Astrology: Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. Who will win? USA Elections 2020.

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I will list the aspects that form in their astrological charts for the election night, in other words, their Horoscope. You will draw the conclusion.

Donald Trump

Transit on the election’s day

Moon opposition Moon

Emotional imbalance will not allow you to avoid many conflicts. Communication with female staff and female partners will be especially difficult. Intervention of household chores and relatives will negatively affect your professional and business sphere, and here you need to find a reasonable compromise. Disagreements with employees, discouragement, pettiness and nervousness. Difficulties in solving financial issues, current and internal problems of the company make this day difficult and unsuccessful.

Other interpretation:

Transiting Moon square or opposite your natal Moon. This is usually a time of turbulent emotions and emotional crisis which increase the probability that you will get into arguments and disputes with those who you are closest to. You may especially have greater difficulties in getting along with the women in your life. You will probably be uncomfortable with expressing your feelings, especially if you are a man.

Saturn opposition Venus

Pressing, limiting influence. Lack of working mood, emotional depression. Often the performance of professional duties, business life is hampered by domestic or personal problems. You yourself can suffer from coldness and lack of attention from the right people: partners, leadership, influencers. This is an unfavorable time for visits to official bodies to seek understanding and financial support. The impossibility of implementing many plans, financial costs and direct losses, the inability to obtain the expected profit. A bad period for a politician and public figure – perhaps an expression of distrust. In vain attempts to curb troubles and delays, it is better to wait it out. Forced economy, shortcomings of the conducted financial policy emerge.

Pluto opposition Venus

A period of waste. Selfishness and misunderstanding of ideas and interests of your employees and partners. Indiscretion, falling under negative influence. There is a need for constructive relationships, so old ties can be destroyed, making room for new and promising ones. It is possible that agreements are violated, partnerships break under the influence of existing relationships. Complications in matters of joint finance, corporatization, taxes and duties, debts, as well as alimony and inheritance. Clashes with the law or criminal elements are possible. The danger of extortion, fines, fraud, intrigue. A particularly unfavorable period for artists, culture, show businessmen and luxury goods dealers.

Jupiter opposition Venus

A period of failure and loss, disappointment in business and social activities. Lack of success in business contacts, trade, show business, arts and crafts. This aspect has only been observed twice in a 12-year cycle, and mistakes you make may be felt in the future. Laziness, excessive desire for pleasure and luxury, monetary costs and troubles caused by financial extravagance and wastefulness. You may be characterized by insincerity and excessive sensitivity, which brings you down in contacts – business and personal. You run the risk of showing bad taste, so avoid social and social events. A load of legal inconsistencies and problems. Business trips will not work out well: they will not pay off, and the benefits will be minimal. Obstacles in business with foreign and distant partners. Bad day for communication with social and cultural organizations. Doubtful prospects or lack of prospects. In work – unproductiveness, impossibility to fulfill their duties and obligations.

Venus conjunct Neptune

Stimulation of aesthetic inclinations and creativity. This transit does not have a significant impact on the business sphere, but you should avoid exposure to emotions and unrealistic projects, as financial mistakes and miscalculations are possible, as well as veiled deception and fraud, intrigue and slander. A good day for a trip, for contacts with foreign and distant partners. An interest in culture and art may have an impact on your business or day-to-day activities. The day is, in principle, favorable for secret affairs or work in solitude.

Venus square Mercury

Difficulties in business and social communication, in contact with the right people. You tend to keep your opinions to yourself to avoid trouble and disagreement. You are too sensitive to outside influences and to the opinions of other people. Better to pause business communication and activity. You may receive bad news, distorted or unnecessary information. The day is not suitable for claiming your rights, seeking help and financial support. You are absent-minded and largely biased, you can make the wrong decision. Unnecessary expenses and losses. Gossip and idle chatter interfere with work. Unpleasant visits.

Solar Return

Uranus in 10th House in Solar Return suggesting a strong irreversible change in career. Also, Mars, ruler of 10th House is in 9th House suggesting that he is damaging his own career. Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn in 7th House indicate a strong and open opposition and difficulty in winning over an opponent.

