scorpio zodiac

Scorpio Zodiac

October 24 – November 22

  • Sign. Female, aquatic, fixed.
  • Governors. Pluto and Mars retrograde.
  • Exaltation. Uranus and retrograde Saturn.
  • Axil. Chiron and Venus retrograde.
  • Fall. Moon.

Constitution associated with Scorpio Zodiac. Picnic. Well-built, stout figure. The upper body is more powerful than the lower. Short, thick neck. Wide and high chest. Full handsome face with a large forehead. Eyebrows are either tousled and fused, or thin and arched (especially in women). The eyes are large, shiny, sometimes protruding. A keen eye. Eagle profile. The hair is thick, often curling around the temples and forehead. The legs are short, the arms are small and beautiful. The voice is clear and deep.

Temperament associated with Scorpio Zodiac. Phlegmatic, slightly choleric, sarcastic.

Positive character traits associated with Scorpio Zodiac. Internal emotional activity, passion, self-confidence, self-control, restraint, deliberation, determination, perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance, pride, ability to take a punch, dignity, pronounced self-esteem and justice Thirst for recognition. Courage, determination, the ability to find the enemy’s weak point and deliver a crushing blow. Rich imagination, vivid and vivid imagination, subtlety of the soul, sensitivity. Strong intuition, discernment, prophetic gift, innate ability and talent.

Negative character traits associated with Scorpio Zodiac. Irritability, excitability, self-will, willfulness, sarcasm, criticism, cunning, duality, deception, rudeness, arrogance, secrecy, vindictiveness, deceit, unbridled passions, excessive sexuality.

Weak points of the body associated with Scorpio Zodiac. Lower abdomen, groin and reproductive system. Excretory organs and internal secretions. Bladder and renal pelvis. Gallbladder, venous system.

Diseases associated with Scorpio Zodiac. The above organs and body parts, genitals. Cholelithiasis. Diseases of the throat and nose, pharynx and pharynx, larynx. Fevers and inflammations. Jaundice, erysipelas, dysentery, rubella. Abscesses. Colds and infectious diseases. Head and face wounds. Surgical interventions. Eye diseases to blindness. Tumors. Hemorrhoids. Paralysis.

Metal. Iron and bronze.

Flora associated with Scorpio Zodiac. Plants with a bitter taste, pungent, pungent odor, poisonous plants, bitter wormwood, heather, blackberries, peppers, mustard, nettle, leeks, garlic, turnips, beans, cereals, pumpkin, buckwheat, sage, rosemary, blueberry.

Fauna associated with Scorpio Zodiac. Predators, aquatic animals, poisonous reptiles and snakes, wild boar, horse, mule, dog, woodpecker, scorpion, spider, worms.

Numbers. 4, 9, 14.

Day. Tuesday.

Colour. Bright red and black.

Countries and regions associated with Scorpio Zodiac. Syria, Algeria, Morocco, Bavaria, Catalonia, Valencia, Norway, Western Sweden.

Cities associated with Scorpio Zodiac. Baltimore, Dover, Halifax, Liverpool, Ghent, Messina, Pompey, Tokyo, Newcastle, New Orleans, Frankfurt an der Oder, Washington, Munich, Danzig, Baden-Baden, Wildbad, Rothenburg.

Scorpio Personality

Scorpio carries the secret of birth and death. The Scorpio sign allegorically symbolizes the serpent – the cause of the Fall. Since ancient times, it has been considered a sign of purification and transformation. Scorpios fight, suffer, devour themselves and rise again like phoenixes from the ashes.

Scorpio is the most mysterious and attractive zodiac sign. People of this sign are strong, strong-willed, energetic, proud, with a strong sense of their own dignity, often selfish, selfish natures. They are very suspicious, distrustful, hot-tempered, impulsive, irritable, touchy, but fair. They are prone to strict judgments and categorical in their assessments. They are distinguished by great self-confidence, impudence and ruthlessness, which is combined with dreaminess, sensitivity, sensuality and love for nature and animals. Scorpios have a strong thirst for knowledge, trying to get to the very essence of things, which leads them to study the occult sciences.

Some Scorpios love solitude, loneliness, isolation, are prone to meditation, others are prone to extremes and exaggeration, their impulsiveness and aggressiveness hinder them very much and often lead to crime. On the one hand, they are attentive, caring and loyal, on the other hand, they are restrained, withdrawn, secretive, vindictive, vindictive.

