Leo Zodiac

July 23 – August 23

  • Sign. Male (positive), fiery, fixed.
  • Governor. The sun.
  • Exaltation. Pluto and Mars retrograde.
  • Axil. Uranus and retrograde Saturn.
  • Fall. Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Constitution associated with Leo Zodiac. Athletic, full with age. The upper body is more developed than the lower one. Broad, strong shoulders, powerful chest. The arms are stronger than the legs. The face is oval, the forehead is high, convex. The eyebrows are often tousled. The chin is pronounced. The eyes are bulging, blue, gray or blue. Hair is light brown or golden, less often dark, often wavy. Posture is straight. The gait is energetic, the movements are fast.

Temperament associated with Leo Zodiac. Slightly choleric, with a strong sense of dignity.

Positive traits of character and disposition associated with Leo Zodiac. Pride, self-confidence, nobility, indulgence, generosity, ambition, self-esteem, decisiveness, passion, courage, courage, fearlessness, loyalty, devotion, honesty, openness, conscientiousness, hard work, efficiency, eloquence.

Negative character traits associated with Leo Zodiac. Arrogance, conceit, arrogance, insolence, despotism, tyranny, imperiousness, bombast, vanity, nervousness, cruelty, ruthlessness, betrayal, conceit, ostentatiousness, ostentatiousness, love of splendor and luxury.

Weak points of the body associated with Leo Zodiac. Left eye for women, right eye for men, upper back, heart, aorta, cardiovascular system, back, spine, spinal cord, ribs, spleen, diaphragm, arterial circulation.

Diseases associated with Leo Zodiac. The aforementioned organs and parts of the body, inflammation, diseases of the pleura and peritoneum, osteochondrosis, fainting, cardiac disorders.

Metal. Gold.

Minerals. For the talisman – rock crystal. Generally: diamond, ruby, chrysoberyl, gold quartz, beryl, jasper, hyacinth, chrysolite. Specificity: for those born from July 24 to August 2 – amber; from 3 to 12 August – heliotrope, topaz; August 13 – 23 – Ruby, Fan, Heliotrope.

Flora associated with Leo Zodiac. Anemone, anise, goldfish, chamomile, mint, olive, mistletoe, primrose, lavender, white capital letter, yellow lily, poppy, saffron, rosemary, heliotrope, chrysanthemum, elderberry, woodlice, potatoes, eggplant, zucchini, beans, onion, garlic, celery, cabbage, dill, parsley, peas, oats, cucumbers, peanuts, rye, cocoa, sunflower, wheat, hawthorn, cherry, oak, palm.

Fauna associated with Leo Zodiac. Lion, deer, falcon, swan, rooster, eagle, predators.

Microelements. Magnesium phosphate, phosphorus.

Numbers. 1, 4, 9.

Day. Sunday.

Colour. Purplish red and yellow green.

Countries and regions. France, Italy, Sicily, Alps, Bohemia, Romania, Sudan, California.

Cities. Chicago, Philadelphia, Bombay, Damascus, Portsmouth, Bristol, Baden-Baden, Koblenz, Ulm, Creme, Cremona, Rome, Ravenna, Prague.

Leo Personality

Leos are innate leaders. Excellent organizers and leaders who enjoy authority among the people of their profession, who have a high prestige and reputation in the world around them. Powerful character, passionate temperament, rich nature. The desire to be always in sight – “to sparkle and rule.”

Leo’s love for power is easily perceived by the environment. People are attracted by their brightness, passion, ability to captivate with their idea and take responsibility. All actions and actions are aimed at ensuring their own safety, and their main driving force is feelings. The main thing for them is fame, honors, titles, awards, great deeds, popularity and fame. For Leo, the most difficult thing is to submit to the will of another person. They will never act against their own will, their own views, beliefs, worldview, or put up with a secondary position in society, with the role of an extra on the stage of life. They strive forward and upward in achieving social heights and certain material wealth. Leos always try to act according to a predetermined plan, putting all their energy into the business. True,

Every Leo has tremendous inner strengths deep in his soul, and if they can be awakened, then he is capable of any feat. Excessive vanity, lack of tact and psychological instinct breed mistakes and blunders. Leos are quite naive and even infantile, so they easily fall into various traps.

When communicating with people who are under the strong influence of the sign of Leo, remember that they love to be noted and appreciated for their activities. Therefore, you cannot ignore their appearance, ideas, abilities and have time to praise them in time. But in business conversations, one should speak specifically, in a businesslike manner, adhering to the essence of the matter and openly speaking about the positive or negative aspects of the problem under discussion. Leos can often appear harsh, rude, even vulgar. But in reality they are very good-natured, they know their job well. To persuade them, logical proofs, “living” facts, convincing arguments are required. Violence, coercion, submission to them are contraindicated.

Leos are subject to those professions where you can use inventive and rationalization abilities, a quick response to external stimuli. The Lions realize their craving for leadership in public service, especially in the army and navy. Lions are leaders of all ranks, from theater director to president of a large concern. They achieve considerable success in the sciences related to mechanics, machines and devices. Lviv can often be found among jewelers and gunsmiths. But they achieve the brightest heights in the art world, especially on the stage, stage, literary field or in the field of cinema. Since they are by nature more artists than scientists, they simply need applause, praise, approval and recognition.

