Sagittarius Horoscope 2021

General characteristics of the year

With three eclipses marking the sign of Sagittarius, this is a particularly important year on a personal level. Eclipses indicate a series of changes and new twists. When they are positioned in this way it refers to personal actions, the way you relate, you versus others, partnerships, cooperation, popularity, conflicts. The first eclipse, on May 26, is a Lunar Eclipse with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius and  indicates the need to give up what is comfortable and known and to be able to cope with a situation related to a partner, contract or simply in relationships with others. Past events, the need to feel safe, to keep certain things, might put you in conflict now. You need to give up what is no longer useful, overcome your fears and act, regardless of the situation you are facing. A practical thinking and long-term plans are helpful. On a more concrete level, it may be about the signing of a contract that involves finding a compromise. Don’t cling to the past. The second eclipse, on June 10, is a Solar Eclipse in Gemini and brings to the fore issues related to contracts, agreements, partnerships and sometimes career. Reviews are common, your views are provoked and subjected to tests by the existing situations. You may need to review your attitudes, basic ideas. Tensions are common because things that have been considered stable, are provoked. As long as you support your position with logical arguments, you will be able to impose your point of view. However, it is not out of the question that this eclipse will mark the end of a contract. The last eclipse takes place on December 4 and is a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. You may feel exhausted as you realize that a certain phase of your experience is over. There is clarity on events that cause you to change your attitude and draw certain conclusions about your life, and in many cases it will be about giving up. For the younger ones it can be an identity crisis, and for the older ones a lack of vitality. In both cases it is a process of liberation from certain situations that no longer suit you.

The whole year, with the exception of May 14 – July 28, will be quite hectic. You find it difficult to focus and tend to do multiple things at once without completing them. If you do not select what is important to you and focus your energies in one direction, you risk exhausting yourself and not being able to rest. Even when you do so, others will intervene and there will be a multitude of interruptions: the number of phones  and emails is much higher, also the amount of information you face in your daily work is increased or you need to make more trips. This is why it is extremely important to stick to a program and prioritize your activities. A positive use of these aspects is short-term studies: courses, conferences, etc.

Between May 14 and July 28, you will feel the first influences of an aspect that will materialize throughout the next year. Jupiter indicates an increased need for peace  and security at home. For various reasons it will become important for you to feel safe, to have a sense of belonging. You may also want to make some improving of your home. In some cases, projects may be beyond your budget, so take care of the expenses. There may be a question of taking care of a relative or increasing the number of your family/housing members. For some people this aspect indicates the desire to purchase a home or move into a larger space. On an emotional level, reactions may be more intense or sometimes exaggerated (especially when the Moon in the natal astrochart is also affected, you can read details in the Daily Horoscope  or  Weekly Horoscope). Consider this and try to maintain your objectivity.

Next we will mention some of the most important moments of the year. At the beginning of the year, in January, you may feel more anxious, you want more freedom, or you feel that you are constrained by certain situations. This can prompt you to impulsive outbursts and you may cause yourself harm. April will bring you an influx of energy and entrepreneurial spirit that will manifest itself especially in relations with others. You have more initiative and you draw others to your side very ease. You know what to say and when to say it, so you don’t get turned down. The end of July, however, can bring you a number of challenges either related to how your ideas are perceived or you are dealing with situations that challenge your principles and your way of thinking. Avoid conflicts because the people around you don’t have the necessary openness to accept other opinions. It is also appropriate that during this period, those who drive to take care in traffic, those who sign contracts mustn’t show confidence in the absence of real and verified information, and those who deal with legal issues need take into account the fact that they can receive extremely many details in order to distract them from the important elements. There is some hypocrisy in communication. The end of October is favorable to implement some of your plans, you feel more optimistic and your confidence in the future is increased. You also have a higher degree of freedom; you enjoy the support of your friends. For those who carry out a customer-based activity, this is a good time for advertising. You can also set up a joint investment with a partner.

Between May 15 and September 13, Jupiter, the governor of the Sagittarius, is retrograde. For more details we recommend that you read the Retrograde Horoscope.

Sagittarius Money Horoscope 2021


During this period the money will be for you the means to implement your plans and achieve your goals. There may be unpredictable situations in the financial area – both positive (unexpected gains) and negative (losses, unforeseen expenses). Your attitude toward money can change completely throughout the year. This is a good year to benefit from your partnerships. Speculations aren’t recommended. The most unstable moments of this year are February 17, June 14 and December 24. These data do not define the exact moment but periods (around February 17, etc.). There will be a contradiction this year in the financial sector between obligations, responsibilities and the need for freedom, for change. You may have moments when you feel limited because of money, not necessarily because of their absence, but because of the need to carry out a certain activity to ensure your income continuity. Carefully consider the situations you face and do not make impulsive decisions. Try to understand the cause of your grievances. You can choose to make major changes now, but the aspects are difficult, or you can start thinking about it and make major decisions when the aspects are more favorable. Whatever the situation, the financial area is quite unstable this year.

