Libra Zodiac

September 24 – October 23

  • Sign. Male, airy, cardinal.
  • Governors. Venus and Chiron retrograde.
  • Exaltation. Saturn and Uranus retrograde.
  • Axil. Mars and Pluto retrograde.
  • Fall. The sun.

Constitution associated with Libra zodiac. Asthenic or athletic. Proportional figure, graceful and beautiful (especially in women). The face is oval, thin, beautifully colored, with regular features. Sensitive skin. The nose is straight. The color of the eyes and hair depends on the place of birth, in the middle lane they are lighter, and in the south they are darker. The chin is round, small. The legs are slender, the arms are thin.

Temperament associated with Libra zodiac. Sanguine.

Positive traits of character and disposition associated with Libra zodiac. Peacefulness, diplomacy, intuition, striving for compromise, love for harmony, idealism, romance, friendliness, non-conflict, courtesy, tact, tenderness, justice, nobility, lightness, sophistication, craving for beauty, the need for a partner.

Negative character traits associated with Libra zodiac. Disbelief in one’s own strengths, inconstancy, imbalance, variability, sensuality, weak will, isolation from reality.

Weak points of the body associated with Libra zodiac. Groin, uterus, bladder, kidneys, thighs, skin, venous system.

Diseases associated with Libra zodiac. The above organs and body parts. Metabolic diseases.

Metal associated with Libra zodiac. Copper.

Flora associated with Libra zodiac. Beech, date, lemon, olives, spruce, watercress, lily, white rose, violet, crocus, lemon balm, strawberry, strawberry, ambergris, moss, peas, cereals, rice, cucumbers, radish, lettuce, beets, citrus fruits, black currant , cranberries, lingonberries.

Fauna associated with Libra zodiac. Donkey, pig, goat, sheep, all large and beautiful birds – peacock, pheasant, goose, partridge.

Numbers. 6, 8, 12.

Day. Friday.

Colour. Red-orange and green-blue.

Countries and regions associated with Libra zodiac. Argentina, Australia, Japan, China, Indochina, Burma, Tibet, Egypt, Libya, Austria, Latvia.

Cities associated with Libra zodiac. Charleston, Johannesburg, Freiburg, Antwerp, Ludwigsburg, Frankfurt am Main, Marbach, Vienna, Linz, Lisbon, Nottingham, Middleton, Wiesbaden, Rottweil.

Libra Personality

Libra’s activity is aimed at achieving peace. They are distinguished by their peacefulness, the desire to resolve disputes and contradictions through compromises and agreements. They are honest, sincere, strive for harmony between internal and external. As a rule, they are pretty and pleasant to talk to.

Libra’s personality is romantic, light, sometimes frivolous, ambivalent. They are cunning and cunning, which contributes to the success in the diplomatic service. Libra is calm, honest, conscientious, outspoken when necessary. They are always full of sympathy for others, as they are very sensitive, always in love with someone or with something, they do not tolerate disputes and quarrels, disagreements and scandals, confrontation. They are inclined to communication and social activities, love company, music, fine arts.

When communicating with people who are under the strong influence of the Libra sign, you should speak with them softly, calmly, restrained, logical and reasoned, never raise your voice and, if possible, speak with them in a low voice. They are always grateful for the kindness shown or the favor done to them and do not forget it. The strongest impression on them is made by the first meeting and the first conversation.

People of libra are attracted to social activity, they always strive for joint work or cooperation. For them, this is the main meaning of life. Libra is usually developed, talented, subject to the first impression, which is often wrong. Their lofty aspirations are purely theoretical, and as practices they are usually weak and avoid physical labor. Because of their lack of self-confidence and punching power, they need a strong and energetic partner. If they reach a high social and material level, it is mainly due to the help of others, especially partners for love, marriage or cause.

Under the sign of Libra, we meet people who have professions related to science, literature, poetry, mathematics, jurisprudence, art, pedagogy, education, and requiring ingenuity, imagination, imagination, ingenuity, tact, diplomacy, ambition. Libras are good psychologists, sociologists, lawyers.