All Leos have a hobby. They love nature, animals. They have strong feelings of guardianship and patronage, so they often provide assistance to the unfortunate and needy. Lions are renowned for their hospitality, generosity and extravagance. They are able to throw a “feast for the whole world.”

As friends and companions, they are more loyal than partners in love and marriage. Their decisions and promises are not always reliable, since their feelings rule over reason. Cravings for the opposite sex and a loose lifestyle, inconsistency and disorder in relationships can eventually lead to loneliness and poverty. But in critical situations, Leos never lose their prudence and their natural cheerfulness.

leo man

Leo Man

The Leo man has a great need to have superiority over others, to be the “first guy” in the village. He has high requirements for life, for a love partner, although he makes concessions to himself. The Leo man will never be content with what has been achieved, he constantly strives for a higher position, recognition and glory. From an early age, he looks at the world from his bell tower and wants to be admired, approved of his actions, considered a hero, and dreams of achievements, titles and awards.

The Leo man is an intelligent, picky, large-scale man. He has a lot of grandiose ideas and plans (sometimes quite crazy), for the implementation of which a huge investment of money is required. This often pushes him to a compromise with his conscience, he is even able to part with his girlfriend and marry a wealthy widow, just to get his way.

Leo men are painfully experiencing material difficulties, insufficient attention to their personality and disregard for their authority. They adore luxury, comfort, rich home furnishings, beautiful women and beautiful, expensive things. But this requires a lot of money. If marriage to a rich widow disappears, then this means that you will have to work yourself, and very hard, and besides, also earn extra money on the side in order to at least partially realize your royal plans.

The well-known openness and generosity of the Leo man often serves as a bait for numerous friends, girlfriends, buddies and drinking companions. And since friends are often chosen indiscriminately, Leo can become a victim of his careless and casual acquaintances. Especially one must beware of flattery.

Male Leos are very passionate and temperamental. Taking care of women, they talk a lot about themselves, their capabilities and advantages. If a Leo man is truly interested in someone, he becomes a real seducer and an ardent lover. But at the same time keeping all your old habits and attachments. Before deciding to marry, they weigh it for a long time, so they often marry of convenience. A marriage partner must match not only his material ambitions, but also his temperament. Leo men demand a lot from others, but they themselves are ready to give a lot in return. Leo’s wife should remember that a Leo husband should never be humiliated in front of others, otherwise she risks being left without a husband.

leo woman

Leo Woman

Leo women are great housewives, wonderful spouses and loving mothers. As the sun gives everyone its rays, so these women give their heartfelt warmth without demanding any gratitude for it. They love life and society. They want to grow and bloom right in front of everyone. They are cheerful and resilient, decent and active, and this is their strength and power. Often they go to self-sacrifice for the good of someone or something. This is done when their lives are clouded by “sunspots” followed by storms, grief and disappointment.

Self-confidence and inner pride strengthen and raise self-esteem, creating a special prestige for them in the outside world and an excellent reputation in society. In difficult times, healthy optimism comes to their aid and rescues them.

Despite the fact that before marriage they were surrounded by a whole crowd of fans, casual relationships here do not have fruitful soil. Of course, they love to flirt, but they try to maintain chastity until marriage, not succumbing to random temptations. In men, they are very picky and quickly fight back an unwanted boyfriend.

Love intrigues occupy mainly the first third of the life of Lionesses, when they generously give their love to those who deserve it or need it. The second third is already bringing the first losses and losses, the first disappointments. And only at the end of life, calmly looking back at the path traveled, evaluating the results of the abundant investment of their sincere, once ardent and passionate feelings, they understand how much they have given to someone, how deeply they have made someone happy, and many are simply not understood and did not fully appreciate. And it seems to them that they lived like a fertile apple tree, which at times was devastated by its rightful owner and owner, and at times robbed by a passing vagrant or robber.

Leo women bravely and steadfastly fight for their existence, for the existence of their children and loved ones, whom they do not leave or leave under any circumstances, to whom they remain faithful and devoted until the end of their lives. The first true love, like an icon of the Mother of God in a golden frame, accompanies them to the grave, to the grave. The rest of the men easily and forever fade from memory.

We will no longer find “wild lionesses” among our contemporaries. All of them are tamed and curbed in advance either in schools and boarding schools, or in universities and institutes, where they become completely domesticated and even tame.

Their innate intelligence and prudence, real outlook on life, practicality and efficiency are often aimed at taking the position of a leader, boss or manager. And here they show themselves no worse than their male counterparts.

Leo Decanate

Leo Decanate

In addition to the general characteristics, you should get acquainted with some specifics of the Leo sign.

Lions, born from July 24 to August 4, are noble, responsive, inspiring confidence, although there are manifestations of despotism. They are demanding of themselves and others, do not forgive mistakes and mistakes. In communicating with others, they appreciate and understand humor, are capable of a reasonable and consistent arrangement of life, minute weaknesses are not for them. They usually have literary talent. In professional life, they enjoy authority and a good reputation. Of these, those born on July 24 and 25 are very restrained and self-controlled in various circumstances.

