Transiting Saturn with Uranus

Transiting Saturn and Natal Uranus

Saturn conjunct Uranus This conjunction has a negative impact rather than a positive one (Uranus – freedom and unpredictability, Saturn – border and prudence), therefore, in order to predict the consequences of this transit, you need to look at the natal chart. It is clear that the strongest influence of this conjunction will be felt … Read more

Saturn Uranus Aspects

saturn uranus astrology

Saturn in the 1st house aspecting Uranus Saturn conjunct Uranus or Saturn square Uranus or Saturn opposition Uranus They point out selfishness, self-interest, self-will, arrogance, arrogance, fanaticism, extremism, a thirst for authority and recognition, stubbornness, obstinacy, intransigence, aggressiveness, a tendency to violent actions. They give whims, quirks, whims, hysteria. Increased haste, thoughtlessness, recklessness, quick irritability, resentment, impulsiveness … Read more

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