pisces zodiac

Pisces Zodiac

February 21 – March 20

  • Sign. Female, watery, mutable.
  • Governors. Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.
  • Exaltation. Venus and Chiron retrograde.
  • Axil. Mercury and Proserpine.
  • Fall. Mercury retrograde and Proserpine retrograde.

Constitution associated with Pisces zodiac. Picnic. The figure is disproportionate, full. Short legs. A puffy, pale face with pleasant features. Well defined wide forehead. Small nose. Full lips. The eyes are large, prominent, brown in color. With Neptune in field I, the eyes are blue or greenish. Hair is often black. Some kind of physical disability is often noted.

Temperament associated with Pisces zodiac. Phlegmatic.

Positive character traits and rights associated with Pisces zodiac. Rich imagination, vivid, vivid imagination, bright soul, adaptability, calmness, peacefulness, sensitivity, impressionability, sensitivity, modesty, compassion, caring, delicacy, tenderness, idealism, religiosity, spiritual depth.

Negative character traits associated with Pisces zodiac. Passivity, shyness, skepticism, fanaticism, impracticality, fantasy, slovenliness, lack of assembly, inconsistency, unreliability, self-indulgence, excessive sensuality, exposure to influence, submissiveness, dependence, susceptibility to mood, laziness, apathy.

Weak points of the body associated with Pisces zodiac. Legs: ankles, ring joints, fingers. Tendons, ligaments. Digestive, lymphatic and endocrine systems, heart and circulatory system.

Diseases associated with Pisces zodiac. The above organs and body parts. Infectious and colds. Nervous and mental disorders. Neuralgia, neurasthenia, neurosis, psychosis. Alcoholism, drug addiction.

Flora associated with Pisces zodiac. Elm, coffee tree, tea bush, fern, tobacco, poppy, moss, belladonna, hemlock, wrestler, lotus, mushrooms, aquatic plants, cereals, nuts, sunflower, radish, cucumbers, quince, rose hips, pomegranate, grapes, apples.

Fauna associated with Pisces zodiac. Marine and aquatic animals and birds. Fish, crab-like.

Numbers. 3, 11, 19.

Day. Thursday.

Colour. Purple and indigo.

Countries and regions associated with Pisces zodiac. Brazil, Sri Lanka, Cape of Good Hope, Normandy, Galicia, Malta, Portugal, South Asia, all small islands.

Cities associated with Pisces zodiac. Istanbul, Alexandria, Lancaster, Seville, Regensburg, Worms, Preston, Farnham, Tiverton, South Port, Greensby, Coves.

Pisces Personality

Pisces is the most problematic sign of the zodiac. People born under this sign are outwardly weak and unprotected creatures. They, as a rule, are smart, developed, often have oratorical talent, eloquence, other talents and abilities. Pisces are good-natured, benevolent, very sensitive, receptive, impressionable, sensual, sexy, but very ambitious. Often, Pisces have unique sensory abilities and the gift of a healer. They are interesting interlocutors and favorites of their environment, but among strangers they get lost, become timid and shy. They are often difficult to understand. They are like people of another world.

On their path in life, Pisces encounter many obstacles and obstacles. They are subject to the vicissitudes of fate more than any other sign of the zodiac. They often suffer from the lack of recognition of their merits on the part of their immediate superiors, friends and relatives, although they can enjoy great respect, popularity or fame in society. Since childhood, they have been looking for strong-willed and strong-minded friends and partners who can protect them from all the dangers of life.

Pisces are great idealists in their worldview, utopian dreamers who are not very suitable for practical and real life. Their souls constantly strive for everything sublime, but when they return to earth from their dreams, then “nothing human is alien to them.”

Pisces are very romantic, they love nature, animals, solitude. Tied to home, family, loved ones, friends. They are humanists and altruists of the upper class, help others, take care of the sick, weak, infirm, take care of them wherever possible. They have many close friends and good acquaintances, but often strong, domineering and powerful patrons.