Lions, born July 26 to August 3, are benevolent, affable, courteous, and loyal in friendship. They don’t need much to be happy. They are content with what they have and appreciate what they have. They have an enviable inner calmness and rare optimism. True, loneliness has a depressing effect on them, they need a circle of relatives and friends, friends and acquaintances. Subordinates are treated strictly, even harshly, although they themselves can work “carelessly.”

Lions, born from August 4 to 13, are noble, magnanimous, capable of compassion and mercy, forgiving the mistakes and mistakes of others. They are receptive and very impressionable, subject to various whims, quirks, hysteria, conceit, which leads to a loss of self-confidence and self-deception. They are whimsical, picky, which is why they often lose friends, which brings them a lot of suffering. In love, they rarely feel satisfaction, although Leos serve as a reliable support for their partners, especially in difficult moments of life. Many of them have organizational and artistic talent, love of philosophy and the humanities, they make good artists.

Born August 14-23, Lions are excellent organizers who achieve success and have a brilliant career, especially in the military. They are self-confident, determined and hardworking. They have an innate leadership talent and creativity. Musical and artistic gift. The search for extraordinary ideal love and great discrimination do not allow them to start a family for a long time.

Interpretation of Leo Decanate

1st Leo Decanate: 0 ° – 10 °

Ruler Sun.

Literary talent. The ability to defend your point of view, point of view, physical and spiritual freedom. Caution, vigilance. With severe damage, cruelty, severity, unhealthy pride, suspicion, lack of self-confidence. The work is low-paid, not prestigious. Poverty is not uncommon. Often unsuccessful family life, absence or loss of children. Chronic diseases are possible. Special attention is paid to the position of Saturn in the horoscope.

2nd Leo Decanate: 10 ° – 20 °

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune retrograde.

Nobility, generosity, humanity, benevolence, honesty, decency. Feelings of compassion and mercy. Indulgence in the mistakes and blunders of others. Eloquence. Musical and artistic talent. Business success, successful financial transactions. Happy marriage, the possibility of inheritance. In case of damage – excessive conceit, conceit, mistakes, delusions, sometimes irreparable. Pay attention to the position of Jupiter in the horoscope.

3rd Leo Decanate: 20 ° – 30 °

The rulers are Mars and retrograde Pluto.

Entrepreneurship, efficiency, good organizational skills, striving for leadership and power over people. Free thinking, independence, heroism, the ability to take risks. Generosity. Success in business, especially in the military field. By the end of life, wealth. Perhaps an inheritance. Love of travel and travel. When damaged, there are many enemies, but in the fight against them, he gains spiritual strength. Carefully analyze the position of Mars in the horoscope.

5 degree range of the sign of Leo

0 ° – 5 ° (+)

Average growth. The body is firm, well-built. Perfect facial features. Brown hair.

Distinctive features: courage, courage, domination, bombast, but great attraction.

5 ° – 10 ° (-)

Average growth. The skin is clean. The eyes and hair are light.

Distinctive features: nobility, generosity, kindness, benevolence, diligence, patience, external attractiveness.

10 ° – 15 ° (-)

Height is below average. The face is pale, painful. The eyes and hair are dark.

Distinctive features: nobility, generosity, hard work, efficiency, indefatigability. Frankness and goodwill.

15 ° – 20 ° (+)

Height is high. The figure is slim. The face is pale, the forehead is well shaped. Hair blonde.

Distinctive features: tact, ingenuity.

20 ° – 25 ° (+)

Average growth. The figure is well proportioned. Full face. A sharp look.

Distinctive features: honesty, conscientiousness, sincerity, directness, nobility, impassivity.

25 ° – 30 ° (-)

Average growth. The figure is slim. Short legs. The eyes and hair are dark.

Distinctive features: tact, nobility, sincerity, impulsiveness.

Leo Degree

Leo Degree Interpretation

0 ° – 1 ° (120 ° – 121 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

The character is proud, full of confidence and dignity. Energy, enterprise, courage, self-confidence, generosity, generosity, free-thinking, self-control, insight, ambition, vanity, desire to always be the first. Professional success, power over others. Leading and command positions.

It is often manifested in athletes and professional hunters, people of art or those who love public shows, as well as in frivolous people who love pleasure, pleasure (Ascendant, Meridian, Sun, Moon, Stellium).

If damaged. Accidents, injuries, falling or being overthrown. Often suicidal tendencies, premature death through treason, betrayal.

1 ° – 2 ° (121 ° – 122 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Venus and Chiron.

Strong sensitivity. Inclination to solitude and isolation. Extraordinary ability for art. Creativity in the field of applied arts, design, craft. Lots of travel, travel and change. Happiness is changeable.

If damaged. Increased irritability, resentment, weakness, powerlessness. Danger to life from collapse, disaster, shipwreck. Often early death, sometimes violent. Danger from water (negative aspect of the sun or moon).

2 ° – 3 ° (122 ° – 123 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Will, high intelligence, deep self-awareness. Spiritual freedom, independence. Reaching a high social level. Inspiration, often literary talent and gift of eloquence.

If damaged. Lack of vitality and energy. Strong passions can drown out the voice of conscience. Unhealthy imagination, inconsistency, insecurity, hectic lifestyle, infantilism, internal contradictions. Loss of hope. Sometimes the loss of a loved one, loneliness at the end of life.

