Aries Horoscope 2021

General characteristics of the year

This year you will set your goals and expectations for the coming years. It is very important that you take things seriously and you are aware of what you decide, because the goals you set now, will decide the success or failure of your relationships and your future objectives. It’s important to have an idea about how others see you, but you don’t have to adopt their point of view and deny your own values. There will be a tendency to do that because of your respect for the views of a particular person. You should use those opinions to reach your own conclusions. Older people are extremely useful to you in this process. In fact, this year you will benefit from their support. This makes it all the more important for you because you will go through a period when your emotional satisfaction and fulfillment are the main goals and motivational forces, and you will pay great attention to your subjective feelings and thoughts.  Some of you will withdraw and use this time to reflect. You may appreciate the evenings spent at home with your family – rather than going out.

This is a period of balance and stability, but also change. You will have a lot of inspiration in almost anything you want to do. At this moment of your life, discipline, order and responsibility can lead you to a greater understanding and freedom. You will learn to understand and respect your limitations and work within them, so that you no longer perceive them as barriers. Everyone has some limitations, but they can be used in a positive way and can become tools to organize your life. Your approach to life is methodical, but you don’t settle for the things as they are. You will search for ways to create constructive changes and get what you want. You are not satisfied with abstract formulations of principles; you know exactly how to accomplish your tasks. Consequently, it is a good time to study difficult, but practical techniques.

Three of this year’s eclipses will take place on the axis of thought, communication, principles and values. This signifies a number of challenges at this level, where your ideas, perceptions and beliefs will be tested, and you will eliminate those that no longer fit your life at this time. There is a risk that emotions will influence your thinking or you may filter what you feel by examining your emotions; in any case your emotions will be related to thinking one way or another. Because of this, you  may experience at some point a state of emotional confusion and your emotional nature is wavering. If you know how to avoid being shallow, you will become more skilled and talented. This year’s strongest emotions will be about communication, travel, children, siblings and there is the possibility of having two emotionally powerful moments.

Between May 14 and July 28, you may experience a state of uncertainty about your direction in life or you don’t acknowledge that your image of the world does not reflect reality. Avoid making important decisions because things are not what they seem to be, and you tend not to be practical. This transit will stir your ideals, and you will look at life with more compassion. Those who are in a difficult position will win your sympathy whether you meet them in person or by engaging in charitable activities. You are less interested in transforming the social order that has led to the existence of conditions that oppress those you are dealing with.

Your interest in spirituality, philosophy or religion may grow during this time and you can get involved in a group that studies these topics. This world seems to no longer suit for your needs so you will internalize, and you will try to find a world that will give you  what you lack. This makes you discover that your personal desires or selfish attitudes can prevent you from getting this, so you will learn to make certain renunciations.

Unfortunately, there is another side of this transit that you need to be cautious about. Some people develop a false sense of happiness by living in a world of dream and fantasy that is not based on reality. You may feel that everything is fine when it is not,  or you may feel that you can do whatever you want without any consequences. Because of this, the transit is oftener associated with gambling or risk-taking with limited resources and disastrous results. It’s not a good time for investment and that’s not because it would necessarily bring losses – but because you won’t know for sure what the situation is, and you’ll  tend  to take risks at the wrong times. In business it is good to make sure that you understand everything clearly.

It is best that under the influence of this transit to avoid selfish concerns because when your actions are motivated in this way, you will experience the negative side of this transit.

Mercury will be retrograde in air signs, indicating that this year your thinking and relational models will undergo readjustments and modifications.

Aries Money Horoscope 2021


From a financial point of view, you will need to be quite calculated this year. Uranus in square with Saturn indicates some possible major situations: either you will purchase something quite valuable and you will have additional financial responsibilities or your salary will undergo some changes – delays,  a decrease in income or the current income doesn’t allow you to fulfill certain plans. Between January 7th and March 4th, Mars transits the financial sector which in correlation with the other aspects indicates that the initiatives during this period are the ones that will affect you through the entire year in terms of your own income. As of December 20th Venus, the governor of your income,  is retrograde which indicates that it is not a good time to take major financially decisions.

The good news comes from other sources of earnings, not salary: money obtained from collaborations, contracts, a partner’s money, banks, legacies, rents, etc. Between 14 May and 28 July,  you can take care of the financial resources of others or by a certain opportunity (inheritance, partnership, contracts) can get some of sums of money. As far as credits are concerned,  they can be easily obtained, but you need to be careful because your needs can grow, and you end up creating very large debts. You can receive money from advertising, foreign nationals, contracts with foreigners, publishing, etc. You can also receive material help from more unusual sources, people who offer you support for some past activities, investments in your work etc..

At the end of February your financial ambitions and especially the initiatives to start something new will favor you if you rely on profits that come in the aftermath of working with someone else or from interacting with others. You can get loans or financing to make some purchases. In June, possible projects related to family or home will generate additional expenses. Whether it is the purchase of land or immovable property or   expenses related to parents, you will experience a decrease in income. Avoid being reckless. In early September, your relationships with colleagues, subordinates or people who provide you with services can generate profits. Your ambition and competitive spirit in terms of work or practical activities can give you the opportunity for new income. The end of October there is a rather conflicting period in relation to others and in partnerships, which can affect your financial situation. There is a tendency  towards individualism and selfishness in this direction – and you can be perceived quite aggressively – which can bring you losses. Don’t get involved in conflicts because it might cost you more than it’s worth. The last aspect of the year, in December, indicates an impulsivity in terms of managing and accumulating resources through others or in the follow-up of  partnerships. You are quite enterprising in this area and as long as you don’t act thoughtlessly, the courage and initiative  you have can bring you success. As far as inheritances are concerned, you may experience a conflict of a certain nature. In relation to the banks try to consider all aspects. Calculated decisions will keep you from making mistakes. It may signify a financial beginning in connection with certain contracts or the management of the assets of others.

