Capricorn Horoscope 2021

General characteristics of the year

This is a year in which you will be much more mobile, more active and more spontaneous than normal. Events will follow quickly, you will feel the  need to do something useful, tangible and to contribute both to the quality of your life and to a exploitation of your potential. It is a year in which the focus will be the area of financial and personal development.

From May 14 to July 28, Jupiter will transit the Pisces zodiac, so that next year it will resume this transit for a much longer period. The aspect indicates a lot of daily activity, you will have to pass from one thing to another and you have a lot to do, and if you loose control of the situations you will find yourself in a state of alert through all of this period. It is common involvement in a specific project or task that dominates your attention and consumes all of your time. You may have an overloaded schedule. The goal of this is to learn to focus on what you have to do and prioritize your work by letting others help you. Even if you’re more individualistic, now you have to accept that you can’t do everything alone. You need a lot of power of concentration and sometimes you will miss some details and you will see only the overall situation. It is a very good period to expand your knowledge, to take some courses. This year you may get the idea of what you would like to do and find out about it, so that you can start this activity in the next year.

Mentally you can feel this period to be more stressful, the amount of information you have to process is much greater. You will have to make decisions, some extremely important, and the situations you often face do not fall into a black and white category, but rather into a “grey” zone. Relationships with relatives can come to the fore.

In mid-February, you may experience some interruptions in your routine, which may have several causes, depending on your situation. This will be repeated in June and December, either as an evolution of a situation, a repetition of it or, if you have something to solve, corrections and the need for different approaches. We will list the possible situations: for those who have children, this is a year in which they will be either more rebellious, they will want more freedom or aspects of their lives affect you. They will require your intervention and support, but without restricting their freedom or forcing them to do anything, because such an approach will not bring you the results you hoped for. For others this aspect will relate to themselves. The desire to express yourself, to feel free, to do what you want is at odds with your situation and your responsibilities. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get rid of them this year and any attempt may end up costing you materially. It’s a time when a strong individualism gives you the ability to think original. You’ll see things differently as the year progresses and most likely you’ll have to deal with a matter of creativity in a whole new way. The difficulty associated with this aspect is the tendency to go through short periods of frustration during the transition. In other situations, this aspect concerns investments and will be discussed in the financial area of this horoscope or sentimental relations and you will find details in the relational area.

April is beneficial to you in the sense that you are perceiving the way in which certain trends can be used (either in situations in your life or on a general level) and you can make decisions in anticipation of what is to happen next. From April 24 to June 11 it is advisable to avoid the tendency to control the unnecessary environment, let things evolve on their own because if you oppose it, you can encounter opposition. There may be a tendency to manipulate others to get the results you want, but they will oppose you and generate open conflicts. It would be best to postpone major decisions or direct involvement until the autumn, because in September and October the chances of moving forward without encountering opposition in the same situations are much higher. Almost the entire year you will face situations that require a change in your approach to things. In the first phase, there will occur a problem, and your initial impulse will be to act directly. You will run into opposition or refusals, and within days or weeks you will have the chance to solve that problem or get that thing done by acting in a more indirect, intense, manipulative or controlling way.

The end of the year is a time when the goals you pursue will be closely related to your personal needs and they will be the product of your own mind and not a result of someone else’s ambition. You will feel that you’re controlling your life and your decisions. Also, one of your friends can go through a more difficult time. He / she may behave in the wrong way that irritates you. Try to find out what happens before you react.

From December 20th Venus will be retrograde in Capricorn. About this aspect you can read more in the Retrograde Horoscope.

Capricorn Money Horoscope 2021


Saturn will be in Aquarius throughout the year which will affect areas related to personal gain. You will need to be more responsible, more organized, and at the same time, you will be very concerned about maximizing profits or making the most of what you own. We are not referring to “exploit” in the sense of selling, although this situation is also possible in some cases, but to increase the value of your things, the knowledge you have, the work you do. Sometimes this aspect correlated with other transits this year, can signify the end of a way of earning and a new beginning that implies another way of getting money. The most important moments of the year from a financial point of view are:

In the second half of February a financial situation may arise, with the possibility of a repeat in mid-June and completion in December. This year your profits may be linked to a creative talent, art, teaching activities, investments, sports, speculation or gambling. This may also relate to a personal business, a company. In some cases, there can be financial exchanges between you and the person you love. Whatever the situation, there will be a conflict between conservative trends and the need for financial change. Even if the situation seems favorable it is not advisable to take risks and make major changes. You lack a sense of security, you’re inconstant, and while you know what to do, your actions are different. Be careful.

At the end of March there may be wage increases, involvement in a new project that brings you additional earnings or the opportunity to reduce your expenses. If you have a company, profits will increase due to the initiatives of some employees.

Another particularly favorable time is around April 10 when you can easily find support from others, form alliances, financially beneficial partnerships or you may sign extremely favorable contracts. Your responsibilities will increase and there is also the possibility of social or financial cooperation. Older people can offer you support. Patience, constancy and persuasion are rewarded.

Between June 12 and July 29, Mars will transit the sign of Leo, which indicates financial aspects related to a partner’s (life or business) need to control their resources and the ability to reduce expenses. Otherwise it may signify his / her tendency to make impulsive and unjustified expenses. You may be concerned about debt and credit, and if you intend to start a process in this regard, the next year will be quite difficult for you. There may be misunderstandings or arguments about expenses or how money is managed. The trend will be to discuss “who pays for what” but there won’t be major conflicts. There may also be a competition for earning money. Inheritance discussions, where appropriate, are also not excluded. The pick of this situation is at the beginning of July when you can face a situation where a partner wants to invest or spend more, and you are more reserved and try to put the brakes on expenses that in your view are risky, and indeed, in the long run they can either bring you losses or you will end up bearing all the financial responsibility yourself.