When communicating with people who are under the strong influence of the Scorpio sign, one must bear in mind their intransigence and aggressive demeanor. But one should not be too meek and gentle with them. Scorpios themselves love to set the tone and conduct a conversation, and the interlocutor should be a good and attentive listener. Scorpios only need to ask questions, and they will answer them with joy and gratitude, happily continuing the conversation they have begun. Since Scorpios have not only a strong character, but also a good memory, it is necessary to avoid antagonism and repetitions in communication with them. The interlocutor of Scorpio should remain calm and self-control at all costs. Scorpio’s insight allows him from the very first meeting to give an accurate assessment of the interlocutor, which is later difficult, almost impossible to change. You must also consider that Scorpios are great mockers and skeptics, always confident in their righteousness and reluctant to compromise. Any pressure is met with fierce resistance.

Scorpios are attracted by interesting, original and outstanding personalities, since they themselves have an exceptional mind and an inexhaustible source of ideas and constantly harbor an idea. They are passionate about ancient cultures, ancient traditions and antiques and are not indifferent to everything beautiful and graceful. They are creative people, but they need a calm environment and silence for fruitful activities. For Scorpio, all professions that require perseverance, endurance and resilience are good: police, detective bureaus, military affairs, intelligence and counterintelligence service. They are also good politicians and government officials. Scorpios have great instincts, they make excellent doctors and surgeons, they are also excellent herbalists and healers. Impressionable, emotional Scorpios often find their calling in art.

Scorpio’s father, born between midnight and noon, is in danger of an untimely violent death. One of the brothers can also die a violent death, which can be the result of drowning or a bite of poisonous animals.

Often between the ages of 25 and 35, the financial situation changes for the better. And after forty years, noticeable changes take place.

Scorpio Man

Scorpio Man

Scorpio men have a very peculiar contrasting character. On the one hand, they are charming and attractive, on the other, they are cruel and merciless. Do not tolerate criticism. The world appears to them as an aggressive environment, so they are in constant tension, waiting for a blow from the outside. They have a highly developed sense of self-defense, a whole system of self-defense has been developed. And if they are attacked by someone, they are ready for any rebuff.

There are two types of Scorpio men: the first is secular, open, strong-willed, the second is cunning, crafty, acting from around the corner, going to his goal in roundabout ways, if there is no way to act directly, openly.

The first type is always confident in his abilities, achieves everything with his work, is not afraid of anyone, acts straightforward and rude. Typically, this type of men finds their calling in the army, police and forensics. His straightforwardness and rudeness are also manifested in family relationships. Cheating of a spouse in marriage is excluded, since she passes into his full possession, becomes his property and must obey him unquestioningly in everything. At home, the atmosphere of “military” reigns – the law of command and violence is in effect, any contradictions are instantly eliminated. This type of man sees literally “everything through and through.” Any deception, any betrayal on the part of his wife, he suppresses in the bud. This is a kind of Othello of our time.

The second type of Scorpio man is more secretive, he acts “from around the corner”, secretly. Always achieves its goal. Where it is impossible to act openly, a covert attack is carried out. His soul, as a rule, is deeply hidden from others, has many “secret nooks” that no one knows about. This is a person with a “double bottom” – all his feelings, passions and experiences are usually hidden “behind seven locks.” But nothing can be hidden from him; he knows everything or almost everything about others. This is an inborn “sleuth”, a find for forensic science. The spouses know very well that nothing can be hidden or hidden from them.

Scorpio men are hardworking and efficient, have an iron will. To achieve their goal, they do not disdain anything. In anger, they are scary, vindictive, do not suffer defeat and do not like to be pressured. They see through their enemies and competitors, easily find their vulnerable points. They do not seek salvation in illusions and independently get out of any troubles in life. Their chief judge is their own conscience.

In love, Scorpios burn to a ripe old age. This is confirmed by all women who were with them in close and intimate relationships.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women are already from the cradle surrounded by some kind of mysterious halo. They are charming, attractive, have an extraordinary bewitching power. They have little ability to adapt to others, but they are excellent at adapting others to themselves. Their whole life is aimed at implementing their plans, at achieving their goals, which temper their spirit and soul, will and character. This is a way for them to assert themselves. They rush to the heights, as they are usually very gifted with a variety of talents.

Like men, Scorpio women are divided into two types. One is the type of “fatal” woman, flirtatious, sensual, erotic, dangerous for men. Wherever they go, they sow anxiety and bring misfortune to those who love them. Often they drive their fans to ruin and even to suicide. They themselves are also rarely happy. They are ruined by unbridled passions.

The second type is similar in character to men. They have a masculine mindset and inexhaustible energy. These women are very mysterious, their lives are deeply hidden from prying eyes. They are picky, squeamish, looking for a partner who would meet all the requirements. Their partner should be original, extraordinary, combine the features of a medieval knight and a modern gentleman. It is these women who help their husbands to make a career. They are happy if they can fully devote their lives to a partner, but the payment for this is mutual love and understanding.

