General characteristics of the year

As for those marked by the Cancer zodiac, many of this year’s events will manifest themselves in the work area,  but also on a psychological level, related to the perception of life and the world in general. Health issues need to be treated seriously this year.

For some time now your vision of the situations you face is deeper, and you are more aware of the dark side of human nature that you see manifesting both in you, psychologically, and in your own personality. Usually you see others as a combination of good and evil, black and white with variations of gray, but now the differences seem to be much more obvious and grayer tents tend to disappear. Black and white, good and evil become experiences like all or nothing, different parts of the same personality that manifest themselves in different contexts.

Use this period to remove the power structures that control you. Develop self-control. Understand your personal contribution to these situations. You have to work to evolve. Beyond the psychological and spiritual aspect of this year’s influences, educational opportunities may arise. Depending on your level of expertise and your desire to gather information, you can learn or teach. Those who are interested in learning can do so both individually and within a school. In fact, it is more likely to take separate courses (seminars, independent study, study groups etc.). The need for freedom makes you focus on a relaxing and pleasant study environment without the structure of a program,  but there is also the possibility of opting for a formal education. If you return to school you can receive certain awards or recognition during this period. It is to your advantage to engage in competitions or presentations according to your interests.

Your mind is very active between May 14 and July 28 and needs stimulation; therefore, there is an interest in a variety of topics. At some point you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you are trying to assimilate or understand especially if the experimental part of this manifestation is strong. If you choose not to study during this period and have no other intellectual concern (reading, writing, contemplation) you may experience mental anxiety. One way or another you’re going to have to find an occupation. Teaching, writing, publishing (rather preparing materials for publication) are favored, etc. May arise travel opportunities related to the above, or your interest for a foreign culture, exotic places, foreign foods or customs may increase. It is also possible an intensification of the interaction with people of other nationality. This influence also indicates that personal needs and individual qualities are becoming more important, and future growth depends to a large extent on the recognition of these qualities. The potential for personal success and progress is great, but only for those who are convinced that it is worth the time and effort for self-development. Optimism, when not taken to the extreme or unmotivated, will give good results. The most important task associated with this is creating opportunities. During this transit, opportunities and benefits must be created; they will not simply appear. You have to actively deal with a situation to get what you want. Help doesn’t come from the outside. This also suggests an increase in effort, a diversification of your actions and interests and enthusiasm. But you have to rely on yourself.

A challenge this year may be related to your plans for the future, your aspirations, what you consider to be your personal freedom. Many of these will change completely by the end of the year and generally it will be about those things that no longer fit your vision of the future, with the current circumstances. For those you want to maintain you will need to show persuasion, determination and last but not least, you will need to be sure of their validity. Friendship relations will also be tested, and it is not excluded that one of them will end. In certain situations, it is the disappearance of a person in your life caused by various reasons. The most difficult moments in this sense will be in the second half of February, mid-June and the end of the year.

It is a year in which it is advisable to take care of yourself, to update your plans and what you want to do, to expand your horizons if you think it is appropriate and to pay great attention to your lifestyle, health. Don’t expect too much from others, it’s time to manage on your own because most of the time the support you receive is accompanied by a series of obligations that you may now consider limiting or you may feel a state of tension, and at other times those people you rely on will not be available or will not be able to offer you support for various reasons. Even if it seems selfish of you to take care of yourself, if your goals are to provide support to others, you must  first be in a good state, so consider this to be a preparation for the future.

Cancer Money Horoscope 2021


From a financial point of view, there may be some money concerns this year caused by debt or common resources. Debts are one of the issues and it is not unusual to borrow a large amount of money over this period for an expensive purchase such as a house or a car. But you are more likely to  feel pressured to pay off a debt, whether older or  newer. Some limit their spending by refusing to spend money until they pay their debts. Others, who have refused to face financial reality in the past (allowing debts to reach the limit) are  forced by circumstances to do so.

This influence may involve limiting common resources and as a result you may receive less money from others. If you normally share your money with someone else or receive money for various reasons,  this  may be a period when that income (except your earning power) decreases. If you are married or have a partner, they may not be employed for a part of this period, so it is normal to earn less. On the other hand, they may be employed but hesitating when it comes to sharing funds and spend their own money without accounting for debts or common needs. In any case, the amount of money your partner split or earned may decrease for one reason or another.

If you normally depend on others (parents, relatives, partner) for financial help, you may now receive less money than before, or these amounts come with a need to take a responsibility for certain things. This will probably force you to become more financially independent and more aware of your own needs and obligations. Restrictions on common resources also include situations related to wills, legacies and occasional bank loans. Don’t expect to receive money unless you are willing to  run into delays and various setbacks. This does not reflect the money you earn, but the extra funds.

In terms of wage income, between June 12 and July 29 you are capable of new financial initiatives, you will be more ambitious, and you will have an instinctive and active need to earn money or to be financially successful. You want to control your own resources and be more independent in this regard. You may become more possessive with what you own, and yet you will have a predisposition to impulsive expenses, charities or to lend money without the guarantee that you will recover it; in any case you will spend quite a lot of energy in the financial area. Increasing your income will depend on how much you will get involved in your activities. Be careful about financial negligence, extravagance and do not overvalue your possessions.

