sagittarius zodiac

Sagittarius Zodiac

November 23 – December 21

  • Sign. Male, fiery, mutable.
  • Governors. Jupiter and Neptune retrograde.
  • Exaltation. Descending lunar node.
  • Axil. Mercury retrograde and Proserpine retrograde.
  • Fall. Mercury, Proserpine and the Ascending Node.

Constitution of Sagittarius zodiac. Athletic. Slim figure. The face is oval or oblong. High forehead, the lower part of the face is poorly expressed. Hair is dark blond, brown or light. The eyes are dark gray, greenish or blue, often protruding. Large nose. The voice is clear and pleasant.

Temperament of Sagittarius zodiac. Choleric, impulsive.

Positive traits of character and disposition of Sagittarius zodiac. Striving for independence, freedom, independence. Honesty, highly developed sense of justice, intensity of feelings, frankness, directness. Perseverance, perseverance, benevolence. Intuition, prudence, high goals. Loyalty, optimism, rationality, authority. Compassion, compassion for the weak, sentimentality, mercy, generosity, spiritual generosity, philanthropy, patronage. Talent, ability to command, manage, subordinate. Courage, fearlessness, energy, will, ambition, impulsiveness, mobility. Nature is lively, energetic, cheerful, cheerful, open, benevolent, generous, very fair. Love for nature and animals, especially dogs and horses. Lack of prejudice.

Negative character traits of Sagittarius zodiac. Great need for power, fame, respect in society. Strong expansiveness. Intolerance to restrictions, oppression, violence, coercion. A tendency to exaggerate. The tendency to charm, seduce, create a good opinion and impression of yourself. Love for pleasure, entertainment, merry parties. An inclination to take risks, romance, adventure, adventure. Showy courtesy, sociability, rash decisions, straightforwardness, harshness, adventurism.

Weak points of the body of Sagittarius zodiac. Hips, hip joints, back muscles, tendons and ligaments. The autonomic nervous system.

Diseases of Sagittarius zodiac. The above organs and body parts. Sciatica, sciatica, rheumatism, gout. Hip fracture. Sports accidents. Tendon and ligament tears. Diseases of the upper respiratory tract, blood and gallbladder. Diseases associated with metabolic disorders. Bronchial asthma. Fever, tonsillitis, rash.

Flora associated with Sagittarius zodiac. Sandalwood, amber, incense, laurel, mountain ash, palm, jasmine, mint, mallow, begonia, crocus, honeysuckle, red and orange rose, blackberry, madder, verbena, iron ore, tansy, yarrow, bindweed, liverwort, pigeon grass, nettle, cabbage, asparagus, cucumbers, coltsfoot, peas, beans, soy, parsley, celery, lettuce, basil, fruits.

Fauna associated with Sagittarius zodiac. Deer, horse, dog, crow, trainable animals, elephant, doe, bull, falcon, peacock, magpie, dove.

Numbers. 3.4, 15.

Day. Thursday.

Colour. Indigo and orange-red.

Countries and regions associated with Sagittarius zodiac. Australia, South Arabia, Hungary, Lower Italy, Spain, Portugal, Iran, France, Moravia, Provence, Saxony, New Zealand, Slovakia, Madagascar.

Cities associated with Sagittarius zodiac. Avignon, Calcutta, Broadford, Budapest, Cologne, Narbonne, Stuttgart, Sheffield, Toledo, Mason, Kosice, Nottingham, Beijing, Toronto, Ljubljana.

Sagittarius Personality

Sagittarius are fighters for social justice, personal and spiritual freedom, striving for a brighter future and always having a clearly defined life goal. Sagittarius are independent and self-reliant, do not tolerate any restrictions. They have a philosophical mindset, strong intuition, amazing foresight, the gift of prophecy. They are noble, generous, honest, fair, frank, straightforward, generous. Perseverance and perseverance they do not take, as well as hard work and efficiency. The peculiar disposition is mitigated by exceptional benevolence. True, often material values ​​are acquired not entirely honestly or by speculative activity, but all this is done very reasonably and without prejudice to others. They are often misunderstood, accused of idealism and utopianism, although in reality this is not at all the case. Of course, there are failures in their lives,

Sagittarius are temperamental and cheerful people. Their feelings are intense. Activity is expansive. They have a pronounced sense of their own dignity, strive for power, fame, titles and awards are important for them, they try to surround themselves with splendor, often ostentatious. Possessing an outstanding organizational talent, Sagittarius achieve great results in practical activity, enjoy well-deserved respect, have authority among professionals and popularity among the masses. They are distinguished by a strong desire to achieve a high social and material level.

