Sun in Gemini

Gemini Personality

Gemini is the most restless sign of the zodiac. They are simply overwhelmed with the most diverse and very interesting, often “global” ideas and plans, and at the same time can be engaged in several things. They are completely free from all kinds of prejudices and superstitions, free to speak, all the time looking for something and are interested in literally everything in the world, and their talkativeness simply has no boundaries. Their clear mind, the versatility of knowledge, wit and resourcefulness, the desire to help attract people to them with whom they quickly and easily come into contact and find a common language. Gemini loves everything new and fresh, susceptible to sensation, and can slightly lie, on which they are encouraged by a rich imagination. They masterly know how to persuade the interlocutor to their point of view, to convince him and to convince him, which makes them excellent intermediaries.

Unfortunately, they lack depth, so they seem to glide over the surface without going deeper and not bothering with reliability. The state of mind of Gemini depends on their momentary mood, momentary mood and on what their mind is busy at the moment. They are hindered by their split personality, distraction and nervousness, they themselves are aware of this and experience a certain dissatisfaction with themselves, but, unfortunately, their attempts to correct the situation do not lead to anything, since it is in their blood.

Among the Gemini there are those who, using their natural data for selfish purposes, manipulate people, engage in fraud and other unseemly affairs, but all this is superficial, they are very rarely associated with the criminal world, and only because of some circumstances, more often all of a forced nature. In general, they honor the criminal code.

Most twins born around noon have a predisposition to scientific activity. Their life is full of change, they often have to change both their place of work and place of residence. In general, Gemini rarely remains true to their chosen specialty until the end of life. Either their profession is being modified in any way, or a new one is acquired, often not the last. But in the end, the Twins find themselves a thing that will be in tune with their nature and ensure their existence.

The early youth of many Gemini is not easy, many of them leave their parental home early or even their native land and leave for a foreign land.

At a time when the Sun passes the sign of Gemini, more often than other periods of time, twins, triplets, etc. are born.

Gemini Children

Twin children – the very cheerfulness and curiosity. They bring real turmoil, a whirlwind to their parents’ lives and arrange a real cycle in the house. The twins are excessively alive, mobile, agile and dexterous and are in continuous motion. They can neither be saved nor pacified; they explore absolutely everything. There will not be a single corner in the house wherever the little Gemini climbed, and no prohibitions can pacify their curiosity. But, despite the nervous strain experienced by their parents, they are a natural “elixir of life” and act on them invigorating and rejuvenating.

None of the entire Zodiac knows how to lie like Gemini children. But they do this not intentionally, but because the most diverse ideas, ideas, inventions are swarming in the head, and they are often simply unable to distinguish invention from reality. Telling you notorious fables, they themselves believe in them and therefore look completely sincere. You can also be surprised at their ability to construct, invent, they do not need instructions, they themselves are able to figure out which part should be connected to which, and if some part is missing, they will always find what to replace it with. There is another headache in the parents of Gemini – the passion of the offspring for adventures and adventures, sometimes very much like small adventures. Letting them go on parole into the courtyard, it is futile to try to find them there after five minutes.

Gemini seizes knowledge on the fly, but it is difficult to wait for systematic work from them. They learn while they are occupied with the topic, as soon as interest disappears, everything is abandoned. In addition, the Gemini has scattered attention, they try to grasp everything that is happening around them, their attention quickly switches, because of this, the time spent on homework can drag on indefinitely, so the knowledge of Gemini is often too superficial and fragmented. However, let this not really upset their parents, for all the professors are more or less scattered, but, nevertheless, they have become professors.

An ideal environment for twin students is created when his father or mother studies with his twin child (graduates from a university, writes a dissertation, etc.), because in this case he becomes a model for his child, showing an example of attitude towards study.

It is useless for twin children to dictate their will regarding their future profession, because it is not always important for them which university to finish, since the twin brothers change their life goals repeatedly. Free professions are more suitable for them, they prefer intellectual work and work, where no one presses them, neither the bosses, nor the time frame, nor the instructions. But nevertheless, the most important thing is that the future profession of Gemini should correspond to their spiritual and spiritual vocation, mental requirements and physical characteristics.

