Scorpio Horoscope 2021

General characteristics of the year for Scorpio Horoscope 2021

Scorpio Horoscope 2021 indicates some major changes. This year, your relations with others will be tested. The demands of your work or personal life will force you to reassess which relationships in your life deserve to be maintained and which you should give up. If you do not face this challenge consciously, the pressure of events will force you to do so. People who have been with you for long periods of time will leave against your will.

Don’t isolate yourself!

Often there is a strong tendency to build a wall between you and others, even without even realizing it. The only way you’ll be aware of this is when all of a sudden you’ll feel lonely and feel like you’re no longer connected to the rest of the world. You may feel that you don’t have support from others, even from loved ones you have relied on in the past for care. This may represent a temporary state or a passing mood. In this case you may have paid too much attention to your personal goals of advancement. Don’t neglect the relational aspects. Or maybe in the past, the fear of not being appreciated enough have made you retire from social interactions. Now you have to face the consequences of these problems and this makes you feel alone.

Or, on the contrary, it may be a serious breach of your relationships because of setting wrong priorities in the past. Or because of associating with people unsuitable for you in terms of your personal goals and needs. In this case, the people you have associated with, distract you or oppose your goals and interests. No matter how much you owe them, walls will be built between them and you. You will need to start a new life without them. Under the influence of this transit, several important relationships will inevitably end. But if your goals are clear and you know what you want, this will not be a disadvantage. Any remorse you have will be quickly replaced by a new sense of freedom. You will no longer lose energy in an attempt to maintain relationships that don’t suit you.

Expand your horizons

From May 14 to July 28 you will feel a new influence, which will be active throughout the next year and which indicates the desire to expand your horizons. During this time, you will be more optimistic and can benefit from the support and help of someone you meet. Your level of tolerance will be up, and you want to do a lot of things. You feel the need to rise above banality, to learn and to develop.

According to Scorpio Horoscope 2021, on a more concrete level, this year you will make some repairs, renovations or extensions of your home. You will think about moving, some will also take certain steps to do so. Life at home can be quite hectic throughout the year. As for the most important moments of the year, the end of February can bring the signing of a contract, an association, a partnership that allow you greater freedom of movement. Sometimes simply collaboration with others benefits you. In early June there may be some legal problems. You may have some concerns regarding traveling abroad or relating with foreign persons. Watch out for traffic. Also, avoid getting involved in ideological or religious conflicts. Any kind of conflict can escalate.

Say “yes” to new plans!

The beginning of September is extremely favorable to implement some of the plans you have made for this year. At the end of October, you need to pay attention how you express your opinions. There is a risk of being misunderstood and this will have negative consequences for you. It is best not to try to stand out, avoid competitions, do not respond when challenged. You will be exposed to situations where you don’t know all the details and you risk committing errors. Try to postpone important decisions because in early December. You will have a particularly advantageous aspect from this point of view. What you start now has a good chance of succeeding. Your powers of persuasion are extremely high, you see things beyond the surface and you also understand even what others want to hide from you.

Face the reality

This year, on November 19, there will be a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio with some major influences. A situation related to your relationships or family/house has been exaggerated, overestimated or treated with too much optimism. Now it challenges you to reposition yourself. If it’s a relationship, someone you thought you could rely on or trust, doesn’t support you. You’ll need to fix things yourself. As far as family is concerned, their expectations may not match what you can offer at this time. Don’t underestimate the housing problems. If repairs are needed they must be done now. Whatever the situation you’re dealing with, this eclipse can bring to the surface some realities, update some situations. From this perspective it can change your relational balance somewhat. At the end of this influence you will learn to appreciate your possibilities better, your capability to act and the relationships with others.

Scorpio Money Horoscope 2021

Scorpio Horoscope 2021 Money

This is a year of many financial events for you. There will be three eclipses on the Sagittarius – Gemini axis, which for you represents the financial area. They mark a series of events related to your personal earnings, your relationship with banks, loans and debts, and last but not least, a partner’s money, and taxes. The first eclipse, on May 26, is a Lunar Eclipse and can generate some financial problems, either you won’t get the money you were promised, or the amounts are not as expected. There is also the possibility of having some child-related expenses (for those of you who have children) or certain indulgences, hobbies, speculation. Investments are not in your advantage right now. In certain situations, the aspects indicates that your partner may go through financial difficulties, entanglements or suffer losses or damages.

