Taurus Horoscope 2021

General characteristics of the year

This year you will be more subjective, and your privacy will be very important for you. You want to spend more time alone and do things by yourself. This will largely be due to some quite intense experiences caused by your perception of the world or the events in your life. There will be some moments when your responsibilities seem to disturb your freedom. You can be stuck in a comfortable routine, in the sense that the lack of change provides security, but you don’t feel fulfilled because it’s too boring or monotonous. You may be forced to accept difficult working conditions if you don’t want to make any changes. Initially you will try to keep things as they are because you don’t see how you could change something for the better – which can lead to an extremely tense and troublesome period, especially if you’ve allowed an organized routine in your life that can’t be easily changed. Your desire for change and new experiences seems hindered by circumstances or other people. If you have experienced unpleasant conditions in certain areas of your life, they will become much harder to accept now. The tension can become so high that you will resort to radical actions that you would not have anticipated a while ago. You will encounter the challenge of achieving creative change without triggering a destructive revolution. Some of you are extremely aware of the need for a change in  their lives. When they are hit by this influence the changes begin to take place suddenly, which can be quite upsetting and unpleasant. You’ll have problems with any relationship that seems to hinder you in someway. This influence is a threat for the rigid structures in your life.

This is a considerable testing time. Events will challenge your  sense of order, discipline and responsibility as well as your notions of the world. You may find yourself in a situation that will make you wonder if you understand what is going on around you and you will be forced to review certain ideas, although the valid ones will survive this transit without difficulty. The restrictions that you have accepted –  but which have no real purpose in your individual growth – will become unbearable now. For example, if you are involved in a bad relationship for the sake of emotional or financial security,  you will feel that these tensions have become too great. You will feel a sudden desire to free yourself at any cost, even if this means disrespecting your behavioral standards. Your actions will surprise those who believed in appearances that suggested everything was fine – mostly because they wouldn’t expect what you were about to do. The purpose of these issues is not to overturn everything that you consider important in life, but it forces you to examine the factors that hinder you from harnessing your potential. By accepting certain limitations, you have chosen to receive or to be less than you deserve or need.

From 14 May to 28 July, Jupiter will be in the sign of Pisces,  which will bring an infusion of confidence and creative energy. You will be able to accomplish a lot during this period but, because it is a fluid transit, there is a danger of feeling satisfied and doing nothing. New business venture and entrepreneurial spirit are common signs of this transit. It often signals an opening to new cultural ideas and styles that you would not normally react to. Because you feel energetic, now you can advance in pursuing your interests in almost any area. Relationships with others tend to be good and you  enjoy being with your friends. This influence often indicates a goodtime,  as your enthusiasm boils and affects those around you. This is a good time to make plans because you are inclined to think big. You can take advantage of opportunities that you are normally missing or are afraid to take advantage of. The influence that will now improve your life for a period of time, will  be active throughout the next year.

Venus will be retrograde this year from December 20th and will be in Capricorn,  which means that you have to be careful in travelling abroad if you intend to do so, because there may be delays, entanglements, or you simply don’t feel comfortable. Also avoid  major decisions.

One of this year’s eclipses will affect the sign of Taurus, it is the Lunar Eclipse on November 19. This indicates an imbalance between the actions of others and your emotional needs. Your expectations of others may be too high, and now it’s time to take care of yourself. If you manage to focus on yourself, you will have a sense of liberation because by giving up some of the demands you have from those around you, your plans and what you want to do depends only on you.

