30th Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 29 – 30 Janduz:In a large antechamber, a good-looking young woman with a stately demeanor and wearing a horse riding apparel proudly stares at her image in a full-length mirror ostentatiously holding her riding crop. Intuitive, conceited, and selfish character. One is driven by an over-developed ego and conceals one’s mediocrity under haughty … Read more

29th Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 28 – 29 Janduz:A seer with tousled long hair gesticulates in the street while in the temple, a priestess predicts his future to a young man. Wise, ambitious, and altruistic character endowed with psychic gifts. Researches in chemistry, medicine, or political sciences are rewarded by a prize or some high distinction, but they … Read more

28th Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 27 – 28 Janduz:Under pouring rain, a man who is drowning in a lake calls for help. From the bank, another man tries to help. Careful, courageous, and resilient character. One can achieve success in all occupations linked to the sea and foreign lands such as fishing, import-export trade, the exploitation of merchant … Read more

26th Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 25 – 26 Janduz:A soldier wearing a coat of mail and holding a spear protects himself behind a large shield while another soldier catches a sentry who is sleeping. Serious, courageous, and fair character endowed with a vivid imagination and literary talents. One can achieve success in careers related to education, law, or … Read more

25th Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 24 – 25 Janduz:A crown at the top of a sword is planted behind a layman who throws stones. Noble, clear-sighted, and fair character endowed with excellent strategic skills and unwavering morals. Regardless of one’s origins, one is ensured to achieve success in the career chosen, particularly in the military, diplomacy, or a … Read more

24th Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 23 – 24 Janduz:Under a dark sky enlightened by a moon crescent and a flash of lightning, two men are wrestling. Assertive, courageous, and discerning character endowed with physical and intellectual strength. One is free to use one’s personal qualities at the service or justice and the collective good, or on the contrary, … Read more

23rd Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 22 – 23 Janduz:In a luxurious house, a young man stares at two daggers lain in a cross shape on the table. Obsessive, unbalanced, and aggressive character reveling in provocations, plots, and conflicts. Wealth and great honors are often followed by fall from grace. This is caused by bad luck, rashness, or a … Read more

22nd Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 21 – 22 Janduz:In a lavishly furnished room, a beautiful and scantily dressed woman bends over a sofa on which a man is lying asleep. Depraved, sensual, and greedy character. Worldly assets are perishable goods. If one is only pursuing a life of pleasures and insouciance, one ends up finding that physical beauty … Read more

21st Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 20 – 21 Janduz:In the middle of the sea, a man is tossed about in a small boat without oars. On the shore, a beached whale attracts birds of prey. Lazy, straightforward, and irascible character inclined to give orders rather than to roll up one’s sleeves. If one has the willpower to overcome … Read more

20th Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 19 – 20 Janduz:The moon sheds its glimmering light on lopsided windmills scattered over a hill. Indecisive, fickle, and confused character. One tends to pursue too many goals at the same time, and although not a single target is reached, one keeps on launching new undertakings. It is indispensable to focus on one … Read more

19th Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 18 – 19 Janduz:A chemist works in a laboratory full of retorts, flasks, and measuring devices. Creative, cautious, and enthusiastic character endowed with strong persuasion powers and good oratory skills. One is entirely dedicated to natural treatments aiming at improving human beings’ health, which arouses respect and admiration from the general public. Success, … Read more

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