a friend or sponsor, usually a woman. Love in a friendly circle is not excluded.

Transiting Venus Square or Opposition Venus

As a rule, they do not create big problems, but they bring some discomfort to the environment of like-minded people, who will find it quite difficult to come to a complete agreement. In a female environment, rivalry, jealousy, envy are possible. In this regard, intrigues may begin, attempts to attract some of the friends to their side.

Transiting Venus and Natal Mars in the 11th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Square or Opposition Mars

This is the case when “there is no agreement among the comrades.” A person stubbornly oppresses his line, demands immediate action, tries to attract supporters, assuring them that he is right. On this basis, quarrels are quite possible, even in some cases a break with friends, leaving the community in which the person was previously. In any case, these aspects pose a danger both to the community and to a specific person, friend, more often a woman, with whom trouble can happen. So, an accident with a friend during scientific experiments or tests is not excluded. There is a danger of blackmail, slander, betrayal by a friend.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Mars

This transit may indicate cooperation with friends, the beginning of a joint activity, or their active support. Promotes the establishment of any society, union, social movement. Possible income from joint ventures or financial support from sponsors who are not limited to the transfer of money, but themselves are often actively involved in promoting the idea.

Transiting Venus and Natal Jupiter in the 11th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Sextile or Trine Jupiter

Successful implementation of plans and ideas that originated under these aspects, success in scientific research, help from friends, generosity of sponsors, support of high-ranking people, mostly women. Often, on these aspects, a person adjoins any union, society, scientific direction. Great rapport with friends and group members. Good time for engagement, marriage, family and anniversary celebrations.

Transiting Venus Square or Opposition Jupiter

Create relationship problems with friends, community members due to the exorbitant demands and desires. The person insists on special attention to himself and his ideas, considering them more worthy of attention than ideas and plans presented by other members of the group. Or they talk about the futility of hopes for help from sponsors and patrons. The promises given or received on this day rarely come true in full. Quite often quarrels with friends because of incontinence, a manifestation of dishonesty, intrigues out of envy are possible.

Transiting Venus and Natal Saturn in the 11th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Square or Opposition Saturn

They create problems with friends, misunderstanding, coldness, detachment, resentment, disappointment. A lot of worries about troubles due to the fault of friends or because of unhappiness with them. Here you can face slander, denunciations, betrayal from friends or members of the community in which the person belongs. Material losses due to friends, refusal of the sponsor for financial support are possible.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Saturn

This transit contributes to the establishment of calm, constructive relationships in the group. Everything is subordinated to one idea, and all feelings and means are directed towards its realization. Each member of the group, including the owner of the horoscope, knows his task and performs it. Here you can expect support from friends, reasonable help from a sponsor, advice from experienced people. Good for concluding agreements on cooperation, entering into any unions or societies.

Transiting Venus and Natal Uranus in the 11th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Square or Opposition Uranus

This transit often portends unhappiness with friends or unforeseen problems because of them. Some events can change the emotional mood of the group, which includes the owner of the horoscope. For example, attraction to someone can be replaced by repulsion, or there is a reassessment of the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat unite the group. In severe cases, gossip, intrigue and even betrayal are possible. You should also beware of love scams.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Uranus

Bring unexpected luck. For example, the financial support of an idea that the owner of the horoscope develops, thanks to friends or a happy coincidence. Friends can show themselves from an unexpected side and support an unusual project that mainstream science is wary of or denies altogether. It is possible to meet a person who will become a like-minded person and companion. A good time for beginnings, discoveries, inventions, design and innovation activities. Favors collaboration with like-minded female friends.

Transiting Venus and Natal Neptune in the 11th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Square or Opposition Neptune

This transit can manifest itself in the widest range: from misunderstandings, confusion and resentment to intrigues, intrigues and betrayal of friends. It is necessary to be as careful as possible in new acquaintances, one should not join any societies, unions, associations – they may preach completely different from what they declare, and turn out to be sects or “pyramids” widespread in our time, which, promising “salvation of the soul” or good earnings without much effort are actually siphoning money out of their followers. Sometimes this transit may indicate an accident with a friend, he may drown or be poisoned. Because of a friend, you can be drawn into an unpleasant story, which often happens under alcoholic fumes. Doubtful acquaintances and casual relationships should be avoided.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Neptune

They promise disinterested support of friends, complete mutual understanding, special spiritual closeness, when everything is clear without words. Relationships with female friends can go into a romantic phase these days. Favorable time for contacting sponsors, joining a secret society, for occult experiments, spiritualistic sessions.

Transiting Venus and Natal Pluto in the 11th House of the Horoscope

Transiting Venus Conjunct, Square or Opposition Pluto

Create tension and serious discord in relationships with friends and group members. They can provoke a break with a friend, leaving the society in which the owner of the horoscope is. In some cases, the loss of a friend due to a disaster, explosion, etc. Material and moral losses are possible due to the fault of friends. One should beware of blackmail, slander, threats, often associated with former friends or associates in the union.

Transiting Venus Sextile or Trine Pluto

This transit usually brings beneficial recommendations, strong moral or material support from friends, sponsors, society, of which the person is a member. Collaboration or joint research with people endowed with unusual abilities in the field of alternative medicine or occult sciences is possible. Strong deep affection can grow out of friendship.

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