Aries Love Horoscope 2021


This year, the practical nature of your relationships dominates the emotions. Relationships work practically and easily and there may be a degree of formality. In romantic relationships there is a tendency for an unequal partnership. Quite often this inequality is caused by an age gap or a difference in social position. Now this difference may relate to income. The marriage relationship  will be very practical. You understand the need to cooperate and are you able to fulfil your partner needs and to get what you want from your relationship. At the moment you are not idealistic. This is an  excellent time to achieve stability in relationships. Your personal needs are not in conflict with the demands of a relationship and you can have a realistic understanding of who you are and what others need from you.

Beyond the practical nature of the marriage relationship, this year, with the exception of the period from 14 May to 28 July, your life partner will be more open and jovial. The relationship enjoys more harmony, you enjoy spending time together and it would be advisable to find common activities that please both of you, (most likely actions like home redevelopment, various hobbies) but also have a practical nature like: cooking, decorating, developing certain skills, etc. If there were problems in the relationship, you can now discuss them because the risk of conflict is low. The only more dynamic period is between September 15th and October 30th when the transit of Mars will make your partner a little more individualistic, more concerned with his/her personal goals and he/she will not cooperate as easy if he/she feels that you are not sharing his/her plans.

Venus, who governs the marriage relationship, is retrograde after December 20, but about this influence you can read more in the Retrograde Horoscope.

As for sentimental relationships for those who are not married or not involved in a serious relationship, this is a year of growth. If you meet someone now, you will be interested in mental compatibility and the long-term chances of this relationship to work. There will most likely be an age gap between you two.

For existing relationships that have not reached a level of serious involvement, it is a more difficult year, in the sense that if a relationship now turns out to be unbalanced – what you expect versus what you get from the person you love, what you are asked for versus what you are willing or what you can offer – there is a good chance that you will put an end to it. You feel the need to be able to make plans with the person you’re with and consider whether or not the relationship you’re involved in is valid to move on to the next step. Good relations will become closer by the end of this year, but those facing problems may end.

Another important factor this year for sentimental relationships is communication and mental compatibility. You will look for the kind of relationships in which you can talk openly with the person you love, have common intellectual interests and the exchange of ideas is favored. If there is an incompatibility from these points of view and the reasons behind this relationship differ, you will be tempted to distance yourself and your feelings will gradually cool down. This will also be important for the new relationships that arise.

For those who have children this is a year in which you will need to involve more with them, because they tend to become unruly and excessive if their attention is not captured by various activities. It is a good time to contribute to their development, to encourage them to pursue a hobby, to develop certain skills or to harness some talents.

Aries Career Horoscope 2021

Job, Career

From the point of view of the actual activity, this year the relations you have with colleagues, your partners are particularly important. Your advancement and ability to fluidly perform your daily tasks will depend to a large extent on the nature and quality of these relationships. It is precisely because of this that some of them will end and others will be appreciated because of the support you receive. Other important factors are communication, mental flexibility and willingness to listen other’s opinions, to accept when you’re wrong and to make rectifications. The most important periods in this respect are between 31 January and 21 February, 30 May – 22 June and 28 September – 17 October, when Mercury is retrograde. Details about each period you can read at the time in the Retrograde Horoscope.

Between 14 May and 28 July, it is possible to increase the workload or to take on tasks that go beyond your possibilities, conflicts between moral aspects and the activity you carry out, violation of personal boundaries between colleagues, excessive and unjustified trust, deadlines that are  difficult to meet. These situations may also cause an  impractical idealism that can make your work not benefit from the recognition you deserve. Avoid neglecting your responsibilities. To counter this influence you can do a large amount of work by yourself without being disturbed by others, and you should be oriented in this direction; avoid stand out and retreat from the spotlight, seek to act more through others when you need to expose yourself.

In terms of profession, this year will bring changes in  your career path as a consequence of the need to take on more important tasks that will require spontaneous and quick reactions or inventiveness. You may have the opportunity to be offered to work within an organization, groups, brotherhood other associations because your feelings of courage, humanism and idealism are elevated and easily recognized by others. You will want to make certain changes, regardless of your profession, changes that will touch the situation of several people with whom you share the same interests. You can get the help of your friends, and you can achieve certain goals.

However, you should bear in mind that it is important to resolve the tense states that may arise, and you need to harmonies your social relationships at work to prevent reversals of situations, conflicts or other unforeseen events and unpleasant conditions. You will have situations that will show you  that impatience and subconscious renewal needs will lead you to make unplanned professional changes. It is a time when you will need to be able to discipline, to accept and respect authority and take charge of your duties. New ideas will motivate you deeply for your actions.

If you have your own business, your ability to adapt to social conditions, to have that momentary inspiration, an original idea (sometimes even eccentric) and the courage to implement it will define its success. If your business is not promoted online, you should do so now.

Aries Health Horoscope 2021


From a medical point of view, Jupiter’s entry into Pisces emphasizes the need to pay attention to your  lifestyle, diet, physical activity. This year you will receive only some signals regarding this, but in the following year,  Jupiter will stay there for a long time and you better prepare in advance to avoid problems. Between 31 January and 21 February, 30 May – 22 June and 28 September – 17 October it is not advisable to start new treatments or diets unless the previous ones have not worked. Also, if you will do checkups during these periods there is a risk of errors. Ask for a second opinion.

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