Libras are sincere friends and wonderful partners, but unhappiness can lie in wait for them in family life.

Now let’s consider separately the characteristics of men and women of the Libra sign.

Libra Man

Libra Man

Libra men are mostly polite, courteous. They are characterized by cheerfulness, lightness, frivolity and frivolity. And emptiness and vanity are skillfully disguised under the guise of benevolence. They try to avoid any contradictions, avoid sharp corners, never exacerbate the situation, since a tarnished reputation or loss of prestige is too painful for them. The art of living by them is acquired from an early age. Recognition is expected from society, as they strive for fame. Failures and material difficulties are unbearable for them. They also do not tolerate various difficulties, obstacles, physical stress and fatigue, since they are essentially lazy. They refuse any struggle, often sacrificing their beliefs. They are not capable of heroism, they give up their positions in life calmly and easily. But nevertheless, they are darlings of fate.

Libra men strive for comfort and coziness, using any favorable situation. The main driving force for them is ambition, which leads them to success mainly in the second half of their lives.

As a rule, they marry early, as they cannot stand loneliness. They need partners in any business like air. They are looking for a spouse to be rich or well-off, as they dream of living in luxury. Cheating is usually not forgiven, and the marriage ends in divorce. They need spiritual harmony, but they are hampered by a feeling of jealousy.

Libra Woman

Libra Woman

Libra women are very feminine, affectionate and gentle. They are great at the art of wordplay, they have an innate diplomatic talent and the ability to handle any delicate situations with exceptional skill. Their beauty has been revered since ancient times. An example is the best examples of the goddess Venus, none of the men could resist their spell. Libra women are Fortune’s favorites. They adore external shine, luxury, comfort, coziness, expensive things and jewelry. Not every man can own a Libra woman, as not everyone can afford her. The only exception can be the case when she chooses her partner in love or marriage. In any case, the modern “temptresses” of this sign, having such high claims to life, are much more expensive for their chosen ones than that goddess,

From an early age, these girls have countless fans and the same number of proposals of heart and hand. They early get acquainted with all the delights of love and passion, and by the age of forty they become sophisticated in all matters concerning marriage, divorce, alimony. Otherwise it can not be. Their main dream is to get married, their main occupation is love, and their main desire is to be loved.

These “gentle creatures”, “beautiful creatures”, “divine creations”, as poets of all times wrote about them, really know how to enjoy and give this pleasure to others. Their love game begins with a relaxed overture, shrouded in an impenetrable smoke screen, and ends already outside the registry office, if, of course, they want it themselves.

Libra women will make many mistakes before becoming sophisticated in the art of seduction. But they strive all for new and new connections because of the fear of loneliness. And there are always noble souls, knights and gentlemen who caress them, take care of them, comfort them, marry them. Time does not reflect in any way on their lovely forms – as they were before their first fall, they remain so.

Between 30 and 35 years of age, serious problems in personal life are possible, most often through their own fault. The reason for this may be a weak will, excessive sensuality and inability to control their emotions.

Libra Decanate

In addition to the general characteristics for all Libra, let’s get acquainted with their specifics.

Libras, born from September 24 to October 3, are smart, educated, intelligent, kind, honest in their own way, noble and decent. They have a vivid, vivid imagination, love for everything beautiful. On the one hand, they are modest and restrained, on the other, they are sociable. They are compassionate and merciful to sick, unhappy people, whose protectors remain until the end of their lives. In love, although capricious, they are distinguished by a rich imagination.

Libras, born from October 4 to 13, are sociable, eloquent, have a philosophical mindset. Despite their fragility and insecurity, they endure the blows of fate. They have artistic talent, a craving for science, art and craft, applied sciences. Restless character. Some of them are looking for change, others lead a secluded lifestyle. As a rule, they are not satisfied with what they have achieved, they tend to go further. Happiness and luck are always on their side. They are loving, often change partners. In love, they are ardent and passionate.

Libra, born from October 14 to 23, is headstrong and wayward. They are characterized by passivity, lethargy, laziness and mental inertia. Slaves of their instincts, they strive to get all the pleasures of life. But they are not darlings of fate, therefore they often commit suicide.

