Transiting Saturn with Pluto

Transiting Saturn and Natal Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto

The enormous power of Pluto, thanks to the union with Saturn, receives a certain direction, which increases the power of Pluto many times over. It is impossible not to feel this aspect, since at this time a person feels a surge of strength, a desire to act. In a positive version, this energy will be directed towards creation, transformation, implementation of the new. In the negative, it can do a lot of mischief and bring destruction for the sake of destruction, for the sake of demonstrating its power.

Transit usually brings radical changes, and starts a process, the consequences of which will be seen on the next aspect of Saturn with Pluto. That is why the events occurring during the period of this conjunction are often overlooked, mistaking them for ordinary troubles or ordinary accidents. Only after a while it becomes clear: all this was not accidental, but laid the foundation for serious and inevitable changes. After Saturn passes through the aspect with natal Pluto, it is no longer possible to return to the past state.

Now it is clear why this transit causes a state of anxiety, incomprehensible states when a person understands: something needs to be done – and does not understand what exactly. But if he has a goal, then, having gathered his strength and having determined the direction, he can make a big leap forward. At the same time, much that connected a person with a past life will have to be abandoned, since this is exactly the case when you can fill a glass only by freeing it from its contents – no one will give a new glass. Saturn and Pluto are too serious planets to spread a red carpet in front of anyone.

Often, it is on such a transit that a person acquires a clear social position, begins political activity, occupies a high key position, founds a large business, or becomes a leader of a formal or informal movement. How this will happen and what events will accompany it, Radix and the transit situation as a whole will show.

As with other higher planets, the positive transit aspect does not guarantee safety, therefore, at this time one should beware of accidents, explosions, poisoning, fires, falls from great heights, catastrophes and natural disasters. You should not be in crowded places, in criminally dangerous areas, beware of areas with an increased radioactive background, especially if Pluto has negative aspects from pest planets in the natal chart.

  • Good timing (in the absence of negative additional factors) – see Favorable aspects
  • Bad timing (if negative additional factors are present) – see Unfavorable aspects

Saturn sextile Pluto or Saturn trine Pluto

Repeats conjunction readings. It makes it possible to achieve success thanks to hard work, the will to win, personal ambitions and subject to the concentration of forces in one direction. The burst of energy increases productivity or penetration. A person is able to work tirelessly, he even spends less time on sleep than usual. Completion of a scientific experiment, introduction of new methods and modern technologies can be successful. A person can be offered a responsible job or position. Often, remarkable psychic or magical abilities open up, interest in the problems of death and the afterlife appears.

When Saturn sextile Pluto or Saturn trine Pluto it is a good time

  • to start new projects, businesses, capital investments;
  • to start implementing long-term goals and plans;
  • to change jobs and professions, radical transformations, reforms, the introduction of modern methods and technologies;
  • for scientific research, testing, experiments, experiments;
  • for secret activities, the beginning of political activities;
  • running for office, running for power;
  • to conclude transactions, contracts, sign important papers, draw up important documents;
  • for drawing up certificates and reports, summing up the balance;
  • for audits and inspections, inventory, error correction, putting things in order, repaying debts;
  • to solve legal problems, restore justice;
  • for addressing the management, visits to official and public, legal organizations;
  • for quality transformations of personal or family relationships;
  • to solve property or economic issues;
  • for the purchase of real estate, change of residence;
  • for the study of secret sciences, their practical application;
  • for the treatment of severe, long-term diseases.

Saturn square Pluto or Saturn opposition Pluto

A very difficult period both physically and psychologically. It also brings change, but unlike the positive aspects, change is perceived very painfully. The events of this period are usually very harsh, life can literally break a person, test his strength, while practically nothing depends on him, therefore, no matter what he does, he is powerless to resist the elements. It’s time to fight. It can be a struggle for power, competition in business, a struggle for life, against a serious illness. Opponents can use rather harsh methods, entangle the owner of the horoscope with a network of intrigues, use blackmail, forgery, slander, threats, do not even stop at violent actions that can be directed both against himself and against his loved ones. All this can negatively affect the reputation of the owner of the horoscope, his career. At this time, literally everything that a person has been building for many years can collapse. Professional problems are accompanied by conflicts with management.