When communicating with people who are under the strong influence of the sign of Pisces, one should avoid harshness and rudeness, do not try to subordinate them to their will, do not force them to do anything without their consent. They should be treated kindly, sympathetically, gently, avoiding anything that could become a cause for disagreement and quarrels. You should be interested in their ideas and suggestions. Treat them with respect, admiring them if possible. Pisces are very suggestible, so if you talk to them with inspiration, giving many convincing arguments, but at the same time maintaining the trust and sincerity of the conversation, they will gladly agree with you. Pisces are very compassionate and do not like to refuse. If you can win their trust, you will get what you expect from them. But at the slightest pressure, they will try to evade a direct answer or answer you positively, with no intention of fulfilling their promise. If you start to reproach them, they will hide inside themselves, and you will not pull them out of there by any forces, promises or temptations. One of the best topics for conversation with them is their favorite pastime.

For the most part, Pisces are couch potatoes, and the best job for them is some of the liberal professions or a craft that can be practiced at home, alone. Science and technology, unknown secrets of nature and the Universe, magic, occult and secret sciences are of particular interest to Pisces. Fish are widely represented in the art world. There is no area in art where Pisces have not left their deep mark. They are unsurpassed artists. It is the people with the heavily accented Pisces who create the immortal works of art. Many Pisces reach high positions in the church hierarchy. Material values ​​are acquired mainly through their own efforts, although unexpected wealth is not excluded.

In love and marriage, the sign of Pisces does not bode well. Pisces are very sensitive. They are connected with a partner by a thin invisible thread, feel the slightest fluctuations in his mood, therefore they anticipate a break long before the first external signs appear. Due to their hypersensitivity, they often attach too much importance to little things. They are hurt by the coldness and inattention of the partner, often even invented by themselves. They are too romantic and live more in the love story they make up than in the real one. Their partner often does not know how to behave, since the mood of Pisces is unpredictable: they can literally dissolve in love and happiness, and a minute later cry from emptiness and abandonment. But Pisces has a surprisingly magnetic nature, often inexplicably sexually attractive. Pisces can give people with a fine organization of the soul unforgettable moments of life that can turn the soul, inspire creative revelations. Pisces often have creative marriage unions, repeated marriages, and also “civil marriages”.

Pisces Man

Pisces Men

Pisces men are incorrigible dreamers. They indulge in their dreams from the cradle and remain in the realm of illusions throughout their lives. Most of all, they dream of social ascent and secure old age. Most often, their dreams remain dreams, mainly because of laziness and inability to work. They work mostly out of necessity. They prefer to build castles in the air, one more beautiful than the other, to catch a lucky break and dream of an inheritance or a profitable marriage. Although in moments of insight they clearly understand that hope for a chance is only an illusion and that success in life brings only their own work, they still do not want to work of their own accord.

Others love and pity them, try to help. By nature, Pisces men are soft, meek, gentle, very friendly and benevolent, although they are not devoid of cunning and slyness.

Some Pisces men court elderly wealthy widows in the hope of solving their financial problems. They decide to take this step when the earth literally burns under their feet. They use all their charm, juggling words and feelings, and in the end they get their way. Such Pisces men are accustomed only to shallow water. They are afraid of the depths of relationships and feelings, prefer the path of least resistance, try to escape from their own feelings, experiences and doubts. Constantly waiting for someone’s help, they, oddly enough, almost always receive it. No one knows how to camouflage themselves and show off as well as Pisces, Here they, like Gemini, have no equal. What they really think about – nobody knows. Pisces men often try to drown out their insecurities and disappointments with alcohol or drugs, but this does not help them,

Another type of Pisces men is looking for a reciprocal depth of feelings in a woman. Such men are romantic, attentive and devoted lovers and husbands. They idealize women and rarely get divorced.

Pisces Woman

Pisces Women

Pisces women have a soft, kind heart. They always want to love and be loved. But love and marriage bring them a lot of grief and disappointment. Superficial feelings do not satisfy them, it is difficult for them to find a partner who can withstand the exaltation of their feelings. If a partner meets their expectations, they will be faithful and loyal to him.

Pisces women have a striking appearance and personality, they are graceful, attractive and charming. Their mood depends on the change of the lunar phases. On the full moon they are full of strength and energy, and on the new moon they are indifferent to everything.

Since the sign of Pisces has a dual nature, it gives rise to two types of Pisces women. One is the type of women who are able to subordinate their lives to the interests of a partner, their whole life is a vivid example of sacrifice, compassion and mercy. In extreme manifestation, this type gives women who subconsciously want to be ruled by a man with a strong will in the role of victim.