Gemini Decanate

1st Gemini Decanate: 0 ° – 10 °

Contradictory character: on the one hand – humanism, altruism, nobility, generosity, on the other – hostility. The mind is mobile, deep, grasping everything on the fly, but not always capable of thorough analysis. The master is the “golden hands”. The gift of self-expression, love for the world of art, creativity and creation, for literature and theatrical stage. A strong desire for everything sublime, idealistic, even utopian. Failures in life bring inability to use one’s own talents and abilities. Man is an enemy to himself. Under adverse circumstances, the struggle for existence. Threat of injury or premature violent death.

2nd Gemini Decanate: 10 ° – 20 °

Eloquence, duality, goodwill. Instant reaction. Good organizational talent. Talkativeness, the ability to confuse the interlocutor. Realism and practicality. The temper is quick-tempered, quarrelsome. Demanding for others. With low spirituality – vulgar humor, base jokes, disputes, useless showdowns, empty disputes, unseemly acts. Often the wrong way. Hasty, reckless actions lead to sad consequences and diseases. It is necessary to abandon frivolity, senseless courage, unnecessary and empty aggression, and from participation in risky and dangerous events. During trips, business trips, travel, beware of injuries, injuries.

3rd Gemini Decanate: 20 ° – 30 °

The deep, contemplative mind of the philosophical warehouse. An intuitive understanding of the essence of human relationships. Authority among professionals, prestige and good reputation in society. Love of the sciences, especially the humanities, the occult, the innermost. Craving for art. The greatest success is brought by literary activity, journalism, book publishing, music, painting, linguistics. In all genres should be presented the style of this era. Possible fame, even fame. Life is hectic. Relatives provide assistance, both close and distant.

People with Sun in Gemini:

  1. Heads of state and party: Philip English, John F. Kennedy, Joseph Broz-Tito, Ahmed Sukarno, Fabiola of Belgium, Constantine of Greece, Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Virgo.
  2. Astronomers and astrologers: Thomas Jung (aka physician and physicist), Gustav Schwickert.
  3. Scientists: James Maxwell (physicist), Edward May (zoologist, natural philosopher), John Keynes (economist).
  4. Military leader: Marshal K. A. Meretskov.
  5. Theater and film actors: Rudolph Valentine, Marilyn Monroe, L. M. Leonidov.
  6. Playwrights: Ben Johnson.
  7. Musicians, composers: Richard Wagner, Richard Strauss, Robert Schumann, Igor Stravinsky, Aram Khachaturian, Tikhon Khrennikov, Elena Gnesina, Mikhail Glinka, Edward Grieg, Charles Gounod, Jacques Offenbach.
  8. Singers: Zoya Gaidai, A. V. Nezhdanova, Leonid Sobinov, Valeria Barsova.
  9. Writers, poets: Alighieri Dante, Conan Doil, Walt Whitman, Thomas Mann, Leonid Leonov, Olga Forsh, F. V. Gladkov, Mikhail Svetlov, Mikhail Sholokhov, A. E. Korneychuk, Stanislav Neumann, Konstantin Paustovsky, A. N. Maykov.
  10. Philosophers: Plato, Bernard Bozanket, Blaise Pascal, Johann Heide, Peter Chaadaev.
  11. Psychologists: Karl Buhler, Pierre Janet, Hugo Munsterberg.
  12. Pedagogy of Christians Salzmann, Fritz Klyatt.
  13. Professional revolutionaries: Nikolai Bauman, Yakov Sverdlov, K. I. Nikolaeva.
  14. Artists: M. B. Grekov, Rockwell Kent, Paul Gauguin, Francoise Sagan, Joseph Myslbek (sculptor).
  15. Test pilot: Vladimir Kokkinaki.
  16. Cosmonauts: G.T. Dobrovolsky, V.I. Patsaev, Alexey Leonov, Vitaly Kolobov.
  17. Academician: Anatoly Blagonravov.
  18. Religious figure: Ignatius Layola.

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