On the other hand, a person during this period may not be a victim of circumstances, but a troublemaker. He can resist the authorities, participate in anti-government actions. At the philistine level, this can be expressed in antisocial antics, a person, as if in spite of someone (and especially himself), behaves extremely unreasonably, the internal rebellion characteristic of this period pours out into the external one. Attempts of close people to somehow restrain him are not successful. He becomes intractable, impudent, despotic, tough. Often a person at this time becomes too risky, as if the feeling of danger disappears in him, often he literally plays with death, embarking on very dangerous adventures.

Dissatisfaction with literally everything can affect personal life. There is a danger of losing a partner for various reasons. Perhaps a sharp deterioration in family relationships or financial decline. What exactly happens, Radix will show.

At this time, one should avoid crowded places, contacts with criminals, as well as actions that may be qualified as illegal. You should not deal with people endowed with special abilities, participate in seances, conduct magical or psychological experiments. There is a danger of becoming a victim of magical influence, the evil eye of corruption.

Serious health problems are possible, latent illnesses appear, often life-threatening, chronic and mental illnesses are exacerbated, which can lead to hospitalization. There is a danger of severe poisoning, women have problems with pregnancy, which can end in miscarriage. There is a high probability of becoming a victim of a major accident, catastrophe, natural disaster, which can entail not only physical injuries, but also psychological ones, since a person can witness the death of other people.

When Saturn square Pluto or Saturn opposition Pluto it is a bad time

  • for making responsible decisions, hiring, solving career issues;
  • for starting new businesses and projects, radical transformations, expanding the scope of activities;
  • for work associated with heavy physical exertion, height, mines, caves, weapons, etc.;
  • for testing, experiments, experiments;
  • to take responsibility for others;
  • for capital investments, financial affairs, speculation, obtaining long-term loans, investments, concluding long-term transactions;
  • to start a joint business, pooling capital;
  • to resolve issues related to the distribution of profits, investment, funds, loans, insurance, taxes, alimony, inheritance;
  • to conclude transactions, contracts, sign important papers, draw up important documents;
  • for referring to the management, visits to state, public, legal organizations;
  • for planning, drawing up certificates and reports, accounting work, summing up the balance;
  • for audits and inspections, inventory, error correction, putting things in order, repaying debts;
  • for solving legal problems, restoring justice, starting a trial, filing a claim;
  • for public speeches, political statements, running for election;
  • to solve property or economic issues;
  • to buy real estate, start construction, repair;
  • for travel, relocation, change of residence;
  • for engagement, wedding, family celebrations.

Saturn Pluto Aspects

saturn pluto astrology

Saturn in the 1st house aspecting Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto or Saturn square Pluto or Saturn opposition Pluto

They foreshadow fatal blows and vicissitudes of fate, violent influence on the fate of unpredictable factors, i.e. talk about a harsh and fierce struggle for existence, slave labor, a painful situation, debilitating circumstances and conditions, persecution by the authorities, which can be for quite long periods of time. We often find these aspects in prisoners of war, jailers, deportees, emigrants, seriously ill patients, monks, etc. Premature death due to an accident, catastrophe, or serious illness is possible. in an individual, over time, bad character traits, animal instincts, ruthlessness, ruthlessness, fanaticism, extremism, a tendency to an immoral lifestyle and criminal actions increase.

Saturn sextile Pluto or Saturn trine Pluto

They indicate a strong will, a strong tempered character, give rise to exceptional talents and abilities. These aspects have a strong influence on the mood and mood of the individual, on his spiritual and mental structure and his psyche. Ambition, ambition, self-confidence, determination, perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance, determination and penetrative power are strengthened here. These are very strong personalities, capable of releasing their superhuman strength and energy at the right time and applying them in practical life, therefore it is not surprising that the time is coming and the whole life of these people is radically changing. And these changes are irrevocable.