Another type of Pisces women is the type of women who make their loved ones feel guilty for the “sacrifices” they make “in the name of the family”. They wear a mask of virtue and self-sacrifice, but act out of their own interests. At the same time, they can quite sincerely consider themselves a model of sacrifice.

Pisces women are convinced that happiness will certainly smile upon them and fate will finally send a devoted and faithful partner who can save them from all adversity. Despite their faulty past, they make wonderful wives and great mothers. And yet their strongest desire is to be financially secure, since their whole life is haunted by the fear of being left without a means of subsistence. As a rule, every third of Pisces women is either divorced or lost a partner due to an accident or other circumstances.

Pisces Decanates

Now let’s consider the specifics of the sign of Pisces.

Pisces, born from 21 to 29 February, are good organizers, interesting conversationalists and helpful business companions. On the one hand, these people are charming, polite, pleasant to talk to, on the other hand, they are proud, firm, cold, desperate and daring. Their psyche is unstable, they quickly get irritated and easily offended, they can easily lose interest in a business or in a particular person, which is why they themselves suffer. Whenever possible, they try to surround themselves with the right people and those with whom they have spiritual compatibility. However, they often do well in business. Many of them have an interest in science and research or the art world, especially music. They are attracted by folk medicine, psychology, sociology, as well as magic, occult and secret sciences, where they reach certain heights.

Pisces born between March 1st and 10th often have extraordinary energy and phenomenal ability. Most of them are very impressionable, receptive, emotional. Mental anxiety forces them to be active, to travel and travel. They often consider themselves misunderstood and unrecognized. These strong personalities find their vocation in science, research, occult and secret sciences, applied sciences, medicine, pedagogy, and forensics. Despite their nobility and livability, living together with them is problematic due to their increased sensitivity and numerous quirks and whims, reaching hysteria in women. They need a quiet, calm home, comfort, comfort, warmth.

Pisces born from March 11 to March 20 often have an obstinate and unbridled character. They are distinguished by ardor, impulsiveness, rich imagination and lively, vivid imagination. Most often they are respected, appreciated, loved. They are able to achieve the desired social heights and material well-being if they do not succumb to other people’s influence and overcome their laziness. The instability of the psyche can lead to sad consequences: injuries, depression, which can lead to suicide.

Pisces Decanates

Interpretation of Pisces Decanates

1st Pisces Decanate: 0 ° – 10 °

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Success in business and enterprises, great interest in science and research, in the world of art, especially in music, as well as in folk medicine, psychology, sociology, magic, occult sciences. Religiousness often comes to fanaticism. Love, family life, children bring many worries. Watch out for fake friends and secret enemies. Give up harmful attractions and inclinations. Accident with one of the parents. Danger from water (Saturn).

2nd Pisces Decanate: 10 ° – 20 °

Ruler Moon.

Strong personality. Honesty, decency, responsiveness, benevolence, strong will, inexhaustible energy. Personality is nice and pleasant. With a strong favorable Neptune – genius. Phenomenal and sensory abilities. Unexpected success, elevation, honor, respect, achievement of a high social level and material well-being. A good official position thanks to their own work and merit. Inconsistency of feelings can interfere with a successful married life. Success in science and research work, applied sciences, medicine, pedagogy, forensic science. Interest in occult and secret sciences.

3rd Pisces Decanate: 20 ° – 30 °

Rulers Pluto and Mars retrograde.

A violent and unbridled character, hot temper, impulsiveness. Instability, insecurity, passion. Sometimes courage and audacity, sometimes timidity and indecision. Can enter into a state of religious trance. Strange, inappropriate, unreasonable desires, whims, quirks, whims, unhealthy fantasy and imagination. Instinctive actions. Often does not think about the consequences of their actions. Family life cannot be called successful. Breakup, divorce. Danger to life – injury, drowning, suicide, especially when influenced by Mars, Uranus, Saturn.

Pisces 5 degree range

0 ° – 5 ° (-)

Medium to high growth. Sunken eyes. The hair is dark. Broad shoulders and chest.

Distinctive features: a penchant for mediumship, occult and secret sciences.

5 ° – 10 ° (+)

Medium height. Large physique. Brown hair.

Distinctive features: thoughtfulness, quick wit, diligence, endurance.

10 ° – 15 ° (+)

Height is below average. Outer beauty.

Distinctive features: straightforwardness, straightforwardness, conscientiousness, fairness.