3 ° – 4 ° (123 ° – 124 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Diplomacy, flexibility of mind, ability to adapt, prudence, vigilance, prudence. Perseverance, persistence, dedication, purposefulness. Practicality, sleight of hand, entrepreneurial spirit, business and commercial success. Ability to achieve the goal in roundabout ways. A loyal friend, a devoted like-minded person, but an insidious enemy. Good taste, striving for beauty. The ability for self-development. Often religiosity or inclination towards mysticism, occult sciences or social activities. The greatest success is in the diplomatic service.

If damaged. Distrust, cunning, cunning. Irritability, resentment. Danger to life from water and while traveling.

4 ° – 5 ° (124 ° – 125 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

Intelligence. Independence. The ability to make a career. Perseverance, persistence, endurance, endurance. Caution, vigilance. Striving for science, technology, research work. Success in literary activity. Introspection, the ability to use the experience of the past. The growth of subconscious powers, extrasensory abilities. Craving for the occult sciences.

If damaged. Physical disabilities due to chronic illness or accident. Increased selfishness, cunning, cunning, cunning, eternal discontent. Severe attacks of jealousy leading to family discord. Emigration is possible.

5 ° – 6 ° (125 ° – 126 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Great physical and spiritual strength. Activity, enterprise, perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance, patience, courage, courage, composure, self-control. Extraordinary character, special mission. Self-awareness, the ability to use the experiences of the past. Glory, honors and awards in the military field (Pluto, Mars).

If damaged. Eye diseases (Sun, Moon). Danger to life from accident, explosion, fire, fire (Mars). Suicide or premature death of a violent nature or by court order.

Conjunction with the star Presep (Nursery). It is a bad omen if the Ascendant, Meridian, Sun, Moon or Stellium are here. Danger of injury to the head and eyes (Ascendant, weak moon). Loss of a marriage partner, miscarriages, abortions, death of children (Sun). Premature death due to accident (Pluto).

6 ° – 7 ° (126 ° – 127 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Pluto and Mars retrograde.

Royal degree.

Potential will, self-confidence, inexhaustible Martian energy, courage, courage, optimism, great inner strength, craving for risky activities. Ability to translate ideas, plans and intentions into concrete actions. Power over people, clear superiority, great attractiveness, politeness, courtesy, honesty, conscientiousness, generosity, hospitality, willingness to help someone who needs it. The ability to achieve a high position. Creative energy, vivid self-expression. Often strong affection for loved ones and relatives, especially for brothers and sisters.

If damaged. Eye diseases, blindness. Possible shipwreck.

Conjunction with the star Manger (Presepa). See the description of the previous degree.

Conjunction with the star Asellus North. Without injury – patience, charity, courage, risky activities, heroic deeds, fame, military career.

7 ° – 8 ° (127 ° – 128 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Fiery temperament, good intellectual ability, intuition. Strong passions. Perseverance, persistence, endurance, endurance. Interest in technology, striving for everything new, progressive.

If damaged. Selfishness, lack of logic. Treason, betrayal in marriage, in the family. Often ear diseases. Anemia (Uranus).

8 ° – 9 ° (128 ° – 129 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Venus and Chiron.

The critical degree is 8 ° 24’28 ” – 8 ° 35’44 ”.

Ambition, diplomacy, vivid self-expression, self-affirmation. Nobility, generosity, frankness, generosity, love of freedom, charm, attractiveness, good understanding of people. Disclosure, development and flowering of spiritual and creative powers. Love for the world of art, any of its forms and genres, as well as passion for philosophical and religious issues, social and political problems. Often a prominent social position.

If damaged. Unhealthy arrogance, arrogance, vanity, ambivalence, a tendency to outward splendor and luxury, pleasure, alcohol, drugs. Sybarism, an immoral lifestyle.

Conjunction with the star South Asellus. Unfavorable connection. Recklessness, recklessness, danger from four-legged animals, especially from horses and bulls. An accident with a tragic outcome, in milder cases – a fall or emotional stress (Uranus). Often murder or suicide. But also the ability to sublimate negative energy into creative.

9 ° – 10 ° (129 ° – 130 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Destructive degree.

Fortitude of spirit, intransigence, self-confidence, diplomacy, the ability to adapt to the right people, things, circumstances, without prejudice to oneself, to yield to the enemy in the struggle and to compromise. Lightness in everything, but superficial shine. Medicine brings success.

If damaged. Cunning, slyness, prudence, pride, pessimism. Physical defects or poor health, a vicious lifestyle, disappointment in their creative powers and capabilities. Danger of collapse, fall or overthrow. Fear too risky activities. Premature violent death.

10 ° – 11 ° (130 ° – 131 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Professional authority, good reputation in society. Internal strife, emotional outbursts, obsession. High sexual potential, strong sense of motherhood. Loyalty to tradition.

If damaged. Excessive sensuality, passion, self-humiliation, loss of honor. Many unpleasant changes. Heavy oppression of memories and revelations. Difficult death of loved ones. Collapsed, unfulfilled hopes can leave severe mental consequences.