Joe Bieden

Transit on the election’s day

Saturn sextile Sun, Mercury, Venus

Period of increasing perseverance, endurance in business and plans, diligence and good attitude towards you from the leadership. All this will help you in the successful progress of the started business. Quite modest, but important for you, professional and material progress is possible. Promising relationships develop with influential people, patrons. It is a good time both to consolidate the achieved success and to start large projects, open enterprises and conclude long-term commercial transactions, and sign contracts. You can start drawing up a work plan, further actions, lay an ideological and material foundation.

A period of increased mental concentration, the need to improve mental discipline. Chaos in papers, documents is unacceptable and during this time you can be successfully eliminated. Being well organized will help you perform well or learn. A good time to pass serious exams, for serious research, work with documents and sign or receive them. Long-term planning is favorable. There may be good opportunities for further education. Business contacts, signing of contracts and business papers are going well. Good relations are often restored with bosses, influential people, and representatives of government bodies. Do not neglect the advice of old, wise people.

Marks the period of opportunity for stabilization of the business sphere, social status. Provided you make significant efforts on your part, financial success, success in social activities, and successful establishment of new business contacts are possible. Often formalism in work and communication. A good period to look for financial support and cooperation. Business partnerships are intensifying, ties are being strengthened. Favorable conditions for solving property and economic problems of your company.

Pluto sextile Sun, Mercury, Venus

The ability to make a significant adjustment to the conditions of your existence. But this aspect will help in this only on condition of qualitative reforms of consciousness, a leap in spiritual development. Sometimes successful events occur under the influence of circumstances beyond your control, under the influence of large-scale political, economic or natural phenomena, and this aspect gives you the opportunity to use them for your own benefit. An excellent period for scientific research, for progressive technological or methodological changes in production and business. Entrepreneurship and an intuitive understanding of the need for change will lead you to success. A good time to actively resolve issues common with partners or employees, to open new businesses and start projects. In extreme circumstances, you can show ingenuity and drive. The issues of taxation, insurance, inheritance, joint capital investment, corporatization, profit distribution is being successfully resolved. It is possible to obtain significant profits or benefits.

A period of deep reflections, changes in communication style, areas of interest and your views, important intellectual achievements. A good aspect for continuing education at a qualitatively new level, obtaining unusual knowledge and information, contributes to clarity of mind, discoveries. The use of joint capital and distribution of profits, as well as debts, taxes, duties, insurance, alimony, and inheritance can have a great impact on your business affairs and help solve the accumulated problems. Great creative power, the power of persuasion and the possibility of its application. The period is favorable for a change in the style of doing business, trade, for changes in the career of writers and journalists, merchants and intermediaries, managers, producers, dealers, as well as for research, work with important documents and contracts, for negotiations and discussions, responsible transactions and purchases, for trying to implement something that seems not entirely feasible. New useful acquaintances, an unusual turn in relations with colleagues and partners are possible.

A period of increased opportunities for qualitative transformations of your financial situation, the constructive use of personal energy and assertiveness. The period of development of artistic talents and creativity. The emergence of new promising projects and business relationships is possible. Inspirational, creative work, the ability to transform negative moments in work. The period is favorable for resolving issues of joint finance, corporatization, taxes and duties, debt obligations, as well as alimony and inheritance. Probably increased income from business cooperation.

Jupiter sextile Sun, Mercury, Venus

The beneficial effect of this aspect is noted only twice during the 12-year cycle, and it should be used as much as possible. Great opportunity for creative, professional self-expression. But you shouldn’t expect that this transit will bring you success without your participation. Apply widely the knowledge and skills gained, your own life experience and the wisdom of generations. It is good if you support charity ideas. You can count on the help of bosses, influential people, officials and law enforcement agencies. Feel free to engage in lecturing, publishing, conduct an advertising campaign. You can successfully resolve legal issues. Make deals, sign contracts. This period is favorable for capital investments and even reasonable financial speculation. Schedule important speeches business trips. Relations with foreigners, investments in foreign business, commercial transactions abroad are favorable. It is possible that you will receive a fairly large profit, as well as winning lotteries, etc. The period is favorable for the opening of new or subsidiary enterprises, the successful reform of old production. The period is also good for processing important documents.