15 ° – 20 ° (-)

Medium height. Thin facial features. Dark hair.

Distinctive features: subtle mind, sincerity, conscientiousness.

20 ° – 25 ° (-)

Medium height. Gray eyes, brown hair.

Distinctive features: nobility, generosity, energy.

25 ° – 30 ° (+)

Small growth. Beautiful appearance. The hair is dark.

Distinctive features: courage, aggressiveness, love for dangerous and risky activities.

Pisces Degrees

Interpreting degrees of the sign of Pisces

0 ° – 1 ° (330 ° – 331) Degree Pisces Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

The nature is sensitive, receptive, impressionable, sensual, sociable. Strong sense of duty, commitment, responsibility. Often duality. Success in science and research, applied science, as well as in the art world. The need for collaboration or co-authorship. Interest in mysticism and unknown secrets of nature and the Universe. Labor and selfless love bring joy and happiness. Happiness in family life.

If damaged. Excessive duality of character. Often two houses, two families, two professions. Marriage is problematic. Craving for new things, for fresh information, for the exchange of knowledge and experience. Fall or overthrow is possible. Asceticism.

1 ° – 2 ° (331 ° – 332 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Rulers Mars and Pluto.

Emotional, sensual nature. Strong instinct for self-preservation. Spiritual enlightenment after strong and deep emotional experiences. Interest in occult and secret sciences, psychology, sociology, applied sciences.

If damaged. Lack of strength and energy, lack of initiative. Periods of laziness, apathy, melancholy are followed by periods of sudden and unreasonable gaiety.

2 ° – 3 ° (332 ° – 333 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Agility, resourcefulness, wit. High spirituality, striving for the ideal, consciousness, creative impulse are skillfully combined with demands of a material nature. Success in science and research, political activity. Interest in occult and secret sciences.

If damaged. Excessive excesses in pleasures. Unhappiness in the family. Premature violent death or death by court order.

Conjunction with the star Fomalhaut. Intellectual ability, fame, honor, popularity. Exceptional success in music, painting, literature, journalism, in the world of science.

3 ° – 4 ° (333 – 334 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

Destructive degree.

Successful implementation of your ideas, plans and intentions. Skillful use of cultural and social values ​​and achievements.

If damaged. Manias, fears, phobias. Fading of creative and constructive impulses, loss of initiative and self-confidence. Persecution, the danger of falling under the strong influence of others or the influence of any group, society. Propensity for an ascetic lifestyle or, conversely, an immoral lifestyle, alcoholism and drug addiction. Painful adherence to mysticism. Unhappy end of life, sometimes in a mental hospital. Suicidal tendencies.

Conjunction with the star Fomalhaut. See the description of the previous degree.

4 ° – 5 ° (334 ° – 335 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

The critical degree is 4 ° 17’10 ” – 4 ° 17’52 ”.

Sensitive nature, receptive, impressionable, romantic. Aggressiveness is possible, but there is hope for a compromise. Fast self-development. Good relationship with the outside world. Vivid self-expression in art. Love for science and research, applied sciences, traditions of the past and the heritage of ancient cultures, as well as for the world of art, especially for music, poetry, literature, film and theater.

If damaged. Anarchism. Friends and loved ones often bring suffering. Fear of being alone at the end of life.

Conjunction with the star Deneb Swan. Exceptional success in the art world, especially in music and painting (Venus). Abilities for Literature and Journalism (Mercury). Glory, honors, titles, awards (planets in the I or X field). Occult abilities (Sun and Jupiter).

5 ° – 6 ° (335 ° – 336 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

An extraordinary mind, difficult to perceive the environment. Reasonable use of knowledge about ancient traditions and ancestral heritage. Attraction to the unknown secrets of nature and the Universe. Limitation of personal freedom. Often help from the opposite sex.

If damaged. Inclination to speculative activities, charlatanism, lies, deception, self-deception, fraud. The danger of becoming a victim of your hobbies and rash actions.

Conjunction with the star Deneb Swan. See the description of the previous degree.

6 ° – 7 ° (336 ° – 337 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and Uranus.

The nature is strong, domineering, restless, tireless, hardworking, efficient. Convincing self-expression. Rich fantasy, vivid, vivid imagination, well-developed intuition, the gift of foresight and prophecy, high spirituality. Oratorical gift, eloquence. Great power of suggestion. Power over others. Love for science and research work, for applied sciences, for magic, occult sciences, for everything secret, secret. Abilities for music, painting, poetry. Lots of ulterior motives in life.