Scorpio women, like men, are very hardworking, efficient, diligent, caring. The main traits of their character are perseverance, perseverance, stubbornness, endurance, endurance, patience. They mercilessly fight their laziness. They never surrender. They often support and support their families themselves.

In matters of the heart, Scorpio women are very independent, secretive, they do not initiate anyone in them, but they figure out everything themselves. Love and passion are under the control of the soul and mind at the same time. When choosing a partner, they are guided only by their inner instinct and are looking for a strong, sturdy, reliable, loyal, devoted friend. Strive for a harmonious and long-lasting union. Their love is deep and boundless. For Scorpio women, love is not entertainment, it is the essence of their life, a kind of purification. Over the years, a deep understanding of the partner and prudence are acquired. If they don’t get married, which is extremely rare, then all their energy is given to work.

Scorpio women are inherently very domineering, and with a strong Pluto and Mars, they take on the rights of the head of the family (Kabanikha type). They do not get divorced, but become widows.

Scorpio Decanates

Scorpio Decanates

In addition to the general characteristics for all Scorpios, we will get acquainted with their some specifics.

Scorpios born from October 24 to November 8 are noble and generous. A philosophical mind, a research spirit, is able to concentrate on one thing. Love for science, for the world of art, especially for literature and music. They overcome many obstacles. The first marriage was unsuccessful. They have many fake friends – “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, especially from the female side. Travel and travel should be wary. Their lives are threatened by tetrapods and reptiles.

Scorpios, born from October 25 to October 28, are proud, proud, original, shy and careful. They have an excellent mind and memory, are quick-witted. On the one hand, they inspire confidence in themselves and command respect, on the other, they impose their will on others. They have difficulties in love.

Scorpios, born between October 29th and 31st, are great strategists. They are distinguished by a comprehensive education and a broad outlook. They are ambitious, selfish, and ambitious. Very demanding of others and strict with subordinates. Because they have almost no flexibility in dealing with others and are unable to compromise, they find it difficult to adapt to people and changing environments. They enjoy great authority in the team, but not love. Communication with them has a twofold effect: both good and bad.

Scorpios born from November 1 to 13 have the same characteristics as those born from October 29 to 31.

Scorpios, born from November 14 to 22, have inexhaustible energy, passionate nature, endowed with a sense of justice, willpower. They are great strategists, judicious and resourceful. They have musical talent. They easily converge with people, are sincere in choosing a partner. In love they are distinguished by refinement, in family life – practicality, in business – enterprise. Their life is full of unforeseen accidents. They will either have a brilliant career and a high social level, or – in an unfavorable set of circumstances – a constant struggle with difficulties.

Interpretation of Scorpio Decanates

1st Scorpio Decanate: 0 ° – 10 °

Rulers Pluto and Mars retrograde.

The mind is philosophical. Ability to concentrate on one thing, research spirit. Indomitable energy. Courage to self-sacrifice. Strong will. Perseverance, perseverance, endurance, patience, nobility, generosity, generosity. Sometimes – intransigence, intransigence, contempt for defeat. Striving for leadership, command posts. The main incentive is ambition. There are many obstacles and limitations. In the realm of love – impulsiveness and passion. The first marriage is often unsuccessful. Fake friends, especially women. Love for science, art, especially music and literature. Danger on travel, business trips, travel. Beware of quadrupeds and reptiles.

2nd Scorpio Decanate: 10 ° – 20 °

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Power, honesty, justice, conscientiousness, pride. The spirit of the dictator, leader, master. The tendency to suppress their own kind, despotism, tyranny. Often cunning and slyness. Glory, respect, prestige, authority (Sun). The first half of life is more difficult, stressful and even more life threatening than the second. Talkative friends and acquaintances who bring a lot of problems should be avoided. Potential disaster or accident.

3rd Scorpio Decanate: 20 ° – 30 °

Ruler Moon.

Will, inexhaustible energy, passion. Musical talent. Passions are ardent, quickly igniting and passing. Debauchery, extravagance, or loyalty and devotion to the end of life (Venus). Often self-sacrifice. The hidden enmity of women. Ill-wishers, envious people, capable of causing discord in family life.

Scorpio 5 degree range

0 ° – 5 ° (-)

Average growth. The face is full, round, reddish or light.

Distinctive features: nobility, generosity, strong attractiveness.

5 ° – 10 ° (+)

Small growth. Dense physique. The eyes are dark gray. A keen eye.