Sagittarians are great travelers and explorers. They are attracted by new countries, new people and new experiences that give them the opportunity to gain new knowledge, expand their horizons and form their own worldview. They are usually religious and highly spiritual people. It is this sign that gives priests, missionaries and Teachers with a capital letter.

When communicating with people who are strongly influenced by the sign of Sagittarius, you should be truthful and fair, otherwise the conversation may not take place. You should start a conversation with his favorite topics (travel, nature, animals) or touch upon philosophical and religious issues. Sagittarius are frank themselves and expect the same from others. Since they are distinguished by their innate spirituality, they often have to listen to confessions. If you open the secret places of your soul to Sagittarius, share your misfortune, then often unexpectedly for yourself, in communication with him, you will receive answers to questions that have long tormented you.

Sagittarius are characterized by professions that require foresight, ingenuity, imagination. Since Sagittarius are mostly very ambitious, they choose professions that are prestigious and respected in society. They make good lawyers, lawyers, judges. They hold high military and government posts. There are many of them among scientists, business leaders, and research travelers. Although they are not alien to medicine, especially psychotherapy. As mentioned above, there are many Sagittarius among religious leaders.

A person of this sign or one of his parents is in danger of death while traveling or traveling. The first marriage is rarely happy. The financial situation depends entirely on one’s own efforts.

You should carefully consider the position and status of Jupiter in the chart, since Jupiter is the main ruler of the sign of Sagittarius. Strong Jupiter allows Sagittarius to stay on the surface of the ocean of life.

Now let’s take a closer look at separately men and women, representatives of this zodiac sign.

Sagittarius man

Sagittarius Men

Sagittarius men leave their parental home early, heading for tempting distances. From an early age, they are drawn by the blue distance and unexplored expanses. Their life path ends very far from their home. They are incorrigible romantics of the roads, and this should be taken into account by those who want to connect their lives with Sagittarius. All their lives they are looking for their “firebird”, and you can never prove to them that it is in their hands, or rather in their head.

The virus of anxiety is in their blood, they are doing something all the time, striving somewhere, dreaming about something. Their soul is constantly in excitement and anticipation of new things. Their heart accommodates many girlfriends, one is nicer and more beautiful than the other.

Sagittarians are big talkers. They delight those around them with fiery speeches, whether in parliament, forum, in court, at a lecture or in the marketplace. They can be a salon lion, a jovial reveler, but also a fanatical fighter for human rights and justice.

Fate endowed the Sagittarius men with a heightened sense of their own dignity, great willpower, which can be mobilized at any moment to implement their plans. They are distinguished by frankness, straightforwardness, courage, courage. Failure doesn’t knock them out of the saddle. They are incorrigible optimists, after a fall they get up again and resolutely move forward to new heights.

Sagittarius are characterized by violent, uncontrollable, passionate hobbies, but the fire of emotions, quickly flaring up, dies out. But during the courtship period, they show incredible energy and determination and, having set a goal for themselves, do not retreat from it. Marriages are usually made for love. And at this moment they believe that it is forever. But having achieved their goal, they often cool down. For them, the process of conquest is more important than the feeling of victory. But nevertheless, they remain good friends of those for whom they have recently felt passion. No matter how good and charming Sagittarius’s wife is, with her he will be only half of his soul. And the other half will be devoted to numerous girlfriends who will charm him for a short time, but then they themselves will laugh at him. And this exciting, all-encompassing risk of love will usually last until the third divorce, only then Sagittarius calms down.

A strong desire for personal freedom in Sagittarius appears immediately, as soon as an attempt is made to limit it. The hearth does not keep them warm. Having a little rest and pampering, they rush to a new campaign, justifying their aspiration by the fact that they are going where they have never been. Where fate will bring them – only God knows. Their field of action is “the whole world.”

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius Women

Sagittarius women are of two types. The first is a secular woman with an independent mindset, extravagant, original. She loves art, books, nature, animals. She prefers brilliant, promising men, in love and sex for her there are no barriers, conventions and prejudices.

