Sun in Aries

Aries Personality

People who have the Sun in the sign of Aries are distinguished by increased activity. Any action of Aries, their willpower and energy is always aimed at unconditional implementation of their ideas and plans. Aries are people of action, spiritually mobile and striving for independence and independence. They think only with their own heads, act on the basis of their own considerations and are not inclined to pay attention to the opinions and desires of other people, and if they reckon with them, then only by force of necessity. Moreover, they skillfully subordinate other people to their will, their personal interests, forcing people to take a passive or active part in their affairs and adventures.

Aries also has great intuition, which gives them the opportunity not only to anticipate what is about to happen, but also helps them find the causes of past failures and failures, past delusions and mistakes, to overcome obstacles. This, of course, does not mean that they are always right or that in their thoughts and decisions they are logical, on the contrary, loyal, impassive, all the more objective they are difficult to call, Aries are essentially subjective. But in those periods when the Aries turn on logic and common sense, they are able to avoid the traps that their own impetuosity and inconsistency sets in many. Often, almost childish naivety, as well as rich imagination and vivid imagination, interfere with their logical thinking.

But Aries has a wonderful and very useful ability. They are able to instantly perceive and process the information received, however, most often by their own understanding, and then, having considered all the possible consequences of the available options, also instantly make a decision and give an appropriate answer. Everything that interests them is studied with great attention and excitement, intensively, persistently, purposefully, which is facilitated by their excellent memory.

The only drawback of such a quick perception and decision can be the fact that due to excessive confidence in their strengths and capabilities, in their infallibility, they neglect important details, or rather, they simply do not notice them or discard them as insignificant. But still, in general, the speed of thinking and action indicates good coordination and is an important factor for the successful achievement of any goal.

Most often, doing business with Aries comes down to a favorite tactic – “head against the wall”. By their nature, they are very willful, wayward, decisive and fearless. Carried away by their idea, they do not notice how they cross borders, slide into open aggression and do not stop before violence. Excess of power and authority is an integral part of their nature. They are too impulsive, intolerant and reckless, overly excitable, which leads to numerous misunderstandings and life difficulties. Their temper is simply amazing, they are easy to anger, but, on the other hand, their anger does not last long.

Naturally, the stubbornness of Aries, the desire to insist on their own will lead them to conflicts and disputes. Therefore, we can say that they build their own destiny themselves, or break what is determined for them by fate. As you know, a person’s temperament leaves a deep mark not only in his character, but also affects his health and destiny. A serious study, analysis and understanding of one’s essence can direct the Martian mentality and energy on the right path, for which Aries has many opportunities, primarily a strong will. Violence, swiftness, fury, Aries energy that knows no limit should be used prudently and appropriately.

In fairness, it should be said that not only the temper and rampant Aries distinguishes. They can be both loyal and caring, able to protect the weak, offended, defenseless and weak, to help everyone who, they believe, can be of help. No matter what the Aries do – they fight, swear, defend their innocence, give alms – at every moment they are sincere and natural in their manifestation. They live with momentary feelings, are prone to dramatization and window dressing. Often, if their emotions are affected, they show excessive generosity. In a fit of emotion, they are able to benefit people who did not deserve it, but managed to hook them to the living, and neglect those who really needed help.

But the basis of Aries life is still work. Aries doing nothing is nonsense, a mistake of nature. The ability of Aries to quickly pick up everything new and progressive much earlier than others, their desire to be the first in everything and always contribute to professional and social growth. Life success comes to Aries solely because of their courage, courage, courage, ability to take risks, as well as personal initiative and enterprise, the ability to carry out their plans. Having completed one thing, they take on another with even greater zeal and greed. True, due to the increased activity of feelings, not only a quick change of ideas, interests and plans can occur, but also work. This is mainly the reason for the frequent changes in the life of Aries. They often change jobs and even reside.