Libra Decanates

Interpretation of Libra Decanates

1st Libra Decanate: 0 ° –10 °

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

Intelligence, prudence, rich imagination, vivid and vivid imagination. Love for everything beautiful. Feelings of compassion. Often – brilliant abilities, especially in the world of art, cinema, on the stage. Authority and prestige are most often given by honest and conscientious work, social activity.

A person with an accented first dean’s office usually has leadership abilities. A weakened or damaged first dean’s office indicates a person subject to outside influence, easily amenable to hypnosis and any other suggestion. Gives a tendency to a constant change of occupation and often adventurism.

2nd Libra Decanate: 10 ° – 20 °

Rulers Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

Individualism, free thinking, independence, sense of duty and responsibility, love and affection for the hearth. Restless nature. Constant dissatisfaction with what has been achieved. Inclination to solitude and isolation. They are looking for something all their lives, they are torn somewhere, but fate is favorable to them. Interest in science and research work. The success is largely due to themselves. They also create problems for themselves.

3rd Libra Decanate: 20 ° – 30 °

The rulers are retrograde Mercury and retrograde Proserpine.

Intelligence, nobility, generosity, honesty, politeness, poise. Oratorical gift, successful marriage, loyal friends and generous enemies, good financial situation (favorable aspect with Jupiter). Craving for earthly joys, weakness, passivity, laziness (with an unfavorable aspect). They often use others for their own purposes.

Libra sign range

0 ° – 5 ° (+)

High growth. An oval pale face. Grey eyes. Reddish hair. Beautiful appearance.

Distinctive features: kindness, courtesy, sincerity, changeability, eloquence. Often someone’s favorites or make someone their favorites.

5 ° – 10 ° (-)

High growth. Perfect complexion. Blue eyes. Blonde hair.

Distinctive features: seriousness and prudence.

10 ° – 15 ° (-)

Medium height, dark complexion with attractive features, well-formed forehead, gray eyes; dark hair.

Distinctive features: profundity and seriousness, insight and diplomacy. Learning ability.

15 ° – 20 ° (+)

A slender figure, a clean face, greenish-gray eyes, noticeable external beauty and attractiveness.

Distinctive features: prudence and justice, caution and prudence, inclination to science.

20 ° – 25 ° (+)

Well-built figure, beautiful face, beautiful color, dark blue eyes.

Distinctive features: kindness, nobility, generosity. Learning propensity.

25 ° – 30 ° (-)

Tall, perfectly built body, light brown eyes, light brown hair, external beauty, grace.

Distinctive features: honesty and nobility, chastity. Often these people become idols and idols for others.

Libra Degrees

Libra Sign Degree Interpretation

0 ° – 1 ° (180 ° – 181 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

Critical degree.

Destructive degree.

Progressive mind, rich imagination. Intuition, inspiration. Idealism. An intense inner life gives a sudden awakening of mental strength, raises the spiritual level, and brings life wisdom. Creativity in the art world.

If damaged. An overly provocative character, leading to adverse consequences: notoriety, loss of popularity, and even lawsuits. The threat of injury, premature violent death. Suicide is possible. Often – aversion to marriage and family life.

1 ° – 2 ° (181 ° – 182 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Philosophical mindset. Intuition. Ability to be inspired. Strong religious feelings. Realization of creative thought. High spiritual level. Often – musicality and a subtle sense of rhythm, design skills. Success – in science, applied arts and crafts. Love for nature and animals.

If damaged. Beware of excesses in all areas of life and work.

2 ° – 3 ° (182 ° – 183 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

An active and inquisitive mind. Humanity, responsibility. Spiritual strength. Study of mysterious natural phenomena. Artistic and artistic ability. Craving for ancient sciences, especially literature, languages, mythology, history, astrology.

If damaged. Dependence on others. There are many restrictions, especially in the early and young years. Loss of personal freedom and independence, forced expulsion or voluntary emigration are possible. There are many open enemies, competitors, opponents, fighting with them. Often, talent is closely related to illness. Disorder of the nervous system and psyche, ear diseases.

