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Sun in Aries, Moon in Virgo

You are a very energetic, active and independent person. You can create only when you have a lot of freedom of action. You can easily start any business, while assessing yourself and your environment very critically, calculating all possible risks and taking into account possible pitfalls. Your decisions are always bold, independent, bright and daring. The way they are carried out is distinguished by meticulousness, dexterity and even cunning. You are prone to change, have innate flexibility, know how to adapt to the people around you. You are rarely interested in the reactions of others to your actions, but you notice every little thing in the space around you.

You adapt through the analysis and ordering of what is happening with you. Your credibility is based on your boundless enthusiasm and self-confidence. Your power manifests itself as a dictate of your own independent attitudes, while you methodically and consistently monitor the execution of your orders. You express your emotions quite dryly, rationally and restrainedly, although from time to time you tend to express your feelings vividly. You are aggressive and easily go into conflict, but you are very caring in relation to close and dear people.

No one better than you can serve the table, serve, courteous and please everyone. Your activity is aimed at always going forward, always remembering the practical result that you must achieve. Your thirst for life and activity has a completely pragmatic basis. Your actions are decisive, you have an unconscious desire for honesty in everything. Your optimism infects and attracts people to you. You go your own and only your own way, paying great attention to everything that concerns your health and the health of your loved ones. You are natural and sincere in all your manifestations, which somewhat brightens up your egoism and aggressiveness. You prefer to rest actively, with a lot of movement and physical activity. You are relaxing in your usual work environment. You take great care to ensure that your home is perfectly clean.

With your love of order, you can harass your family. You make sure that the food you eat is fresh and organic. After a stormy external activity, at home you do not calm down, but only do what you work. Your global goals are imbued with a spirit of innovation, freedom and independence, while everyday, tactical behavior is changeable, flexible and critical. Your conscious actions and your subconscious desires are inconsistent.

In the male card, such a combination gives great activity, a strong strong-willed character, while the woman he would like to see next to him should be an intellectual, flexible and practical person. In the female chart, such a combination gives great changeability, analyticity and thriftiness, while the man who attracts her must be very active, independent and self-confident, i.e. a real fighter.

Aries with the Moon in Virgo needs conditions where they can show their solvency, efficiency, their persistent spirit. The Moon in Virgo gives Aries on a subconscious level restraint, pedantry and dryness, such Aries tries to filter his emotions with his mind. And here there may be a small internal conflict with oneself. Consciously, Aries wants to be noticeable and authoritative, and the Moon in Virgo, which gives inner constraint, prevents him from expressing himself openly and expressing his will to the fullest. To become happy in life, Aries with the Moon in Virgo needs to learn not to restrain their creative and emotional impulses.

Aries with the Moon in Virgo has an inner need to make his life, himself and the people around him perfect, and he can experience the greatest spiritual satisfaction when a job is done well and everything that he planned is done. In their souls, Aries with the Moon in Virgo is a workaholic and he cannot sit without work, to feel the fullness of life.

The moon in Virgo brings perseverance to the character of Aries, i.e. his zealous temperament humbles a little, cools the ardor, makes him calmer. Although there can be traced and some constriction of emotions, tk. The Sun in Aries requires open self-expression, and the Moon in Virgo restrains feelings.

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