Taurus Money Horoscope 2021


With three eclipses on the Gemini – Sagittarius axis you will have a rather hectic year in terms of income, with many changes both in terms of amounts received and expenses. Your earnings are governed by Mercury, whose retrograde periods this year indicate a series of recalculations and readjustments to the salary level. Between January 31 and February 21, Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius, which indicates possible discussions with superiors about a pay rise, maybe some bonuses. In some situations, the aspect is related to the recalculation of the amount that come from your work on certain projects. Between May 30 and June 22, Mercury is retrograde in Gemini, and you will need to focus on the management of personal finances. There may be some details that you miss, or you need to review some expenses. It is also not excluded that you received less money than you were supposed to and now is the time to correct this. However, it is not advisable to take major financial decisions now,  even if it will be a question of the quality/volume of work – payment ratio. But you can renegotiate your salary. The last retrograde motion takes place between 28 September and 17 October, when Mercury is in Libra and it refers specifically to the employment-financial reward or administrative expenses. These are the areas where you can adjust, corrections and at the same time be cautious so that there are no errors.

As for eclipses, the first of them, on May 26th, indicates some financial concerns largely due to some imbalances in the income-debt ratio. Expenses must be adjusted. In many situations it is also the expenses of a partner, and in this case misunderstandings may arise. The second eclipse, on June 10th, indicates that taking control of finances and establishing a long-term plan can bring you more stability. The latest eclipse affecting the financial sector in early December is a warning about a partner’s expenses, joint investments or other financial transactions – they are not practical, and they can bring you unexpected losses. It will be wise to avoid them.

Between March 5th and April 23rd, you’ll be quite ambitious from the financial point of view and you can have many earning opportunities thanks to your personal skills,  but there’s also a predisposition to impulsive expenses and a lack of foresight that can create an unstable financial situation. Try to avoid the area of speculation because you may risk more than you can afford and there is a chance of making the wrong financial decisions. During this time, you can benefit from gains from activities that are not in sight, research work or work in solitude, charity. Otherwise, you may have some uncertainty about your finances and in some way your fears may put you at a disadvantage. A source of expenditure could be obligations, debts or correction of earlier mistakes. You may become more charitable and it would be advisable to be careful who will benefit form your actions.

In terms of money obtained from other sources, not from salary, this year you have new ideas regarding the management of other people’s resources. The money you will receive from others or as a result of  your partnerships will come when you less expect them. This year’s difficult situations, and also the beneficial events will appear in a surprising and unexpected manner. Your situation can change suddenly from one moment to the next and often the only certain thing will be the  change. On the other hand, you have the ability to adapt quickly to crisis situations and to react effectively. In dealing with banks, take precautions. Your life partner may experience a break in earnings. Between May 14th and July 28th there may be some uncertainty about the resources of others, in relation to banks and in the way the finances of your partnerships are managed. From a positive point of view, you can keep secret the amounts you earn, but on the negative side there is a risk of being deceived. However, often, the issues indicate receiving help when you need it. Keep an order in paying taxes. Sometimes the aspect symbolizes a situation of financial dependence. You may depend on the extra earnings.

Taurus Love Horoscope 2021


Your marriage relationship is very important for you this year, and it will have an influence at a personal level – emotions, thinking, action. By early March, you will need to find a balance between your own needs and the desire to fulfill the demands of your relationship. In mid-February,  you have good aspects to express your desires and make yourself heard and understood by your partner. In the period ahead, until April 23, you may increase possessiveness in the relationship and go through some moments when you experience sensations of  jealousy or increased physical attraction. Those who are not married will be attracted to strong and intense people who exert a major influence on them. Communication becomes more important by mid-June, you may want to express yourself more, but beware, while,  you tend to look at things as a whole, your partner might want to focus on the details, which can lead to conflicting discussions. In July, attention turns to domestic situations, the only problems that can arise are related to balancing family life and career. The relationship becomes more important emotionally until mid-September, and it is also a good time for holidays. The last part of the year can be a little more difficult – your life partner needs more support and he/she may have a tough time – and you’re pretty busy with your work. Try not to neglect your relationship, though.