11 ° – 12 ° (131 ° – 132 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

Fortitude, independence. External elegance, frankness. Ability to keep a certain distance between yourself and others. External shyness and shyness with a lot of craving for the opposite sex. Benevolence creates an irresistible force of attraction. Love for the world of art. Great interest in material values. Often popularity from an early age, fame and honor after death. Tendency to patronage, ability to care. The desire to help others. A good social and material situation is achieved, as a rule, thanks to loyal friends and devoted like-minded people or thanks to a successful and profitable marriage. The accumulated wealth is preserved and multiplied. But it also happens: “there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped.”

If damaged. Painful caution, discretion, vigilance, often caused by the specifics of the work. Possibility of premature death.

12 ° – 13 ° (132 ° – 133 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Choleric temperament, restlessness, Strength, inner maturity. Quite often the rejection of the usual way of life, voluntary seclusion. Poet’s talent (Sun, Mercury and Venus). Scientist talent (Mercury, Uranus and Chiron).

If damaged. Strong materialism. Chronic diseases, mental disorders. Risk of premature death of a violent nature or suicide.

Conjunction with the star Cohab. Suicide (damaged sun).

Conjunctions with the star Akubens (Sertan). Irritability, resentment, eccentricity, imbalance (Sun, Mars, Uranus). Disappointments, ordeals, misadventures, heavy emotional distress, anxiety, loss, enmity, quarrels, deception, cheating or self-deception (Saturn).

13 ° – 14 ° (133 ° – 134 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Pluto and Mars retrograde.

Potential will, inexhaustible “Martian” energy, activity to the point of aggressiveness, great power of suggestion, hypnosis, power over the public, audience, crowd. Kindness, benevolence, a strong sense of compassion and mercy, dedication, self-sacrifice. An inventive mind, a penchant for idealism. Interest in mysticism, occult and secret sciences. In most cases, well-being is created by someone else’s hands thanks to various well-wishers, guardians, sponsors, patrons of the arts.

If damaged. Vivid self-expression, a tendency to external brilliance and window dressing, a secular lifestyle. Outbursts of lust for power and aggression. Unrestrained craving for change. Self-affirmation by any means – permissible and unlawful. Loss of property and fortune through their own fault. Risk of premature violent death or suicide.

14 ° – 15 ° (134 ° – 135 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Inner strength and energy, prudence, self-confidence, self-affirmation, nobility, generosity, ambition, vanity, courage, love for risky activities, diligence, diligence, duality, vivid self-expression.

If damaged. A dissolute life due to an excessive love of pleasure. Manias, fears. Possible fall or overthrow.

Conjunction with the star Dubhe. Mars and Saturn give great destructive power here. This is especially indicative in the horoscopes of heads of state and dictators.

15 ° – 16 ° (135 ° – 136 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Venus and Chiron.

The cleansing power of suffering contributes to the deliverance of a person from mental tension or from silent indifference. A loyal friend and devoted like-minded person or a cruel enemy and insidious enemy. Recognition of generally accepted cultural values ​​and the achievement of social benefits. This degree brings many changes and changes, mostly favorable.

If damaged. Excessive sensitivity, emotionality, stubbornness, obstinacy, self-will, willfulness, conceit, conceit. Often – the immaturity of the mind and bad manners of the soul, often – boasting, arrogance, cynicism, alcoholism, drug addiction, sybarism or prostitution.

16 ° – 17 ° (136 ° – 137 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance, patience, hard work, efficiency. Intelligence, honesty, the ability to realize high goals in concrete deeds, to complete big deeds, big events. Often long trips, business trips or long business trips. An opportunity to earn worldwide fame, fame abroad.

If damaged. Living only for oneself and one’s own good or an obviously immoral lifestyle.

17 ° – 18 ° (137 ° – 138 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Strong, deep, rich inner world. Outstanding mind. Research and inventive spirit. Great hard work and efficiency. Often a penchant for mysticism, medicine, philosophical and religious issues. Often, by middle age, the achievement of fame, fame, recognition.

If damaged. Excessive cunning, cunning, passion for personal enrichment. Care is required in handling equipment and various devices. The possibility of injury due to their own rashness.

18 ° – 19 ° (138 ° – 139 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

Calm disposition, restraint, self-control, nobility, generosity, activity, energy, chastity. Aesthetic inclinations. Love for art, for everything beautiful and graceful. Ability for medicine. Craving for education, self-education, mysticism.

If damaged. Strong selfishness, greed, envy. Painful pride, self-esteem, conceit. Disregard of other people’s opinions. Exposure to outside criticism. Loss of authority and respect from others. Mighty enemies and adversaries among relatives. Often lack of humor and tact. You should beware of diseases of the spine, scoliosis, as well as insanity.

Conjunction with the star Merak . Strength, energy. Striving for domination. Success in endeavors (Sun, Mars, Pluto).

19 ° – 20 ° (139 ° – 140 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Honesty, decency, conscientiousness, perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance, patience, nobility, generosity, sober thinking, eloquence, strong intuition, rich imagination, vivid, vivid imagination. The growth of mental potential and subconscious forces. Good education, ability to achieve a high social level. Acquaintance and friendship with influential and high-ranking officials. Long trips and long journeys. Often there is interest in medicine, science, cultural and educational or philosophical and religious issues.