If damaged. Inclination to solitude and isolation. Expulsion or emigration. The threat of loss of personal freedom and independence. Surgical intervention. Danger to life.

7 ° – 8 ° (337 ° – 338 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Overconfidence. High ideals and aspirations, often utopian. Close spiritual brotherhood, faithful friends and loyal associates. Selfless service to your people, to all humanity. Achieving a high social level and material well-being.

If damaged. Threats, harassment. Loss of personal freedom and independence. Fall or overthrow. Danger to life. Premature death is possible.

8 ° – 9 ° (338 ° – 339 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Rulers Mars and Pluto.

The nature is sensitive, receptive, impressionable, often pious. Agility, agility, resourcefulness, wit, tirelessness. Great spiritual strength. Self-denial, self-sacrifice. Many trips and travels, some of which can be unfortunate and unfortunate.

If damaged. Excessive aggressiveness and lust for power. Intrigues, squabbles, gossip, anonymous letters. Fall or overthrow. Expulsion or emigration. Unsuccessful marriage and married life. Threatening to become a victim of a crime or murder.

9 ° – 10 ° (339 ° – 340 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

The nature is sensitive, receptive, impressionable, sensual. Organizer and leader talent. Practicality, rationalism. Ability for science and research work. Love for applied sciences, medicine, chemistry. Interest in ancient traditions and cultures, magic, occult sciences and unknown secrets of nature and the Universe. Strong attachment to family.

If damaged. Self-will, willfulness, extravagance, tyranny, excess of power. Infections and colds.

10 ° – 11 ° (340 ° – 341 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

The nature is strong, sympathetic, sensitive, receptive, impressionable, impulsive, ardent, full of love. Entrepreneurship, luck. Success in jurisprudence, the art world, especially in literature, in the field of artistic creation and artistic craft. Often a political career.

If damaged. Strong duality, aggressiveness. Superstition, fatalism, adventurism, craving for deception, fraud.

11 ° – 12 ° (341 ° – 342 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Strong self-awareness, self-criticism, self-discipline, self-control, self-control. Intuition, wisdom, spirituality. Convincing self-expression, the power of suggestion. Diligence, efficiency. Organizer and leader talent. The ability to subordinate others to their will, to use them to achieve their own selfish goals. Craving for science and research work, for applied sciences, for everything secret and secret. Interest in magic, occult and secret sciences. Striving for solitude, seclusion.

If damaged. Shyness, shyness, at the same time, courage, reckless courage, craving for risky and dangerous enterprises. The threat of loss of personal freedom and independence. Danger to life. Premature violent death or suicide.

12 ° – 13 ° (342 ° – 343 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Courage, courage, fearlessness, self-confidence, self-awareness, good understanding of people, duality. Legality and fairness come first. Strong passions, creative, constructive spirit. Artistic talent, convincing self-expression. Strong secret influence on others. Love for science and research work, for applied sciences, psychology, sociology. Interest in magic, occult sciences.

If damaged. Internal contradictions. The confrontation between desires and possibilities. Superstition, fatality. The threat of loss of personal freedom and independence. Danger to life. The threat of premature violent death, including by court verdict.

13 ° – 14 ° (343 ° – 344 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and Uranus.

Strong will, great energy, hard work, efficiency. Optimism. Consistency. Great warmth and benevolence. Creativity, vivid self-expression, especially in music. Popularity. Success in science and research. Love for nature and animals, for a rural lifestyle.

If damaged. Life-threatening work or occupation.

14 ° – 15 ° (344 ° – 345 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Determination, courage, firmness, rationalism, practicality, realism. Cunning, cunning, subtle intuition, the gift of foreboding. Lots of travel and travel. Often aptitude for medicine, especially for surgery. Magical and telepathic abilities, craving for the occult and secret sciences, especially with accented signs of Water.

If damaged. Excessive straightness. Irritability. Sensitivity. Watch out for enemies, especially secret ones – you can get into their networks. Danger to life.

Conjunction with the star Achernar. The mind of a philosophical warehouse, conscientious attitude to business, decency. Happiness, success.

15 ° – 16 ° (345 ° – 346 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Rulers Mars and Pluto.

