Pisces Horoscope 2021

General characteristics of the year

The whole time this year Saturn will be in Aquarius. It is a slow aspect, and usually its influence is felt rather as a state of substance, over which overlap the other faster and more intense aspects. But the fact that until May 14, and then from July 28th until the end of the year Jupiter is there too, will potentiate its influence.

Since last year you go through a period of introspection, you re-examine your goals, your desires, you think about the future, often with distrust and fear. Now these thoughts will be accompanied by hope, and for some of you, those who will show initiative and really wish to change certain things in their lives, the first signs of a possible success. You went through a period of time when things were no longer working as you were familiar, you had to find new ways to achieve the same results. We will present some examples, which even if they are not valid for all, can clarify the meaning of the interpretations. A person with this aspect in his personal astrochart and who had a sales-based business noticed during the period when this aspect was in progress, that his profit decreases and he is forced to look for new methods of promotion. Nothing that he did before in the same situation worked. When he understood this and changed the ways in which he was doing his work, the situation changed radically. The same is true for many relationships. Friends who are going through difficult times and for whom you are worried, relationships in the workplace, all of these need to be addressed in a different way.

It is more difficult for you during this period to find peace or rest. Whether it is your own thoughts and concerns that affect you or others that intervene with their own problems, it is difficult to achieve that inner peace. As for your condition, when you try to analyze and find logical solutions for those things that are bothering you, you can get clarity. However, until May it is not advisable to act. In terms of the intervention of others, you need to analyze your relationships in a cold and objective way. Over the years you have developed or tolerated relationships that have allowed others to take advantage of your goodwill. There are consequences you felt last year. Now, however, it is time to establish which relationships are balanced and worth cultivating and to detach yourself from situations that involve addiction, imbalances or simply are not appropriate for you. A period when these things become more obvious, it is around  February 17, June 14 or December 24. These are times when either there will be problems of the kind mentioned above or you will decide that it is time to do something. Whatever the situation, it is advisable to pay attention to the events of these periods and analyze them without being emotionally involved. Most of the time, the first one mentions a signal of what is to happen, the second indicates a correction or additional information, and the last is associated with a definitive decision. As for future plans, companies or major decisions, it is not advisable to act in any direction until you have all the information, no matter how alarming the situation seems. At the end of the year you will be able to take the most appropriate decision.

One of the most important aspects of this year is the entry, even if only for a few months, of Jupiter into the Pisces. Jupiter is the classic governor of the Pisces, and this transit will mark a new Jupiterian cycle for those marked by the Pisces sign.

Between May 14 and July 28, you will feel the first signs of an influence that will start from December 30 and will last almost a year. You’ll have more enthusiasm, more work capacity and your actions seem to be more successful. For many of you, this will be the moment when you start laying foundations or shape your plans from previous years. It’s a time to start materializing your ambitions, your career desires, your long-term goals. For some of you, relationships with your father or someone you respect become very important. It is not a year in which to complete the plans we mentioned above, but it is extremely favorable to get them moving.

You have to take into account another important aspect. In the last period (and this is true for 2020 and until May this year, as well as the period August – December 2021), even if you were not careful enough, attentive or serious in your daily actions or in dealing with others, you tended to avoid situations that could harm you. With Jupiter’s entry into the Pisces, this “protective aura” dissipates and the benefits are obtained as a result of your own initiatives. You can no longer rely on things, people or previous situations, from now on you have to deal with the problems that arise yourself. But this is not a negative aspect, because now you have the chance to do things better and get much more advantageous results by yourself.

Between June 21 and July 28, Jupiter is retrograde to Pisces. To understand this, I suggest you read the Retrograde Horoscope.

Pisces Money Horoscope 2021


In terms of money, your sources of income this year are more related to previous actions. The present aspects don’t indicate losses or decreases in your earnings, but if you make investments, start new activities, they may not produce results as quickly as you expect, which can generate frustrations.

Around January 20, there may be trade-related issues that materialize either through a sale that can bring an unexpected profit or a purchase that will prove valuable. The only thing standing in the way of this event is your inertia or hesitation. So, if an opportunity arises, you should exploit it. Another similar aspect, this time related to an investment, takes place on May 12th. Also, in this case it can be about trade, communication and/or travel. On the 4th of July, what appears to be a potential work-related gain may prove to be unstable and does not bring the expected results. Also, the aspects may indicate a contract that is suddenly interrupted, negotiations to be abandoned, renunciation. If opportunities arise now, they are extremely unstable.  The situation improves after the middle of August, when an association with a particular person or partner (husband, wife – or business partner) can benefit from an unexpected gain. In some situations, it may be about the signing of a contract. A more complicated situation occurs after the 19th of October, when the aspects are favorable to you for obtaining a sum of money (loans, money received as a result of collaboration with others, legacies, etc.), but they come with a number of obligations that you will perceive as extremely pressing. Consider the cost-benefit ratio, as you may think that it is not worth taking on those obligations over the next two years. The situation described will materialize in November. The end of the year brings you more stability in the financial field.

