Leo Horoscope 2021

General characteristics of the year

You have a rather hectic year ahead of you with a lot of changes at the relational level, with numerous interactions and not without events. It will be a period of balancing liberal and conservative principles. It can be a good time to start a risky business for investment and business expansion, but often growth is slow and cautious. New ideas come easier and much of your agony that you sometimes face is wasted. It is also possible to feel the need for freedom in the face of constraints and to give up caution.

During this period, you will face your own self-imposed inhibitions and restrictions as well as the restrictions imposed on you by the circumstances. You may want to free yourself and broaden your goals in your work. On the other hand, you may choose to grow within the structures and restrictions of your life by using them to expand your activities. It can work both ways, it depends a lot on your temperament, and it cannot be said that one way or another is better, depends on the context of the situations you have to face in  your  life.

If you react by wanting to escape you will feel very anxious. Events and circumstances will make it clear to you that you have neglected many of what you have to do and the structures of your life that have prevented you from doing what you wanted may seem intolerable. You can no longer accept barriers such as responsibilities you’ve faced for years, debts, or perhaps fears of changing the predetermined order. Consequently, if you react in this way, this  may be a period of escape and you walk towards a new freedom. These things are often accompanied by a change of job or residence or breaking of relationships. And as catastrophic as these changes seem to be to others, they’re usually pretty lucky and everything goes for the better.

If you react in the second manner,  you will seek to find a new form of freedom  without   overturning the structures of your life. Instead you will take advantage of any opportunity to build new structures and integrate them into your existing order. For example, if you’re involved in a business, you might use this period to expand it in a prudent manner.

A major change this year will be related to the way in which you recount to sentimental relationships and the way of self-expression. You will have major decisions to make and you will go through a number of new experiences. Your sense of power and personal importance may increase but be very careful how you use this new power, as developments here can have a greater long-term impact. It is not excluded that before you reach this point you will initially encounter an identity crisis or ask yourself questions about how you manage your life. Usually this is caused by an event and most likely it will be related to an important relationship in your life. You will look back and analyze how certain events have brought you joy or sadness. All of this will have a major impact on how you will handle things from now on. Personal freedom, independence and originality will also be central points of interest. We have already talked about freedom and responsibilities, and in terms of originality it is not just about behavior and the desire to be different, but you may discover a talent or personal skills. This year you will meet a person who will leave his /her mark on you in this regard. Some relationships will be transitory with a specific purpose even if you are not aware of it at the time. The old ways in which you had a habit of treating things will change because they no longer fit the new circumstances. It will be quite difficult to follow a daily routine or make plans to carry out without interruptions or the need to modify them.

Overall it is a year in which you will change quite a lot, and this transition to the new can be easy if you accept that many of this year’s events are not under your control or it can be difficult if you insist on doing things as before. The social changes that will take place for you will be much more acute than for other zodiac signs, not so much as effects but as perception. Also, do not try to force situations to achieve something because you will be refused and most probably the reasons you will only find out in an intuitive manner. Your regenerative capacity is high, you will feel this between May 14 and July 28, and in the coming year you will have the opportunity to establish a clearer path for the future.

Leo Money Horoscope 2021


This year, Mercury, who is the governor of your income, will be retrograde three times. The first retrogradation, between January 31 and February 21, takes place in the sign of Aquarius, which indicates that you must pay attention to the contracts and financial exchanges you have with others. There may also be some discussions with your life partner about money. The second retrogradation takes place between May 30 and June 22 in Gemini and indicates the possibility of encountering some unforeseen expenses, money discussions with some friends or the question of joint investments with a partner. In this last case it is not advisable to take final decisions or to act on this. You may be tempted to make some purchases. Chances are that the products or services you’re buying now aren’t what you really need, have some flaws or simply you change your mind afterwards. It is, however, a good time to pay for the repair of old objects.

With regard to other financial sources excluding salary (credits, rents, partner’s money, inheritances, debts, money obtained from contracts, etc.) between May 14 and July 28, the transit of Jupiter in Pisces, (it will be there all the next year) indicates the beginning of a new period. It’s primarily about the money that’s available to you after someone else has already earned them. During this period your financial situation may improve because you are able to share your resources with someone else. If you are already in this situation, the common amounts will increase. This position most commonly shows money coming to you through others. For those who are interested in making a major purchase such as a home, combining income and savings can make this goal a reality. 

Apart from the common resources, you may get money by other means. These “other means” may include an estate, gift or money you get as a result of an insurance or legal matter. There are also common: advance payments, money per shares, payment for publication of materials, etc. Most likely, if you share your resources with someone else, unfortunately there is a risk that this person will be quite spendthrift. The favorable times of the year in this respect are in mid-February, the end of May and the end of November. The negative interpretation for financial situation associated with this year’s aspects is that you may experience an increase in expenses and debts caused by others. Pay particular attention to these issues around April 9th and September 2nd.