A period of intellectual, cultural and religious enrichment. Happens only twice in a 12-year cycle. Positive thinking, intellectual optimism and interest in education. Often it gives a lot of trips and movements, connections and contracts with foreign partners. A good time for publishing, university entrance, advanced training. Relations with the media, advertising events, and the purchase of office equipment are going well. Harmonious contacts with the business environment. Real, immediate prospects are outlined. Receiving important information, good news. Good time to sign contracts, important and legal documents, speeches, public relations and legal affairs. Success is possible in educational, lecture, teaching.

A favorable period of business, cultural and social activity, expansion in business or politics, personal and professional achievements, social growth. It can last from ten days to two months and is observed only once every twelve years, so you need to use it as much as possible. A period of quite significant financial success. Good mood, optimism will help you in solving many problems. A good period for charity work, gaining public popularity, interacting with management, official and legal bodies. Contacts are also successful with the public, environment, partners and colleagues. Probably, social activity will require a lot of effort from you, will impose additional duties and responsibilities. The time is especially favorable for contacts with foreign partners, firms and organizations to receive financial support. Successful negotiations, cooperation, performances, conclusion of deals and contracts, travel, planning. Opening up new perspectives is possible. Receiving a profit. The period is especially favorable for artists, show businessmen, and the sale of luxury goods.

Solar Return

Unfortunately, I could not find out where was Joe Biden on his 2019 birthday, so I cannot consider houses in his Solar Return. But Jupiter is conjunct Venus in 2019 Solar Return indicating a reason for joy. Sun, ruler of career, in 2020 Solar Return, is well aspected, but it will not be an easy year.

As you can see, the conclusion is obvious, so let us be the first to congratulate the new President: Congratulation Mr. Joe Biden!

Planets in Astrology

Planets in Horoscope

The main planets that astrologers use in their research are ten. These are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. For convenience, astrologers call the sun and moon planets. Modern astrologers add Chiron and Proserpine to these ten planets, and also use some fictitious planets, for example, Lulu and Lilith.

The planets are divided into seven planets that have been used by astrologers since antiquity, these are: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. These seven planets form the so-called Septener . Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are called higher , or distant. In their work, ancient astrologers were content only with the Septener planets, Indian astrologers still use the Septener planets, not including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in their calculations. Classical Western astrology uses all ten planets, and recently began to use Chiron and Proserpine as planets.

The Septener describes the main seven influences. Higher planets are considered to be the highest octaves of the septener planets, they influence the historical events taking place on Earth, therefore they have another name – collective planets .

Planets in astrology, along with the signs of the zodiac, are one of the most important factors. Planets are sources of cosmic energies that influence us: harmonious and disharmonious. Moreover, the planets affect both the external and internal life of man. Planets are horoscope figures, they include the events of our lives. Each planet has distinctive features that remain unchanged for each planet. In the synthesis of the influences of all the planets of the horoscope, we get a unique portrait of a person, his character, problems, drawing of fate.

Internal and external planets

Internal or minor planets are called, whose orbits lie inside the orbit of the Earth, that is, between the orbits of the Sun and the Earth. This is Mercury and Venus.

External or major are planets whose orbits lie beyond the orbit of the Earth. These are Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Proserpine. In some ancient sources, the inner planets are often called lower, and higher – upper, which is not entirely correct. This must be known so that in the study of ancient sources there is no misunderstanding.

Masculine and feminine planets

  • Masculine planets – the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus. The functions of these planets are oriented towards an external, active manifestation.
  • Feminine planets – Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune. The functions of these planets are focused on the absorption of energy from outside, on the passivity of manifestation.
  • Mercury can be both male and female, depending on its position in the horoscope and the aspects that it has with other planets.