3 ° – 4 ° (183 ° – 184 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and retrograde Uranus.

Great hard work and efficiency. High ideals, active participation in the life of society, their people or all of humanity. Full dedication and dedication to both the profession and like-minded people. Love for rural lifestyle, gardening and horticulture. Amorousness, strong attachment to the object of one’s love.

If damaged. Failure, disappointment, lack of recognition. Often hospitalization, loss of independence, personal freedom, independence. Tumors or goiter.

4 ° – 5 ° (184 ° – 185 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune.

Optimism, altruism, the ability to easily, deeply admire and be inspired. The acquired knowledge, life experience, material values ​​should be placed at the service of society, people or all of humanity. Love for the art world, especially for cinema and theater. Interest in occult and secret sciences, philosophical and religious problems. Friendship often develops into deep love.

If damaged. Excessive impulsiveness, exaggeration, distrust of everything external and secular. Often hostility, cruelty and ruthlessness, leading to crime. The danger of divorce. Danger from fire, explosion, weapons. Threatened premature violent death or suicide.

5 ° – 6 ° (185 ° – 186 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

The rulers are Mars and retrograde Pluto.

Hard work, poverty, submission at the beginning of life. In the future – the embodiment of ideas, plans and intentions in concrete deeds. The accumulation of spiritual and material values.

If damaged. The threat of premature death. Under favorable circumstances, a health disorder due to its own fault.

6 ° – 7 ° (186 ° – 187 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Idealism, romanticism, passion. Spiritual strength. Study of the secrets of nature and the universe. Love before self-sacrifice. Full submission to a partner in love, marriage, business. Often – large families.

If damaged. Extramarital affairs. Threat of falling from a high place or loss of position. The threat of sexual violence. Sexual crimes. Diseases of the gallbladder or liver (Jupiter or Saturn). Tumor or Graves’ disease (Uranus or Saturn).

7 ° – 8 ° (187 ° – 188 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

Unknown subconscious powers, foresight, mercy, kindness, enthusiasm, inspiration, modesty, shyness. Love for everything mysterious, unknown. Striving for beauty. Often – inheritance.

If damaged. The danger of submitting to the will of another person. Loss of loved ones. Often loneliness in old age. Threat of premature death or suicide.

8 ° – 9 ° (188 ° – 189 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Freedom-loving nature, proud, independent. The close union of mind, senses, instincts creates integrated wisdom. Ability to translate ideas into concrete actions. Craving for unknown secrets of nature and the Universe, research work.

If damaged. Strong competitive spirit. Often an aggressive character. Life-threatening work. Loneliness. Threat of premature violent death during hostilities. Diseases of the heart or spine (Uranus).

Conjunction with the Vindemiatrix star. Painful excitability, irritability, deceit, deception, self-deception. Loss of a partner in love, marriage, business.

9 ° – 10 ° (189 ° – 190 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Courage, courage, activity, enterprise, ingenuity. Striving for popularity and fame. Deep mind, foresight, passion, sophistication, sincerity, love for home, family. In the declining years, security. Love for philosophy and mythology, interest in the cultural values ​​of the ancient world.

If damaged. Isolation possible. Accident, catastrophe, suicide (Saturn or Uranus).

Conjunction with the Vindemiatrix star. See previous degree.

10 ° – 11 ° (190 ° – 191 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and retrograde Uranus.

All-encompassing mind, intuition, subconscious powers. Duality, the ability to adapt to people and circumstances. Ability to benefit from everything. Reliable help to others.

If damaged. Excessive cunning, cunning, insidious intrigues. Problems in the parental home. A break with one of the parents, more often with the father. Frequent changes and changes.

11 ° – 12 ° (191 ° – 192 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune.

Conscientiousness, justice, nobility, generosity. Diligence and efficiency. Serving the people brings well-deserved satisfaction, joy and happiness. Interest in cultural values ​​of the past, as well as in philosophical and religious issues.

If damaged. Frivolity, frivolity, laziness, carelessness to the point of absurdity, lack of foresight, indecision, various fears and phobias. Weakness to impotence, often limitations due to health conditions, diseases.