If damaged. Cunning, cunning, aggressiveness, deceit, rebelliousness. Many life mistakes and misses. Wasted strength and energy.

20 ° – 21 ° (140 ° – 141 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Pluto and Mars retrograde.

Talented nature. Nobility, generosity, mental activity, strong intuition, excellent memory, foresight, insight. The ability to analyze, knowledge of the laws of life and nature. Great power of influence on people, audience, crowd. Striving for power. Love for armchair studies. Often success in medicine and in the diplomatic field.

If damaged. Wandering in the labyrinths of your own soul.

Conjunction with the star Ras Elazed. Mental superiority over others (Ascendant). Entrepreneurship Ability (Sun). Political career (Moon, Uranus). Artistic talent (Venus). Severe mental states, depression, suicide (Saturn, Neptune).

21 ° – 22 ° (141 ° – 142 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

The critical degree is 21 ° 25’44 ” – 21 ° 26’48 ” .

Organizer and leader talent. Expanding the spiritual horizon, accelerating the growth of mental and subconscious forces. The greatest success is foreshadowed in medicine and in the military field.

If damaged. Lightheadedness, frivolity, carelessness, carelessness, excessive cunning, slyness. Weakness, naivete to infantilism. An enemy to yourself. Lack of caution and discretion. Insults, insults. Poor health, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Possibility of criminal offenses. Danger to life, premature violent death, suicide. The threat of becoming a victim of an assassination attempt.

22 ° – 23 ° (142 ° – 143 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Venus and Chiron.

Strength of mind, self-control, self-control, the art of concentrating thoughts on one thing. Outward brilliance, window dressing, skillful self-expression, great diplomatic ability, inner harmony, strong intuition, ostentatious benevolence. Power over people. Great attraction, personal charm. Many friends, acquaintances, admirers, adepts, especially among people of the opposite sex. The opportunity to become the leader of a large movement, the founder of a social or political grouping, society or philosophical school.

If damaged. Duplicity, the ability to serve both yours and ours, secrecy. Fall or overthrow, crime or suicide.

23 ° – 24 ° (143 ° – 144 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Courage, caution, prudence, vigilance. A sense of duty, responsibility. Depth of mind, ingenuity. Modesty, cordiality, benevolence, responsiveness, active and strenuous activity, the ability for long and hard work. High spirituality to self-sacrifice. Loyalty to friends and family, loyalty to like-minded people. Success and prosperity.

If damaged. Great cunning and cunning, internal contradictions, discrepancy between desires and possibilities.

24 ° – 25 ° (144 ° – 145 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Potential will, self-control, self-control. Encyclopedic knowledge. A prophetic gift. Passionate and lively nature. Seduction of the opposite sex.

If damaged. Often imbalance, inconstancy. Immoral lifestyle, alcoholism, drug addiction, sybarism, prostitution. Perhaps a crime followed by suicide. Risk of early death from drowning or chemical poisoning. Fall or overthrow. Murder is possible.

25 ° – 26 ° (145 ° – 146 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

Diligence, efficiency, inspiration, inspiration, originality, life wisdom, steadfastness, perseverance, high professionalism, respect for the surrounding world, high intelligence, strong intuition, power of suggestion, insight, firmness, modesty, caution, foresight, power over others. Conscious rejection of “materialism” and various excesses opens the way to spiritual rebirth and immortality. All taken together brings success in the world of science and favorite hobby. Often success in occult and secret sciences, including astrology.

If damaged. It is often risky and dangerous work requiring high vigilance. The threat to get bogged down in the swamp of alcoholism and drug addiction. Problems in love and marriage. The danger of divorce.

26 ° – 27 ° (146 ° – 147 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Potential spirituality, creativity. Ability to translate ideas into deeds. A brilliant career is achieved either through a happy occasion, or with the help of dignitaries, highly intelligent friends and like-minded people. Quite often the fight against the underworld, but with varying success. Often interest in occult and secret sciences, in astrology, where success is possible.

If damaged. Extreme situations. Threat to become a victim of a crime (Mars, Saturn, Pluto). The ability to become a killer, crushing and sweeping away everything in its path (pronounced sign of Scorpio, Mars, Uranus). Swelling or goiter.

Conjunction with the star Alphard. Blood poisoning, poisoning with gas, drugs, delicacies, nicotine or drugs, including violent. Bites of snakes and other venomous reptiles and insects, a mad dog (Ascendant, Meridian, Sun, Moon, Mars or Neptune). Rape, murder (Uranus). Death by suffocation (conjunction with Meridian). In the relationship between love and marriage partners, something “poisonous” is possible.

27 ° – 28 ° (147 ° – 148 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Pluto and Mars retrograde.

Talent, courtesy, sociability, honesty, decency, conscientiousness, benevolence. Mental activity. The power of suggestion and hypnosis. Convincing eloquence. Love for the occult and secret sciences. Success is achieved in sports arenas as well as in astrology. Happy family life. Wealth and happiness come through friends and well-wishers, patrons and patrons, sponsors.

If damaged. Aggressiveness. Violent tendencies. Risk of injury and paralysis.