You have the ability to be practical where money is involved, except the situations that involve feelings. Conflicting discussions or misunderstandings may arise about money management, how you earn or spend (payment of bills, personal expenses, etc.. ) especially since you feel that you have to decide for yourself in these directions and you will not be willing to listen to suggestions or advice.

Cancer Love Horoscope 2021


Your marriage relationship goes through certain changes during this period, mainly due to situations that affect your life partner. You may have the feeling of cooling or he / she is extremely busy and is not so present in your life. A series of events, sometimes related to the service, financial situation or other aspects make him / her extremely concerned about other things,  and this year you feel this “absence” much stronger. If you choose to focus on yourself, it will be a positive use of the influences of this period.  But  if  you constantly seek attention or support, this may lead to conflict or you will perceive any more severe refusals and your condition will not improve. The most difficult periods in this sense are in the second half of February, mid-June and  at the end of the year. You feel that you cannot rely enough on the person you love, but often this indicates changes in their way of expressing themselves that are unrelated to your relationship. Do not try to control him/her because you will give him/her a sense of restraint and frustration and will tend to rebel against these limits. Instead, this year, he / she will react positively to pleasant surprises. Try to find creative activities to do together.

Since December 20th Venus is retrograde in Capricorn and this may bring forward some older problems in the relationship, but about this aspect you can read more in the Retrograde Horoscope.

As for the situation for those who are not married or involved in a long-term relationship, you will be attracted to original people, unique in a certain way, but who will often have a rather loaded emotional baggage. It may not be the best year for a new relationship, but if that happens, expect an emotional carousel. The talks will be intense, deep and with great potential for manipulation. The most likely moments to meet someone are at the end of February, when there can be a very strong attraction to someone you know through a friend or it is a friendship that becomes something more; at the beginning of June, but most likely at this point someone else feels attracted to you and not necessarily this is mutual; in the first week of September, when it is about physical attraction to someone; and at the end of October, someone from your past may reappear in your life. The best time, however, for a relationship with long-term development potential is early December.

There is the possibility of sexual issues during this period. Sexual limitations may include abstinence, frigidity or lack of  self-fulfillment. Critical analysis of one’s own person or others can affect your sexual life. Problems outside the bedroom such as power, dominance, restrictions may lead to alteration of such relationships. The limitations that arise may have a variety of reasons, but the main ones are the absence of one of the partners due to his / her problems that are more urgent, the inability to think of an intimate or relaxing environment due to relationship problems, etc. In some cases, it may be the physical absence for a period of time of the life partner or loved one.

Cancer Career Horoscope 2021

Job, Career

Jupiter, the planet that indicates work for those marked by the sign of Cancer, will be in Aquarius most of the year. This means that certain situations at work may involve risks, you may face difficult situations or there is a need to work in extreme terms. You will be able to extract benefits from a crisis situation because you have a good survival instinct. You may also benefit from investments or you may need to deal with financial matters. Where appropriate, take care and try to avoid possible accidents at work. If  your work does not involve extreme risks or dangers, then it may be a matter of definitive changes in your work or related to your job. Your activity becomes more intense and your approach more profoundly. There can be conflicts and power struggles with colleagues. Sometimes it’s about some difficult situations your colleagues are going through. Also, you can expect inspections and if there are irregularities, there will be drastic measures. If you have employees or subordinates, this year you will need to pay more attention to your relationship with them. There may be conflicts between them caused by competition or the desire to get in control. Sometimes the aspect signifies that  you need to change part of the the staff.

This year there will be three eclipses in the work area, indicating a number of changes and strengthening the aforementioned ones. There will be some situations that make you reconsider whether what you do in the workplace is indeed satisfactory in terms of both activity and income. At the end of May there will be a question of whether by continuing in this direction you will be able to advance your career. There may be some problems with superiors, but not openly (rumors, assumptions, tacit actions). June gives you an opportunity in terms of work, but it is not yet time to discuss it. The end of the year may cause some misunderstandings, errors or delays in work.

Referring to major career decisions, this year is rather a time of awareness of your needs, aspirations and plans. There may be some proposals but take your time. Try to find out what it takes for the steps you plan to take in the future and find out about the training you need if you want to implement a change. If you are not in this situation and you want an advancement in the current situation, now is not the time. Rather, it is a year of crystallization of tasks, activity and relationships in the workplace. Between March 5th and April 23rd, it’s a good time to talk to your superiors without imposing your opinions or trying to document your larger projects. The next period you are quite active but there is a risk of getting into some conflicts because you find it difficult to collaborate with others and you want to do everything either alone or without considering the opinion of others. From mid-June and in July, the aspects are favorable to you to be noticed, the image you display is that of an enterprising, independent and active person. Also, if you want to undertake additional projects to help you get a better position at work, the end of the year is ideal for this.

Cancer Health Horoscope 2021


Those who have known medical problems this year should be particularly cautious. Three eclipses affect the health axis and indicate changes in health, and Jupiter in Aquarius predisposes to unpleasant situations. To counter these issues, small sacrifices or supplements will not be enough. It will require radical lifestyle changes, giving up what is harmful and adopting a strict regime. Avoid getting angry, try to reduce stress.

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