The greatest success is foreshadowed by work related to the public, the audience, the masses, propaganda and agitation. Good for military professions and for activities related to forensic science, public service and politics, where they can show their foresight, insight, their organizational talent, ability to command, lead, supervise, rule both over individuals and over the crowd, using this is the innate power of hypnosis and the gift of suggestion, persuasion and persuasion. The choice of medical specialties, such as surgery, traumatology, venereology, sexopathology, pathology, can be called successful. They are also powerful healers who are able to concentrate their psychic and mental potential in the right direction for a specific task. These people also often engage in occult practices,

Saturn in the 2nd house aspecting Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto or Saturn square Pluto or Saturn opposition Pluto

They foreshadow large material losses, the bankruptcy of enterprises, firms, a complete financial collapse. Enrichment is possible here, but it will be carried out in an illegal way due to corruption, racketeering, robberies or through bank pyramids, fraud, fraud of any kind. But on the other hand, the owner of the horoscope himself may become a victim of fraud, robbery, etc. Also, spiritual degradation is possible here, getting bogged down in a swamp of immorality – alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution, crime.

Saturn sextile Pluto or Saturn trine Pluto

Strengthens positive character traits, such as perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance, determination, punching power. Increase feelings of duty, duty, responsibility. They give an increased sexual potential and, in this regard, excessive craving for the opposite sex, but unlike the negative aspects, where there is an element of violence in these relationships, these aspects indicate that the individual takes into account the interests and desires of his love partner.

Large profits are brought by financial transactions, exchange transactions with securities – stocks, bills of exchange, etc., as well as investments in banks, production, firms. Often these people own hotels, restaurants, bars, brothels, gambling establishments, canteens, pubs, various stores – grocery, lingerie, jewelry, perfumery or hairdressing salons, cosmetic or massage and the like.

Success is foreshadowed in everything related to the public, audience, masses of people, with show performances in the streets, stadiums, in parks, with the participation of popular pop singers and musicians. in art, literature in the genre of realism, music, vocal art are selected. Organizational talent, leading gift, eloquence, the ability to captivate your interlocutor and get what you want from him contribute to success. Persistence, steadfastness, pedantry and pragmatism of these people contribute to raising the social level, capturing key positions in the service and providing material benefits in old age.

Saturn in the 3rd house aspecting Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto or Saturn square Pluto or Saturn opposition Pluto

They give pickiness, criticism, cynicism, a tendency to disputes, quarrels, scandals, confrontation, lies, fraud, enhance ambition, lust for power with a tendency to aggressiveness and acts of violence. Blackmail, intrigue, slander, gossip, denunciations, betrayal are possible, both on the part of the individual himself and in relation to him. Often, bouts of apathy, melancholy, laziness, depression. These aspects can be found in people from the underworld – counterfeiters, document and securities forgery professionals, racketeers, thieves, robbers, sexual rapists, car and aircraft hijackers. Fatal events connected with brothers, sisters or other close relatives, with neighbors or colleagues are possible here, for example, an accident on the street, in transport, in a public place, during trips. Danger of captivity, prison, deportation.

Saturn sextile Pluto or Saturn trine Pluto

They soften the “earthly weight” and transform it into a deep concentrated mentality. They give considerable intellectual abilities and increased spiritual needs. Of great benefit is the power of reason over feelings and emotions, the ability to find mutual understanding with others, self-confidence, determination, resourcefulness, wit, inventive spirit, rationalization abilities. All this together creates a feeling of some superiority over others, although openly this is not emphasized. These people successfully inspire their views, opinions and beliefs to others, and their statements often become “winged words”. It should also be noted the oratory gift of these people, eloquence, the gift of persuasion, the ability to literally bewitch the interlocutor, the audience, the crowd, beautifully and logically express their thoughts on paper and verbally. Therefore, great success awaits them in work related to the printed word, for example, as a journalist, librarian, bookstore seller, etc. Success also comes from scientific studies – exact and applied sciences, humanities and occult, as well as work related to business trips. Government service, political activity, pedagogical or diplomatic service are also possible.