In the work, Aries do not suffer coercion and pressure, otherwise they can quit everything and no longer touch this work, or even turn and leave without saying a word. They generally transfer small works to others. Despite the fact that Aries work only in their own way, their work is quoted very highly, since Aries approach the matter with enthusiasm and responsibility. Everything is done very conscientiously and high quality. But in work, they periodically need breaks to warm up. They need at times to change the object of work or the work itself or location, since they do not like monotony, dullness, monotony and everyday life, conveyor work in general is death for them. In general, Aries are usually endowed with a whole bunch of abilities, so they always have the opportunity to have sufficient income. True, they’re usually generous, often too much, and it requires a lot of expenses. In addition, they love and try to have the very best of clothes, shoes, furniture and everything else.

The general fate of Aries is becoming apparent already around the age of 20-25. The most favorable trends for a social upsurge are observed in Aries, who were born between sunrise and noon, and the closer to noon, the better.

Born between fourteen hours and midnight often depend on environmental conditions. These Aries most of their lives have to voluntarily or forcibly adapt to others: parents, partners, family members, etc.

Those born from midnight to sunrise for a long time experience inhibition in business or resistance to fate, mainly in young and young years. Not only various external influences, but also internal passions leave a heavy imprint. Such Aries often experience housing difficulties, they are in wait for all kinds of changes, both in the profession and in life in general, which are accompanied by either financial ups or crises. Life success to these Aries most often comes in the last third of life.

But in general, it should be noted that to have a friend or girlfriend with the Ascendant or the Sun in the sign of Aries is a gift of fate, but most importantly, you must be able to save it, since their sociability is unstable. Sometimes they need a noisy and many-sided meeting, sometimes they prefer only a narrow circle of the closest people and friends, and sometimes complete privacy, especially during creative work.

They are destined to travel a lot, this not only expands their spiritual horizon, but also favorably affects their mental and emotional sphere, enriches them, provides food for new ideas and ideas, and, in the end, serves as an outlet for their troubled nature. They, like mountain air, need a living life, new horizons, so their desire for open spaces, whirlpools and whirlwinds never goes out. They live only in the present and future, the past does not interest them.

Chronic diseases in Aries, occur rarely, only as a result of inattention and carelessness. The weak point of Aries is the head – Aries, as a rule, are haunted by skull injuries. The activity of Aries, their passionate thirst to lead and keep everything under control, subconscious propensity to use force continuously keeps their will in suspense, which often leads to the overspending of nerve resources, and first of all the loads fall on the brain. It is because of the super-intensive mental, emotional and physical activity Aries should pay special attention to the strict observance of alternating periods of work with periods of rest and sleep. They should eat right, as they use much more energy and energy than any other type. They would also be interrupted by the renunciation of excessive drinking and the complete abandonment of drugs, which, along with the excessive impulsiveness of the Aries, are the main cause of all their misfortunes and crimes that they commit.

Aries vitally need the ability to consciously relax both mentally and physically through, for example, meditation. This will make it possible to avoid various diseases, especially those that are characteristic of the “fiery” types.

Aries diseases are usually acute with fever, febrile conditions, which they poorly tolerate. The first helpers are hot baths and tea (you need to sweat a lot) and a reasonable diet.

Aries Child

Aries child differs from children of other zodiac signs by the same character traits as the adult Aries. Already from the cradle his “fiery” temperament, impulsivity, Martian strength and energy, his desire for aggressive actions and a strongly expressed desire to dominate are noticeable. These qualities of the child should be paid serious attention already from the cradle and begin to bring him up from the cradle, since in later years he is not subject to re-education because of his intractability. All negative traits require taming, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to approach the child reasonably and diplomatically, to act with affection, and not with affection. Otherwise, he will become stubborn and obstinate, and from a young age will seek to leave his parental home.

Parents should never lose their authority, although it is earned by them as part of their normal family life. They should clearly know when the child should say yes, when – no, there should not be inconsistency. The main commandment for the Aries child should be one of the oldest dogmas: the word and decision of the father are unquestioned and cannot be reviewed or appealed. This step is also justified because the Aries children are not very obedient to the mother, since they consider her advice irrelevant, not important for “real life”.