This is a modern division, in different sources you can find other information on this subject, but the disagreements relate mainly to Saturn. Someone reckons him to the male planets, someone to the female. So, Biruni considers Saturn a male planet.

Regardless of whether it is a male planet or a female planet, the planet shows its qualities in the male or female type, depending on the position it occupies. For example, if the planet is “in front of the Sun”, in the eastern hemisphere or in male signs, then even the female planet acquires some masculine qualities, but if the male planet is “behind the Sun”, in the western hemisphere and in the female sign, its manifestations become more soft, restrained.

  • Fiery planets – the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto.
  • Air planets – Mercury, Uranus.
  • Earth Planets – Venus, Saturn.
  • Water planets – Moon, Neptune.

Day and night planets

The ancients believed that Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun were daytime. Mars, Venus and the Moon are nocturnal. Mercury – daytime, when visible in the morning, and nighttime, when visible in the evening. Each planet helps its like, day – night, and night – night.

There is a second option: day planets are those planets that are above the horizon at birth, night planets are those that are below the horizon at birth.

Electric and magnetic planets

  • The Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus are considered electric.
  • Magnetic – the Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune.

Asexual and fertile planets

  • Asexual are Mars, Saturn, Uranus.
  • The Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune are considered fertile.
  • Mercury is moderately fertile.

Beneficial and evil planets

Beneficial – the Sun, Venus, Jupiter.

Malicious – Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

Mercury itself is neutral, but carries out the influence of the planet with which it is in conjunction or a strong aspect.

The moon, on the whole, is favorable, but rapidly changing, and also reflects the theme of the planet with which it is in close contact.

Some authors believe that Neptune can sometimes be kind. I would advise especially not to trust Neptune, the great illusionist, even if he does not have negative aspects. What you take as good may later turn into losses and disappointments.

Biruni noted that if the planets are strong in their cosmic status, then they help each other both in friendship and in hostility, but if they are weak in cosmic status, they leave each other and act alone.

Fast and slow planets

Because of the ellipticity of their orbits, planets move unevenly, in some parts of the orbit their speed is large, in others less. In this regard, the fast and slow planets are distinguished.

  • A fast planet is a planet that at the time of the birth of a person had a speed above average.
  • A slow planet is a planet that at the time of the birth of a person had a speed below average.

A fast planet manifests itself more quickly and easily than a slow one. If a person in Radix has a fast planet, he is gaining experience on this planet earlier than with a slow planet. It is necessary to take into account the location of the planet, since being in the sign of a related element it manifests itself more easily than when it is in a sign of element that does not correspond to the quality of the planet. So fast Jupiter in Leo or Libra will be faster than in Taurus, and slow Mercury will be slower in Cancer than in Aquarius or Aries.

The average speed of the planets

  • Sun – 0 ° 59’8 “
  • Moon – 12 ° 58 ‘
  • Mercury – 04 ° 05’32 ”
  • Venus – 1 ° 13 ‘
  • Mars – 0 ° 31’26 ”
  • Jupiter – 0 ° 04’59 “
  • Saturn – 0 ° 03’49 “
  • Uranus – 0 ° 03’00 “
  • Neptune – 0 ° 01’40 “
  • Pluto – 0 ° 00’48 “
  • Lunar Nodes – 0 ° 3’11 “

Eastern and western planets

Eastern called a planet located in the eastern hemisphere, from the Ascendant (X – III field).

The western is the planet located in the western hemisphere, from the Descendant side – (IV – XI fields).

Planets below the horizon and above the horizon

Planet under the horizon – a planet located in the lower hemisphere (I – VI fields).

Planet above the horizon – a planet located in the upper hemisphere (VII – XII fields).

Morning and evening planet

A planet rising shortly before sunrise is called a “planet before the sun,” “Doriphorius,” “Scout,” or “Morning Planet.”

A planet setting after sunset is called the “planet after the Sun”, “Charioteer”, “Auriga” or “Evening Planet”.

