Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Scorpio

A man with the Sun in Pisces and the Ascendant in Scorpio floats fearlessly in the waters of the environment. However, they are full of tension, hiss and boiling. Their internal development is constant ups and downs, with a bitter, cadaverous smell to heaven. In essence, they are torn from their selflessness, but often act sarcastically.

Pisces with an ascendant in Scorpio are easily vulnerable, and they cling to anyone who approaches. They find salvation and help in some sect, not religious, but occult, magical or similar, where there is something in which one can forget oneself. They defend this sect or society with suicidal courage.

In general, suicidal tendencies are easily crystallized in them. Children early become full of love for the beauty of life. If they feel misunderstood, they cease to see the meaning in life – the end is better. It can be a prolonged half-oblivion in reality, or they retire to the desert, in the hope that they will be looked for there.

If not, then they’d rather die of thirst in the painfully scorching sun than return. They take Fata Morgana for reality. They can also find relief and help in art and music, or if they want to take part in some business that will survive them. Seeming carelessness for them is rather a saving straw than a real predisposition.

You are an unusually amorous and passionate person, but, fortunately, picky in acquaintances, and this helps to maintain your best qualities. You are sensitive and artistic, this is expressed in your love for music, painting and art. But don’t fancy that sedentary activities are good for you. You are very attracted to sports, especially sports that require water, and this can even provide you with a source of income.

Your priorities in life are art, love, children, social life and animals, and you give them a lot of energy and attention. By nature, you are a fighter, you have a strong warlike spirit, you tend to get into arguments and get into conflicts that do not always end well for you. You are prone to extremes in everything and are passionate about both work and pleasure. You have a strong will and you fight to the end.

You cannot be indifferent to anything, and your passion is so great that sometimes it even interferes with others. You will have several siblings, but you may well be an only child. Your father may be unlucky, but there is always a warm friendship between you. You are very attached to him.

The Dark Side of Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Scorpio

Eat, drink, love, have fun – this is your credo. You indulge in sensual pleasures whenever the opportunity presents itself. At the same time, you are not tormented by any remorse, as a result, you forget all ideas about morality, especially in relation to sex. You take what you want, and when you have enough, the poor loser can go all four. Most likely, you will turn into a bitter drunkard, since the ability to self-restraint is not your forte. You can be very rude, because you can not stand it when they interfere with the fulfillment of your desires. You never forget those who dared to disobey you and can endlessly wait for the right moment to take revenge. You are a real nightmare, as your ability to harm others exceeds even your ability to harm yourself.

Love and Family for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Scorpio

Deep down, you believe that marriage is a necessary evil, although your partners themselves often come to the conclusion that they are in a situation that should have been avoided by any means. The reason lies in your tendency to tie your partners hand and foot, as if you are afraid that someone might steal them. You are jealous and treat your spouse as the owner of your property and do not seem to understand that the more you press on him, the more likely you will lose your loved one. You will lose your first spouse and will marry more than once. This combination of signs gives many children, sometimes twins. Your children will get married early, and this will lead to some troubles. You start falling in love at an early age and do not stop until old age. Therefore, there will be many secret love relationships in your life.

Career and Money for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Scorpio

You are very ambitious, and no matter which road you choose in life, you will follow it with purposefulness and relentlessly strive for success. You can be successful in the arts, in sports, speculative deals, or in work involving children or animals. You crave success and you will surely achieve it. You are also endowed with leadership talent. In your youth, your financial situation will not be very stable, but in the middle years prosperity will come to you. You can gain material benefits through travel, in-laws, legal affairs, and marriage. You will have multiple sources of income and possibly two completely different activities. After a series of difficulties, all of your wildest dreams will come true.

Health for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Scorpio

You tend to work with full dedication and indulge in pleasure as well. At some point, your energy may be depleted, and you will realize that it is time to rest. The vulnerable organ is the gallbladder. You are also prone to poisoning, fever, and injury from careless handling of hot or sharp objects. Your right hand is also vulnerable. Usually you are the cause of your illnesses.

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