28 ° – 29 ° (148 ° – 149 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Courage, courage, courage, bravery, politeness, benevolence, popularity. Striving for everything new, progressive, unknown. Harmony, harmony, luck, luck, happiness in family life. The end of life will be peaceful and calm. High social level. The greatest success is expected in the exact sciences, especially in mathematics, in applied sciences, in astronomy and astrology. Success in life and wealth (Jupiter and Mars).

If damaged. Kidney disease, paralysis. Risk of falling or being overthrown. Premature early death or suicide.

Conjunction with the star Regulus. Nobility, generosity, sincerity, cordiality, courage, courage, courage, bravery. Regulus gives the best readings if the Ascendant, Meridian, Sun, Moon, Jupiter or Mercury are in this degree. On Meridian Regulus gives a high social position, close ties with the authorities, with respected and famous people. Regulus with Jupiter bring great success in life, responsible high positions, fame and honors, titles and awards, wealth, and unexpected ones. In mundane horoscopes, Mars and Saturn at this degree bring coups d’état, revolutions, uprisings, acts of terrorism, coups, riots, demonstrations, rallies and riots.

29 ° – 30 ° (149 ° – 150 °) Degree Leo Zodiac

Rulers Venus and Chiron.

Potential will and deep, all-encompassing mind. Bold and mature judgments. The desire to penetrate the essence of the matter or the basis of nature and the Universe. Success in the implementation of original and original ideas and plans related to research and experimental work, as well as in sports and literary activities.

If damaged. Excessive criticism. Dependence on other people. Impotence, frigidity (Venus, Moon).

Conjunction with the star Regulus – see the previous degree.

Conjunction with Phekda’s star. If there are malicious planets here, it portends a “sea of ​​blood”. Conjunction with Neptune, Moon, Venus or Mars indicates pathological sexuality.

Leo stars

Influence of fixed stars in Leo Zodiac

Star cluster manger has the properties of the Moon, Mars and Neptune bit. Negatively affects the head and eyes. The manger is a cluster of stars in the constellation Cancer. This part of the zodiac has long been considered to carry a bad omen. The Chinese called this group of stars “ancestral spirits” and believed that if a person has a connection of the Manger with the Moon, then he may have special experiences associated with the kingdom of the “dead”.

Conjunction with a weak moon – increased susceptibility to infectious diseases, a tendency to gluttony, alcohol and drugs. If it is also in a negative aspect, there is a serious danger to vision.

Conjunction with malevolent planets – complete blindness (especially if the Nursery is in tau-square with Mars and Uranus). Many soldiers with the corresponding aspectrium in their horoscopes were blinded during the first and second world wars.

Conjunction with Neptune – pursuing spiritualism.

Nursery in conjunction with the Sun – Jacqueline Kennedy, who had several miscarriages, one child died on the second day after birth, her husband John was killed, and marriage to Onassis was unsuccessful; with the Sun and Mercury – with Mussolini, his fate is known to us; with Jupiter and in square with Saturn – with Dr. Schumacher, secretary of the Social Democratic Party of Germany; with the Ascendant – with the philosopher Karl Jaspers, he suffered from a serious illness all his life.

The nursery in 1950 was at 6 ° 34 ‘, in 1970 – at 6 ° 55’, and in 1990 – at 7 ° 12 ‘of Leo.

The star North Asellus has the properties of the Sun and Mars. With good aspects, it favors the military, contributes to their promotion. With bad aspects, it affects negatively, creating vision problems, up to blindness. Indicates an accident on the water – shipwreck, drowning.

The star Asellus North was at 6 ° 50 ‘in 1950, at 7 ° 07’ in 1970, and at 7 ° 24 ‘in Leo in 1990.

The star South Asellus has the properties of the Sun and Mars, bringing belligerence, recklessness, recklessness, creates a threat to life, which forces people to use any means of self-defense.

  • Conjunction with Ascendant, Meridian, Sun or Mars has a beneficial effect.
  • Conjunction with Ascendant – danger from large quadrupeds, especially from horses and bulls.
  • Conjunction with Uranus – strong emotional stress, an accident with a tragic outcome.

Southern Asellus conjunct Mars – by Heinrich Himmler; with the Sun – by Henry Ford; with the Moon – at Marlene Dietrich and Lenin.

The star Asellus South in 1950 was at 8 ° 01 ‘, in 1970 – at 8 ° 18’, and in 1990 – at 8 ° 35 ‘of Leo.

The star Kohab has the properties of Mars.

Conjunction with damaged Sun – danger of premature death.

The star Kokhab was at 12 ° 37 ‘in 1950, at 12 ° 54’ in 1970, and at 13 ° 11 ‘in Leo.

The star Acubens has the properties of Mars and Saturn, gives imbalance, irritability, resentment, eccentricity. Favors writing and astrology.

  • Conjunction with Mars, Sun or Uranus – mental imbalance, powerlessness.
  • Conjunction with Saturn – hard trials, strong feelings, quarrels, deception, enmity, loss, disappointment. This is especially true for high-ranking officials and politicians.

The star Acubens in 1950 was at 12 ° 56 ‘, in 1970 – at 13 ° 13’, and in 1990 – at 13 ° 30 ‘of Leo.