Distinctive features: nobility, generosity, potential will, mysticism.

1 0 ° – 15 ° (+)

Average growth. Proportional physique. Nice facial features. Grey eyes. Hair blonde.

Distinctive features: prudence, prudence, conscientiousness, benevolence, strong ambition.

15 ° – 20 ° (-)

Average growth. The figure is slim. The face is swarthy. The hair is dark.

Distinctive features: honesty, conscientiousness, fairness.

20 ° – 25 ° (-)

Small growth. Proportional physique. The face is oval, pale, with beautiful features.

Distinctive features: artistry, duality, kindness, benevolence, compassion, mercy.

25 ° – 30 ° (+)

Small growth. Excellent physique. Oval face. Hair is reddish.

Distinguishing features: conscientiousness, justice, compassion, mercy.

Scorpio Degrees

Scorpio Degrees Interpretation

0 ° – 1 ° (210 ° – 211 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Pluto and Mars retrograde.

Diligence, efficiency. Cunning, cunning, insight, enterprise, often aggressiveness. Internal contradictions, doubts, suspicion. Strong, bright personality, passion, sensuality. The need for communication, exchange of views and experience. Selfless labor. A lot of worries and troubles because of a partner in love, marriage, business.

If damaged. Lightheadedness, infidelity, disappointment, melancholy. Experiences and disasters in adolescence and youth. Threat of injury from a firearm or knife, or injury from a surgeon’s scalpel. Often severe, chronic diseases.

1 ° – 2 ° (211 ° – 212 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Conscientiousness, benevolence, hard work, self-esteem, sense of duty, responsibility. Difficult youth and tense young years. Love for solitude, a penchant for mysticism. The mental burden is immersion in the world of memories. Love for the humanities, antiquity, mythology, ancient cultures and their values, philology, arts, music, painting. Interest in the problems of medicine, traditional and non-traditional, in the problems of philosophy and religion. Often the gift of healing. Stable social and financial situation.

If damaged. Arrogance, selfishness. Obstacles and barriers in the field of love. Problematic marriage. Serious disease. Surgical intervention.

2 ° – 3 ° (212 ° – 213 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Chiron and retrograde Venus.

Strong will, self-confidence, good nature, generosity, inspiration, enthusiasm, duality. Deep scientific thinking. Excellent knowledge. Successful and profitable trips. Inclination to solitude and isolation. Constructive exchange of experience. Interest in cultural and social values. Love for art, where professional success is possible. Good scientific aptitude. The need for cooperation, co-authorship, business partnership.

If damaged. Self-restraint, pessimism. Danger of premature death.

3 ° – 4 ° (213 ° – 214 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

The personality is talented, domineering and aggressive, very perceptive, sublime, witty, ambivalent, striving for harmony. Professions can be related to politics, psychology and sociology. Science and technology are not excluded. Love for art, especially for music, literature, poetry.

If damaged. Difficult youth and youth, unsuccessful marriage, matrimony. The threat of loss of personal freedom and independence. Danger of premature violent death.

4 ° – 5 ° (214 ° – 215 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Sharp sensitivity, deep impressionability. Playfulness, playfulness, enthusiasm, enterprise, activity. Spiritual inertia. Lots of reform ideas. Success in scientific research, discoveries and inventions are possible. The need for cooperation.

If damaged. Illusory ideas, fata morgana, castles in the air, unrealizable plans. The threat of paralysis, bodily harm, premature death, murder.

5 ° – 6 ° (215 ° – 216 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

Perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance, patience, hard work and efficiency, cunning, cunning, modesty, complaisance.

If damaged. Sensuality, duality. Lack of understanding in marriage. Chase is possible. Risk of premature violent death or suicide.

6 ° – 7 ° (216 ° – 217 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune.

Courage, determination. Work related to large-scale production. Often wealth. Success in science and technology, applied sciences, crafts, jewelry. Craving for unknown secrets of nature and the Universe.

7 ° – 8 ° (217 ° – 218 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Pluto and Mars retrograde.

Courage, courage, on the one hand, vigilance and foresight, on the other. Strong feelings. Thoughts, ideas, plans are carried out in collaboration or co-authorship. Interest in the unknown secrets of nature and the Universe. Communication with cosmic forces. Often mediums or contactees.

If damaged. Arrogance, arrogance, pride, heightened conceit, self-will, willfulness, morbid chastity, or vice versa – perversion.

8 ° – 9 ° (218 ° – 219 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

The critical degree is 8 ° 35’44 ” – 8 ° 36’00 ”.