Any planet can appear in the role of Doriphorius or the Charioteer (not to be confused with the constellation of the same name), but most often this place is occupied by Mercury or Venus due to the proximity of their orbits to the Sun. Venus is usually called the “Morning Star”, although it is also the “Evening Star”, it is she who lights up first in the evening sky.

More details about the morning and evening planets will be discussed below.

Burnt planets

A planet located at a distance of 17 ‘from the exact connection with the Sun is considered to be located “in the heart of the Sun.” This position is also called “Kazimi”. With this position of the planet, the Sun reveals its potential and gives it additional energy, for its full disclosure. [2]

A planet located at a distance of up to 3 ° (in some ancient treatises up to 6 °) from an exact connection with the Sun in one direction or another is considered to be a “burnt planet” . In this position, the planet becomes invisible, the rays of the sun hide it, the planet seems to go blind and lose its orientation, which makes it unable to fully manifest itself. A person with such a position of the planet often has many ideas and plans related to the implementation of the functions of this planet, but does not have the ability to bring them to life.

A planet located at a distance of 3 ° – 17 ° from the exact connection with the Sun is considered to be “in the rays of the Sun.” With this position of the planet, the situation is radically changing. The rays of the Sun are already “at a safe distance” from the planet, so this position can already be interpreted as an aspect of the conjunction, in which the planets act in tandem together.

Naturally, in all three positions, the cosmic status of the planets should be taken into account.

Ringed planet

A surrounded planet, or a planet under siege, a blockade, is a planet that is located between two other planets located within the orb from it. The “environment” with beneficial planets strengthens its cosmic status. The “environment” of malicious planets weakens the planet, does not allow it to manifest in full force, or blocks its action.

Planets and Signs

Domicile – finding the planet in its own sign, where the planet feels at ease and can fully manifest its energy. They say that the planet controls the sign (see Appendix, table 3.4), and the planet itself is called the ruler. Here the properties of the planet completely coincide with the properties of the sign and their strengths are in harmony. Nothing prevents the planet from fully expressing itself. This situation is also called “the planet in your own home.” A person who has such a planet practically does not need to gain experience, he is already born with certain skills and everything turns out as if by itself (within the framework of this planet, of course). If there are several similar planets in the horoscope, this gives a person great penetrative power.

Axil – the finding of a planet in a sign opposite to its domicile. [3] In many sources it can be read that the planet in exile is weak. This is not entirely true, here the planet’s power does not decrease, but it acts according to the properties of the sign, therefore it “feels” uncomfortably, constrained, manifests its properties with difficulty, or its qualities are greatly distorted. For manifestation on this planet, a person needs preliminary experience, otherwise he will “go out of step” with the rest. This is not to say that such a person is mediocre, on the contrary, after many experiments and attempts, forced to approach the matter wisely, he can become a specialist in this field. But he will need much more time for this than a person with a planet in domicile.

Exaltation- finding the planet in the sign, where it is most pronounced, although it is the “second important person” in the sign. A planet in exaltation is often more visible than a planet in domicile. The planet, which is in its own sign, manifests itself naturally, it does not need to show or prove anything, it feels the right to behave as it sees fit, the more experience confirms its correctness. In the case of exaltation, the planet manifests itself vividly, “exaltedly”, gives all its best, at the highest limit of its capabilities. She is not the mistress of the sign, but nevertheless it is this sign that gives her the opportunity to fully express herself. It acts not of its own free will, but of necessity, therefore, if the planet in the domicile appears smoothly and constantly, the planet in exaltation manifests itself rapidly and sporadically, i.e. then,

In addition to the exaltation sign, the planets also have a degree of exaltation: Sun 19 ° Aries, Moon 3 ° Taurus, Mercury 15 ° Virgo, Venus 27 ° Pisces, Mars 28 ° Capricorn, Jupiter 15 ° Cancer, Saturn 21 ° Libra.