Leo Love Horoscope 2021


This year’s influences will have a strong effect on relations with others, especially those close to you – the loved ones, your life partner. Relationships that are solid will go through a period of testing and examination during which you, your loved ones and friends will become concerned about what is valid between you. A weak and unstable relationship will also go through this process, but you may decide that it is not worth continuing. Therefore, now relationships that have no purpose or have achieved their purpose and are no longer needed will be removed from your life. However quite often you may be reticent to give them up. On the other hand, good relations can become even better. If you have had problems in the past, this interpretation is all the more visible. Difficult marital problems tend to be solved, especially if professional help is sought (individual or marriage counseling). Under therapeutic conditions, those with whom you are involved may become more willing to listen to your grievances and make concessions. Maybe you’re even more intuitive and you can explain better your position. You can take big steps because something clicks in your subconscious and you adapt intimate patterns.

Sometimes personal benefits are not realized because of the overwhelming focus on your partner’s needs to your detriment. In negative situations, personal needs are not only neglected but are abandoned completely because of interest in others. Relationships can be so excessive that someone can give up his own goals to please others. Even what apparently seems to be beneficial can deny your own interests. In this context, influences cannot be considered good. Any opportunity can be a mixture of blessing and giving up. The balance is very delicate. The most difficult moments will be in the second half of February, mid-June and the end of the year.

As for those who are not married, there is a great need for freedom this year. You will need to limit the influence of others to search for your own identity. It is important to use this period to be yourself. You don’t want to imitate or copy someone else, and you don’t want to be defined by your relationship. If you feel very limited and restricted by others, they may think you are showing rebellion when you try to free yourself. In general, you want independence. You don’t have to contribute to conflicts. This year you want to change your old habits that prevent your self-expression.

Spontaneous attractions are possible during this year. There are common relationships that break and resume, or new relationships that begin only to give up on them and then try again. The person with whom you have a relationship may not allow you to rely on him / her or the circumstances are such because of their location, situation or not being unable to take a commitment. Break-ups in relationships are possible for various reasons. There will be no routine. You also  feel attracted to those who surprise you. This may be very different from what you have experienced in the past. Now you can focus on much freer people who are not constrained. These people will probably be representative of your own needs for freedom and self-expression.

If you are attracted to someone who is very conservative and limiting, you may feel the need to rebel against those limits. It is possible to be afraid of of freedom. In any case you tend to attract people with extreme behavior in a certain direction and you will try to cooperate with them. Free relations this year are not only messy but often inappropriate. Even when two alike people are together, the focus is on forming a unique relationship that somehow breaks the relational patterns of the past. The most important moments of the  year that mark the beginnings of some stages in the area of sentimental relations are May 26, June 6 and December 4.

Leo Career Horoscope 2021

Job, Career

For some of those marked by the sign of Leo, this year will be particularly important in terms of career and will mark a major change. In recent years you have thought quite a lot about the direction you are taking professionally or at least about your position in office. This year indicates either the possibility of concluding a contract and making a change of direction or the opportunity of advancement, but with new responsibilities that will be perceived as oppressive or disturbing at least for a period of time. If you are not in these situations, then your relationship with superiors can be quite difficult or the direction of the company or institution in which you work is unstable. It can be contractual difficulties, management change or reorganization. Whatever the situation, you will be directly affected, and you will need to adapt to the new circumstances. As far as the relationship with superiors is concerned, it is not a good time to try to impose your views. For those who own companies, try to stay open for new opportunities, you may finish a contract this year or you may lose a partner, but there is a chance, if you want to benefit from it, for a new contract and/or associate.

In terms of place of work and work itself, there will also be some changes to your daily routine, but these will most likely be meant to make your work easier. At the end of February, your ambition is high, and you can win a competition, complete an activity in an extremely short time or manage to solve a problem that has been extremely difficult for others. Early June may bring you some difficulties, avoid conflicts with colleagues as they may get worse. There are certain unresolved tasks that are pressuring you. You may also learn some disturbing things, but it is not appropriate to express your views. The situation doesn’t benefit you. In early September, your personal skills can bring you a pay rise. In the second half of October you will face some challenges, you are more sensitive, and you may react in an inappropriate manner. It’s not out of the question to argue with a colleague. You lack tact in your expression and you’re pretty aggressive. A competition is not excluded but beware of recklessness. The work environment is more hectic, there are many discussions, emails or phone calls. Early December finds you focused, ambitious and hard-working to accomplish your tasks.

For those looking for a job the most favorable times are in the second half of March, opportunities may arise through acquaintances, friends or due to previous activities, especially through the online environment; at  the end of September you may be called for an interview, and your way of expression and persuasion are appreciated; at the end of the year is a favorable period especially for those who carry out artistic activities, out of passion, or who involve harnessing a talent. Avoid forcing things in early July. If you sign a contract this year, make sure it’s really what you want and that you can handle your responsibilities. Venus will be retrograde since December 20 and this will mark the career area. For more details we recommend that you read the the Retrograde Horoscope.

Leo Health Horoscope 2021


If this year there is a need to perform medical checks, ask for a second opinion. Some of the medical problems that may occur are spontaneous and difficult to identify. The most sensitive data in this regard are February 17, June 14 and December 24. Around these times there is a risk of being misdiagnosed or having to repeat some tests for various reasons. Watch out for eating problems, especially food poisoning. If allergies occur this year, they are transitory. There may be a number of hormonal imbalances.  Don’t overdo it in terms of physical activity.

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