Libra Horoscope 2021

General characteristics of the year

This year relationships with others are particularly important and represent opportunities for development and gaining experience. You will find it easier to get the support and help of others because you are perceived as trustworthy and at the same time open and pleasant. This gives you optimism and the conviction that things will work out in your favor. Long-term plans are beneficial and unlike other years when you have been inconsistent in both your actions and your relationships, now you are much more confident in yourself and what you want. All of this leaves a positive impression and you attract serious people who can be useful to you for many years to come. If you sometimes have a predisposition to idealize situations or people, your perception is more realistic now and you can anticipate both the evolution of situations and relationships based on logic and reason. You will gain the respect of others and you will reach a balance that gives you consistency and seriousness. Your goals are broad, and you are able to make plans and stick to them. The only problems you may face are that you find it quite difficult to make major changes when necessary. Try to solve new situations with old solutions, but you will also have support. You are concerned about accumulating experience, especially in the professional field, and you will be quite ambitious. Although open, you will be cautious in new relationships and will not place your trust too easily or without justification.

Challenges will be related to the immediate environment, daily work, relationships with acquaintances or brothers and sisters or principles. Largely because of your more responsible approach (as described above), in this area of your life you will need to make some changes, whether related to the people around you or the way you relate to them. It will not be decisions based on elaborate analyses, but the events of this year will trigger this. Three of the eclipses that will take place this year are on the Gemini – Sagittarius axis and will bring to the fore aspects of ethics and morality in your relationships. You will not tolerate hypocrisy, falsehood or superficial relationships, and you will reject all interactions or people who do not live up to your expectations. You will also experience some disappointments, but it is a good time to give up what is not useful or in some situations is even harmful in your life. These situations will most likely occur from mid-June to the end of July. Friendship relationships will also go through this filter, even if they will not be the main ones. This is also a good time to reassess and analyze your future (long-term) plans. You will have more clarity and objectivity and you can decide what is feasible and what to give up.

A period that requires attention this year is between September 28th and October 17th when, amid the transit of Mars into Libra, Mercury goes into retrograde motion in this area.  About Mercury in retrograde motion you can read in the Retrograde Horoscope. Because Mars will be in Libra, the impulse to act is greater, so it is advisable to check everything before initiating new activities. The risk of errors, mistakes and omissions is very high. There will be a tendency to do certain things without thinking about the others or the effects of your long-term actions. If you usually tend to relate to others or to ask for other opinions, during this period you will either feel that you do not need anyone to give you advice or there will be a tendency for others to give you so many opinions that they will deviate you from what you intend to do. For these reasons, you should set a course of action or make certain plans before this period or, if you are faced with unusual situations, try to either postpone major decisions or take into account that you will have to repeat some actions or that you will not be able to get what you want without obstacles and delays. From a positive point of view, this allows corrections to previous situations – if you are arguing with someone, it is a good time to clarify your situation, if you have made some wrong financial decisions now you can come back to them or someone who has caused you a loss can make up for it in some way, legal entanglements can now be resolved, as well as other contractual aspects.

From December 20, Venus, governor of Libra, will be in retrograde motion and we recommend that you read the Retrograde Horoscope.

As a warning, avoid this year’s extreme sports, those activities that expose you to risks and are mainly associated with a hobby or that can take place on holidays. You have an aspect that gives you a state of confidence and some protection but does not protect you from risks, contingencies and unusual. There is a possibility that this year you will experience a loss of some nature, but the moment will be overcome quite quickly, and you receive support. We will not go into details because the particular situations are defined by the natal astrological chart. This is mainly aimed at those with the Ascendant in Libra. Around the following dates::  February 17, June 14 and December 24, we recommend that you read the Weekly Horoscope.

