Virgo Horoscope 2021

General characteristics of the year

This year you will be much more motivated, action-oriented, more confident in your own abilities. And this will be largely due to the fact that many of the things you want depend on you in the vast majority of time. However, between May 14 and July 28, Jupiter will enter Pisces for the first time in 12 years, which will bring you new opportunities for collaboration, cooperation or partnerships. Its transit in the sign of Pisces is relatively short this year, but in the following year it will stay almost all year in this sector. The positive side of this is the popularity you will enjoy, the fact that others are attracted to you, they want to be around you and offer you support. You are more open, more optimistic and this is reflected in your behavior. You inspire confidence to others, and you have a sense that everything will work out for you. However, you should bear in mind that this aspect indicates all of the above, but it cancels out the instinct for self-preservation, and often there is a predisposition to have the feeling that you can do much more than your time, resources or energy allows. You are quite focused on your work, you constantly feel the need to do something, to feel useful, to offer support to others and often there will be a tendency to neglect your own needs. There is a risk that others will take advantage of this goodwill and they will not perform their duties because you are there for them. If you continue in this way, you will reach the point where your responsibilities will no longer allow you to get enough rest and this may affect your health.

Three of this year’s eclipses will affect the area of family and career. We will look at these issues in the specific sections, but we will focus on another valence of these sectors – namely emotional security and social relations. This is a particularly important year in terms of your social journey, and you will  need to work out some emotional issues in order to be able to take full advantage of the issues that will be formed in the coming year. Everything that is old and no longer useful must be removed, whether we are talking about emotions, certain relationships or sometimes objects that no longer have their place in your life or that prevent you from moving forward. You will be in a position to choose, and if you realize that your goal is to follow your ideals, you will feel it like a rebirth. On a more concrete level, some past traumas may be updated by current events and you will need to overcome them. You will need to get out of your comfort zone, feel unsafe or vulnerable for a while in order to be able to understand that you do not need a refuge that hinders your development. Two major planets indicate support for this – you will have both great potential for regeneration and release. It’s up to you whether you choose to do so or not.

Those who work or live abroad will have a rather difficult year, both in terms of job and in terms of daily life. There will be a number of blockages, delays, difficulties in adapting. Also, those who want to go abroad can expect such events. Another important aspect is related to the area of daily activities and communication. And in this area things won’t go as smoothly as usual. If you find that you are experiencing blockages, in order to overcome them, you will need to be patient and insistent. Also, old solutions no longer work and will require inventiveness and originality. You will be quite agitated and often you will find it difficult to disconnect and rest. Distractions  and spontaneous events that will interrupt your activity become part of the daily landscape. It will take a lot of mobility, quick responses and adaptability. The environment is much more dynamic. This is why it is important that during the year to take time to rest because you risk exhausting yourself. Your curiosity is high, and you are concerned about topics in various fields. You will carry a special fascination about everything related to foreign cultures, exotic places and other countries. Those studying in higher education will have to be very patient because it will be quite difficult to focus on a single subject. Some may also decide to take a break for work-related reasons. If you decide now to follow some studies to advance professionally, you will feel this as a responsibility that restricts your freedom of movement. It is not impossible, but this year it is a little more difficult for you for the reasons outlined above. It’s all about everyone’s motivation, will and personal ambition.

Mercury, the planet that governs the Virgo zodiac, will be in retrograde motion between January 31 stand and February 21 in Aquarius and will affect the area of work and health, between 30 May and 22 June in Gemini, the sector that for you represents your career, and between September 28 and October 17 in Libra, reflecting on the financial area. For more details we recommend that you read the Retrograde Horoscope. In the case of those marked by Virgo, these retrograde movements are more important than for the other zodiac signs because they indicate personal actions and in general, the effects can be felt in many more situations in daily life.

As a warning, around November 19th, be careful what you sign, in discussions, in traffic and when you work with electronic equipment. There is a risk of spontaneous events that may affect your activity.

Virgo Money Horoscope 2021


From a financial point of view this year will bring a wage increase based on the work done in previous years as well as the possibility of finding a new source of income. For those who have carried out a constant activity in previous years, now will be the time to obtain recognition of their merits that will also be reflected in the income. For others there may also be a chance to increase their income provided they assume long-term responsibilities. The most favorable times in this respect are between February 2nd and February 25th and between May 10th and June 2nd . In the first stage there are additional activities and in the second period mentioned it is about increasing the salary due to the completion of a project, negotiations following results or evaluations. Between January 31st and February 21st, Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius which means that during the first period mentioned it may also be a recalculation in your favor. Between September 28 and October 17, Mercury is retrograde in Libra and it would be advisable not to make major financial decisions, to take care of purchases and the signing of contracts or acts involving payments. For those who own a business, the issue indicates an increase in activity followed by increased revenues. If you follow an expansion plan it will lead to the signing of advantageous contracts in the following year.

Regarding income from other sources – life partner’s salary, loans, inheritances, money obtained from contracts or agreements but also expenses – debts, taxes, taxes, rents, etc., the most important periods of the year are:

Between March 5th and mid-April, there may be a financial influx generated by some transactions of your life partner or business partner, the opportunity to exempt from some taxes or you may receive a bonus. By mid-June, be ware of impulsive expenses. You’d better have an amount of money to rely on during this period because some unexpected expenses may occur. Between June 12 and July 29, you can receive some money in the form of an aid, recovery of old debts, support from some people. Your life partner may benefit from a pay rise that positively affects your family income. Between September 15 and October 30, you have new financial initiatives, you want to reorganize your budget. However, avoid unnecessary expenses. There may be some penalties related to your fees or installments. From mid-December, you will make some purchases related to home and family, the life partner is the one who will enjoy a bonus or additional earnings during this period.