The second type is an “Amazon” girl with the character and habits of a boy, is very keen on sports, loves to go to discos, to video salons. She is a real savage, unbridled, agile, dexterous, practical and at the same time experienced. He achieves success in any field. But the greatest success is in the field of love, although there is no big craving for marriage.

Sagittarius women of both types learn the forbidden fruit of love early and go through several divorces. Love adventures begin early, often out of curiosity. They are attracted by educated and imposing men, mostly experienced. But such women are difficult to keep, since no man is able to fully satisfy her needs. Sagittarius women are simply tireless. That is why they have several connections at the same time. This kind of full-blooded life broadens their horizons in all respects. The number of victories is growing, and with them – and life experience.

Sagittarius women quickly find their happiness, but they lose it even faster, as they quickly lose interest in their partner. The time is ripe for serious and deliberate decisions. Over the years, they settle down and acquire a stable family, finding both love and money in one person. Often the partner of women-Sagittarius is a person of a different nationality, from another country.

Sagittarius Decanates

Now let’s consider the general specifics of the Sagittarius sign.

Sagittarius, born from November 23 to December 2, are freedom-loving, demanding, ambitious, and sometimes selfish. They have a heightened sense of justice and a strong desire for independence. They achieve their goals in life thanks to their extraordinary nature, wit, resourcefulness, their abilities, for example, to science. The greatest successes are achieved in jurisprudence, especially in the legal profession. Having truly fallen in love, they can be faithful and faithful to the end. In case of failures, they temporarily recede into the background, hide in the shadows, but not for long.

Sagittarius, born from December 3 to December 12, have an open character, rich imagination and a vivid, vivid imagination. They are sociable, judicious, disciplined and executive. They always dream of fame and honor. In life, they are destined to experience many changes and changes. They do not tolerate those who unceremoniously pry their nose into their lives. They love nature and animals. They reciprocate in love.

Sagittarius, born from December 13 to December 21, are hot-tempered, impulsive, cunning, sly, energetic. They have a mind of a philosophical warehouse. The first-born Sagittarius often causes a lot of grief to their parents. In difficult times, friends, like-minded people, guardians, mentors, sponsors, patrons help them.

Sagittarius decanates

Interpretation of Sagittarius Decanates

1st Sagittarius Decanate: 0 ° – 10 °

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune retrograde.

A lively and sober mind of a philosophical make-up, excellent intellectual abilities. Freedom-loving and independent character, striving for independence. Heightened sense of justice, ability to science, especially to jurisprudence, where great success is foreshadowed. Striving for social and religious activities. Success is also possible in natural sciences and humanities, especially in philosophy. Under unfavorable circumstances – dispersal of forces, indecision, weak logic, meaningless activity, a lot of fuss.

2nd Sagittarius Decanate: 10 ° – 20 °

The rulers are Mars and retrograde Pluto.

Strong will, indefatigable spirit, creativity. Open and frank character. Rich imagination and vivid, vivid imagination, romanticism. Love for nature and animals. Many changes and changes. Lots of travel and travel. Popularity, fame, fame are not excluded. The favor of dignitaries, especially of the opposite sex. Perhaps an inheritance. Often – death in a foreign land, in most cases – through their own fault.

3rd Sagittarius Decanate: 20 ° – 30 °

Ruler Sun.

The mind is sober, philosophical. Will, inexhaustible energy, hot temper, impulsiveness, cunning, slyness. Passions are strong, but amenable to self-control. Business addiction. Success in science and research, mainly in the natural sciences, as well as in literature. There are few friends, but the friendship is strong and long, especially with strong Uranus and Saturn. Guardians, well-wishers, sponsors, patrons will help in difficult times of life. Often, their first-born brings trouble to parents.

Sagittarius 5 degree range

0 ° – 5 ° (+)

High growth. The shoulders are broad. Oblong face, well shaped forehead. Brown eyes, keen gaze. Brown hair.

Distinctive features: intelligence, sincerity, benevolence, nobility, generosity, caution, prudence.

5 ° – 10 ° (-)

Medium height. Beautiful appearance. Dark eyes. Hair is light or dark brown (brown).

Distinctive features: thoughtfulness, contemplation, religiosity, vigorous activity, enterprise.

10 ° – 15 ° (-)

Medium height. The physique is dense. Outwardly handsome. The eyes are gray or gray-green.