Fall – finding the planet in a sign opposite the sign of its exaltation. Here there is a distortion, impoverishment, denial of the properties of the planet. [4]In order for a person to prove himself on this planet, it is necessary to adapt to the situation, study it and make efforts greater or lesser. What kind of person usually does not know, therefore the action of the planet is jerky. A person uses this planet most often not there, not at the wrong time, unlike the planet in exaltation, which comes into effect at the right time. It is clear why planets in the fall are carriers of various kinds of complexes. If everything is done randomly, then it is just right to feel flawed. It is possible to solve the planet’s problem in fall, but it takes many years of trial and error. Often people with outstanding talent have a planet in a fall, for example, poets can have Mercury in a fall.

In the modern presentation, all these positions of the planets are summarized in a table that is already familiar to you.

Planets controlling opposite signs are enemies (antipodes).

Planets control not only the signs of the zodiac. Decanates and terms, degrees, and also years, days of the week and hours have their stewards. The planetary controls of the days of the week, hours, and others are mainly based on the principle of the Star of Mages – one of the key schemes in astrology. A Mage Star is a sequence of planets distributed over a seven-ray star (see Volume 1, 4.3.6.)


Two systems are used to control the Decanates: by trigons and by the star of the Mages. Both of these systems are brought about by Ptolemy in Tetrabiblos.

Trigger control is performed as follows. The first Decanate of each sign is controlled by the planet that controls the sign as a whole, the second Decanate is controlled by the planet of the next trigonal sign, the third – the last during the movement of the zodiac of the trigonal sign. For example, the first Decanate of Aries is governed by Mars and the retrograde Pluto, the second Decanate by the Sun, the third Decanate by Jupiter and the retrograde Neptune (see Appendix, Table 2).

The control by the Mages star (see Appendix, Table 3) differs from the control by trigons in that the Mages star includes only the septener planets, while the control by trigons includes all active planets, including retrograde ones.


Regarding the management of terms, we send you to the appropriate term table (see Appendix, table. 4), compiled by me based on the study and analysis of about 10 thousand horoscopes. It should be said that the management of terms in modern astrology is undeservedly little used.


If the planet falls into the degree that it controls, then its role is qualitatively increasing. And if another planet gets into this degree, then it has a connection with the planet-ruler. For details on the role and significance of degrees, see Volume II of Classical Astrology.

There are several degree control systems. You can familiarize yourself with two of them in the Appendix (Tables 5 and 6): the degree control system for the Mages star and the degree control system for trigons.


The ancients called the planets chronocrats (chronocrator – “ruler of the period”). This means that different periods of life are ruled by different planets. The basis of management over the years, as already mentioned, is the star of the Magi (see Appendix, table. 7).

Planets and days of the week

  • Sunday -> Sun;
  • Monday -> Moon;
  • Tuesday -> Mars;
  • Wednesday -> Mercury;
  • Thursday -> Jupiter;
  • Friday -> Venus;
  • Saturday -> Saturn.

This order is common for Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and some other calendars.

Planetary Hours

Every hour in the day runs its own planet. Astrological clocks are different from ordinary ones. Astrological days are divided into night hours – from sunset to sunrise – and daytime hours – from sunrise to sunset. Therefore, it is clear that at different times of the year, the duration of day and night hours is different. The length of the daytime hour is calculated by dividing the time from sunrise to sunset at 12. Accordingly, the duration of the nightly hour is calculated. From the above it follows that the duration of day and night hours depends not only on the time of year, but also on the latitude of the place. Planets with positive aspects favor things that start in their hour. If the planet of the hour is aspected negatively, then it is better not to start things.


In addition to the fact that the planets control signs, Decanates, and so on, they are also the natural stewards of certain people or qualities. Each planet in the horoscope is “responsible” for something, i.e. It is a “signifier” (index) of people, qualities, events. So the Sun in the horoscope is the signifier of the father, respected or revered person, holiday, the Moon – the mother, household chores, change, Mercury – young people, letters, trips, etc. Judgments are made depending on the location of the signifying planets in signs and fields, as well as on the quality of the aspects that they have.