The spirit of the inventor. Scientist career. The greatest success is brought in most cases by technology, mechanics, applied sciences and applied arts. The need for business cooperation with people of high ideology, obsessive, fanatical. The goal, as a rule, is achieved with work and patience, since the result appears only over the years.

If damaged. Restrictions in the first half of life. Separation from parents in young years. A lot of trouble with close relatives. Unsuccessful marriage. Inclination to solitude and isolation. Sometimes an immoral lifestyle.

9 ° – 10 ° (219 ° – 220 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Chiron and retrograde Venus.

A loving and affectionate nature. High ideals, strong friendship, spiritual brotherhood. Lofty goals give strength and energy, inspire the soul. Success in the art world. A lot of trips, moving, traveling.

If damaged. Secrecy, deceit, aggressiveness, vindictiveness, hypocrisy, pretense, duality. Often a disorder of the nervous system and psyche.

10 ° – 11 ° (220 ° – 221 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Courage, courage, the power of suggestion. Persuasiveness that helps to conquer opponents, opponents, opponents and enemies. Humanity, warmth, kindness, benevolence, compassion, mercy.

If damaged. Excessive arrogance, impudence, arrogance, painful eroticism. Disasters, accidents, premature death.

Conjunction with the constellation of the Southern Cross. Strong intuition, understanding of human nature. Inventive spirit. Inclination to occult and secret sciences, craving for mysticism and theosophy, the study of hidden processes. Deep religiosity.

11 ° – 12 ° (221 ° – 222 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Great commercial talent. Cunning, guile, flattery and deceit, a strong instinct for self-defense. Glory, recognition, honors, awards, popularity, high social status and material security. Success through collaboration, co-authorship.

If damaged. Many rivals, competitors, opponents, enemies, which can only be overcome with friends and partners.

Conjunction with the constellation of the Southern Cross. See the description of the previous degree.

Conjunction with the star Gemma (Alfecca). High self-awareness, self-esteem. Love for the world of art: poetry, painting. Possible blood poisoning, sepsis (ruler of the VIII field in the I or VII field of the horoscope).

12 ° – 13 ° (222 ° – 223 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

Royal degree.

Intelligence, insight, cunning, cunning, purposefulness, purposefulness, constancy. Abilities in commercial activity, business and craft. Success in applied arts and applied sciences. Often – activities for the benefit of humanity. The ability to successfully get out of critical situations. The ability to be reborn spiritually. Good luck in secret and secret matters. Caring for loved ones and often for a business partner.

If damaged. Misfortune, illness, poisoning, sepsis. Loss of property, fortune, personal freedom, independence. A bad marriage, a break with the family, divorce, widowhood, the loss of close friends or relatives are also possible.

Conjunction with the star Gemma. See previous degree.

13 ° – 14 ° (223 ° – 224 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune.

Will, decisiveness, the power of suggestion, submission of others to their will, convincing and logical speech, manipulation of facts and arguments. Man himself is the creator of his own destiny; the sooner he realizes this, the better. Often – high spirituality, the importance of friendship. A lot of moving, travel, travel. Success in collaboration, co-authorship, business partnership. Life is often surrounded by secrets and secrets.

If damaged. Capriciousness, hysteria, quirks, tendency to excesses. Excessive sincerity and gullibility can lead to unhappiness. The tendency to use people for their own purposes.

14 ° – 15 ° (224 ° – 225 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Pluto and Mars retrograde.

Activity, initiative, healthy optimism, enthusiasm, restlessness, self-confidence, self-affirmation, strong self-expression. Long lasting physical attraction. Visionary dreams. Scientific research and research work can bring immortality. Often a successful, happy marriage.

If damaged. Indecision, hesitation, loss of health, fatalism, rock.

Conjunction with double star Southern Libra. Unfavorable for people born at night. Loss, betrayal, illness (especially venereal), poisoning, drowning, crime, etc. Often, tragic events lead a person to immortality. Suicide is not excluded.

15 ° – 16 ° (225 ° – 226 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Strength of character, constancy, conscientiousness, benevolence, chastity, honesty, justice. Vivid self-expression, self-affirmation. Striving for the sublime. Tempering with life, growth of mental strength and, as a reward, well-being, spiritual rebirth and rebirth. Pedagogical and musical abilities, the gift of a preacher, missionary, spiritual mentor. Often military success.

If damaged. Too soft soul, painful kindness. Fall or overthrow is possible. Danger of poisoning.

16 ° – 17 ° (226 ° – 227 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Chiron and retrograde Venus.

High, deep spirituality, on the one hand, a strong desire for material values ​​and benefits, on the other. Man is content with his lot. Craving for art, especially painting, applied art. Help from high-ranking and influential people.