If you find yourself in the position of getting an inheritance, there will be some problems with the paperwork and various expenses. Things you weren’t aware of are brought to light and you find that the situations were not as you expected. Watch out for the risk of being cheated. The second eclipse is a Solar Eclipse on June 10th and indicates awareness of the need to change some attitudes about financial aspects, especially following the events described above. A high level of confusion and uncertainty in the financial area related to others (we do not mean salary but a partner’s money, money obtained from contracts, interest, rents, etc.) makes you want more stability and safer investments.

Adapt and change

You have the ability to adapt and make the necessary changes. Support comes from the family, and the favorable aspects are related to real estate, land. If you don’t know what to do, think about similar situations in the past because they will give you answers. The latest eclipse of this year is a Solar Eclipse in the Sagittarius, this time the aspects being on the area of personal earnings – salary. The eclipse takes place on December 4th and indicates the decision to reorganize your financial situation. Scorpio Horoscope 2021 advise you to be careful, though, avoid speculation and investment.

Between May 15 and September 13, Jupiter, the governor of your money is retrograde. We recommend that you read the Retrograde Horoscope for more details on this issue. Other retrogradations in the financial sector are: between January 31 and February 21, between May 30 and June 22 and between September 28 and October 17. For details we recommend the Retrograde Horoscope. In particular, periods of retrogradation in the financial sector indicate delays, blockages, repeated actions, recoveries or corrections. Each one has its own particularities, however, described in the reports mentioned.

A favorable aspect occurs on April 17 when you can collect a sum of money (not your salary) or you can get a discount or cancellation of some taxes. There is also the possibility that your partner will get a promotion associated with income growth.

Scorpio Love Horoscope 2021

Scorpio Horoscope 2021 Relations

As for the marriage relationship, between January 7th and March 4th, the transit of Mars to Taurus brings an influx of energy into this area that can work in two ways. If used positively, the aspects indicate the intimate cooperation of two people in a partnership. It refers to joint activities, initiatives of either your own or your spouse, that you encourage each other and the intensification of your relationship.

Otherwise, this energy can lead to conflict and compromise is quite difficult to achieve. Even in this situation, there is also a positive effect, if there is too much compromise in the relationship, grievances and frustrations accumulate and they can erode the relationship over time. Now these issues are highlighted and need to be discussed openly. Also, if the relationship has been a long time quieter, or if you have distanced yourself of each other, now it will be more active and the interactions between you will be more numerous. However, avoid unnecessary conflicts.

A more difficult period is around January 17, when Jupiter will square Uranus from the house of marriage indicating impatience, agitation and in some cases an erroneous understanding of the notion of freedom. Uranus has been in this sector of your astrochart for a few years and will remain there for a long time. It has already left its mark on your relationship, changing the way you relate. One of you wanted or wants more freedom or for various reasons there were some interruptions in the relationship (travel, work, etc.) All of this has led to a decrease in intimacy in the relationship.

Talk about it!

The aspect with Jupiter can potentiate this situation if you are excessive or, on the contrary, if you choose to discuss problems, can lead to an understanding of the situation and viewed as a challenge that can be overcome. It’s up to you how you choose to manage that influence. It’s a difficult year from this point of view, it’s a permanent contradiction between old and new, between the desire to keep things as they were and the need to change something. If you accept the challenges brought by Uranus, your relationship can turn into a whole new way that will make you feel much closer to each other. Otherwise the tension will be extremely high, and the evolution depends on the aspects of the natal astrochart.

A karmic touch

For those who are not married, Jupiter’s entering in Pisces between May 14 and July 28 indicates the beginning of a period that will take place through the following year and in which sentimental relations will go through a period of revival. So, there is a possibility of a new sentimental relationship for the ones not involved in a relationship. You may encounter people with a mind frame totally different than yours. Or you may meet people from other countries and who belong to a different culture. This indicates the possibility of growing, developing and broadening your horizons through sentimental relationships.