Diligence, efficiency, perseverance, persistence, endurance, endurance, dedication, purposefulness. Caution, foresight, strong ambition, subjectivity. The desire to embrace the immensity. Belief in a better future. Often many children.

If damaged. Danger to life.

Conjunction with the star Achernar. See previous degree.

16 ° – 17 ° (346 ° – 347 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

On the one hand, there is a strong lust for power, the desire for power, on the other hand, warmth, philanthropy, conscientiousness, benevolence, self-denial and self-sacrifice for the benefit of loved ones and friends. Striving for high ideals. Spiritual growth, self-improvement, selfless work. Big trials bringing change and change. Success in all businesses in cooperation with a business partner. In love and marriage, strong passions, the desire to suppress a partner or complete surrender and submission to him.

If damaged. Threat of serious injury or serious illness. Risk of premature violent death or suicide.

17 ° – 18 ° (347 ° – 348 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

The critical degree is 17 ° 08’26 ” – 17 ° 08’56 ”.

Courage, courage, gambling, adventurism. Craving for dangerous and risky ventures. Strong sense of duty, responsibility. Sport. Science and research work. Applied Science. Love for art, especially for cinema, stage, theater. Lots of travel and travel. Success in public service and political arena.

If damaged. Fight against competitors, opponents, enemies. Beware of four-legged animals and women of the Water signs. Premature death due to incurable disease. Suicide.

18 ° – 19 ° (348 ° – 349 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Rich imagination and vivid, vivid imagination. Enthusiasm, initiative. Ability to admire and be inspired. Tendency to self-denial, self-sacrifice. Unity of spirit, soul and body. Love for art. The exercise of discretion in all daily and social affairs. Man is the blacksmith of his own happiness, but as if not of this world.

If damaged. Lack of courage, courage. An unsuccessful fight for your ideals. The threat of injury with melee weapons. The danger of premature death, suicide.

19 ° – 20 ° (349 ° – 350 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Rich imagination and vivid, vivid imagination. Excellent memory. Strong, convincing self-expression. Self-discipline, self-control, self-control. Sensitivity, impressionability. The ability to admire and be inspired. Hospitality and willingness to help anyone who needs help. Good organizational gift. Ability to readjust on the go. A sober analysis of past experience. Fruitful ideas, the ability to bring them to life. Artistry.

If damaged. Self-will, willfulness, whims, whims. Weak will, spinelessness, unbridled animal instincts. Nervous or mental disorders.

20 ° – 21 ° (350 ° – 351 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and Uranus.

Strong individualism, convincing self-expression. Spiritual growth and self-development. Ability for administrative activities. Travel and travel. Success in the political arena or in the arts, especially in film and theater.

If damaged. Contradictions between reason and feelings. The confrontation between desires and possibilities. Unpredictability of decisions and actions. Loss of personal freedom and independence. The threat of premature violent death. Suicide.

21 ° – 22 ° (351 ° – 352 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Convincing self-expression, the gift of suggestion. Great magnetic and attractive power. Passionate outbursts of feelings. Reassessment of spiritual and material values. The latest methods of work organization, systematization, creation of new world standards bring success. Strong affection for loved ones, loyalty to like-minded people, friends. Love for the sea, water spaces, alluring distance, for travel and travel. Often success in medicine and painting.

If damaged. Strongly addicted nature, attraction to the opposite sex. Often an immoral lifestyle. Surgical intervention, the threat of insanity (Uranus). Accident (Mars, Mercury). Premature violent death.

22 ° – 23 ° (352 ° – 353 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Rulers Mars and Pluto.

Great inner strength. Ability to admire and be inspired. Mental activity, initiative, decisiveness, purposefulness, purposefulness. Courage, courage, craving for dangerous and risky ventures. Travel and travel. Interest in the unknown secrets of nature and the Universe.

If damaged. Increased sensuality, passion. Carelessness, carelessness. Mental imbalance, irritability, excitability, resentment. Frequent bouts of laziness and apathy. Spine diseases. The threat of an accident.

Conjunction with the star Markab. Beware of explosion, fire, fire, weapon injury.

23 ° – 24 ° (353 ° – 354 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Self-confidence, convincing self-expression, self-affirmation. Creative spirit. Strong attachment to the ideal. Interest in science and research, applied sciences, philosophical and religious issues. Often platonic love.