If damaged. The cruelty and meanness of the surrounding world, everyday filth, treason, betrayal. Experiences, mental anguish, strong passions, the desire for entertainment and pleasure. Often a tendency towards solitude. Numerous enemies. Often forced emigration or wandering and poverty.

17 ° – 18 ° (227 ° – 228 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

High intellectual level. Propensity for scientific and research activities. With a fine mental organization – the world of art, especially music and poetry.

If damaged. Excessive curiosity, unhealthy suspicion, jealousy, envy, anger. Voluptuousness, morbid eroticism. Sometimes unhappy love, unsuccessful marriage. Premature death, suicide are possible.

18 ° – 19 ° (228 ° – 229 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Destructive degree.

Fate depends on living conditions, the ability to harmoniously fit into life and mutual understanding of a person with the outside world, as well as on the art of using life lessons. Otherwise, a pessimistic attitude towards life and mental breakdown grow.

If damaged. Painful irascibility, bold and audacious statements, excessively risky activities. Avarice, greed, greed (Saturn). Sybaritism, waste and loss through women (Mars). Struggle for existence, disappointment in life. Loss of personal freedom and independence: hospital, prison, concentration camp.

Conjunction with the star Northern Libra (Serpentis). Glory, fame (Ascendant, Meridian). Diligence, diligence (Mercury). Spiritual and mental energy (Sun, Moon, Stellium). Struggle for freedom and independence (Mars). Failure, accident, premature death (damaged malign planets).

19 ° – 20 ° (229 ° – 230 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

Courage, willingness to surpass yourself. Flashes of insight. Mental balance, self-control and self-control. Quick or unexpected success, fame, honors, titles, awards. Often long journeys and long journeys, mainly to tropical countries. Periods of rapid take-off may alternate with periods of equally rapid and sudden falls.

If damaged. Passions, addictions, various barriers, obstacles, hindrances, restrictions. Airplane crash, accident on the street, on the road or in a public place.

Conjunction with the star Northern Libra (Serpentis). See previous degree.

20 ° – 21 ° (230 ° – 231 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune.

Internal contradictions, confrontation between desires and possibilities, between the inner and outer world. Striving for self-reliance, personal and spiritual independence.

If damaged. Heavy, unyielding, despotic character. Tough temper, rebellious spirit. The desire to dominate, subordinate others to their will. Bad marriage, divorce, or widowhood. Often premature death.

Conjunction with the star Unuk Alhaya. Poor health, chronic diseases that are not easily diagnosed, often the need for surgery, danger to life (Ascendant, Meridian, Sun, Moon, Stellium). Accidents (Uranus, Neptune). Infectious diseases or poisoning (Neptune). Often, first the rise, then the fall. Often legal problems. Beware of fakes, forgery. Fear a shipwreck. Problems in love and marriage. Sometimes suicidal madness. All unfavorable predictions must involve squaring or opposition from the malevolent planets. If the conjunction with a harmful planet is in the I, VI or VIII field of the horoscope, then this may indicate a violent death or death from cutting or piercing objects or from fire.

21 ° – 22 ° (231 ° – 232 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Pluto and Mars retrograde.

The critical degree is 21 ° 25’41 ” – 21 ° 26’48 ”.

Vivid self-expression, self-affirmation, the ability to achieve a life goal, the implementation of plans in any way. Love for home, strong affection for family.

If damaged. Life is unstable, fate is full of changes and changes. The blows and vicissitudes of fate. Rock. Strong passions, but weak will and little energy. The threat of collapse, crash, fall, overthrow, crime. Madness. Premature violent death or suicide.

Conjunction with the star Unuk Alhaya. See the description of the previous degree.

22 ° – 23 ° (232 ° – 233 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Richly gifted nature, talent, ambition, creative power. Interest in the secrets of nature and the Universe, a penchant for scientific research and research. The greatest success awaits in medicine, the humanities, in the public service and in politics.

If damaged. Utopian ideas, fragmentation of forces and energy, paradoxical, contradictory thinking. Often labor that is not useful. Barriers and obstacles in the field of love and marriage.

23 ° – 24 ° (233 ° – 234 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Chiron and retrograde Venus.

Quiet, modest disposition. Great diligence, efficiency, conscientiousness. Flashes of inspiration and inspiration. Nobility, generosity, honesty, decency, spiritual purity. Glory, honors, titles, awards, popularity, fame. Often serves two hosts. Love for home and family.

If damaged. The inability to cope with the difficulties of life on their own, even with the daily little things. Often excessive practicality and mercantilism, the cult of money and material values.

