Gemini Horoscope 2021

General characteristics of the year

This year you can enjoy a stable progress in which you are able to carry out long-term plans, and your day-to-day concerns are synchronized. It’s a good time to deal with practical issues because you can integrate your plans into your ideals. Expanding a business or developing in a new direction are favored. You have a strong sense  of obligation, duty and responsibility. You can meet the needs of others without having the feeling of compromising something important. Moments spent in solitude can be pleasant now. If you have been unsure about your direction in life, this period will help you crystallize your thoughts and intentions.

Address expansion and growth from a pragmatic and foresight position. Everything you do, each plan is characterized by caution and foresight. You are interested in what it might be, but this concern is well balanced by caring about what it is now. You’re neither idealistic nor overly conservative. You do not perceive your duties and obligations as limitations in your life,  but as ways to achieve wisdom and maturity. This is a fair point of view, but you need to balance your need for freedom with the need to perform your duties in order to be able to obtain it. You will discover ways to translate your ideals into reality, and this is partly because you can figure out which of your goals and ideals are practical and which are not. You will give up everything that is not realistic and work for your goals with great patience, laying solid foundations for success.

This year gives you an opportunity to build something that lasts. You are capable of firm progress, but this combination emphasizes stability in building what you want in your life. As result you can advance quickly. You will be more patient, more balanced and pragmatic in implementing your ideas.

Three eclipses will mark this year the sign of Gemini indicating changes on a personal level, in the way you do things, and challenges in terms of attitude toward the various  situations you will face this year. There is an imbalance in this area in the sense that you may force things and overestimate the ability of others to engage in a particular situation. You need to be aware of the need to rely more on yourself. You may also need to reposition yourself towards some long-term goals or plans. It is not yet time to act in this direction. The second eclipse comes to balance the above and indicates that you will be aware of how you can get what you want. This year’s third eclipse, in early December, is an update of previous situations and will only negatively affect those who have not crystallized their situations. It is a repetition of previous aspects and a conclusion through its effects.

Mercury’s retrogradations will position the governor of the Twins in air signs, indicating a particularly important period because it points to areas of communication, ideas, movement, relationship. Retrograde motion indicates obstructions, delays, obstacles, but as a deeper interpretation it refers to revisions of attitudes, to rethink certain aspects, to change patterns of behavior, to find different ways of doing a thing. Gemini being an air sign, these retrogradations are all the more important. It will be a year in which many of the attitudes of those marked by this sign will change, will be improved. We will not discuss here the particularities of each retrogradation, they are available under the the Retrograde Horoscope. The periods of retrograde motions are between January 31 and February 21, Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius, between May 30 and June 22 Mercury is retrograde in Gemini and between September 28 and October 17, Mercury is retrograde in Libra.

Between May 14th and July 28th there will be a time for intense personal activity, and you will work hard to get ahead. The danger is to force yourself too hard to move forward at any cost and finally to see that success has cost you more than it deserve. The impatience that you may demonstrate in almost any activity can blur the positive nature of this influence. Avoid exaggeration and try to maintain your sense of proportion. If you can do this, you will be able to achieve much more than usual, you will be able to engage in actions that you previously avoided because you found them inappropriate, and you can take the initiative in situations where you would sometimes expect to be led by others. With care, patience and self-limitation where needed, this influence is generally a sign of synchronized and favorable action, of obtaining advantages at the right time and this is not about luck, but about talent and understanding. But all this requires training because impulsive actions are not effective during the period mentioned.

Gemini Money Horoscope 2021


For a short period of time this year Jupiter will enter the sign of Pisces which brings an improvement in the financial situation for those marked by the sign of the Twins. Thus, between May 14 and July 28 you can receive financial rewards for your previous work. Sometimes it is about selling a business, receiving an advance for a project, capitalizing on some knowledge – although it it is more likely that this type of issue will materialize in the following year, now it is just an exploratory period in these directions. There will be opportunities to expand your activities  to gain more money, however, you will need to invest first. Sometimes there is an attempt for financial domination that can engage you in some actions not quite good. If you use your financial talents careful you can get a state of wealth. In any case,  the amount of money you earn during this period will be quite large.

A more important period is also between April 24 and June 11, when you will be much more active in terms of earnings, more ambitious, and you want financial success. It is not necessarily a concrete need, but it is often an impulse, an identification with your possessions. Having money during this period gives you a sense of personal value and a state of well-being. Be careful not to get into conflicts with others on financial matters and not to overspend by purchasing things that you don’t necessarily need.

With respect to amounts of money from sources other than salary, the most important financial moments of the year are around February 25 when you can receive a sum of money as payment of a debt or as a result of previous actions; at the beginning of June, when the risk of making a purchase will later prove to be a waste, there may also be discussions with a partner about how the common amounts are managed; around September 6th when you can redeem certain valuables, receive a sum of money from your parents or following real estate activities; at the end of October it is not advisable to make investments, also may appear some expenses related to children, the loved one or a hobby, a holiday; and the last important aspect of this year, around December 6, when you can benefit from some tax cuts or recovery of some money.

As of December 20th, Venus is in the sign of Capricorn which draws attention to loans, debts – it is not advisable to sign contracts of this nature now, avoid giving or taking money loan and there may be corrections and recalculations of some taxes, loans, etc. Also, if you pay rent the amount may change, and if you have money to collect there may be delays. This retrograde motion also affects investment. More details you will find in the the Retrograde Horoscope.