Saturn in the 4th house aspecting Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto or Saturn square Pluto or Saturn opposition Pluto

They enhance ambition, lust for power, they can lead to fanaticism and extremism, acts of coercion and violence. They indicate the possibility of aggression in the father’s house and in relations with parents, or early separation from them. Danger of losing parents for various reasons, for example, due to a fatal accident for one or even both parents. Here tyranny and despotism on the part of the parents or bullying of the parents on the part of the individual are possible. Often, these aspects indicate large material losses due to any natural disasters – earthquakes, floods, typhoons, tornadoes, strong storms or as a result of riots, street riots, revolutions, wars, due to fire, theft, robbery and other acts of violence. Aggression and violence are possible not only in the home and family, but also in the service, and in communication with friends and family. Often immorality, immoral lifestyle and the risk of becoming a victim of violence or criminal acts.

Saturn sextile Pluto or Saturn trine Pluto

Contribute to the disclosure and development of some phenomenal abilities – clairvoyance, psychokinesis, all types of divination, foresight, prediction, forecasting. These people see prophetic dreams, interpret them correctly, engage in meditation, easily enter a trance. They have a rich imagination, a vivid imagination, which only contribute to an increased interest in the secrets of nature and the Universe, the occult sciences. There is also an interest in the humanities and the world of art. Both in the sphere of spirituality and in the area of ​​material interests, a certain humanism and altruism, mercy with a tendency to charitable activities are manifested. It is also possible to fight against political turmoil and economic chaos, against both left and right extremism, against tyranny and despotism and any manifestation of corruption and injustice. True, rationalism does not always work here, but the supernatural invades all spheres of life and activity, often even in a violent way. These people work well with a vine, a frame and a pendulum, they are able to heal plants, animals and people, both by the laying on of hands, and from a distance or from a photograph. From traditional sciences, geology, archeology, anthropology, ancient history and culture are chosen here. Often these people are engaged in the sale and purchase of land and real estate, or lead a rural lifestyle. The marriage here can be concluded “of convenience”, or with a widow or widower. Possible work at home. so at a distance or from a photograph. Geology, archeology, anthropology, ancient history and culture are selected here from traditional sciences. Often these people are engaged in the sale of land and real estate, or lead a rural lifestyle. Marriage here may be concluded “by calculation”, or with a widow or widower. Work at home is possible. and from a distance or from a photograph. Geology, archeology, anthropology, ancient history and culture are selected here from traditional sciences. Often these people are engaged in the sale and purchase of land and real estate, or lead a rural lifestyle. Marriage here may be concluded “by calculation”, or with a widow or widower. Possible work at home.

Saturn in the 5th house aspecting Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto or Saturn square Pluto or Saturn opposition Pluto

Gives consumer materialism, excessive ambition and lust for power, aggressiveness and craving for violent actions, a tendency to tyranny, despotism, ruthlessness, ruthlessness. There are many changes and changes in life. Often – an immoral lifestyle, increased voluptuousness, promiscuous love affairs. There is a danger of sexual violence. Women may experience unwanted conception, abortion or miscarriage, dangerous childbirth or a difficult postpartum period. Children can die early or suffer from serious illnesses. The firstborn is often threatened with premature death, and for the offspring in general, these aspects have a very harmful effect. Separation from the child’s father, infertility, illegitimate children or any physical disabilities in children are possible. Material losses are also predicted, so you should not deal with matters related to material values.

Saturn sextile Pluto or Saturn trine Pluto

They increase the potential of will and energy, strengthen the character, give powerful psychic energy and some phenomenal and extrasensory abilities. These people have a philosophical mind, they are very religious, but not fanatical and not orthodox, but reasonable. They are sociable, have hypnosis, suggestion, psychotherapy, have power over their interlocutors, friends, like-minded people, as well as over large masses of people, they are able to convince and convince anyone.

