Aquarius Horoscope 2021

General characteristics of the year

Saturn remains throughout the year in Aquarius, which is generally difficult transit for most signs. Not in your case. Saturn is the classic governor of your sign, which signifies a greater ability to control your decisions and actions. Also, with the exception of May 14 to July 28, Jupiter will be in Aquarius and will bring more support.

The need for control over your own life and the situations you face every day is greater during this period, and it’s not a spontaneous or trust-like attitude, but rather a defensive attitude, you need to know what is going on to feel ready. This is quite unusual for those marked by the Aquarius sign, because they are spontaneous, act unexpectedly and now they have a reluctance most likely due to a fear of not encountering opposition. In fact, it’s a challenge to act in a different way. You have the ability to develop calculated and long-term plans, though, the ease with which your spontaneous ideas shock and achieve rapid results in general, has kept this feature dormant, without visible manifestations. Those who are older have experienced this transit about 28 years ago. Try to remember the situations you faced during that period and the lessons assimilated. For others, it’s a maturation period. You’ll feel like you’re running into opposition when you want something on the spot, quickly, but if you have enough patience and the strength not to give up on the first attempts, you’ll eventually get favorable results and, unlike other moments, it will last.

Jupiter’s presence in Aquarius can have two major consequences. One of them is related to the enthusiasm and desire for freedom and spontaneity, features that are contrary to the saturnian influences and may predispose to uncalculated decisions lacking prior planning, and consequently can lead to obstacles and blockages. If this influence is channeled and oriented towards sustainable and generally large-scale goals (whether investments, financial or other actions), the results will be visible but not immediately. For those who will tend to “start over”, a common situation with Jupiter in this position, this should be a rational decision considering what you leave behind and the validity of your plans. You need to be aware of what is possible and achievable and what is not, because the feeling that “everything resolves itself” is not sustained by real events during this period.

This year, on three separate occasions, February 17, June 14 and December 24, Saturn in Aquarius will be in the square with Uranus in Taurus. Saturn is in your own sign, and Uranus is the governor of Aquarius.

We will discuss the three significances of this aspect with the mention that for some of you it will manifest at a certain level, and for others it may be about all three situations, depending on age, juncture and other aspects of your life. First of all, on a physical level, this year may be the year when you decide to change your home, to move or, for the younger ones, to start your life on your own. If you find yourself in this situation, you will face a number of challenges, mainly of a financial nature, but also aspects related to delays, things that are not in your control. Situations can become frustrating, the chance to overcome these conjunctures will arise next year. Even if you manage to do part of what you want now, you will not finish until next year. Consequently, be patient and avoid unnecessary stress. Emotionally, the aspect indicates blockages or situations from the past that you need to overcome because otherwise they will be the source of your lack of action at times when you should advance. Uranus in that position indicates a state of restlessness, a desire to feel something special, to change something. Saturn however will stop you and you may feel fearful or filled with uncertainty. You have to get to the root of these problems that most likely have to do with some situations from the past, sometimes from childhood. Now is the time when they can be brought to the surface and solved. They are the cause that makes you want something but to act in the opposite direction. The third valence of this aspect is related to relations with the family. A major change in the family, (we will not insist because the situations are multiple and sometimes sensitive, depending on each person’s natal astrochart) can put you in a situation where you no longer benefit from the previous support – either materially or emotionally or both. For some of you it may be a personal decision to move away from a particular family member or, it is a situation out of your control, which is felt as a loss. For others it may be about taking responsibility for an older person who needs support, and this is perceived as a restriction of personal freedom. The aspect indicates the inherent conflict between freedom and responsibility and the need to find a balance between them. You shouldn’t be discouraged, because Jupiter in your own sign indicates that you will have the ability to overcome everything and finally advance.

Between January 31 and February 21, Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius, you can read details about this transit in the Retrograde Horoscope.

Aquarius Money Horoscope 2021


The financial moments of this year are as follows:

Around January 26, it is not advisable to invest or speculate financially. You don’t perceive trends very well or do not have all the information. What seems too good to be true, this time, is not. In early April you will have some expenses related to children or a relaxing activity, a hobby. Again, this is not a good time for investment, easy wins (games, speculation). Money can become a source of conflict in a love relationship. At the end of May, you can expect a raise, or you are entrusted with a project that will lead to increased income. Other possibilities are related to earnings through employees, reducing expenses. Around September 2, there is an imbalance between revenue and expenditure. You need to show more practical sense. If you’re thinking of make a loan, reassess your ability to pay rates without affecting your lifestyle with realism. Your partner may have some expenses that will affect your budget. Also, be careful when paying taxes and/or fines. At the end of November, it brings the possibility of gains related to your position at work, usually they are associated with a promotion or a bonus due to some effective activities.

Between July 30 and September 14, Mars is in Virgo– which may indicate several situations: it may be a partner’s desire to start a new financial project or certain expenses; it may indicate that you want to make a loan; or you may receive some money from a partner. Depending on your situation, this suggests an activation of the area of income you get through others – not your salary. With the exception of September 2, which I mentioned above, if you make sure that the information you have about your contracts is accurate and you assess correctly your possibilities to deal with future expenses, this may be the beginning of a financial initiative.

One of the most important aspects of the year is the transit of Jupiter into Pisces between May 14 and July 28.