Gemini Love Horoscope 2021


Most of the events in terms of relationships are going to take place in the area of partnerships, marriage. Eclipses that affect the sign of Gemini will also leave their mark in this sector and force you to find a balance between your needs and your partner’s. In addition, the presence of Jupiter in Aquarius for most of the year makes this area subject to change. Referring to this, we mention that your partner will want more freedom  in your relationship this year. Your desire to express yourself, to say how you feel and what you  feel, to  take care of yourself, can trigger two possible situations. If the relationship is a good one, and the issues that concern you are real, the friendship between you and your partner will surface and he/she will support you in your activities and in what concerns you. If, however, these are exaggerations or your relationship has accumulated a number of problems over time that have remained unresolved, now he/she will probably distance himself/herself from you or treat these situations on an impersonal level. It is not a good idea to try to restrict it because the reaction may be quite extreme. It is also possible that  certain conjunctures (travel, family obligations, etc.. ) to put you in a position to spend a certain amount of time apart. Whatever the situation will be, you will perceive your partner more original, inventive and unpredictable. Events in his/her life will make him/her change his/her attitudes suddenly or sometimes even the direction in which he/she is going. If you are not involved in such a relationship you will most likely be oriented towards free, open and original people this year. A possible relationship starts either suddenly and unexpected or online and will have a rather difficult character to predict. In any case it won’t be a conventional one. Your individual freedom will be extremely important to each and every one of you.

Between May 14 and July 28, the situation will be quieter, the life partner will go through a stage of interiorization or there may be some problems related to his parents. In the first case, you would be able to let him crystallize his/her thoughts and emotions, and interfere if there are problems to solve, and in the second, try to support him/her even if you think it is not necessary to get involved or do not fully like his decisions. There’s little chance they’ll listen to you or understand your point of view now.

As for those who are not married or are not involved in a serious relationship, this year they may be looking for ideal love. The person you want to be with needs to share  your ideals, the way you look at the world and it will be quite difficult to find him/her because  no matter how many opportunities you may have, you will have the feeling that you can find more or better. You approach your relations enthusiastically, but this decreases along the way and when you realize that they do not correspond, the predisposition is to go further.

If you are already involved in a relationship your expectations in this area will increase. You will tend to analyze  this relationship in perspective of what you want from life and to what extent you feel fulfilled. You may have some sense of unfulfillment, but whether it is justified or not, it is questionable and depends to a large extent on the other aspects. However, try to avoid exaggerations. The possible problems that arise between you are issues that are based on principles rather than concrete issues. However, you are able to be tolerant and understanding. Travelling with a loved one, exotic culinary experiences or contact with foreign cultures may please you during this period.

If you have children, this is a year of expansion for them and it is necessary to encourage them to explore and discover the world. This year will have a particularly important effect for their future so pay close attention to the way you develop their principles, their morality. 

Gemini Career Horoscope 2021

Job, Career

As far as your career is concerned, if you have your company, this year you may be tempted by the idea of expansion, there may be issues related to your foreign affairs or collaborations with people from other countries, and last but not least, you may face the resolution of legal problems. Also, the aspect may also suggest (where appropriate),  a merger. As far as career is concerned, you can have an opportunity for a business trip in a foreign country or to attend some courses. Relationships with superiors are generally pleasant and can take a form of mentoring. In some cases, it may be the orientation of your career in a direction that harmonizes with your conceptions of life, beliefs or worldview. If there is disagreement at this level you may face the need to make important decisions.

Between May 14 and July 28, you can benefit from opportunities to achieve your professional goals and social goals, but you must be cautious because you will want a lot this year and the need for power, leadership or affirmation can become excessive. Circumstances may give you the opportunity to obtain the recognition you want, but you will also be aware that opportunities are more common for those who show responsibility and patience and have experience in that field. Once you start developing  self-control and leadership, you can gain the trust of others and progress.  You can find your interest in an area that has concerned you in the past or engage in several occupations this year. If you have your own business, its success will now depend on how you promote it and/or (in the case of foreign-related businesses) your relationships with foreigners. Pay more attention to the legal aspects.

In terms of actual work, at the end of February you can learn some things that are extremely useful to you or someone offers you help in solving tasks that you have fallen behind; in mid-June, you might try to get a pay rise but this can spark some conflicts with colleagues. There may be competition, envy. Be careful. The beginning of September indicates a favorable period for projects and tasks at work and the effects will also be felt at the financial level. The only condition – avoid imposing your opinions on your superiors.  At the end of October your creativity is not necessarily appreciated, try to collaborate with colleagues to benefit from other opinions. The beginning of December indicates an extremely active and beneficial period. It may indicate the proposal to be assigned a new project or new tasks for the following year and considering the aspects that will be formed at that time, it would be advisable to accept them because you can move forward in your profession. Everything you do during this period will benefit you in the coming year.  The periods referred to as favorable are also those indicated for those looking for a job.

Gemini Health Horoscope 2021


From a medical point of view, because of this year’s eclipses, it will be highlighted the problems of the Gemini – Sagittarius axis. Also, the presence of Uanus in Taurus and the aspects it makes with Saturn, indicate possible problems related to the thyroid gland, stress, spasms and lack of calcium. At the same time, the aspect indicates the need to get enough rest and to treat the possible problems seriously. There will be three moments: around the first one there may appear some symptoms, then you’ll see some improvement and at the last transit the situation can get worse if you have not done anything about it. The first time is in February, the second in June, and the last in December.

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