The star Dubhe has the properties of Mars. Favors astrology and extrasensory perception. The action is especially evident in mundane horoscopes.

  • Conjunction with Saturn is destructive.

Dubhe in conjunction with the Moon – by Mao Zedong; with Saturn – Hitler.

The star Dubhe in 1950 was at 14 ° 27 ‘, in 1970 – at 14 ° 44’, and in 1990 – at 15 ° 03 ‘of Leo.

The star Merak has the properties of Mars.

Conjunction with the Sun, Mars or Neptune – strength, energy, power over others.

Merak in conjunction with the Sun – from the pioneer aeronaut Ekener; from Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society; the scientist Alfred Adler, the founder of individual psychology; with Mars – from Robespierre and Mata Hari.

The star Merak in 1950 was at 18 ° 41 ‘, in 1970 – at 19 ° 01’, and in 1990 – at 19 ° 18 ‘of Leo.

The star Russelazed has the properties of Mars, Saturn and Neptune. Leads to severe mental disorders, depression and can lead to suicide.

  • Conjunction with strong Mars – febrile conditions are possible.
  • Conjunction with Uranus – accidents, catastrophes.
  • Conjunction with the Ascendant is in Bismarck’s horoscope, which determined his superiority in the mental plane over others.

Rasselazed in conjunction with the Sun and Meridian – from the famous industrialist Gottlieb Dutweiler; with the Moon and in square with Jupiter – with Mahatma Gandhi; with Venus and in square with the Moon – by Greta Garbo; with Mercury – by the famous engine designer F. Wankel; with Uranus and in opposition to Saturn – with Rainer Maria Rilke; with Uranus – from Chancellor Adenauer.

The star Raselyazed in 1950 was at 20 ° 00 ‘, in 1970 – at 20 ° 17’, and in 1990 – at 20 ° 34 ‘of Leo.

The star Alphard has the properties of Saturn and, to some extent, Venus and Neptune.

  • Conjunction with the Ascendant, Meridian, Sun, Moon, Mars or Neptune – danger to life: blood poisoning, murder, drowning, poisoning with gas, food or drugs, snake bites, poisonous insects or a rabid dog. Something “poisonous” also manifests itself between partners. This is especially significant in female horoscopes. Legal problems are possible. In material terms, Alphard’s action is almost always unfavorable.
  • Conjunction with Uranus – in the horoscope of Franz Geppert’s wife-killer. He was sentenced to death and executed. The same is in Leo Erichshen’s horoscope. He hypnotized and raped girls. The recidivist killer Denke was a monster. He lured unsuspecting people into his house, killed and ate them. When studying the horoscopes of his victims, Alphard’s conjunction with the Sun and malevolent planets was found in them.

Alphard in conjunction with Meridian – Elsbeth Ebertin; with Uranus – at the doctor and metaphysical scientist Georg Lomer.

The star Alphard was at 26 ° 36 ‘in 1950, at 26 ° 52’ in 1970, and at 27 ° 08 ‘in Leo.

The star Regulus has the properties of Jupiter and Mars. She is called the “royal star” as she gives nobility, sincerity, openness, courage, courage and courage. Regulus in the X field of the horoscope gives astrologers for kings and princes, nobility and people with high social status.

  • Conjunction with Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Jupiter or Mercury – courage and openness.
  • Conjunction with Meridian is a high social position, giving a connection with state authorities and high-ranking officials.
  • Conjunction with Jupiter – steady success, high positions, fame, fame. Power and wealth are often given without much difficulty.
  • Conjunction with Meridian and Sun, Moon or Jupiter favors lawyers and lawyers, clergymen and high-ranking dignitaries, bankers and other representatives of the public service.
  • Conjunction with Mars or Saturn in mundane horoscopes – coups d’états, revolutions, uprisings, terrorist acts or bloody demonstrations. During the transit of Saturn through Regulus, Bismarck resigned as chancellor. The same configuration in November 1918 plus the Aspectrium with Mars and Uranus led to the overthrow of the crowned heads and military leaders, as well as the revolution in Germany.

Regulus conjunct Mercury and square Pluto – in Goethe; with Meridian in aspect with Pluto – by the French king Louis XIV, this exactly corresponds to the “ruler of rigid absolutism”; with Mars and in aspect with Meridian – by Hermann Ehlers, former president of the German Bundestag.

The star Regulus in 1950 was at 29 ° 08 ‘, in 1970 – at 29 ° 25’, and in 1990 – at 29 ° 42 ‘of the Leo sign.

The star Thekda has the properties of Mars with a slight influence from Uranus and Neptune. The action of this star is manifested to a greater extent in mundane horoscopes.

  • Conjunction with malevolent planets causes a “sea of ​​blood”. When the murder of Ferdinand’s heir took place in Sarajevo, the transit Mars passed through Fekda. July 20 – 24, 1927 riots in Vienna (transit Mars again passed through Thekda).
  • Conjunction with Neptune and in aspect with Moon, Venus and Mars is pathological sexuality.

The star Thekda in 1950 was at 29 ° 46 ‘of the sign of Leo, in 1970 – at 0 ° 03’, and in 1990 – at 0 ° 20 ‘of the sign of Virgo.

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