Libra Zodiac

libra zodiac

September 24 – October 23 Sign. Male, airy, cardinal. Governors. Venus and Chiron retrograde. Exaltation. Saturn and Uranus retrograde. Axil. Mars and Pluto retrograde. Fall. The sun. Constitution associated with Libra zodiac. Asthenic or athletic. Proportional figure, graceful and beautiful (especially in women). The face is oval, thin, beautifully colored, with regular features. Sensitive skin. … Read more

Sun in Libra

Libra Personality The sun in the sign of Libra gives sociability, desire for inner and external harmony. People-Ves have an innate diplomacy, so they are able to smooth all sharp corners, find a compromise and calm the raging energies. Their life credo: “Live yourself and let others live.” People-Ves – big aesthetes, lovers of pleasure … Read more

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