It indicates a period of financial growth and which will most likely peak over the next year. It’s the beginning of a new financial cycle. There is the possibility of earning money due to a partner’s investments, customer growth or promotion. The way you relate to your income becomes more important and in a certain way you identify with your possessions: if you aren’t satisfied with your earnings you will feel that you “worth more” and you will channel all your energies in this direction; if you are at a level that satisfies your needs, you may be tempted to purchase things that just because you can (clothes, jewelry, car, sometimes real estate). This year you will feel this influence only during the period mentioned and most likely you won’t do anything about it, there will be rather ideas, thoughts, but there are signals about what will be from a financially point of view in the coming year.

Mercury, the planet that governs the finances you get from external sources (money obtained from contracts, partner gains, legacies, loans, debts) but also investments, is retrograde three times this year: between January 31 and and February 21 in Aquarius, between May 30 and June 22 in Gemini, and between September 28 and October 17 in Libra. For the interpretation of these moments we recommend you read the Retrograde Horoscope.

Aquarius Love Horoscope 2021


The relational area is quite intense this year, with two eclipses taking place in the sector that indicate sentimental relationships. The first, on May 26, is a Lunar Eclipse indicating that various discussions can occur in love relationships, as old problems tend to resurface. Issues like freedom versus commitment, responsibility and involvement are brought to front. The eclipse brings out latent problems, but it does not generate a crisis situation, it rather comes to solidify the relationship. The second eclipse is a Solar Eclipse and takes place on June 10. Mercury is retrograde during this eclipse and this highlights the afore mentioned issues. Interestingly, amid these eclipses, sentimental relationships will be reassessed and there is a possibility that many of those marked by the sign of Aquarius to decide that they will take their relationships to the next level. There is a predisposition towards taking on more responsibilities and deeper involvement. For the ones that are not involved in a relationship, it’s a good year to meet someone new. You will think pretty much about the need to be with someone and how it affects your sense of personal freedom. In general, Aquarius has a greater need for freedom and expression than other zodiacs, which makes many relationships to be maintained at a superficial or non-involvement level or to be interrupted for periods of time. If you find a way to balance these two aspects, (and the astral configurations support you in this regard) you will get that kind of relationship that doesn’t give you the feeling of containment or suffocation.

As far as marriage relationships are concerned, there will be some difficulties. Throughout the year, your life partner may need more support from you. Circumstances that are not necessarily related to your relationship may lead to the need to assume more responsibilities in the relationship. He/she may be going through a difficult time from a professional point of view or he/she may not be in the best physical shape. This can also be a test period for relationships that have problems, because in some cases, you may not want to take on more responsibilities or you won’t have enough patience. A more problematic period is between June 12 and July 29 when Mars is in Leo, which can lead to increased frustration and thus conflicts. Try not to react impulsively, and if your life partner has such a reaction, turn to calm and reason. You may also face situations where you act as a brake on your spouse’s initiatives, either because of a lack of encouragement or you simply oppose things he/she wants to do. In that case, you should examine your motives and seek a compromise. You can most likely win if you impose yourself, but don’t abuse this situation if logic contradicts your decisions.

Aquarius Career Horoscope 2021

Job, Career

From May 14 to July 28, Jupiter will enter the Pisces zodiac which will bring an increase in opportunities. It won’t remain in this sign until the next year, but if you want a change in this area, to start a new project, open a company, now you will have the first signals in this respect. The situation is mainly due to the fact that you will think of projects on a larger scale, you’ll consider general trends and the number of your social contacts will increase.

You have gone through (and still are feeling the effects) a period when the career-level situation has manifested itself as an opportunity that could not be achieved. On the one hand there was the chance to advance, promises, certain things and sometimes even scheduled, but each time there was an obstacle or a postponement. If you have chosen to be patient and to be able to move in the same direction, now those things will materialize. If you’ve given up and looked for something else, new opportunities may arise, but you will experience the difficulties of a fresh start. For some of you it will be about additional responsibilities, but which are also associated with a better position at the workplace. At the beginning of the year, in February – March, you will receive the first signals in this regard.

Between April 24 and June 11, the activity at your workplace will intensify. The most common situations are: for those looking for a job this may be the period of employment, it may be the time of starting a new project, changes may occur within the collective (new colleagues) or there are simply more events taking place at your workplace. Individualistic tendencies are quite common, and it is difficult to cooperate with others, which sometimes leads to conflicts. A more problematic moment in this regard is around June 5. In September, you can find out some information that you can use for your professional advancement or you may be faced with a difficult situation that you manage to solve, and this brings you appreciation.

The November 19 Lunar Eclipse hightlights aspects of your relationship with your bosses, your position or your career in general. It can be a problematic moment if you’ve taken on more than you can achieve or had expectations that don’t conform to reality. There is also an inertia in making certain changes that may be necessary and it would be advisable to objectively analyze the situation with which you are co-existing, not allowing emotions to influence you. If you are able to do so, the events that are taking place now can lead to further wage increases.

Aquarius Health Horoscope 2021


In terms of health it can be a more difficult year because of possible deficiencies caused by fatigue, disordered eating or excesses that alternate with extreme diets. But these are things that you can control and depend entirely on you. Another aspect draws attention to the need to treat seriously older health problems, which you have either neglected or treated superficially. Now is the time to show responsibility, go to the doctor and follow any diets or restrictions. If you don’t do these things, the predispositions in the natal astrocharts can become certainties.  A good time to act in this regard is between April 24 and June 11. Also, during this period avoid stress as much as possible and pay attention to digestive problems. We will not insist on the types of diseases, because they depend on the personal astrochart, however, generally valid for all those marked by the Aquarius sign, this year may occur problems related to poisoning, food, medicine or other substances, so moderation is recommended.

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