Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Taurus

The character of a person with the Sun in Pisces and the Ascendant in Taurus can completely surrender himself to the excitement of feelings. At the same time, they want to please the world, they radiate some kind of inner secret. Feelings lead them to doctrinal communities or occult sects. They give the impression of gentleness, humility.

Pisces with an ascendant in Taurus perfectly pretend to deceive others. Basically, they depend on feeling and instinct, the flow of feelings all the time carries them into a stormy sea. For the most part, they find someone to protect them, to help them endure a difficult, miserable life. When a scythe finds a stone, they react remarkably selfishly, assuming that no one is in such danger as they are.

Their health is often unstable due to irregular lifestyle; they go to the doctor at the last minute, or vice versa, at every opportunity. Indulging in their own emotions, they are constantly in fluctuations. Only a friendly environment can save them.

If those around them are cutting with them, they become almost completely helpless. Deprived of their attractive power, they indulge in spiritual and material intoxication. At the same time, they could convey a lot to others thanks to their sensitivity, if they disciplined themselves; then they would have great power of influence.

You seem very reliable, practical and down to earth. However, under the guise of toughness and determination, there is a real pussy. Fortunately, this animal is quite capable of standing up for itself, since you are not ready to show everyone the more sensitive and vulnerable side of your character, and who can blame you for this? You are always ready to defend the weak, and nothing can anger you more than strength that takes advantage of weakness. Your anger is terrible. Fortunately, your loved ones can easily calm you down, and you are often embarrassed that you have lost control of yourself.

While you are ambitious, you often have a hard time figuring out exactly where you can best use your talents. But once this problem is solved, you cannot be forced to stray from the path. You may have unexpected luck, and you will also benefit from someone else’s loyalty and help from friends. You have a good background, especially from your father’s side. He can be a person with weight in his field of activity. But relatives can be the cause of trouble, especially siblings. You will live to a ripe old age, despite any difficulties.

The Dark Side of Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Taurus

Although you need friends, you persist in imposing your opinions and demeanors on others, and naturally they are outraged by this. You think that you are giving them advice, and they, in turn, think that you are a bully who pokes his nose into other matters. You find it difficult to understand why there are so many fools in the world who refuse to listen to you. And the truth is, you cannot tolerate when your ideas or opinions are challenged in any way. Of course, your loved ones are under your thumb and have clear signs of a nervous breakdown. When your children grow up and acquire the same stability in opinions and views, they can directly and frankly put you in your place.

Love and Family for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Taurus

You are old-fashioned picky and romantic. You also have a great need to feel protected and unconsciously look for someone you can cuddle about until the evening, feeling safe within the walls of your own home. You are somewhat possessive and prone to jealousy, which can cause problems from time to time. This is not the best part of your life, and in order to arrange it properly, you need to work hard, as your marriage can be threatened by ill-wishers who are always ready to intervene and interfere with your happiness.

Your spouse is likely to be a calm person, with a penchant for privacy and preferring to stay at home while you are away and mind your own business. Your children will require special attention to themselves even before birth, and then during the first two years of life, especially if the older child is a boy. But overall, they will be a source of satisfaction and happiness for you and will excel in higher education and the arts.

Career and Money for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Taurus

You are attracted to work in small companies, as well as everything related to land, gardening, nature and music. You are a meticulous worker and are especially attentive to detail. In your youth, your position is not stable, but later your affairs will go well thanks to good acquaintances, art, literature, science or other occupation. You will achieve some well-being, although you may suffer some losses due to a lawsuit, unemployment or love interest after marriage. You know how to appreciate all the benefits of life and, undoubtedly, you will have a certain interest in nutrition and hygiene.

Health for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Taurus

You know how much you love to eat and have a particular weakness for desserts. Not surprisingly, you are prone to being overweight, and this can damage your health. Organs that require special care are the kidneys, liver and ovaries. You may also be prone to diabetes. The most annoying thing for you is when you have a sore throat, and when the weather is bad or you are in a tense state, you easily get sore throats or catch a cold. Consider these issues as a warning that lifestyle changes should be made.

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