These aspects indicate loving partners with the same aspirations or occupations, for example, from among students or people of art. Luck is possible in speculation, gambling, in financial transactions and securities transactions. in art, these people can be represented as a writer, playwright, musician, artist. Success can be expected on sports houses, in pedagogy and in all professions of Saturnian and plutonic specificity. Often – medicine, both traditional and folk. Civil service, political activity, military affairs, forensics are possible.

Saturn in the 6th house aspecting Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto or Saturn square Pluto or Saturn opposition Pluto

They warn about the possibility of poor health, which you have to worry about from early childhood. Most of all, the troubles are brought by colds and infectious diseases, injuries and injuries as a result of accidents. Diseases associated with the adverse effects of the external environment or with external circumstances over which the person himself has no control are possible. Illness can take on a chronic form, which may require prolonged bed rest or lead to disability – movement in a wheelchair or crutches. Also, these aspects indicate a difficult, confused relationship with servants, subordinates, superiors, often this is due to quarrelsomeness, distrust, excessive pickiness, criticality, selfishness. You should not hold positions related to material values ​​and accounting work.

Saturn sextile Pluto or Saturn trine Pluto

They talk about the mind of a philosophical mindset, religious feelings, rich imagination, powerful intuition and insight, but at the same time strengthen ambitions, give prudence, self-confidence and determination, which create the type of ideal performer who serves the law, instructions and prescriptions. Good for those who are busy serving other people, for example, as a doctor or other healthcare professional – nutritionist, hygienist, surgeon, traumatologist, specialist in internal medicine, etc., although quackery, shamanism, healing, herbal medicine, hypnosis can bring success , psychotherapy.

These people have a connection with the subconscious world and are often endowed with remarkable phenomenal abilities that they successfully use in practice. It was these people who were successful in the separation of the “Siamese twins”, in the transplantation of internal organs or engraftment of severed limbs. Technical specialties can also be successful, especially aviation, space, computing and electronic engineering, automatic lines, conveyors using robotics, as well as communication and transport engineering. in the art world, these people are the best literary, music, theater and art critics. Success is possible in the civil service, in the state security agencies, in intelligence agencies – counterintelligence or in agriculture. Good for commercial activities, independent business. Marriage can be tolerable

Saturn in the 7th house aspecting Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto or Saturn square Pluto or Saturn opposition Pluto

They warn of fatal blows and vicissitudes of the fate of a marriage or business partner or the individual himself. There may be problems in the sexual sphere or because of the insidious intrigues of open but strong enemies. They point to lawsuits that will be lost and bring significant losses, both materially and morally. Beware of blackmail, intrigue, slander, gossip, denunciations, anonymous letters, betrayal of partners, betrayal of loved ones. Problems and misfortunes are possible from unbridled jealousy or envy, both on the part of partners and on the part of the individual himself. This negatively affects the marital relationship and ultimately leads to a breakdown and divorce. Widowhood, forced separation from a partner, or a fatal relationship that brings a lot of grief is not ruled out.

Saturn sextile Pluto or Saturn trine Pluto

They talk about a strong reliable partner, but the relationship lasts until a certain point. A marriage can be happy, especially if it is made for love. A marriage of convenience that suits both parties can be quite successful here. There can be a big age difference between partners, but what is guaranteed here is material well-being. Often these aspects indicate multiple marriages, with the latter being the most successful. Late marriage is possible. These people gravitate towards social activities and the world of art, it is here that they achieve brilliant success. Also often, as the main type of activity, they choose the public service, the political arena, law, especially lawyer activities, the diplomatic service, that is, the profession that requires oratory, organizational talent, and leadership skills. Thanks to their rich imagination, many of these people find their vocation in decorative and design art or in architecture. Success is possible in the military, in forensic science, in dating services, where the search for future marriage partners is carried out.