Conjunction with the star Beta Centauri. Success and happiness (Ascendant, Meridian, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Stellium or a beneficent planet without damage). Gossip, intrigue, anonymous letters, backbiting (damaged Mars, Saturn, Neptune).

24 ° – 25 ° (234 ° – 235 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Pronounced, sensitive nature. Great penetrating power, real world view, practicality. Everything that cannot be used for practical purposes is rejected. Vivid self-expression, self-affirmation. This is a real “gem”.

If damaged. Increased egoism, lack of principle. To satisfy selfish desires and achieve their goals, a person is ready to sacrifice his conscience and “walk over corpses.” Often persecution, persecution, or misery through marriage. Possible antisociality, vagrancy, petty criminal actions. Danger of death sentence. Death alone, far from home.

25 ° – 26 ° (235 ° – 236 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Originality, extravagance, eccentricity. The ability to feel at home everywhere and in all situations.

If damaged. Inability to adapt to people, things, or circumstances. The danger of becoming a demoralized person: shameless, selfish, selfish, hysterical. The threat of loss of personal freedom and independence. Expulsion or emigration. Sacrifice or self-sacrifice. Possible premature death due to one’s own fault or suicide.

26 ° – 27 ° (236 ° – 237 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

Spiritual generosity, mercy, sympathy for someone else’s grief. Eloquence, great persuasiveness. Authority in professional circles, respect in society, popularity. The ability to impress, especially on the interlocutors, to use the kindness, location, love of their patrons and well-wishers, friends and relatives. Often connections with high-ranking officials and secret power over them. The greatest success is foreshadowed in science and art, in applied sciences and applied arts. Successful marriage. In literary activity, success can bring the realistic genre.

If damaged. Often an immoral lifestyle, sybarism.

27 ° – 28 ° (237 ° – 238 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune.

Honesty, conscientiousness, altruism, benevolence, loyalty to ideals and one’s work, devotion to family and friends, friends and like-minded people. High spirituality and spiritual purity. Great interest in philosophical and religious issues. Achievement of a high social level and a solid financial position. Glory, honor, respect of others. Success in science and technology, psychology, sociology, and in the art world, especially in the applied arts and arts and crafts.

If damaged. Disgust, neatness, cunning, cunning, flattery, weakness. The danger of becoming dependent on the will of other, stronger people.

28 ° – 29 ° (238 ° – 239 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Rulers Pluto and Mars retrograde.

An all-encompassing mind that knows no limit. Life activity. Creative potential. The ability to sublimate energy. Diffusion of forces. Loyalty to friends and like-minded people, affection for loved ones. The soul is a mediator and arbiter between spiritual and material needs. Success in medicine, biology, psychology, sociology, scientific research, art.

If damaged. Expulsion, expulsion, emigration. Danger of premature violent death, possibility of suicide.

Conjunction with the star Toliman. Tense relationships with the opposite sex, cruelty, ruthlessness. Power over others, popularity, fame, glory, honor, honor, respect (Ascendant, Meridian, Sun, Moon, Stellium). Introspection, interest in occult and secret sciences, mysticism and magic. The conjunction of a star with malevolent planets in mundane horoscopes causes long periods of anxiety and unrest among the people, riots and unrest (Neptune), periods of great tension.

29 ° – 30 ° (239 ° – 240 °) Degree Scorpio Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Eloquence, oratorical gift, mercy, sympathy, compassion for the sick, weak, helpless, offended and humiliated. Great attractive force. An opportunity for a brilliant career. Power over others, glory, honor, honor, respect.

If damaged. Lack of communication, gloom, pessimism, disappointment in life. Craving for anti-social actions. Danger of loss of personal freedom and independence with prolonged hospital or prison stays.

Conjunction with the star Toliman. See previous degree.

Scorpio Stars

Influence of fixed stars in Scorpio Zodiac

The star Southern Cross has the properties of Jupiter. It endows the individual with a strong intuition and a good understanding of the human soul, a penchant for occult and secret sciences, the ability to explore the hidden processes of nature. Gives deep religiosity, interest in mysticism and theosophy.

Southern Cross in conjunction with the Ascendant – by Elsbeth Ebertin; with Mercury – from the famous psychiatrist Ernst Kretschmer; with Jupiter – from the poet Erich Kastner.

The star Southern Cross in 1950 was at 11 ° 01 ‘, in 1970 – at 11 ° 14’, and in 1990 – at 11 ° 30 ‘Scorpio.

The star Gemma (Alfecca) has the properties of Mercury and Venus under the influence of the Moon and Neptune. With a good aspectarium, it gives a pronounced sense of self-esteem, inventive ability, a desire for glitz and luxury, as well as a successful career, fame and honor.