In each Aries child, certain talents are hidden, and the sooner they are revealed, the better. Although the child’s horoscope indicates his innate gifts, life and fate make their corrections. Although a person himself can and must make the final choice, he must be prepared for this in advance. Only the one who follows the ancient wisdom will win: “Be who you are, then you will be ready for this.”

One of the most important problems in the life of any person is the choice of a marriage or business partner.

The Sun in the Aries Decanate

1st Aries decanate: 0 ° – 10 °

Here, the essential nature of the sign is maximally manifested. Strong will, inexhaustible energy, fearlessness, courage, determination, determination, self-confidence and organizational talent. Obstinate, aggressive character. Fate is changeable, but noteworthy. Often this is a pioneer, discoverer, social activist or politician. Success in survey work. The possibility of injury to the head, face.

2nd Aries decanate: 10 ° – 20 °

Strength, authority, authority, nobility, generosity, pride, self-esteem, ambition, purposefulness, generosity, extravagance, impulsiveness, frankness, courtesy. Diplomatic talent. Man despises deceit and meanness. Success can bring public service, government posts, military service. These people try to use the favor of the people around them: relatives and friends, friends and acquaintances, even people from outside.

3rd Aries decanate: 20 ° – 30 °

The nature is very passionate, sensual, loving entertainment and pleasure, sparkling with cheerful disposition and wit. The mind of the philosophical warehouse. Sense of justice. Soft nature. Loving, benevolence, but increased impulsiveness and ardor. Often psychic abilities, especially if Neptune is connected by the aspect with the Moon. Interest in social problems, education, religion, cultural traditions, mysticism. Often – love for the world of art, especially for poetry. Fate is not very favorable.

People with the Sun in Aries

  1. Heads of state or political parties: Catherine de Medici, Napoleon III, Otto Von Bismarck, Leopold II of Belgium, Erich Ludendorf, Ernst Telman, Palmiro Tolyatti, Nikita Khrushchev.
  2. Astronomers: Giordano Bruno, Pierre Laplace, Laszlo Detre, G. A. Schein.
  3. Astrologers: Sergey Vronsky (the last Russian certified astrologer).
  4. Scientists: Renault Descartes, Charles Fourier, Werner Von Braun.
  5. Theater and film actors: Charles Chaplin, Doris Day, Willy Forst, P. S. Molchanov.
  6. Musicians and conductors: Joseph Haydn, Johann Sebastian Bach, Bela Bartok, Modest Mussorgsky, Sergey Rachmaninov, Nikolai Lysenko, Heinrich Neuhaus, Arturo Toscanini.
  7. Singers: Maria Malibran, Giovanni Rubini, Medea Figner, Ivan Kozlovsky, Leonid Yakovlev.
  8. Writers and poets: Emil Zola, Hans Christian Andersen, Maxim Gorky, A. I. Fonvizin, A. Yashin.
  9. Philosophers: Franz Baader, Benz Richard, Emanuel Mounier, Alois Gefler, Frederic Rau, Edmund Guserl.
  10. Psychologists: Max Bertheimer, Georg Hayman, James Miles, Philip Lersh.
  11. Psychiatrist: Ludwig Binswanger.
  12. Sociologists: Karl Mannheim, Emil Durkheim.
  13. Professional revolutionaries: Alexandra Kollontai, Boleslav Bierut, Kim Il Sung.
  14. Artists: Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Francisco Goya, I. Grabar.
  15. Zoologist: Michael Grzimek.
  16. Biologist and lawyer: Herman Friedman.
  17. Historian: William Lecci.
  18. Cosmonauts: Alexey Gubarev, Valentin Lebedev, George Beregovoi.

Each of the above people had several more professions and specialties. By this we would like to prove that Aries are ready for everything that they can be who they would like to be, And in all other specialties they are as strong as in the main one.

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