Astrology: Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. Who will win? USA Elections 2020.

I will list the aspects that form in their astrological charts for the election night, in other words, their Horoscope. You will draw the conclusion. Donald Trump Transit on the election’s day Moon opposition Moon Emotional imbalance will not allow you to avoid many conflicts. Communication with female staff and female partners will be especially … Read more

Transiting Saturn with Pluto

Transiting Saturn and Natal Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto The enormous power of Pluto, thanks to the union with Saturn, receives a certain direction, which increases the power of Pluto many times over. It is impossible not to feel this aspect, since at this time a person feels a surge of strength, a desire to act. In a positive version, this … Read more

Transiting Saturn with Neptune

Transiting Saturn and Natal Neptune

Saturn conjunct Neptune In general, this aspect can be considered negative (for more details see Unfavorable aspects), since it can have a positive effect only on highly developed people and those who have both Saturn and Neptune in Radix and have exceptionally good status (in this case, see “Favorable aspects “). But even in the … Read more

Transiting Saturn with Uranus

Transiting Saturn and Natal Uranus

Saturn conjunct Uranus This conjunction has a negative impact rather than a positive one (Uranus – freedom and unpredictability, Saturn – border and prudence), therefore, in order to predict the consequences of this transit, you need to look at the natal chart. It is clear that the strongest influence of this conjunction will be felt … Read more

Transiting Saturn with Saturn

Transiting Saturn and Natal Saturn

Saturn conjunct Saturn It happens once every 30 years, it marks the end of the old and the beginning of a new Saturnian cycle. Usually brings a crisis, the strength of which depends on the natal status and position of Saturn. A person, willingly or unwillingly, looks back, overestimates his life, often it ends with … Read more

Transiting Saturn with Jupiter

Transiting Saturn and Jupiter

Saturn conjunct Jupiter Also, not the most successful combination (Jupiter is the planet of expansion, Saturn is the contraction), but if we take into account the capabilities of each planet, then from this combination one can benefit from Saturn somewhat restrains Jupiter’s impulses to conquer new spaces, gives him the opportunity to gain a foothold … Read more

Transiting Saturn with Mars

Transiting Saturn and Mars

Saturn conjunct Mars Mars and Saturn are diametrically opposite in their qualities, they have almost no points of contact. The only thing that unites them is directness and honesty. Neither one nor the other takes detour. Thus, this conjunction can be both constructive and destructive. Much depends on the natal status and location of Mars … Read more

Transiting Saturn with Venus

Transiting Saturn and Natal Venus

Saturn conjunct Venus Here, as in any case of conjunction, at least two variants of manifestation are possible even in the absence of additional aspects to it. Either a person becomes too touchy, non-contact, withdrawn, secretive, or he is determined with his feelings, love relationships get a logical conclusion: they disintegrate or are consolidated by … Read more

Transiting Saturn with Mercury

Transiting Saturn and Mercury

Saturn conjunct Mercury On the one hand, Saturn, having entered the aspect of conjunction with Mercury, significantly reduces his mobility and agility, on the other hand, it gives him a certain direction, the ability to complete the work he has begun. At this time, a person expresses his thoughts more clearly, becomes more focused, which … Read more

Transiting Saturn with Moon

Transiting Saturn and Moon

Saturn conjunct Moon Mostly manifested negatively. Brings a prolonged period of depression, can give prolonged depression. A person either loses sensitivity, becomes inhibited, distant, indifferent to what is happening; or, conversely, becomes nervous, whiny, suspicious, suspicious. He is tormented by the fear of losing what is dear to him: his family, children, loved ones. It … Read more

Transiting Saturn with Sun

Transiting Saturn and Sun

Conjunction with the Sun Due to the fact that Saturn moves slowly, the conjunction can last for a long time (from three months to six months, depending on the speed of Saturn). At this time, physical and mental fatigue literally falls on a person. He doesn’t want to do anything, and if something is being … Read more

Transiting Saturn in 12th House of Horoscope

Transiting Saturn in 12th House of Horoscope

For a person leading an active lifestyle, this period is quite difficult, since it requires solitude, inner work on oneself, an understanding of the processes taking place around him. A person in his vanity simply does not have enough time to think about anything, and Saturn, willingly or unwittingly, stops a person and makes him … Read more

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