Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Capricorn

The character of a person with the Sun in Pisces and the Ascendant in Capricorn seems to those around him somewhat convulsive. They really are, because they never really know how to behave. If they are convinced of faith or caught up in an idea, then they strive towards their goal with real tenacity, and this saves them.

If they are unstable in life, then they cling to the leader, who turns out to be a false leader, a seducer. Pisces with an ascendant in Capricorn strive to overcome innate inertia, they try to be conscientious as much as possible – but this is beyond their strength! In their difficulties they can only trust instinct – but this is precisely what they dare not.

They constantly meet people who judge them and also condemn them. They willingly put up with this in order to find at least some support in this. They endure humiliation, even endangerment, so as not to be alone. People around you do not notice this inner change too much, but they feel tension. They feel that they are in the hands of the Lord, sometimes betrayed by the devil. Their fantasy can be so excited that they are yesterday’s ghosts.

Failure with false friends completely robs them of confidence; paradoxically, this ties them even more to false friends. Their instinct is being held back. They can find salvation in the discipline of artwork or in the meditation of matters of faith. They are not lucky; but they have the ability to outgrow themselves, and then extend their influence to others.

This combination of signs makes a person outwardly harsh, which helps him in the profession, as well as in critical situations. You are very determined and capable of great success. Although at first glance it seems that you do not have the tendency to hesitation and indecision inherent in Pisces, this is not so. You are prone to anxiety and doubt where it comes to the most trivial issues. You are sociable and do your best to be a gentle and caring friend. You worry when your friends are sick or in trouble, and you are always ready to lend a helping hand. You have a strong character and are very hardy. In the presence of strangers, you behave with restraint, but among those you know well, you can be relaxed and very talkative.

You are prudent and, having determined the course of action, follow it unswervingly. You can endure the harshest conditions and adversity and do not stop at obstacles. This will definitely lead to success. As far as your family is concerned, your father’s influence is unfavorable and causes problems, especially in everything related to marriage. In your youth, you are not distinguished by good health, but with age you become stronger and you will live to old age without problems.

The Dark Side of Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Capricorn

Worried about one reason or another, you spend your nights awake. When you finally find a solution, you quickly jump to another problem that you think needs to be taken care of, and you are a pro. It’s no surprise that you find life extremely difficult. The number of your appearances can be counted on one hand, you are almost never invited anywhere, since with your coldness you discourage people from communicating with you. You are an inveterate pessimist. You deliberately wait for life to hit you again, and are rarely disappointed. You refuse to understand that it is your negative thinking that makes you fail. Get rid of these moods and learn to relax, otherwise you will never be able to enjoy life.

Love and Family for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Capricorn

People instinctively feel that you are a responsible person and can be relied on, and if you tie the knot, then make every effort to make your chosen one happy. Therefore, you need a partner who stands firmly on the ground with both feet, and does not hang in the clouds. It looks like you will either be against marriage in general, or completely committed to it, getting married early and repeatedly. In any case, love relationships are fraught with unexpected, fatal changes. Your partners can be a hindrance to one of your most ambitious aspirations. If you marry more than once, then one of the spouses will bring you a significant fortune. You will have several children, and you will have high hopes for them. This attitude will not do them any good and may make it difficult for you to communicate with them.

Career and Money for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Capricorn

You could have a good career in areas such as media, communications, transportation, buying and selling, or in a business related to any of these areas. You are unusually determined and can put great effort in striving to achieve your desired goal. You will get rich thanks to your talent, the help of friends and the support of relatives. Speculative trades can also replenish your wallet from time to time. Your spouse pretty much fuels your ambitions. Success is likely to come to you at the end of your life.

Health for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Capricorn

Although you are a desperate debater, you must learn to relax sometimes. Forget your responsibilities from time to time and you will be assured of a long life and good health. You are susceptible to ailments such as colds, constipation, rheumatism (especially of the knees and hands) and stomach ailments due to nerves. Depressive states negatively affect your well-being, urgently get rid of your hypochondria.

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