  • Conjunction with the Ascendant – business success, artistic talent, creativity, love of art, literature.
  • Conjunction with Mars or Neptune – infectious diseases, poisoning with poisonous substances.
  • Conjunction with the ruler of the VIII field or the significators of death is premature death.

Gemma in conjunction with Mercury – in the former leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany Kurt Schumacher; with the Sun and Mercury – from the poet Hans Heitz Evers.

The star Gemma in 1950 was at 11 ° 32 ‘, in 1970 – at 11 ° 52’, and in 1990 – at 12 ° 09 ‘of Scorpio.

The star Southern Libra has the properties of Mars and Saturn. It is also a double star. Has an adverse effect on people born at night.

  • Conjunction with Saturn and Neptune is the worst and most pernicious influence – material losses, confiscation of property, financial collapse, etc.
  • Conjunction with Jupiter is an opportunity to acquire an immortal name, but after tragic events.
  • Conjunction with the Sun or Moon – poor health or serious illness.
  • Conjunction with Ascendant – falling after elevation, as well as danger on the water, shipwreck, drowning.

Southern Libra in conjunction with the Ascendant – the tragically dead famous marathon runner Bernd Rosemeer; with Mars – from Joseph Goebbels.

The star Southern Libra was at 14 ° 23 ‘in 1950, at 14 ° 40’ in 1970, and at 14 ° 57 ‘in Scorpio.

The star Northern Libra (Serpantis) has the properties of Jupiter and Mercury.

  • Conjunction with the Ascendant, Meridian, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus – glory, honors, titles, awards, popularity, fame. Conjunction with the Sun, Moon or Jupiter especially patronizes lawyers, lawyers, people from the world of science and technology, people from the world of art.
  • Conjunction with Mercury – hard work, efficiency, diligence, diligence, spiritual and mental energy.

Northern Libra in conjunction with the Ascendant – in Goethe; with Mars and in opposition to Pluto – with Mahatma Gandhi; with Meridian – at the Premier of South Africa, Verward; with the Moon – from the famous scientist and traveler, teacher, lecturer and writer, Professor Hans Dreisch; with Mercury – from Winston Churchill.

The star Northern Libra in 1950 was at 18 ° 40 ‘, in 1970 – at 18 ° 57’, and in 1990 – at 19 ° 14 ‘of Scorpio.

The star Unuk Alhaya has the properties of Mars and Saturn. Its influence is dangerous and destructive. It portends severe, chronic diseases that are not easy to identify and diagnose. Often indicates the need for surgery.

  • Conjunction with Uranus or Neptune – an accident, disaster, poisoning.
  • Conjunction with Meridian or with malevolent planets – obstacles and difficulties in the professional field, and after the rise, a fall will follow.
  • Conjunction with the Sun is suicide.
  • Conjunction with Venus – kidney disease.
  • Conjunction with Ascendant and Mars – disasters.

Unuk Alhaya in conjunction with the Ascending Node – at the deposed Indonesian dictator Sukarno; with the Moon – at Herderler, who was executed by Hitler.

The star Unuk Alhaya in 1950 was at 21 ° 23 ‘, in 1970 – at 21 ° 39’, and in 1990 – at 21 ° 56 ‘of Scorpio.

The star Beta Centauri has the properties of Venus and Jupiter. In everyday life, it indicates intrigue, gossip, backbiting, especially under the influence of Saturn, Mars, Neptune.

  • Conjunction with Ascendant and Mercury – happiness and success.
  • Conjunction with Venus – enhances sensuality.

The star Beta Centauri in 1950 was at 23 ° 06 ‘, in 1970 – at 23 ° 23’, and in 1990 – at 23 ° 39 ‘of Scorpio.

The star Toliman (Bungula) has the properties of Venus and Jupiter. With a good Aspectrium, it contributes to the achievement of power, popularity, fame, honor, and gives the ability to self-analysis. Under unfavorable conditions, it creates problems in relationships with the opposite sex. In mundane horoscopes, it brings excitement, unrest, movements in defense of freedom and independence, creating periods of tension for a long time.

Toliman conjunct Jupiter and Neptune on the Ascendant – by Lord Beaconsfield (Disraeli); with the Ascendant and in opposition to Venus and Mars – by the famous conductor Herbert von Karajan; with Mercury – by Werner Heisenberg; with Mercury and a square with Jupiter – from the scientist Hans Dreisch.

The star Toliman (Bungula) in 1950 was at 28 ° 51 ‘, in 1970 – at 29 ° 06’, and in 1990 – at 29 ° 21 ‘of Scorpio.

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