Around September 25, you can benefit from a bonus, a gain due to recognition of merit, or it may arise the opportunity of career advancement related to a salary increase. Sometimes it’s a management change that benefits you. For those who own their own business it is a period in which advertising, visibility can bring them considerable gains.

November brings to the fore issues related to an associate or partner, the situation described above and requires caution. For others the aspect indicates expenses generated by the desire to help a friend in difficulty.

Capricorn Love Horoscope 2021


For those who are not married this year it can be quite challenging on a relational level. There is a predisposition to engage in relationships with free, original, spontaneous but extremely unstable people which can cause interruptions and replays in relationships. Very often the exact reasons why you initially feel attracted to a person are the ones that will bother you afterwards. For example, you like someone because they manifest themselves in an uninhibited, eccentric, original manner, but once you start a relationship these things take you out of your comfort zone and make you feel insecure. In the case of an older relationship, the loved one goes through a stage where he/she wants you to do more things together, the friendship between you becomes extremely important to him/her and he/she has on numerous occasions a behavior that you cannot anticipate. If you choose to object and refuse to get involved, this will cool down the relationship. It’s all about the challenge of manifesting yourself more freely and openly in the relationship. How you manage these things is entirely up to you but can have major consequences for your relationship.

For those who have children, they will be more rebellious and harder to control, they will want to show their independence. Try to direct them to activities that develop certain talents, hobbies or courses. Do not try to control them because they will become stubborn and refractory. The best approach is a friendly attitude and try to discover what they want by channeling their attention to productive activities.

As for the marriage, there are two important periods. Between April 24 and June 11, the transit of Mars to Cancer indicates the possibility of some conflicts. It seems that every time you try to express your feelings towards your partner you trigger a misunderstanding. These conflicts do not seem to be clearly defined, but there is a deeper cause. Don’t lose sight of self-esteem and the need for self-expression. Some situations may be ignored or controlled; others require a more definitive response. Now is the time to address the unresolved issues and you need to get to their root. Do not allow denial or “burial” of a problem with superficial discussions. Keep in mind, however, that Mars is also the planet of competitiveness and you are more sensitive to criticism from others. Try to be objective.

The second period, between May 14 and July 28, will partially overlap with the first and will lead to an improvement in situations and the resolution of many aspects through communication. This aspect will be active for almost the entire next year and favors both the marriage and partnership relationships. Relationships can improve; good marriages can get even better. If you have had relationship problems in the past this interpretation is all the more visible. Difficult marital problems tend to be solved especially if professional help is sought (individual or marriage counseling). Under therapeutic conditions those with whom you are involved may become more willing to listen to your grievances and make concessions. Maybe you’re even more intuitive and you can explain your position better. You can make big steps because something clicks into your subconscious and you adapt your intimate patterns. It is easier to get your partner’s cooperation.

Capricorn Career Horoscope 2021

Job, Career

This year a Lunar Eclipse and two Solar Eclipses will affect the job sector in the horoscope indicating certain changes related to your work environment, colleagues or work. They are also particularly important for those looking for a job. The first eclipse takes place on May 26 and indicates when a project can reach its peak. Stable, continuous activity will bring an increase in revenue, even if not to the level you expected. For those looking for a job, it is a favorable opportunity if you focus on the purpose and don’t exaggerate your presentations at interviews. If your expectations are realistic and you maintain your objectivity the aspects are beneficial to you. The second eclipse, on June 10, is a Solar Eclipse and it will bring the results of the event described above – getting a new job, concluding a project, starting a project. The only thing you need to pay special attention to is signing documents and communicating. A difficult aspect of Neptune indicates possible misinterpretations, omissions, mistakes. Attention to detail, meticulous and organized work can keep you from any problems (Mercury – Saturn). The latest eclipse that affects your work area takes place on December 4th, bringing to the fore some challenges. It would be advisable not to follow them or postpone as much as possible the involvement in the projects that are now being discussed. If you can’t do this, try not to stand out. You don’t have all the information; your colleagues aren’t sincere.

Until May 14 and from July 28 until the end of the year, the issues related to your career are extremely favorable. You are easily noticed; you benefit from popularity and the goodwill of superiors. It is a very good aspect to advance your career, to take courses, to attend at conferences or other programs related to your activity and to make relationships. A more intense period is between March 5 and April 23 when you can make new commitments that will benefit you. There is a risk of arousing envy among colleagues. You may also have competition.

The retrogradation periods affect both your work area and your career area. As far as work is concerned, they are between January 31 and February 21, May 30 and June 22, September 28 and October 17. The latter will also cover the career area, so it is advisable to pay special attention to details at work, to expect delays or small blockages. For more details, read the Retrograde Horoscope. A last period targeting the career area starts on December 20, and for clarification we recommend the Retrograde Horoscope.

Capricorn Health Horoscope 2021


This is a year when you can change some habits that negatively affect your health. With 3 eclipses that directly influence these areas, you will have certain signals that you would need to treat seriously, be it the food style, older medical aspects that you have ignored or excesses of another kind. Between March 5 and April 23, it is a good time for diets or physical activities, but don’t overdo it. Also, be careful between January 31 and February 21, May 30 and June 22, September 28 and October 17, when Mercury is retrograde and there is a possibility of receiving erroneous results, consultations or interventions that require repetition. These periods also have a beneficial influence on cases where you have experienced certain problems and have not found the right treatment – now this is more likely you will. Between May 14 and July 28, you must be careful not to exhaust yourself. It is more difficult for you to relax.

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