Saturn in the 8th house aspecting Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto or Saturn square Pluto or Saturn opposition Pluto

Strengthen in the individual all animal instincts, especially predatory ones, give perverted fantasy, morbid imagination, cruelty, ruthlessness, ruthlessness. Warn about the possibility of premature death of a violent nature or a marriage partner or the individual for reasons and places indicated by the death sign or Pars mortis. Death by a court sentence or under mysterious and unexplained circumstances is possible. Perhaps a murder out of jealousy or rape. Also, death is possible from drowning, strangulation, hanging or from a serious incurable illness. Accidents, injuries, falls, collapses, bites of animals or reptiles are also possible.

Saturn sextile Pluto or Saturn trine Pluto

They temper the character, give a strong will, psychic strength, excess energy, self-confidence, determination, dedication, breakthrough power, which, taken together, is the key to a successful career and a successful social uplift. Often a long, fruitful life, marriage to a widow, widower, or older person. People are judged not by their appearance, but by their inner content. Organizational talent, leadership and command skills bring success in the military, in forensic science, in the public service and in politics. Strong intuition and exceptional discernment make these people excellent detectives and investigators. Success is foreshadowed in the sciences, especially in the technical disciplines and in the occult sciences. Medical practice can be successful – surgery, traumatology, venereology, sexopathology, psychiatry, psychoanalytics, physiotherapy, radiology, pathology, pharmaceuticals, and alternative methods of treatment – oriental medicine, medicine, healing, healing. Often – a priesthood. Art-related professions are possible.

Saturn in the 9th house aspecting Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto or Saturn square Pluto or Saturn opposition Pluto

They talk about exorbitant ambition, lust for power, a subconscious craving for change. They can portend a premature death of a violent nature due to fatal events – an accident during travel, business trips or travel, shipwreck, drowning, especially when you are in a foreign country or when communicating with foreigners. There is a danger of falling under the influence of sectarians, from whose hands it is almost impossible to escape. You should also refuse to engage in secret activities, engage in magic, especially black, from occult and spiritualistic sessions. in milder cases – physical discomfort and mental restlessness, an irresistible craving for change.

Saturn sextile Pluto or Saturn trine Pluto

They give a strong will and strong character, exceptional talents and the ability to philosophically look at the world, things and events. They give thinking a certain depth, consistency, incline to social, religious or social activities, arouse interest in jurisprudence, pedagogy and higher education. As a rule, these people have several professions and are quite successful in their business, craft and hobby. in this they are helped by strong logic, prudence, hard work, efficiency, artistic talent, oratorical gift, eloquence, convincing self-expression.

Such people are attracted by foreign countries, foreigners, unfamiliar civilizations and foreign culture, especially cult traditions and rituals. Organizational talent and leadership skills lead to success in the military, civil service and political arena. Often – scientific studies, here exact sciences, applied and intimate, are usually chosen. Success is possible in both traditional and folk medicine. Success also portends the art world, performances in the streets, stadiums and parks. Highly spiritual people usually engage in charity or missionary work.

Saturn in the 10th house aspecting Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto or Saturn square Pluto or Saturn opposition Pluto

They give such character traits as secrecy, secrecy, coldness, restraint, stinginess, greed, greed, selfishness, the desire to get into the circle of the ruling elite at any cost. These people are able to use the weaknesses and shortcomings of other people to their advantage, make them work for themselves by hook or by crook. All this helps them achieve what they want and climb the social ladder high enough. But permissiveness plays a cruel joke with them. They begin to use their position for selfish purposes, exceed the powers given to them, become real tyrants, despots, dictators, which provoke scandals and confrontations, which in turn create crisis situations and chaos. All of this in the aggregate, leads ultimately to its own fall, the loss of all privileges, status, reputation. Although the same can happen for reasons beyond their control. Here, premature, often violent death, accidents, disasters, industrial injuries are possible. in general, one can always expect fatal blows and vicissitudes of fate.