At the end of February, you can benefit from some gains from projects or activities at work or as a result of reducing some administrative expenses. The aspects also indicates possible gains from a new task, other than that carried out up to that point. You can get financial support from relatives. In early June, your partner (either living or a business partner) may have some financial needs that affect your budget. It could be impulsive expenses or losses. Be careful in relation to banks, insurance and in terms of payment of taxes. There may be some delays that will be penalized. You can charge a fine. It is not a good time for a new loan because future responsibilities will be quite high. If necessary, however, you can obtain it without too much difficulty. The problem at the moment is not to get money from others but the obligations attached. At the beginning of September, you can earn from the following sources, depending on your situation: company activity, career promotion, popularity, government funds or other collaborations with public institutions, parents, long-term projects. The aspects are particularly favorable for those who have taken previous steps in these directions. Around October 22, there is a risk that some of your joint investments (with a partner) will cause you losses. There is a dishonesty in this area. On the other hand, this may also mean personal impulsiveness which leads to unfavorable financial decisions.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2021


This year’s eclipses will bring some changes in the way you relate to your life partner, in the sense that if there are problems in the relationship they will be highlighted and there is the potential to resolve those issues that annoy you. Saturn in Aquarius supports the relationship and fosters a realistic and objective approach to the situations you face. Also, with the exception of May 14 – July 28, there is a dose of optimism and confidence that will allow you to solve many of the couple’s problems this year. For some the aspect indicates that a more difficult stage in the partner’s life is over, others may decide that it is appropriate to become more involved in the relationship and assume responsibilities, those who have superficial relationships will go through some moments that help them discover that they want more and what kind of expectations they have from this relationship. Whatever the situation you are in, this year is one of discovery, growth and relational empowerment. From May 14 to July 28, when Jupiter is in Pisces, attention is focused on family life. For those who do not live with their partner, this may be the time when such a decision is made. Jupiter will mark the desire to decorate your home, to interact more with family members, to have a sense of comfort and safety.

Between March 5 and April 23, you feel energized by your life partner and this may stimulate you to do something you would not or could not do on your own. In the most positive manifestation, collaboration with your life partner will lead to the initiation or completion of a project or common activities. Your partner’s enthusiasm and ambition can become the primary motivational force. But a lot will depend on your partner’s attitude. It is very important to evaluate correctly the situations because this aspect also has a negative side. If  you  find yourself in a conflict-taking relationship, this transit leads to an increase in misunderstandings. It seems that every time you try to express your feelings about this person, you end up in a conflict. These are misunderstandings can be vague or specific, but generally involve a daily process. Try to be aware of your  rights and need for expression. Now it’s time to take care of the unresolved stuff even though they’ve been in a dormant state for many years. Don’t let others to interfere and try to be objective. Force the problems to surface to be discussed and understood from all points of view. As long as the upsets are repressed or denied the problems cannot be solved.

Mercury is retrograde between September 28 and October 17, January 31 and February 21, May 30 and June 22 and this will affect the couple relationship. About these moments you can read in the Retrograde Horoscope.

For those who are not married or are not in a long-term relationship, there are two possibilities. This year will bring the opportunity to discover new ways to do things with your loved one and move the relationship to another level. If you choose not to get involved, there may be selfish issues and couple issues, either with you or alone, your loved one will have various initiatives and he/she will want to implement them. If you are not involved in a relationship, opportunities to meet someone are work-related (January 7 – March 4 and July 30 – September 14), through friends (September 15 – October 30), while studying or travelling (June 12 – July 29) depending on the time of year.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope 2021

Job, Career

This is a dynamic year in terms of service and career with many changes, opportunities to start new activities and periods of instability. As far as the work area is concerned, the activity itself, there are two possible situations. First, for those who carry out an uranian activity (technological, work associated with groups of people, research, innovation) this year there will be certain challenges that can only be overcome with great patience, repetition of actions and persuasion. Those whose work is not related to these areas will experience interruptions or changes that disrupt their working pace. This year can also be about the implementation of new procedures or organizational changes that limit your freedom in the workplace. Those who are not satisfied with the work they do and would like to do something else, will feel this most strongly and this can affect their mental state. I have mentioned before that from the point of view of a change this is possible, but it will come with the difficulties associated with a new job – adaptation, learning. The moments when you will feel these issues most strongly are around February 17, June 14 and December 24.

Between January 7 and March 4, your approach to work is quite individualistic, but it is not reflected in the degree of independence. You will try to self-motivate yourself, be competitive and ambitious for yourself. Be careful not to generate conflicts with colleagues. You can start a new task or receive a proposal you don’t expect. Other important work-related moments are around May 12 when you may get some funds for a project or have access to certain resources that make your work easier. Controls or checks are not excluded either, but they will have a favorable result. Around the 4th of July you need to be careful,  several situations are possible: some related to legal aspects or you can enter into a dispute with a person whose opinion you generally appreciate or it can be a trip abroad or relations with people from abroad who make you uncomfortable. A positive aspect occurs around August 22 when a particular initiative can help you to advance in your career or you are noticed by superiors. After mid-November, it is not advisable to make major work decisions, do not try to stand out, especially since from December 20 Venus is also retrograde, and about how this aspect will influence you we recommend you read in the Retrograde Horoscope.

As far as career is concerned, one of the important aspect that is being formed this year is from May 14 to July 28. This will be true throughout the following year, and now you will have the first signals in this regard. It is important to establish a balance between career and family life. Some will be concerned about family life or the purchase of a home and will tend to neglect work-life issues, but this may have consequences. Others will have a confident attitude towards the career path and may assume more than they can achieve, or they may enter into conflicts with their superiors. Try to maintain a realistic perspective on the situations you are experiencing and avoid imposing your opinions. If you receive a proposal related to your career now, it has no real foundation or is exaggerated. If you manage not to overdo it and check the veracity of the situations you are facing, the confidence you have during this period can give you the momentum to advance in the career area.

Mercury is retrograde between January 31 and February 21, May 30 and June 22, September 28 and October 17 and influence your career. For more details we recommend that you read the Retrograde Horoscope.

Sagittarius Health Horoscope 2021


From a medical point of view, it is a year when it is advisable not to excesses and to take care to mineralize. Uranus in Taurus (will be in this position until 2025) tends to generate acute conditions that often start suddenly and pass the same. However, this year, the squares it makes with Saturn require more attention. The aspect may indicate imbalances (often of a hormonal nature), deficiencies or exhaustion. The periods when you need to be more cautious are January 7 – March 4 and October 31 – December 13.

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