Distinctive features: nobility, generosity, good vitality, active work.

15 ° – 20 ° (+)

Average growth. Good physique. The face is oblong. The eyes are gray. Brown hair.

Distinctive features: vanity, love of parody, ridicule.

20 ° – 25 ° (+)

Medium to high growth. Slim figure. Nice face.

Distinctive features: profundity, changeability and inconstancy. Haste in decisions and recklessness in business.

25 ° – 30 ° (-)

Height is high. Good skin. Dark eyes.

Distinctive features: sincerity, conscientiousness, chastity. Prudence.

Sagittarius degree

Interpreting the degrees of the sign of Sagittarius

0 ° – 1 ° (240 ° – 241 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune retrograde.

Strong influence of the Descending Node. Strong intuition, receptivity, impressionability, sensitivity, sensibility, insight, foresight, prophecy, optimism, altruism. Active research spirit. Ability to sketch. Strong friendship. Success is only in collaboration or co-authorship. Often sports activities.

If damaged. Numerous troubles and failures due to hasty, rash decisions and rash actions or because of dangerous connections and oversights of accomplices. Danger to health and life. Possible premature death from injury or suicide.

1 ° – 2 ° (241 ° – 242 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers Mars and Pluto.

Strong self-discipline, self-control, self-control bear the corresponding fruits, especially in the military field. Dreams, ideas, plans and intentions are translated into concrete deeds. Love for nature, hunting, animals (mainly dogs and horses). Promotion and takeoff.

If damaged. Excessive aggressiveness, dissatisfaction with oneself and others, grumpiness. Haste, recklessness. Danger of accidents, injury, especially when hunting.

Conjunction with the star Akrab. Immoral lifestyle or premature death due to an accident, catastrophe, murder. Often falling or overthrowing. In mundane horoscopes – natural disasters and mass catastrophes.

2 ° – 3 ° (242 ° – 243 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Kind nature, but a quick-tempered character, great self-confidence. Prudence rules over feelings and passions. Persistence and perseverance, firmness in decisions and actions. Strong love for home and family life. Often literary and poetic talent. Often marriage with a relative, relative.

If damaged. Groundless anger, aggressiveness, ruthlessness. The threat of infectious diseases. Surgery, most often appendicitis surgery (Uranus).

Conjunction with the star Akrab. See previous degree.

3 ° – 4 ° (243 ° – 244 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers Chiron and Venus.

Courage, courage, belligerence, self-confidence, but at the same time a cheerful disposition, loving nature. Often premonitions, foresight, foresight. Reasonable lifestyle, purposeful and purposeful. In communication and negotiations, you need evidence, indisputable facts, weighty argumentation. Often military success. Love for home and family life.

If damaged. Excessive craving for hazardous and risky ventures. Premature violent death or death by court order.

4 ° – 5 ° (244 ° – 245 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers are retrograde Mercury and Proserpine.

The critical degree is 4 ° 17’52 ” – 4 ° 27’10 ”.

The mind is philosophical. Self-confidence, the power of penetration, creation, foresight and prophecy. Growth of self-awareness, expansion of spiritual horizons. Real assessment of life and human existence. Love for the world of art, especially for music, poetry. Love and marriage with a person of another nationality or a foreigner.

If damaged. Fatalism and resignation to fate. Family tests. Widowhood or divorce. Premature death or suicide.

5 ° – 6 ° (245 ° – 246 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Versatile mind, refined nature, pure, childlike soul. Inventive spirit. Diligence, great efficiency, endurance, patience, gentleness in relations with subordinates. Ambition is highly developed. Success in science. Love plays a big and important role in life.

If damaged. Excessive cunning, cunning, flattery, deceit, servility, servility. Disorders of the nervous system and psyche, attacks of hysteria, phobias and delusional states are possible. Often, lung diseases.

6 ° – 7 ° (246 ° – 247 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and Uranus.

The character is even, calm, moderate. Selflessness, self-discipline, self-control, self-control, perseverance, persistence, endurance, endurance, patience. Interest in the secrets of nature and the Universe, occult and secret sciences, research work. Happy love and successful marriage.

If damaged. Attacks of apathy and laziness. After takeoff – fall, self-denial. Threat of heart disease and cardiovascular system (Sun or unfavorable configuration with planets from the sign of Leo or with a V field cusp).