If damaged. Increased sensuality, unbridled passions. Forced change. The threat of a serious, incurable disease or malignant tumor.

24 ° – 25 ° (354 ° – 355 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

Magic force. Strong feelings of a citizen and a patriot. A rich spiritual world, high spirituality, generated by difficult life trials. Craving for everything secret, unknown, for the secrets of nature and the Universe, for the occult and secret sciences. Great love and affection for home and family life.

If damaged. Fight against earthly temptations and temptations. The threat of a serious, incurable disease, malignant tumor.

25 ° – 26 ° (355 ° – 356 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Strong, fighting character, self-confidence, convincing self-expression, originality, wit, resourcefulness. Good intuition, the gift of foreboding. Inventive spirit, innovation ability. Belief in a better future. A penchant for science and research. Interest in practical magic, occult sciences. Love for the art world, especially for painting.

If damaged. Increased aggressiveness. Hectic lifestyle. Betrayal, revenge, exile, emigration. Danger of premature violent death. Suicide.

26 ° – 27 ° (356 ° – 357 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

A mind of a philosophical make-up, thoughtfulness, prudence. Perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance, patience. Strong will and inexhaustible energy. The ability of suggestion and self-hypnosis. Bright creative self-expression. The gift of persuasion. Great warmth, kindness. Love for nature and animals. Ability for science and research work. Strong craving for the world of art, for applied arts and arts and crafts. Conscientious and friendly attitude towards friends and like-minded people. Interest in the unknown secrets of nature and the Universe.

If damaged. Instability of character: inconsistency, whims, quirks, hysteria. Lightheadedness, frivolity. Losses due to women, through women. Risk of serious illness or injury. Premature violent death due to injury or immoral lifestyle. Suicide.

27 ° – 28 ° (357 ° – 358 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and Uranus.

Richly gifted nature. Wisdom, a certain power over others. Mind and senses are in balance. Strong ambition, self-discipline, self-control, self-control. Hope for a better future. Passionate desires. Cunning and cunning contribute to success in the diplomatic career and in the political arena. Great love for the world of art.

If damaged. Fall or overthrow. Loss of personal freedom and independence. Lung diseases. Premature violent death or death by court order. Danger of drowning.

28 ° – 29 ° (358 ° – 359 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

The nature is pious, kind, honest, fair. Philosophical mind, strong intuition, foresight, prophecy. Sensitivity, impressionability. Good taste, fine understanding of beauty, color and shape. Social erudition. On the one hand, he is a dreamer, idealist, utopian, on the other, a pragmatist with a real outlook on life. There are many ideas and plans that require cooperation to implement. Craving for the unknown. Ability for science and research work. Study of the occult sciences. Love for art. The first half of life is spent in anxiety for the future, in the struggle for independence, independence, personal and spiritual freedom. The second half brings changes for the better. Happy love, successful marriage. Prosperity.

If damaged. Self-will, willfulness, whims, whims. Divorce, widowhood, separation from loved ones, relatives, friends for various reasons. Physical disabilities. Severe chronic diseases.

Conjunction with the star Sheat. Accident, fall or overthrow, shipwreck, death by water. In mundane horoscopes – natural disasters: floods, earthquakes, landslides, landslides, etc.

29 ° – 30 ° (359 ° – 360 °) Degree Pisces Zodiac

Rulers Mars and Pluto.

Great spiritual and mental potential. The mind is critical, philosophical. Curiosity, curiosity. Diligence, efficiency, self-confidence, vanity, purposefulness, purposefulness. The ability to suggestion and self-hypnosis. Craving for the humanities, psychology, sociology, ancient traditions and cultures, applied sciences. Love for art, especially for music, poetry, literature, theatrical scene, cinema, stage. Often popularity.

If damaged. Strong egocentrism, conceit, excessive passions, sensuality, attraction to the opposite sex.

Conjunction with the star Sheat. See the description of the previous degree.

Pisces stars

Influence of fixed stars – Pisces zodiac

The star Fomalhaut has the properties of Mercury and Neptune. It is one of the so-called “royal” stars. With unfavorable aspects, there is a danger of becoming a victim of a crime or committing it yourself. Painful attachment to something. You should beware of unwanted connections.