12 ° – 13 ° (192 ° – 193 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

The rulers are Mars and retrograde Pluto.

The critical degree is 12 ° 51’26 ” – 12 ° 53’36 ”.

Strong creative spirit. Rich imagination and vivid, vivid imagination, curiosity, curiosity. Lots of travel and travel. Often a collector’s passion. Great interest in diet and hygiene issues. Life depends on chance. Often unexpected wealth.

If damaged. Marriage problems, divorce. Loneliness at the end of life. Threat of premature death of a violent nature or suicide.

Conjunction with the star Algorab. Quarry, self-will and willfulness. Obstacles, delays, hindrances, limitations, losses, setbacks, hostility. There may be buffoonery, stupidity, extravagance.

13 ° – 14 ° (193 ° – 194 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

External shine, charm, charm, sociability. Self-confidence, the ability to translate ideas into concrete deeds, to use the work of other people. Striving for the accumulation of spiritual and material values. Ability to follow natural rhythms. Ability for science and research work. Love for the world of art, poetry, music, stage.

If damaged. Dependence on someone: guardian, philanthropist, sponsor, friends or relatives. Window dressing, narcissism. Premature death, suicide.

In conjunction with the star Algorab, the influence is the same as in the previous degree.

14 ° – 15 ° (194 ° – 195 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

The mind is lively, deep, analytical. Feeling of compassion, mercy. Strong susceptibility and impressionability Loyalty and devotion to a love partner. Fulfillment of desires thanks to close women. Vivid self-expression. Success in science, research, as well as in art, especially in literature, poetry, painting, music, cinema, on the stage.

If damaged. Lightheadedness, frivolity, great need for sex. Often – alcoholism and drug addiction, sybarism and prostitution. Paralysis (Mars). Suicide (Ascendant damaged by Saturn or Uranus).

15 ° – 16 ° (195 ° – 196 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

An active, active mind, but a tough character, heavy. Will, hard work, efficiency, perseverance, perseverance, caution. On the other hand, sophistication, sincerity, sensuality, mediumship. Often destruction first, followed by success and significant achievements. Long trips or long journeys, most often to hot, tropical countries. Strong influence of a close woman or mother.

If damaged. Fall or overthrow. Paralysis or premature death, suicide.

16 ° – 17 ° (196 ° – 197 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

A good oratorical gift. Spiritual harmony, musicality, ease of learning foreign languages. Active participation in life. Interest in science, research work, the secrets of nature and the Universe. Love for art.

If damaged. Carelessness, skepticism, criticism.

17 ° – 18 ° (197 ° – 198 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and retrograde Uranus.

Strong feelings of duty, duty, responsibility. Objectivity prevails over subjectivity. Love for the world of science and research work, for the world of art and arts, for the secrets of nature and the Universe, for home and family.

If damaged. Troubles and disappointments are solely through their own fault. The marriage is unsuccessful. Often – need and poverty.

18 ° – 19 ° (198 ° – 199 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune.

Perseverance, perseverance, diligence, ambition, self-education, self-control, self-control, optimism, altruism. Intolerance to injustice, lawlessness, slavery, to the undeserved privileges of certain groups of society, as well as to the wealth accumulated by exploitative labor. Interest in the cultural heritage of the past, mythology, mysticism, philosophical and religious issues, sacred books: the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud and others. They often realize their abilities in areas such as enlightenment, education and upbringing of the younger generation. Often – high social status. By old age – the stability of the financial situation.

If damaged. Pessimism, loneliness, mental cold. Often, being under the authority of other people, the loss of personal freedom, independence, independence.

19 ° – 20 ° (199 ° – 200 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

The rulers are Mars and retrograde Pluto.

Kindness, benevolence, dedication, self-sacrifice. Interest in spiritual values, philosophical and religious issues, cult traditions, history, various confessions. Often a reclusive lifestyle.

If damaged. Religious fanaticism. Love for fun. Extravagance and waste. Condescension to one’s own shortcomings and weaknesses.