In your existing relations, you get things much easier from your loved one. If there have been misunderstandings they tend to resolve, and you get support. But be careful, however, that the enthusiasm you feel during this period does not become exhausting for those around you. Among the most important moments of the year, in mid-February, those who have been in a relationship for a long time may want to take it to the next level and either move in together, get engaged, etc. Those who are alone may meet someone who has the potential to become extremely important in their lives.

Be ready for intensity

In early April, relationships become more physically intense. Some tensions that are based on jealousy or tendencies of domination, control, of determining who is the one who sets the tone in the relationship are not excluded. Don’t let situations escalate. The end of May and the beginning of June will bring the harmony, it can even be nice time for a holiday with the person you love. For the lonely ones it indicates a new opportunity to meet someone.

At the beginning of September, there may be some conflicts again. It will be about divergent opinions, about those things that make you different. Situations of this kind are common, especially when two people do not know each other and adapt to cohabitation. There may be a question of boundaries and freedom in the relationship. At the end of the November there will be a period of initiatives and activities with the person you love.

For those who have children, Scorpio Horoscope 2021 suggests that they will be more independent, more enthusiastic and more difficult to control. But it is a year of growth and development for them, issues that will continue and intensify in the coming year. Try to give them opportunities in this regard. For those who want children, begins a favorable period.

Scorpio Career Horoscope 2021

Scorpio Horoscope 2021 Job, Career

Sometime it’s good to cooperate…

In the workplace the work is much more dynamic, and the focus is on cooperation. Success this year depends on your ability to negotiate, collaborate, networking. Opportunities to find you a job – for those who want to do so – also come through others. Until the beginning of March, work is under the sign of cooperation, partnerships, competition. It is a good time to sign contracts and to find a colleague with whom to collaborate. For those who own companies this is a time when you can initiate campaigns that increase your popularity.

From March to mid-April, it’s a more challenging time and you’ll need to make some changes related to your work. Resources are limited and you may need to compete with others to get them. Attention, during this period controls and checks are common. The next more intense period is between June 12 and July 29 when certain projects come to the attention of your superiors. There will be discussions about a possible promotion. Be careful not to be individualistic. Don’t initiate any conflicts even if you feel that you deserve more than what you are offered. If you manage to give up your ego and show entrepreneurial spirit, the situations at this time will contribute to your future professional advancement.

and sometime it’s good to work alone!

A more difficult period is between September 15 and October 30. It is not advisable to expose yourself, there is a risk of slander from others, or of making mistakes. Your image is not perceived in a positive way. If you want to capitalize on these moments in a positive way, try to deal with what you have postponed, make corrections, work alone and avoid working with others.

In the career area the aspects are quite challenging for those who want a sudden advancement. But they indicate consolidation for those who put sustained efforts in this regard. This year you need patience, resistance and the ability not to give in to the obstacles you encounter. If you can do this, the results will be partially felt in the coming year and will materialize later. This is about professional advancement and maintaining the same career path. Some will want to change their career. They will feel that they can do more in another field and will be more appreciated.

Don’t overestimate!

Be careful though, there is a trend this year to overestimate yourself and assume more than you can do. Even if you make such a decision, you will not have favorable results earlier than 2 years because you will face the difficulties that the beginning and preparation for another field entails. You consider this period as one of research.

Your ability to assimilate new information, work and make connections is high. However, if you try to impose yourself more than it is the case, the perception that others will have upon you is not a favorable one. Another possible situation is a tendency to neglect career issues due to situations related to home, family or emotional state. In this case, even if you receive assurances that you do not have to worry about your superiors, be cautious! There is a risk that they do not have a real basis.

Don’t settle for what you’re being told or what you’re “feeling”. Things are more complex, and your position is not a sure one. Don’t neglect your duties and responsibilities! In case of adverse events, it will take a lot of time to recover what you may loose now.

Scorpio Health Horoscope 2021

Scorpio Horoscope 2021 Health

From a medical point of view, according to Scorpio Horoscope 2021, it is necessary to pay attention to older health problems. It could be hereditary diseases. The emphasis is also on rest and a healthy lifestyle. There is a certain tendency to neglect your personal needs for various reasons (family, career, etc.) But this will not go without consequences. Between September 15 and October 30, treat all the health problems you face seriously. Minor, acute problems may become chronic or may trigger other conditions if ignored. Venus will be retrograde from December 20 and it is not appropriate to make major health decisions during that period.

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