The reception occurs when one planet is in the sign of another planet, which in turn is in the sign of the first, i.e. the planets seem to change places. For example, Uranus in Gemini, Mercury in Aquarius, Uranus and Mercury are considered to be at the reception. For interpretation, the planets located at the reception can be interchanged, i.e. put one planet exactly in sign and degree of another and vice versa. Some astrologers consider this position a weak connection. The reception is considered a positive factor, even if the planets are in a negative aspect, the maliciousness of the aspect in this case is reduced. The reception is widely used in horary astrology; in natal, modern astrologers use it less often.

Planets and Houses

The main factor determining the importance of the planet, first of all, is its presence in the sign and the field in which it is located at the time of birth. Finding a planet in a field is called local determination. The local determination of any planet refers only to a specific point in time and a certain place. In another place of the Earth at the same time, the planet will be in a different field of the horoscope and, accordingly, will produce a different effect. A manifestation of the planet’s principle, which is determined in each particular horoscope by the time and place of birth, affects the one born throughout his earthly life, and it is in that area of ​​life that is indicated in the horoscope by the position of the planet in a certain field. This manifestation may occur in different ranges, may weaken or intensify due to various factors,

In various fields, as well as in the signs of the zodiac, the manifestation of the planets is different. The most powerful are the planets in the Corner Fields (I, IV, VII, X). Especially strong is the position near the Meridian, and the closer the planet is to the MS, the more it acts. In successive (subsequent) fields, the manifestation of the planet is stable, although not too obvious. In the cadent (falling) fields of the planet, they affect only character and experience.

Astrologically, a planet that is closer to the MS is considered to be towering above the planet, which is located further from the MS. For example, a planet in the X field rises above the planet in the VIII field, and a planet in I in the field rises above the planet in the III field.

If the planet is located on the cusp of the field, its action is stronger than when it is in the middle or end of the field. A planet located 5 ° from the Ascendant or MC is considered to be located in either I or X field, respectively.

Planets in Astrochart

The planet’s dispositor is the planet that controls the sign in which the planet in question is located. For example, if the Moon is in Sagittarius, then the dispositors of the Moon will be Jupiter and retrograde Neptune; if Jupiter is in Libra, then its dispositors will be Venus and retrograde Chiron. In the case when the planet is in its own field, for example, Venus in Taurus, then it, for itself, is a dispositor. The influence of the planet in this position is amplified.

Thus, the affairs of the field are managed by both the planet located (locally determined) in it, and the field manager, who is also the dispositor of the planet.

If the planet is in one field and dominates in another field, then when interpreting the horoscope, the values ​​of these fields should be combined, but the more important factor is the planet’s presence in the field, domination is considered a secondary factor.

If there are no planets in the field, the field manager comes to the fore. It is for him to study the characteristics of the field. The steward should be considered according to the well-known scheme: take into account the essential nature of the steward, study the sign and field in which the steward is located, calculate his cosmic status and study aspects or establish the fact of their absence. However, the field manager should be investigated in any case, just in the absence of planets in the field, this is the only indicator that allows you to judge the field.

If there are several planets in one field of the horoscope, then they act together in accordance with the principles of this field. Each planet should be studied separately, carefully examining its essential nature, cosmic status, disposition, and aspects. Thus, it turns out which of the planets is more manifested. For example, one of the planets will be the dispositor of the field, which immediately puts it in the leading rank.

I remind you once again that with very few exceptions, a planet in a field is of prime importance for the affairs of the corresponding field. The influence of the dispositor and aspects is significant, but nonetheless secondary. With a combination of the values ​​of both fields, the starting point is the position of the planet, the next is domination. The affairs, faces and events of the horoscope field in which the planet dominates indicates the causes, not the events themselves.

So, a planet located in the II field and dominating in the VII field indicates the acquisition of property as a result of marriage, cooperation or legal process; the dominance of the same planet in the X field indicates the acquisition of property due to a certain official position, professional activity, etc.

Of all the possible combinations, those that are most consistent with the nature, natural management, and cosmic status of the corresponding planet are primarily implemented.