7 ° – 8 ° (247 ° – 248 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune retrograde.

Strong influence of the Descending Node. Will, energy, hard work, efficiency. Prudence, prudence, pre-planned plans and activities. Analysis and assessment of past experience. Achievement of the set goal. Happiness is unlikely to be complete.

If damaged. Frivolity, frivolity, gambling to adventurism, everything is done “at random”. Strong attraction for bodily and sensual pleasures. Carelessness, thoughtlessness, haste, recklessness. A lot of anxiety and unnecessary worries due to a partner in love and marriage, friction with a partner in business. Possible premature violent death, death by a court order, or suicide.

8 ° – 9 ° (248 ° – 249 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers Mars and Pluto.

Great physical and mental strength, high intelligence. Courage, courage, bravery, courage, craving for dangerous and risky ventures. Great diligence, efficiency, perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance, purposefulness, dedication, insight, the gift of foresight. Ability to concentrate on one thing. Often self-sacrifice in the name of loved ones and loved ones. Lots of travel and travel. Achievement of high social status and material wealth.

If damaged. Danger from lightning, explosion, fire, surgery (Uranus). Divorce. Widowhood. The threat of premature death or the danger of becoming a victim of a crime (Ascendant in a negative aspect with the Sun or the significator of death). Often death is due to one’s own fault or of one’s own free will.

Conjunction with the star Antares. Ascending Antares brings glory, honors, titles, awards, success, luck, popularity, fame, but in conjunction with malevolent planets – the overthrow, the collapse of plans and hopes.

9 ° – 10 ° (249 ° – 250 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Great ambition, creative spirit. Worldly wisdom, growth of the spiritual level. The accumulation of material and spiritual values. The gift of the performer. Craving for the unknown mysteries of nature, for the knowledge of the truth. Success in science and research, civil service, political arena or military affairs.

If damaged. Self-will, willfulness, extravagance, petty tyranny, aggressiveness, a tendency to violence. The danger of becoming a participant in a crime. Suicide.

Conjunction with the star Antares. See the description of the previous degree.

10 ° – 11 ° (250 ° – 251 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers Chiron and Venus.

A cunning and agile mind, sleight of hand, cunning, cunning, fearlessness. Often great magical power and phenomenal ability. Humanity, loyalty. Active activity. Often serving two masters or working in several places at the same time. Friends, relatives, like-minded people help in achieving goals.

If damaged. Adventurism, charlatanism, deception, self-deception, trickery, fraud. Often exploitation of others for self-interest or a penchant for a criminal lifestyle. Recklessness with tragic consequences.

11 ° – 12 ° (251 ° – 252 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers are retrograde Mercury and Proserpine.

Strong influence of the Descending Node. Creative insights. The growth of self-awareness, the ability to quickly switch from the abstract to the concrete, from the general to the particular. Using the experience gained by previous generations. Professional success in science and research, as well as in the art world.

If damaged. Increased passions with weakened will. Excessive sexuality, immoral lifestyle. Conjunction with malevolent planets indicates premature death.

12 ° – 13 ° (252 ° – 253 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Altruism. Self-affirmation through spiritual rebirth. Courage and courage, craving for dangerous and risky ventures, secret and secret activities. Active, active life. Bold and original ideas and plans are translated into concrete deeds. Striving for research work, occult and secret sciences.

If damaged. Disappointment in love. Unsuccessful marriage. An accident on the road in a public place. Loss of personal freedom and independence is not uncommon.

13 ° – 14 ° (253 ° – 254 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and Uranus.

Wit, resourcefulness, heightened ambition. Life wisdom. Inner strength. Achieving a life goal. Success is possible in science and research, in the art world, especially in literature, cinema or theater. Interest in philosophical and religious issues.

If damaged. Failures in love and family life. Danger of premature death. Suicide.

14 ° – 15 ° (254 ° – 255 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune retrograde.

Rich imagination and vivid, vivid imagination, mental balance, intelligence. Subtle discernment, the gift of foresight and prophecy. Success in reform activities, in the world of science and technology, as well as in the world of art: music and literature.

If damaged. Doubt, hesitation, indecision, disappointment in love, marital problems, divorce or widowhood.

Conjunction with the star Ras Algeti. Self-confidence, assertiveness, purposefulness, purposefulness and punching power. Optimism, hope for a better future. Increased interest in the opposite sex. In conjunction with harmful planets – excessive irritability, resentment, haste, impulsiveness.