Libra Money Horoscope 2021


Between May 14 and July 28, you will receive some news or there will be certain events that anticipate what will happen in the coming year, and that is an increase in your income. This relates to earnings (money you earn by yourself). In some situations, it may be about finding an additional source of income or discovering ways to reduce your expenses. This year your income is closely linked to your ability to collaborate or cooperate with others. Among the main events of the year we will mention:

Around February 25th you have the chance to receive a sum of money as a result of the performance of the tasks of a contract, thanks to the efforts of a partner, from rents or to the decrease of taxes. Also, the appearance is favorable for gains from real estate, agriculture, the sale of old objects that are no longer useful. If you want to get rid of some useless things that occupy the space in your home now you can sell them because the power of persuasion is great, and you manage to attract potential buyers. At the beginning of June, you can benefit from the appreciation of your superiors, win a competition or take on a new career project that brings you a possible salary increase. Also, during this period, there may be some expenses related to the house, the need to make repairs or to replace certain things in the house. In early September, you will receive a sum of money from someone who wants to help you. In some situations, the aspect does not necessarily refer to money but to services, objects, anything that can be redeemed. It may also be about some money you receive for certain activities you have carried out in the past. Around October 22, some decisions or actions may cause you material loss or impulsive spending. Between October 31 and December 13, your ambition to earn money will increase, you will be tempted to start new projects, but make sure that they are also feasible. There will also be a predisposition to purchase various things that are not necessarily practical. At the end of the period is better to focus on financial initiatives whether it is purchases, sales or any other activities aimed at increasing revenue.

In terms of the money you get from other sources (loans, relationship with banks, contract earnings, partner’s money, interest, inheritances, etc.) this year will be quite unstable in the sense that, if you have investments, they will fluctuate and it would be best not to make changes in this area. If you have credits or debts, you will feel the situation to be quite pressing. At the beginning of the year there will be an opportunity to take out a loan or be approved for a loan. If you do this, there will be times throughout the year when you will need to make some financial sacrifices that will affect your lifestyle. Also, a partner (life or business) who takes responsibilities for some expenses during this period, may be affected in the long term in terms of his plans or personal freedom. In other words, you solve a problem of the moment, but it costs you in the long run. It is best to try to reduce your losses or reduce your expenses. The issues favor you in this respect. From December 20th Venus is in retrograde motion, so everything related to those listed above must be treated very carefully, because there is a predisposition to omit certain details or to accept certain things that you would not normally agree with.

Libra Love Horoscope 2021


By mid-September, your life partner will be extremely concerned about personal issues related to either the financial area, work or professional development, relationships with his own family (parents, brothers). This gives you the opportunity to find new ways to get involved in the relationship, for those who want greater closeness or, gives you the chance to take more care of yourself, for those whose relationships are sufficiently mature and stable. Regarding the involvement in the relationship, by March, the aspects indicate an intensification of the physical attraction in the relationship but also the potential to enter into some conflicts of control, domination, manipulation. If there are problems, now is a good time to discuss them beyond the superficial aspects and to understand what their cause is. In the following period, until the middle of the year, the focus is on relationships with other family members. From mid-year until mid-September try to do things with your life partner, be it hobbies or work. From September, there follows a period when the relationship becomes more important for all those marked by the sign of Libra, in the sense that the actions of your life partner affect your own decisions. In relationships that do not encounter problems most of the time it is about projects in which you are supported by your partner. In the case of others, it is a time when your partner’s demands or needs irritate you and conflict could arise.

As for sentimental relationships, for those who are not married, this year there is the possibility of a new relationship. The aspects seem at first glance contradictory, involving two antagonistic planets: Saturn – which indicate seriousness, limitation, absence and Jupiter indicating expansion, joviality, abundance, but their combination will bring the potential of a relationship that will be treated with seriousness and maturity. If the mere presence of Jupiter could lead to excesses or superficiality, the fact that Saturn is there signals that after a period when you have been more internalized, when things have not gone so well in this area, you have drawn some conclusions and you understand better what your expectations are, what is the right approach in this context and what is good for you. For those involved in a relationship, it’s a year in which they will be faced with an election. An existing relationship may no longer correspond to what you want, have cooled down in recent times, or the loved one may not be as interested or have other problems. In this context, you will be put in a position to choose between continuing this relationship or following a new opportunity.