Pisces Love Horoscope 2021


You’ve had quite a long time in which love relationships have gone through difficult times. Some got cold, those that didn’t work properly, and some of you are in a moment of loneliness from this point of view. For others, it was a constant period in  relationships, of taking on responsibilities. But whatever the situation you are in, some of the good mood and enthusiasm seems to have diminished. Starting with the period between May 14 and July 28, you will be more open, more communicative, more jovial, which will draw others to you and enhance your qualities. Communication will be easier, and you are likely to meet people to start a relationship with. Those who are already involved in sentimental relationships, go through a period of rediscovery, exploration of common concerns and interests, even if you are the ones who initiate various activities. In the couple relationship (for married people), you will also feel a release from the burden of responsibility. This is especially true for your life partner. However, expect a fairly long period when your life partner’s attention will be directed to the work area. Do not let him/her overdo it, as there are risks related to an unhealthy lifestyle.

We must mention two more periods, namely, between April 24 and June 11, when the transit of Mars into Cancer will activate the area of love relations and between July 30 and September 14, the transit of Mars in Virgo.

The first period indicates an increase in the level of physical attraction in sentimental relationships, the desire to be appreciated and to carry out various activities with the person you love. If you have children, they can be more independent, more active, and sometimes more stubborn. It’s not a time to sit still, and if you claim that, they certainly won’t listen. Around June 5th, there may be some problems in love relationships generated by the feeling that you are controlled, or you cannot manifest yourself quite freely. The person you love can try to convince you of a certain things. There may be tensions in relationships. In the second period mentioned, it is about events relating to partnership relations / marriage. Communication becomes more important, but also financial aspects. You want to do certain things together, whether it’s a new project or simply activities related to your relationship. All aspects are much more intense, you look at everything more seriously. The attraction between you is growing. For the couples who want children this is a good time, both this year and the next.

However, there will be some of those who are marked by the Pisces zodiac who will want to give up their current relationships and reorganize their lives. This influence will be felt between May 14 and July 28 and the following year. If you want to make such a decision, it is very important to examine your motives, because it is fueled by the transit of Jupiter which often generates a state like “I can do anything, I don’t need the others”. And indeed, you can achieve a lot, but if  the reasons are not justified and the actions don’t characterize you, with the overcoming of the Jupiterian moment, you may find that you can no longer repair the relational damage caused even if you want to. Jupiter is a planet of expansion, but it does not incline to calculated decisions.

Pisces Money Horoscope 2021

Service, Career

In terms of work, this is a year of increasing responsibilities and often of individual work. To be successful in what you do will require a lot of organization, prioritization and conscientiousness. Unfortunately, this is not a year in which you can rely too much on the support of colleagues or subordinates. The situations that generate this can be multiple and extremely diverse: either they are not able to make the necessary effort, are absent or, in some cases, may be their physical condition. For those looking for a job or work-related changes, it will be a period with quite a few delays. There will be two more favorable periods, in the first week of the year you will probably receive signals to this effect, and the second, between June 12 and July 29 can clarify some aspects. Most likely there will be more opportunities, but it is not until the end of July or even the end of the year that you will find something that comes close to your wishes. Unexpected opportunities may also arise, and they are worth exploring. If you change jobs, the adjustment period will be quite difficult, but you can rely on the support of your superiors. It’s a good year to work at a long-term project that will require your attention. However, if you work with others, you can expect a series of interruptions caused by them or external factors. Any activity that involves socializing or communicating will be extremely hectic this year. It is difficult to maintain a steady course in what you do and to stick to your plans which can lead to delays. In fact, this is the challenge that this year is launching, trying to meet your deadlines.

As far as career is concerned, between May 14 and July 28 and over the course of the year ahead, it becomes more important for you, and you will make more efforts to move forward. This is a good period, but major results that are reflected in your income in a substantial manner, will not be seen for another year if you now take advantage of these issues and make efforts that increase your appreciation by superiors. Do not make major decisions between June 21 – October 18, for more details on this, read the Retrograde Horoscope.

Pisces Health Horoscope 2021


The health area requires more attention this year because there are two influences that together can generate damage. On the one hand, Jupiter predisposes to some degree of indulgence, lust, excesses and a sense of well-being, and on the other hand Saturn requires moderation, attention and discipline. But Saturn in this position also allows compliance with some diets or an exercise program. If you channel Jupiter’s energy in these directions, it can be a year in which to achieve your goals of lifestyle change (if there are any) or to start an exercise program or a sport. However, it is not advisable to exaggerate, especially between June 12 and July 29 when Mars in Leo may predispose to such actions. More about this issue, you will be able to read during the period mentioned in the Retrograde Horoscope.

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