  • Conjunction with Mercury – intellectual ability, success in writing and research.
  • Conjunction with Ascendant – honors, titles, awards, popularity, glory after death.
  • Conjunction with Venus is a successful career in art.
  • Conjunction with Jupiter or Meridian is the patronage of government officials and the church hierarchy.
  • Conjunction with the Sun or Moon is the strongest expression of this star.

Fomalhaut conjunct Mercury – by August Bebel and Yugoslavian politician Alexander Rankovich; with Mars – from the famous artist Karl Spitzweg and the poet Georg Trakl; with Jupiter – at the doctor and nutritionist Bircher-Benner; with Meridian – from the famous sociologist Noll-Newman.

The star Fomalhaut in 1950 was at 3 ° 09 ‘, in 1970 – at 3 ° 26’, and in 1990 – at 3 ° 43 ‘of Pisces.

The star Deneb Swan has the properties of Mercury and Venus. Helps people of art, fosters artistic and scientific activities, moreover, profitable and profitable. Especially patronizes writers, artists, stage actors, stage, circus, as well as astrologers.

Deneb Lebed in conjunction with Mercury – by the writer Jadwiga Kurtz-Mahler; with the Sun – from the writer Erich Kastner; with the Ascending Node – from Selma Lagerlöf and the writer Hermann Hesse; with Meridian – from the popular film actor Hans Sokhnker; with Venus – from the famous merchant and archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, who unearthed the legendary Troy in Greece; with the Ascendant – from the astrologer and publisher Alexander Bethor; with the Moon – by Leonardo da Vinci.

The star Deneb the Swan was at 4 ° 37 ‘in 1950, at 4 ° 55’ in 1970, and at 5 ° 11 ‘in Pisces in 1990.

The star Achernar has the properties of Jupiter, Mars and Uranus. In a good position portends happiness, success, gives a mind of a philosophical make-up, decency, conscientiousness, good behavior, adherence to a certain religious direction.

Conjunction with Jupiter is favorable for church hierarchies from the Pope to a simple clergyman.

Achernar in conjunction with Meridian – by Helena Blavatsky; with the Moon – with Goethe; with Meridian – by Albert Einstein; with Mars – from General Franco and Teresa Newman.

The star Achernar was at 14 ° 36 ‘in 1950, at 14 ° 53’ in 1970, and at 15 ° 10 ‘in Pisces in 1990.

The star Markab has the properties of Mercury and Mars. Death threat from explosion, fire or weapon. Under good conditions and in conjunction with beneficent planets, it has a beneficial effect on spiritual and intellectual people, gives a “bright head”, liveliness and agility of mind, strength and “Martian” energy.

  • Conjunction with Meridian – premature death due to an accident or an incurable disease.

Markab in conjunction with Mars and in square with Meridian – by Konrad Adenauer, who successfully pursued state policy; with Jupiter on the Ascendant – at the “Swedish Onassis” Axel Brostrem.

he star Markab was at 22 ° 47 ‘in 1950, at 23 ° 04’ in 1970, and at 23 ° 21 ‘in Pisces in 1990.

The star Sheat has the properties of Saturn. In conjunction with malevolent planets, it portends premature death as a result of a catastrophe or natural disasters: from a flood, shipwreck, an accident in the mountains, in a plane crash, or as a result of suicide.

The first atomic explosion on July 18, 1945 occurred at a time when Sheat was in conjunction with the Meridian in the US horoscope and in a semi-square with Saturn. On March 27/28, 1964, when there was a strong earthquake in Alaska, Sheath was in conjunction with Mars, in square with Meridian and in opposition with the Ascendant. On September 22, 1968, a total solar eclipse occurred, at which time Sheat was in conjunction with Uranus and the Sun. That day there was a strong storm with flooding in Switzerland, a landslide near Zurich, several villages in Turkey were flooded. A train crash near Jakarta killed 60 people. Serious street fighting took place in Mexico and Montevideo. In addition to all this, there were many other less significant incidents resulting in human casualties.

Sheat in conjunction with Jupiter – in Goethe and Nietzsche; with Mercury – from Victor Hugo and Rudolf Steiner; with Meridian – from the inventor of the rocket engine Max Valier and the writer Ernst Jünger; with the Sun – at the Duchess of Windsor; with the Ascendant – the killer-recidivist Seefeld.

The star Sheat in 1950 was at 28 ° 40 ‘, in 1970 – at 28 ° 57’, and in 1990 – at 29 ° 14 ‘of Pisces.

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