For those who are not married, this year takes place for a period of several months, 14 May – 28 July, a transit that will make its presence felt throughout the next year. Usually this is a pleasant and acceptable transit, the worst aspect of it being lack of willpower and a general laziness. You may experience a state of discomfort in sentimental relationships, especially superficial ones, to feel somewhat distant or to have a feeling of non-belonging. This is all the more common if there are some problems in the relationship, if you do not share many interests.  However, you will benefit from opportunities to experience your relationship in different ways than those you are used to. On the other hand, if the relationship is more dynamic and the involvement is greater, it could be a period of distress. This may be due to an internal struggle  between you  and your loved one  about how much  freedom you should  grant in the relationship. Most likely one of you will want more  freedom while the other  is more possessive. In the end it comes down to issues of respect  and  trust,  and  just  by bringing it all out of  the way you can resolve this controversy.

Sentimental relationships are also affected by Mercury being retrograde, which are between January 31 and February 21, May 30 and June 22, September 28 and October 17. Overall, this mean that this year you will analyze sentimental relationships quite a lot, you will compare past relationships with those present, and it is not excluded to meet with people from the past who were of particular importance to you.

Taurus Career Horoscope 2021

Job, Career

This year you will feel that you need to make a major decision regarding your career. Those who have invested in recent years work, patience and dedication, will benefit of the recognition of their merit and will have a professional advancement. But this is true for those who have been in the same job for more than 9 years or have carried out long-term projects. However, even if you are in this situation you may hesitate to assume more responsibilities that come with a new position. Others will want to make a change at this level. This will be most evident around February 17, June 14 and December 24. You may be imposed unrealistic standards of perfection that cannot be achieved, or new sets of rules are introduced. You feel that your personal freedom is restricted.  Also, the chain of commands in the workplace is changing significantly and the rules seem contradictory, hypocritical. Quite often, this will  be a source of tension between  you and your bosses.  It is not unusual a change of job. In  your professional situation you may  have  more difficulty than usual in getting along with your  superiors. If tensions become too high you may want to change your place of work,  but this is a change that you have to make only after careful analysis of what is the link between your  current job and your  goals  in life. To summarize career issues: you have a chance to move forward,  but you may not like to take on additional responsibilities and  want to make a change. If  you really take this step, avoid Mercury’s retrograde periods: between January 31 and February 21, May 30 and June 22, September 28 and October 17. If your relations with superiors are stressful or new work conditions imposed by management are unpleasant, you can focus on your daily work because in this area the aspects are good.

In terms of the work itself, you will have quite a lot to do,  but the attitude with which you approach the new situation is optimistic. You will seek to improve your  methods in order to expand in these directions. You may be looking for additional work (in some cases, if there are other aspects to sustain this, a new job) that broadens your horizons and multiply your possibilities. You may also seek to obtain more knowledge in your field of activity. If things go your way, you  can show devotion and your achievements will be commensurate.

If you have employees you will be looking to boost their activity with productivity growth prizes. Be careful not to assume more than you can do. In relationships with colleagues you will stimulate each other and exchange ideas to improve your work. They’ll be pretty ceremonious and polite.

If you’re looking for a job, you might get the chance  through a former teacher, a person of a different culture/nationality than yours, a lawyer or a scientist. Sometimes it can be an opportunity in another country.

A more active period will be between 15 September – 30 October, when Mars is in Libra and Mercury is retrograde in this sign (28 September – 17 October). Beware of errors, mistakes and do not take decisions based on reasoning made during this period. It’s a good idea to take care of the tasks you’ve fallen behind, corrections, or find solutions to previous problems that you couldn’t solve.

Taurus Health Horoscope 2021


The health issues are pretty good this year with the mention of not exhausting yourself and getting enough rest. How you feel now depends on your lifestyle and the decisions you make. There is a risk of tension and stress caused by relationships with others, what you want and how you will rank your priorities. If you do tests between 28 September and October 17 and after December 20, pay attention to the results, there may be errors. Also, any treatments received during these periods may not give the best results. Watch out for side effects.

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