Another important aspect in both marriage and non-formal relationships is related to the physical aspects of the relationship. There may be a need for more freedom at this level and you are not necessarily on the same page as the person you love. There are two models of the evolution of these relationships – either they become colder, other aspects matter more, but this is not true for both partners or, one of  you wants to experiment at this level and again there is a potential for refusal. Do not underestimate the importance of this area of your life because it can lead to other problems or resentments. Ideally, you should try to discuss the situations as they arise. The critical moments are in mid-February, in mid-June and at the end of the year.

It is also a good year for those who want children. You understand the responsibility that a child entails, but at the same time you also have the openness and the necessary disposition to receive jovially such a moment. Those who have children will have an interesting year in the sense that they will have the predisposition to be more expansive, they want to learn more, to do more. The aspects are extremely favorable in this respect and it would be advisable to encourage them and give them the necessary framework to pursue their personal talents, hobbies or to develop various skills. They have both the necessary enthusiasm and the seriousness and ability to engage in various activities in the longer term.

As far as family life is concerned, you may need to provide financial or other kind of support to older members.

Libra Career Horoscope 2021

Job, Career

This year you will have the first signals for what is shaping up to be a career advancement in the coming year. Between May 14 and July 28, Jupiter will enter the Pisces zodiac, but it won’t stay there until the following year. This facilitates finding a job for those who want to do so by creating new opportunities, changes in the daily routine at work or in the work you do, increasing communication in the workplace, but also in work, relationship and workload. There will also be  an opening on your part to accept new opportunities which is appreciated by superiors.

The most important aspects of this year are in mid-February, you will be able to overcome some obstacles that have prevented your advancement at certain times. You are more ambitious, more competitive and you see solutions where others see problems – which can benefit you. Between April 24th and June 11th, be careful not to enter into conflicts with superiors. They may have certain requests from you, and you may feel compelled to fulfill them, but you do not want to do this. Try to look at situations as a challenge, because if you have the ability not to get into conflicts now you have overcome the tensest aspect of this year’s work area. Try to avoid anxiety because you have the resources to get what you want. The only impediment can be a state of anxiety. On May 32, you will notice that your efforts are not overlooked, and you will receive the appreciation that will make you advance. For those who own companies, this is a period of marketing and it is possible to support a project for the purpose of obtaining a contract or financing. The aspects are favorable to you. Between July 30 and September 14, it would be advisable to focus on unresolved things, correcting errors, working in solitude or rest. It is not appropriate to try to stand out. If you still need  to do so, make sure you have all the necessary data available or call intermediaries. Avoid as much as possible the date of September 2. There is a high risk of committing errors, of not knowing all the details of a situation, of suffering losses. Someone may try to undermine your position, or in the case of companies, there is a risk of deception, financial loss or negligent subordinates. The end of November comes with new financial opportunities, a possible increase in salary or the chance to earn income from a new project in the workplace. Sometimes the aspects signifies an investment in the development of personal skills necessary to obtain a more advantageous position: courses, training, etc. Those who own a company will find a way to reinvest a share of the profit or to obtain financial benefits by diversifying the production of goods or services.

If you want to change jobs or get a new job in the next year, this year is great for taking courses or any other type of training. You will easily assimilate new information and at the same time you’ll have the opportunity to meet people who can help you in the future.

Libra Health Horoscope 2021


From a medical point of view, the aspects are good, with the mention that  between May 14 and July 28 when Jupiter enters the Pisces do not make excesses – neither food nor exaggerations regarding diets or sport; at the beginning of April there is a risk of infections especially for those who travel long distances and between July 30 and September 14, with a peak around September 2nd, pay attention to any health problems that arise and don’t ignore them. Jupiter will bring an improvement in health during the period mentioned but also generates a predisposition to indulgence. Watch out for food sources.

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