15 ° – 16 ° (255 ° – 256 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers Mars and Pluto.

Inspiration, creativity. The ability to predict the future. Success in the art world.

If damaged. Mediocrity, scattering, mistakes, delusions, miscalculations, blunders. Painful extravagance. Danger of accidents, especially when working underground: in foundation pits, mines, mines, etc.

Conjunction with the star Ras Algeti. See the description of the previous degree.

16 ° – 17 ° (256 ° – 257 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Rich, versatile, cheerful, inspired nature. Spiritual life must be in harmony with the laws of nature and the universe. Success awaits in public service and the political arena.

If damaged. Self-denial, solitude, isolation. Spiritual and physical degradation. Often a sad end to life: immorality, crime, murder, premature violent death by court order.

17 ° – 18 ° (257 ° – 258 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers Chiron and Venus.

The critical degree is 17 ° 08’46 ” – 17 ° 08’56 ”.

Philosophical mindset. Strong and convincing self-expression. Resourcefulness, ingenuity, criticality, duality. Ability to adapt to the right people, things, circumstances. Professional success in journalism.

If damaged. Excessive extravagance, self-deception, deception, swindle, fraud in search of cheap popularity or for the purpose of self-enrichment. Danger from fire. Accident, divorce, widowhood, separation from family. Premature violent death or death by court order. Sometimes doing black magic.

18 ° – 19 ° (258 ° – 259 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers are retrograde Mercury and Proserpine.

Artistic ability. A sober internal reassessment of the foundations of human life and being. Striving for reorientation in the professional and social spheres. Frequent changes and moving.

If damaged. Concerns, troubles, griefs, disappointments. Danger of accident, explosion, fire, fire, catastrophe, crash. Loss of personal freedom and independence. Premature death of a violent nature.

19 ° – 20 ° (259 ° – 260 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Conscientious and benevolent nature. The ability to achieve a goal. Deep sense of compassion, mercy. Willingness to help the sick, the weak, the infirm, the offended. The gift of healing. Many good and loyal friends. Medical success.

If damaged. Excess of power, self-will, willfulness, extravagance, tyranny. The danger of becoming a participant in a crime. Premature violent death.

20 ° – 21 ° (260 ° – 261 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and Uranus.

Good mental capacity. Strong will, inexhaustible energy, conscientiousness, benevolence, peace of mind, high ideals. Inspiration, the gift of suggestion. Love for science and research. Interest in magic, occult and secret sciences, as well as in the world of art. Loyalty to friends and loyalty to like-minded people. Success in applied sciences and arts, arts and crafts, pedagogy, public service and the political arena, as an organizer and leader. Lots of travel and travel.

If damaged. Unhealthy fantasy and imagination, deception, self-deception, selfishness, greed. The threat of infectious diseases and surgery. Danger to life. Premature violent death.

21 ° – 22 ° (261 ° – 262 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune retrograde.

Going into the inner world brings balance of the soul and relief. Reorientation is often due to the strong subconscious influence of the heritage of ancestors. Travel and travel, connections with foreign countries and foreigners. Interest in the unknown secrets of nature and the Universe. Often success in applied science or craft.

If damaged. Strong spirit of contradiction and confrontation. Excessive irascibility, impulsivity, aggressiveness, hence frequent arguments and quarrels. Self-will, willfulness, high conceit, arrogance, extravagance, tyranny. Various restrictions, barriers, obstacles. The threat of injury with a weapon. Surgical intervention. Loss of personal freedom and independence. Perhaps insanity.

Conjunction with the star Ras Alhage. Manias, phobias, perversion, crime, failures in love and family life, unhappiness in the family, poisoning with strong drugs or a serious infectious disease. Danger from animals, reptiles, insects. Premature death is possible.

22 ° – 23 ° (262 ° – 263 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers Mars and Pluto.

Spiritual reorientation. Craving for magic, occult and secret sciences. Love for the world of art. Success in applied sciences and arts. Social trends. An important role is played by matters related to securities, correspondence with friends and associates.

If damaged. Various restrictions, serious tests. Sometimes an immoral lifestyle, recklessness. Disappointment in love and marriage.

Conjunction with the star Lezath. Accident, disaster, surgical intervention.