In terms of investment, this year brings some opportunities for gain especially towards the end, but the next year is the one indicated for such financial activities. There are no major expenses highlighted for this year, except for legal situations – if there are lawsuits – or those related to abroad or foreign persons and which can destabilize your budget.

Virgo Love Horoscope 2021


The most obvious changes this year will be related to marriage or partnership or your attitudes towards them. First of all, those who are not married but have been in a relationship for a long time, may think about taking the next step. For most of those in this situation, not this year but the next one will be the one that brings a clear decision in this regard. Those who are not in a serious relationship begin to realize that this is the natural course of evolution, discover new ways to express in a relationship, understand that sentimental relationships are more than to going out for an evening. All of this will crystallize in the next year.

In terms of sentimental relationships, they also tend to have a practical character. There is an internal need at this level to feel that such a relationship also has a potential for development, and that it provides support, that it can lead to personal growth and at the same time has a spontaneous and novel character. Those who aren’t in a relationship can meet people who arouse their interest at work, through work-related activities or online. In this period communication and common interests are extremely important. Even lifestyle, the approach to various daily situations becomes a decisive factor in choosing to involve or not involve in a relationship. What’s interesting is that even though you’re oriented towards compatible people, you don’t want your loved one to react like you to the situations you’re facing or to have the same opinions, you like the idea of having the same interests, but you want a different approach to yours, challenging and giving you the opportunity to debate, to analyze, and why not, when appropriate, to change your opinions or attitudes. You want to do various practical things with your loved one, to share your plans and to enjoy working together.

For those who are married, the life partner can go through a period where he / she reassesses his / her plans and goals, doesn’t necessarily feel comfortable and there are a number of thoughts and worries ethical, moral and material. This will improve between May 14 and July 28 and the situation will be steadier in the coming year. During the period mentioned, family things become more important in your relationship, the partner is more ambitious, more energetic and you make long-term plans together. The relationship is working smoothly.

The most important moments of the year are around February 14 when socializing with your partner and relatives is more intense. At the beginning of April things are a little more tense, you are disturbed by certain aspects that you consider “impractical” or you reproach your partner for a certain state of inaction. Try not to become imposing because you will tend to force things. The end of May is an excellent time to spend time with your life partner, do various activities together, go out with friends or the relationship itself highlights aspects of friendship between you. In early September, you will have some tendency of impulsivity and you may not consider the feelings of your spouse which can lead to misunderstandings or distancing. Around November 29, the issues favor short-distance travel, visits, socialization, a holiday. It is also a good time to clarify any situations that have disturbed you because you will look at things in depth, you will be able to express clearly what you want, and the responsiveness of the person next to you is high.

Some aspects of the relationship with parents will undergo major changes this year. Surely at the end of the year you will find that many things are no longer the same.

Virgo Career Horoscope 2021

Job, Career

This is a year in which responsibilities at work will be quite many and sometimes difficult. However, if you choose to take responsibility for them, you’ll have favorable results. But first of all, for those looking for a job, you’ll face obstacles, blockages or delays. You must bear in mind that these events are “normal” (if we can call them that), for Saturn’s position in the labor sector. Usually to overcome them requires insistence, repetition of actions and judgment. However, this year Jupiter is also there, which will make things easier. Namely, there will be two favorable moments in this regard: the first, around April 17, will most likely indicate the first signals about a possible job you want. You can benefit from the support of someone who has a certain position, or who you respect. The second moment is in the second half of October. If in the first stage you didn’t get the job you wanted, now the odds are in your favor. I mentioned these two moments because the second one is quite late, but this does not mean that you cannot accept a compromise solution by that date.

Concerning the situation at work, you may experience a number of difficulties, interruptions of activity or projects. The most vulnerable in this respect are activities related to foreign countries, publishing, teaching, spirituality or legal matters. The moments when events can take place are February 17, June 14 and December 24. If there are some legal problems, they will manifest on the first mentioned date, there will be a reoccurrence of the situation on the second date and it will be completed in December. For some, these aspects indicate that the work they do is no longer pleasant and certain aspects of ethics and morality are at odds with the tasks they have to perform. As with those looking for a job, the dates above are valid if they are thinking of making a change.

In many cases, the aspects suggest the ending of a large project. If you are in this situation, regardless of the difficulties encountered, try to be patient because the end result will bring either a career advancement and/or signing of a new contract. There will be talks about this between May 14 and July 28 and it will be concluded in the following year. You may even be offered the associate status where appropriate.

Those who own companies will have a good year for getting contracts, winning auctions and accessing funds. As far as employees are concerned, they will work quite hard, but most likely some will leave or retire. There are many changes related to personnel. Don’t neglect the legal issues. Contracts with foreign companies don’t work as they should. There is instability and uncertainty about this area.

When Mercury is retrograde there will be some events in connection to the career (decisions), relations with superiors. These are between January 31 and February 21 when the effect is also felt on daily activity, between May 30 and June 22 when it is advisable to take care of important discussions and some responsibilities and between September 28 and October 17 when wage corrections can take place. For more details we recommend that you read the Retrograde Horoscope.

Virgo Health Horoscope 2021


This year it is advisable to take care of everything related to nutrition, lifestyle. There is a predisposition to excesses that can activate some hereditary problems. This refers to any type of excesses – food, medicine, sports, etc. – and are mainly caused by a state of impatience (for example, you want to get physical condition quickly) or the feeling that nothing can happen to you. Don’t overdo it in any direction. Saturn also indicates some shortcomings, and between May 14 and July 28 is a good time for a routine check-up.

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