5th Degree Aries

Degree: Aries 4 – 5 Janduz:In the darkness of the sky, lightning strikes show the silhouette of a strong man who climbs up to top of a mountain, effortlessly, unafraid of the storm. Ambitious, tenacious, and enterprising character. Despite nearly insurmountable obstacles, efforts are eventually rewarded by a safe and comfortable position. One goes through … Read more

2nd Degree Aries

Degree: Aries 1 – 2 Janduz:A lavishly dressed man rides a beautiful horse. His right-hand brandishes a sabre, and his left hand holds the reins. Although his mount rears at snakes crossing its path, the rider easily keeps the horse under his control. Brave, ostentatious, and generous character endowed with organization skills and self-confidence in … Read more

First Degree Aries

Degree: Aries 0 – 1 Janduz:A sturdy man wearing coarse animal skins or fabrics stands firmly on the ground with a cudgel in his hand. He seems prepared to respond to any danger. Aggressive, tough, and passionate character well-equipped for facing life struggles. One can use physical strength as well as intellectual weapons, according to … Read more

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