Conjunction with the star Ras Alhage. See the description of the previous degree.

23 ° – 24 ° (263 ° – 264 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Honesty, conscientiousness, humanism, altruism. The need for the approval of the environment and support from the outside. Love for the world of art, especially for music, poetry, literature and drama, as well as applied sciences and arts and crafts. Interest in magic, occult and secret sciences.

If damaged. Disappointment, apathy, pessimism. Man is “his own enemy.” The threat of loss of personal freedom and independence. A sad end to life. Premature violent death.

24 ° – 25 ° (264 ° – 265 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers Chiron and Venus.

Great vitality. Strong sense of self-preservation. Versatile talent. Ability to be inspired. Often literary ability. Love for applied sciences, craft.

If damaged. Passionate temperament, eccentricity. Painful imagination, fantasy. Separation from the real world. Excessiveness. Often the desire for self-enrichment at the expense of others. In general – a strong spirit of anarchist, despot, tyrant.

25 ° – 26 ° (265 ° – 266 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers are retrograde Mercury and Proserpine.

Natural endowments. Eloquence, oratorical gift, wit, resourcefulness. Ease of communication. Many friends, connections and contacts. Deep feelings. Strong need for physical and bodily pleasures. Great love for the world of art, especially for music, poetry, literature, cinema, theatrical scene.

If damaged. Respiratory diseases are possible. Threatened premature violent death or suicide.

26 ° – 27 ° (266 ° – 267 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Good sensitivity, impressionability. Rich imagination and vivid, vivid imagination. Ability for sober analysis. Determination. Strong and convincing self-expression. Self-affirmation is progressing gradually, but confidently. Spirit dominates matter. Success as a novelist, psychologist or sociologist. Love for applied sciences, applied arts.

If damaged. Weak, unsteady character. Many enemies, danger from them. Fate is very changeable.

Conjunction with the star Etamin. The mind is philosophical. Interest in magic and occult sciences. Fall or overthrow, loss of authority, prestige, reputation, dishonor, etc. are possible.

27 ° – 28 ° (267 ° – 268 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and Uranus.

Strong will, perseverance, energy, perseverance, endurance, endurance, patience, dedication, self-control, good coordination, self-control. Overcoming many obstacles.

If damaged. Strong sensuality. A tendency to apathy and pessimism. Often secret and hidden vices. Danger to life.

Conjunction with the star Etamin. See previous degree.

28 ° – 29 ° (268 ° – 269 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune retrograde.

Self-confidence, decisiveness, hard work, hard work, diligence, diligence, constancy. Travel, travel. Success in science, research work, art. A keen interest in social problems and issues related to culture and education.

If damaged. Unstable character with lordly inclinations. Mental anxiety, internal struggle between desires and possibilities. Often recklessness. Threat of lung and brain diseases. Premature death is possible.

29 ° – 30 ° (269 ° – 270 °) Degree Sagittarius Zodiac

Rulers Mars and Pluto.

Realization of a life goal. Love for science and research work, for the world of art. Interest in the problems of psychology and sociology. Success is possible in the civil service, the political arena, or in business and trade. Craving for the unknown secrets of nature and the Universe, magic and secret sciences.

If damaged. Fall after takeoff. Accident, disaster, loss of personal freedom and independence. Threatened premature violent death or suicide.

Sagittarius stars

Influence of fixed stars of Sagittarius zodiac

The star Akrab has the properties of Mars and Saturn. Gives insight, sarcasticity, but does not contribute to the accumulation of money, wealth. Can bring success in astrology.

  • Conjunction with Mercury and Uranus, subject to the strongly manifested sign of Scorpio, is a research activity associated with secret internal processes.
  • Conjunction with Ascendant or Meridian – mental abilities.
  • Conjunction with Mercury – fall or overthrow, severe, incurable diseases.

In mundane horoscopes, it portends mass catastrophes (especially Mars, Saturn, Uranus in the first degrees of Sagittarius or in cardinal fields). For example, in July 1927, there was a major sea disaster when the transit Saturn passed through Akrab. Then there were bloody clashes in Paris, the revolution in Portugal, the uprising of the Indians in the United States and many other incidents. January 1956, when Mars passed exactly over Akrab, was marked by such events as violent unrest in southern Italy and Bombay, fighting in Algeria – 109 people were killed, the strongest hurricane in the North and Baltic Seas, an earthquake in Ecuador, many accidents and accidents worldwide.