20 ° – 21 ° (200 ° – 201 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Freedom-loving, inventive spirit. The gift of eloquence. Sociability. High social status. Power over others. Research work, scientific discoveries, analysis. The search for truth and the purpose of human existence. Love for the unknown secrets of nature. Love for art. A lot of trips, business trips, travel.

If damaged. Frivolity, frivolity, overestimation or underestimation of their strengths and capabilities. Often, submission to the will of another person. Collaboration saves from failure, a complete rejection of egocentrism is required. Often the loss of personal freedom, independence, independence.

21 ° – 22 ° (201 ° – 202 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

Rich imagination and vivid, vivid imagination. Strong susceptibility and impressionability. Diplomacy. Good perception and sense of the word. The aspiration of the soul to everything beautiful and graceful. Intuitive understanding of cultural and spiritual values. Love for architecture, construction, cinema, theater, especially the comedy genre, as well as old traditions.

If damaged. Cunning, slyness, frivolity, frivolity, laziness and carelessness. Threat of disaster or shipwreck.

22 ° – 23 ° (202 ° – 203 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Research spirit. Curiosity, curiosity. Platonic love, strong affection. Artistic and musical talent. Success in the world of art, cinema and theatrical stage, as well as in medicine, pharmacology, chemistry, natural sciences. Achieving a life goal. Overcoming numerous obstacles and limitations. A lot of moving and travel.

If damaged. Internal restlessness. Inattention, negligence, superficiality and negligence. Problems in love.

Conjunction with Spica’s star. Refinement, refined manners, increased sexuality, kindness, poise, constancy, success, popularity, wealth (Ascendant or Meridian). Glory and honor (Mars or Venus). Favorable for scientists and artists. High patronage, career growth (Jupiter and Venus). Wealth (Jupiter, Venus, rulers of II or VIII fields). Scientific mind or talent of a writer, musician (Mercury). Successful marriage or business partnership (Descendant). Prosperous, long life (Nadir). Success in study and work (cusp of V or VII fields).

Conjunction with the star Arcturus. Strong ambition, domination, energy, enterprise, long-term success. Overcoming all obstacles and obstacles. Good luck on trips, travel, especially sea. The fight for justice is often violent (Mars or Jupiter). In case of severe damage – fall or overthrow. When damaged, there are many temptations and temptations. Immoral lifestyle.

23 ° – 24 ° (203 ° – 204 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Willpower and prudence rule over feelings and passions. Increased self-esteem. Growth of mental strength and expansion of the spiritual horizon. Often musical or literary talent.

If damaged. Arrogance, arrogance, rudeness, rudeness. Condescension to one’s own shortcomings and weaknesses. Often – mistakes and delusions. Increased sexuality. A lot of love relationships leading to health and mental disorders. Wounds, injuries.

24 ° – 25 ° (204 ° – 205 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and retrograde Uranus.

Increased vanity. Physical beauty and attractiveness. High spirituality, understanding and awareness of the meaning and purpose of our being. Love for philosophical and universal human problems with an idealistic bias. The desire for communication and social activities. Success in science, art, literature, poetry, music. A high social level and a good financial position are often not due to their own efforts, but by the whim of fate.

If damaged. Unsuccessful marriage, disappointment in family life. Inability to use your abilities.

25 ° – 26 ° (205 ° – 206 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune.

The critical degree is 25 ° 43’52 ” – 25 ° 44’40 ”.

Harmony of soul and body, will and mind. Diplomatic ability. Refinement, artistry. The desire for communication and social activities. Love for art. Interest in socio-economic, cultural, educational, philosophical and religious issues.

If damaged. Cunning and guile. Suspiciousness, prejudice, superstition. There are many enemies and adversaries due to negligence and lack of vigilance. Beware of “spoilage”, “evil eye”.

26 ° – 27 ° (206 ° – 207 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

The rulers are Mars and retrograde Pluto.

Sensitivity, benevolence. Resilience, optimism, altruism. Inner peace and harmony. Long and fruitful life. The ability to rise above the hustle and bustle.

If damaged. Excessive self-confidence, arrogance, duality. Often there are spiritual contradictions, confrontation. Obstacles from bosses and dignitaries. Diseases of the lungs, surgical intervention (the XII field cusp or the intense aspect with its ruler).