Saturn sextile Pluto or Saturn trine Pluto

They indicate prudence, prudence, sobriety of mind, logic, everyday cunning, perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance, purposefulness, methodicalness, consistency, efficiency, thoroughness, organizational gift, ability to lead and command. Promotes the disclosure and development of all spiritual and psychic forces, and, at the same time, creates opportunities for their application in practical work. A profession, as a rule, is chosen seriously and carefully, but more often not by vocation, but by calculation. Despite this, a brilliant career, social upsurge and work results are possible here, leaving a mark and providing a basis for future generations. These people are able to achieve fame, awards, fame. They are ambitious, infinitely ambitious and power-hungry, striving for power, but achieve everything with their own efforts. Over the years, they become highly respected professionals in their house and have a good reputation. Often these aspects indicate a truly exceptional, extraordinary fate. in some cases, these people become idols of the public, which is facilitated by artistic talent, and convincing self-expression, and oratory, and the ability to inspire, persuade, persuade. in general, these people never remain in the shadows, their life puts forward to the forefront, both state and political.

Saturn in the 11th house aspecting Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto or Saturn square Pluto or Saturn opposition Pluto

They warn about fake friends, about the betrayal of friends or partners. Problems and misfortunes due to friends are possible. Friends and acquaintances become the cause of family strife, rupture of marital relations. Often these aspects indicate widowhood or separation from a partner for some reason, for example, due to a parallel relationship. Excessive animal instinct here intensifies the craving for the opposite sex and provokes adultery or inclines towards “free”, non-binding love. You should beware of the evil eye, damage that ex-partners or friends can bring. Persecution by the “powerful of this world” is also possible. in any case, you should beware of racketeering, robbery, robbery, rape and other acts of violence. Accidents, intentional and unintentional injuries leading to premature death are possible. All this is the fault of friends. Often these aspects indicate the death of a friend or the possibility of rape.

Saturn sextile Pluto or Saturn trine Pluto

They give loyal friends, loyal like-minded people, honest guardians, friendly bosses and senior officials. Friends can be among the intelligentsia – scientists, teachers, lecturers, physicians – military, and among former prisoners, exiles and emigrants. Here, the desire for personal and spiritual freedom, independence and self-reliance is growing. These people are gifted with high spirituality, intelligence and intelligence. They are smart, talented, resourceful, kind and sympathetic. Relations are established, as a rule, on the basis of common business and political goals, friendship and love contacts are more difficult for them. These are either philosophers, social thinkers, revolutionaries, reformers, or rebels and rebels, depending on their spiritual level. They skillfully defend their views and beliefs, they do it logically and reasonably. Friendship is usually stronger than marriage. But friends should be chosen only of their own free will, which will help strong intuition, insight, foresight and the ability to foresee the consequences of any business.

Saturn in the 12th house aspecting Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto or Saturn square Pluto or Saturn opposition Pluto

They point to fatal blows, vicissitudes of fate, the struggle for existence and the intrigues of secret powerful enemies that can bring to a psychiatric hospital, prison or other form of forced isolation. Chronic diseases leading to disability are possible. These people are often prone to scams, create chaos and confusion, but they themselves are pursued by some kind of fate. They should be wary of sexual violence, gun injury, conspiracies, betrayal of partners and allies. They can become victims of violence, racketeering, robbery, robbery or other violent action. Possible premature death due to accident, disaster or serious illness.

Saturn sextile Pluto or Saturn trine Pluto

Phenomenal and extrasensory abilities are revealed and developed – clairvoyance, clairaudience, the gift of hypnosis, suggestion, persuasion and persuasion Generates the most ardent idealists and fantasists, true romantics, talented, gifted, merciful, compassionate, endowed with great psychic power, captivating others with their dreams, ideas outstanding plans. They are distinguished by their creative spirit, rich imagination, which is especially revealed in the world of art. They are attracted by secrets and secrets, and thanks to their unusual talents, they are often professionally engaged in healing and seriously study occult sciences. They test their knowledge in practice by arranging hypnosis sessions, spiritualistic sessions or mediumistic experiments. They easily enter a trance, know how to communicate with spirits. They often choose medical specialties and work in hospitals, sanatoriums, boarding schools, nursing homes and in general – in any medical institution and department, in any position. Often – work in closed institutions or in prison.