Acrab in conjunction with the Ascendant and quadrature with Mars – by the famous film actress Elizabeth Taylor; with Mars, Ascendant, Saturn – from several famous criminals.

The star Akrab in 1950 was at 1 ° 51 ‘, in 1970 – at 2 ° 09’, and in 1990 – at 2 ° 26 ‘of Sagittarius.

The star Antares has the properties of Mars with some influence of Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn. Under unfavorable conditions, Antares gives stubbornness, grumpiness, aggressiveness, creates legal problems, eye diseases. Danger of becoming a victim of violence, explosion, fire, weapons or equipment. Possible premature death in battle or by court order.

Conjunction with the Ascendant, Meridian, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, especially in the cardinal fields of the horoscope – quick, agile mind, quick wit, determination, courage, courage, bravery, courage, strategic talent, the gift of a leader, commander, success in the military field.

Conjunction with Mars – courage, courage, bravery, turning into recklessness, dangerous and risky ventures.

Antares in conjunction with the Ascendant – from Gandhi, who was treacherously killed, from General Schleicher, who was executed by Hitler, from the famous writer Helen Keller, who was born blind; with Meridian – from the famous boxer Ten Hof, from the head of Hitler’s party office – Bormann; with the Sun – at Churchill, at Field Marshal Kesselring and Reichsmarshal Goering; with the Moon – in Copernicus; with the Moon and the Ascending Node – by the philosopher Nietzsche; with Mars – from Rudolf Kasner, an Austrian philosopher who used crutches all his life due to cerebral palsy suffered in childhood.

The star Antares was at 9 ° 05 ‘in 1950, at 9 ° 21’ in 1970, and at 9 ° 37 ‘in Sagittarius in 1990.

The star Ras Algeti has the properties of Mars and Venus with a slight addition of the influence of Mercury. Under favorable conditions, it gives optimism, self-confidence, breakthrough power, purposefulness, purposefulness, hope for a better future, as well as the favor of the opposite sex. In conjunction with malevolent planets – irritability, resentment, haste, recklessness, impulsiveness.

Ras Algeti in conjunction with the Ascendant – by Sven Hedin and the storyteller Andersen; with the Moon – by Albert Einstein; with Venus – from the philosopher and physician Albert Schweitzer; with Jupiter – by William Booth, Werner von Braun, actress Sabine Sesselmann.

The star Ras Algeti in 1950 was at 15 ° 27 ‘, in 1970 – at 15 ° 44’, and in 1990 – at 16 ° 01 ‘of Sagittarius.

The Ras Alhage star has the properties of Saturn with the negative influence of Venus. Foreshadows trouble due to the abuse of strong drugs, alcoholic beverages and drugs. Possibility to suffer from the attack of angry animals or a mad dog and from the bites of poisonous insects and reptiles.

  • Conjunction with the Moon, Mars, Neptune – toxic infections or poisoning. Danger of suffering during epidemics and pandemics.
  • Conjunction with Meridian – success, but also premature death.
  • Conjunction with the Ascendant is a long-term, serious illness.

The star Ras Alhage in 1950 was at 21 ° 46 ‘, in 1970 at 22 ° 02’, and in 1990 at 22 ° 18 ‘of Sagittarius.

The star Lezath has the properties of Mars and Mercury. It promises accidents, disasters, surgical interventions. The exception is the conjunction with Jupiter, which has a good effect.

Lezath in conjunction with Jupiter – at the Reichsbank President Schacht.

The star Lezath in 1950 was at 23 ° 20 ‘, in 1970 at 23 ° 36’, and in 1990 at 23 ° 52 ‘of Sagittarius.

The star Etamin has the properties of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Promotes concentration of thoughts on one thing, gives the mind of a philosophical warehouse and craving for the occult, secret sciences.

  • Conjunction with the Ascendant, Meridian or Saturn – a lot of trouble, fall, overthrow, loss of authority, prestige, reputation, dishonor.
  • Etamin in conjunction with the Ascendant – in the English astrologer Sefarial and Leonard da Vinci; with Mercury – with Newton.

The star Etamin in 1950 was at 27 ° 16 ‘, in 1970 – at 27 ° 33’, and in 1990 – at 27 ° 50 ‘of Sagittarius.

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