Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Libra

People with the Sun in Pisces and the Ascendant in Libra have a kind of attractive power that simultaneously attracts and repels. It is not safe to deal with them. Their essence is captivating, they allow themselves an ease that one can only dream of, but which is impossible in the real world.

They are usually alluring, but to get to the bottom of this attraction, you need to sacrifice yourself. Here you can find a lot – feeling and reason, dedication and a tendency to sectarianism. And there is always something mysterious about them; they give the impression of being overly educated and undeveloped at the same time.

Pisces with an ascendant in Libra speaks a lot about the desire for harmony, which for them also consists in forgetting about everything. They start over all the time, and others must do it together with them, while they speak logically and act paradoxically. They can act fruitfully but also destructively; it’s not easy to be at their level.

They may well lead a respectable burgher astray. The soul plays here, of course, a big role, everything must be traced to the depth, which means there are no boundaries for transfusion. Here magical power can reign, spiritually embellished. The appeal of this character is monstrous; whether they correspond to the promised, only the one who has completely surrendered to them can say – but little can remain of him.

A person born under this combination of signs treats others with tenderness and care. Usually, nothing stops you from expressing your feelings directly and frankly. You are compassionate, honest, and happy to help people. But they should be clear about their needs, as one of your biggest drawbacks is your tendency to avoid making decisions whenever possible. The artistic side of your nature strongly requires positive expression.

You are refined and accommodating and very sensitive to your surroundings. Your home should be comfortable, well-furnished and filled with artwork that suits your taste. You love entertainment, but not at the expense of other people. Your energy is unstable, so you cannot say that you are going through life with consistent success. You can work all day long and then suddenly become completely lethargic and lethargic. This is reflected in both professional and personal life.

Usually you have many brothers or sisters, or there are many after you marry someone from a large family. Quarrels are not uncommon among relatives, and the case may even go to court. Your father is a source of frustration or trouble for you. He could lose his high post. In any case, he is the cause of the hindrances and limitations in your life.

The Dark Side of Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Libra

This is most likely the most indecisive combination of signs in the Zodiac, and not only in those cases where it comes to important problems, but also in small things, for example, the habit of drinking tea or coffee at an afternoon tea. At first, this behavior may seem eccentric or even funny, but then it becomes terribly annoying. In addition, you are cowardly and do not even know how to stand up for yourself, let alone your loved ones, no matter how much you hurt them. Your tendency to indulge your whims in food will inevitably lead to the fact that the adorable dimples on your cheeks will drown in folds of fat.

Love and Family for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Libra

You believe in eternal love and can sacrifice yourself for the romantic ideal. There is a deep belief in you that, having fallen in love, you can feel like a whole person, and until you find your other half, you cannot consider that you are living a full life. Your married life will be fraught with problems, and you will probably get a divorce. You will probably be a well-to-do person. You may receive an inheritance unexpectedly. Most likely, you will have several children and they will be happy in life. Unfortunately for you, they will be a better support for you in old age than your spouse.

Career and Money for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Libra

You could make a good career in healthcare, hygiene or services. You are undoubtedly attracted to art, as you have an inventive mind and you can prove yourself as a decorator. You may also be interested in maritime affairs and anything related to liquids, you can become a wine merchant, chemist, surgeon or sailor. Success will come to you at the end of your life, and your work will involve talking to people, frequent changes of place of residence and many long trips. Beware of the instability that is haunting you, and try to postpone something for a rainy day.

Health for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Libra

Unfortunately, you have a sweet tooth and it’s important to remember what you eat to live, not the other way around. Any kind of conflict can negatively affect your health, and the main reason for this is your indecision. Life is really the way you make it: your main problem is that you cannot decide what you want out of life. The organs that need constant attention are the kidneys, liver, feet and intestines. Exercise and diet in moderation can guarantee a long life.

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