The rule that the position of the planet in the field is stronger than the control of the field has an exception for the first field of the horoscope. This field is the basis of everything that can happen in life with the born one, all future events and the main direction of fate are formed here. Therefore, the dominant of birth, through its disposition, directs the person along the path that the field of the horoscope indicates in which the dominant is located, and this influence is manifested the more, the more advantages it has. If the dominant of birth is not in its field, which happens more often, you should carefully examine both fields and their mutual relations. The values ​​of these fields are combined.

Retrograde Plantes, Direct Planets, Stationary Planets

From the point of view of the earth observer, all the planets, except the Sun and the Moon, periodically slow down, stop and begin the reverse movement, which is called retrograde. This phenomenon is explained by the difference in the periods of revolution of the planets around the Sun. In this regard, there are three types of planetary motion: directive (direct), retrograde (backward) and stationary (i.e. stop).

The motion directive (B) is the usual movement in a successive change of zodiac signs (Aries – Taurus – … – Pisces) (volume 1, chap. 2, p. 2. 6.). Astrologically means the natural development of events, an orientation toward the future.

Retrograde movement (K) – movement in the direction opposite to the sequence of zodiac signs (Pisces – Aquarius – … – Aries). Astrologically indicates a lesson that we need to go through, using the experience already gained. When a planet in the horoscope is in a retrograde position, this, according to the laws of Karma, means that in our previous lives we did not have time to complete the things that relate to this planet, in accordance with its position in the horoscope. It is desirable to complete these unfinished business from a past life or an unfulfilled task in this life, but if it still fails, then it will have to be postponed until the next life, and so on until it is completed.

During the retrograde movement, one should not engage in direct affairs related to this planet, as they will be stupid and useless. Even more – they should be postponed, and not only until the backward planet has moved out of its retrograde position, but until it reaches in its direct movement the degree to which it stopped and began its backward movement . For example, the transit Mercury on February 11, 1994 stopped and began its backward journey at 7 ° 34 Pisces. March 5, he stopped at 22 ° 38 sign Aquarius, began his direct movement. But Mercury affairs should be started or continued only when Mercury reaches the 7 ° 34 mark of Pisces, which will only happen on March 25th. This is especially important when considering the Progressive horoscope, in which one day equals one year.

Stationary position – a visible stop of the planet at the moment of transition from one type of movement to another. Astrologically accentuates a certain point of the horoscope, means freedom in the direction and nature of the development of the theme of this planet, i.e. It makes it possible to solve the problem, perhaps in a different way, as if slowing down the time.

Planets, as mentioned earlier, are carriers of potential cosmic energy. But they do not act on their own, they are affected by various influences, which ultimately determine the degree of their manifestation. In this regard, the planets are divided into strong, weak and neutral. The dignity (strength) of the planet or its weakness depends on many factors that we have to consider.

A planet, being in a certain sign or field, acts according to its essential nature, but taking into account the characteristics of the sign or field in which it finds itself. The position of the planet in a sign or field in which the influence of the planet is enhanced is called virtue ; the position of the planet in a sign or field in which the influence of the planet weakens is called weakness. Distinguish between essential (essential) merits or weaknesses of the planets, which take into account the position of the planets in the signs and the accidental (minor), which take into account the position of the planets in the fields.

Essential advantages include such indicators as the presence of a planet in its Domicile, in a sign or degree of exaltation, in a sign of its own element, in its own Decanates, terma, degree, as well as some others.

Accidental merits include indicators such as the planet being in its own field and some other fields, in the sign of its gender, surrounded by Venus and Jupiter. As well as other indicators, for example, directness of the planet, its connection with some fixed stars, the presence of strong positive aspects.

Essential weaknesses include indicators such as finding the planet in its excilis or fall, in the sign of the opposite sex, in a term or degree of the opposite nature.

Accidental weaknesses include such indicators as the planet’s presence in some fields, on the “burned path”, under the rays of the Sun, surrounded by Mars and Saturn, its connection with some fixed stars, weaken the planet as well “burning”, the presence of strong negative aspects, retrograde motion and some other indicators.

For ease of use, in my worksheets, incidental essential and virtues are combined in one table, as well as incidental and essential weaknesses.