27 ° – 28 ° (207 ° – 208 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Modesty, self-control, good manners, conscientiousness, diligence, accuracy, patience. Success in work, material wealth, happiness, high social status, spiritual support as a reward for humility.

If damaged. Weakness, weakness, passivity and lack of initiative. Hard working life. The threat of loss of personal freedom and independence. Beware of premature violent death or suicide.

28 ° – 29 ° (208 ° – 209 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

Rich fantasy, vivid, vivid imagination, daydreaming. Addiction to mysticism. High spirituality, religiosity. Success in literature. Active social activities. Close collaboration and co-authorship. Love for animals and nature.

If damaged. Weakness, laziness, delicacy. Passions and addictions. Blind animal instincts. Immoral lifestyle.

29 ° – 30 ° (209 ° – 210 °) Degree Libra Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Overconfidence. Analytic skills. Insight. Reassessment of spiritual values. Chastity. Spiritual maturity. Spiritual purity. Mediuminess. When choosing friends and a marriage partner, you should only be guided by your own criteria.

If damaged. Indifference to oneself and to others. Danger of premature violent death due to fake friends or betrayal. Loss of personal freedom and independence. Isolation possible.

Libra Stars

Influence of fixed stars in Libra Zodiac

The star Vindemiatrix has the properties of Saturn and Mercury.

  • Conjunction with the Ascendant or Meridian – concentration on one thing, favorable for businessmen, architects and builders.
  • Conjunction with Mars – intelligence, sarcasm, a tendency to polemics.

Vindemiatrix in conjunction with Mars – from the satirist Maximilian Garden, from the philosopher Ludwig Klages (the founder of graphological science), from the politician and statesman Friedrich Ebert (the first president of West Germany); with the Sun – from Mahatma Gandhi and Hindenburg; with Mercury – from the actor Vico Torriani.

The star Vindemiatrix was at 9 ° 16 ‘in 1950, at 9 ° 31’ in 1970, and at 9 ° 48 ‘in Libra in 1990.

The star Algorab has the properties of Saturn-Mars. Creates barriers, obstacles, restrictions, failures, losses, bad luck, hostility. Accident, fall, overthrow, suicide.

  • Conjunction with Mars, Moon or Stellium – an accident, physical injury.
  • Conjunction with the Ascendant – in the horoscope of Franz Joseph I; with Uranus – Neptune – Moon – by the Austrian poet Georg Trakl.

The star Algorab in 1950 was at 12 ° 45 ‘, in 1970 – at 13 ° 02’, and in 1990 – at 13 ° 19 ‘of Libra.

The Spica star has the properties of Venus and Mars. Favors scientists, people of art, especially musicians, writers, artists, painters, sculptors, etc.

  • Conjunction with the Ascendant, Meridian, Jupiter – scientific mindset, professionalism, wealth, luck.
  • Conjunction with malevolent planets – after a professional takeoff, the loss of what has been achieved, often with a tragic ending.
  • Conjunction with Venus or Mars – increased sexuality, the ability to sublimate sexual energy into creative.

Spica in conjunction with the Ascendant – in the horoscope of pilot Immelman; with Mars – for pilots Kehl and Ernst Heinkel; with the Ascending Node – Edison; with Meridian – from Hermann Hesse; with Jupiter – Thomas Mann and Brahms.

The star Spica was at 23 ° 08 ‘in 1950, at 23 ° 25’ in 1970, and at 23 ° 42 ‘in Libra in 1990.

The star Arcturus has the properties of Jupiter and Mars. Restoration of justice by the method of force, violence, coercion.

  • Conjunction with Jupiter and Mars – enterprise, vigor, long-term success, aggressiveness, tendency to confrontation.

In longitude, the distance between Spica and Arcturus is small, in latitude it is significant. In mutual action, Spica’s influence dominates.

The star Arcturus in 1950 was at 23 ° 32 ‘, in 1970 – at 23 ° 49’, and in 1990 – at 24 ° 06 ‘of Libra.

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