Sun in Leo

Leo Personality

The sun in Leo is at the peak of its greatness, so it generously endowed its wards. Lviv has a pronounced self-esteem, they are proud, self-confident, power-hungry people. For positive types, nobility and generosity prevail; for negative types, conceit, arrogance, and arrogance prevail. Lions are big lovers of a good life, earthly pleasures and pleasures. They have the most powerful lordly inclinations of the entire Zodiac, they like nobody like luxury, splendor, brilliance.

People with the Sun in Leo gain authority through their knowledge, experience, innate organizational abilities and the ability to command in such a way that it does not occur to others to resist. But at the same time they are condescending to the vanquished, cordial and supportive, if their self-esteem is not affected and no one disputes their right to be first and best. And if you allow Leo to patronize yourself, you will immediately fall into the category of “favorites”. They try to patronize all who only succumb to their guardianship. With all their intelligence and greatness, Lions are often naive as children, because of which they often fall into various traps, mainly traps of flattery and praise. But at the same time, they never lose their sense of humor, cheerfulness and do not leave hope for a bright future.

There are many contradictions in the character of Lions, on the one hand, they can be kind and generous to wastefulness, on the other hand, sharp, rude and arrogant. They don’t have to offend anyone else, even for no apparent reason. Deep feelings and a readiness for self-sacrifice are surprisingly combined with prudence, so they never forget to take care of their own good. On the one hand, they are always ready to serve their high ideals, and on the other, without the slightest embarrassment, to force the will of others, using them for their personal, selfish purposes. True, they are very generous to their competitors or opponents. The range of their extremes simply does not know the limit, it can stretch from heroics to treason and betrayal.

If the Sun is damaged by negative aspects, the negative features of the Sun, such as swagger, conceit, and boasting, begin to appear. Such Lions live beyond their capabilities, trying to convince others of their importance and wealth. They are convinced that the world is not capable of evaluating them as they deserve, therefore they do it for it themselves, not shying away from exaggeration or falsification of facts. With a strong defeat of the Sun, they are even able to go on betrayal.

But, despite the love of window dressing and pomp, they are usually good professionals, experts in their field and often receive well-deserved rewards for their work, which they are very proud of and put them in a prominent place. Lions believe, and in many ways not without reason, that their place is a leadership position, and this confidence, combined with ambition and high professionalism, really allows you to reach the top of your career. They are in sight, and the world sees them, approves and recognizes them. Lions do not like it when they impose a way of thinking and behavior that does not correspond to his views, they prefer to do everything in their own way on their wide arshin.

It is clear that if a person was born at a time when the Sun was in the sign of Leo, this does not mean at all that a “warm place” has already been prepared for him. Until the time when fanfare sounded in honor of Leo, he must go through the school of life, learn self-discipline and self-control, which he most often lacks, get an education and so on. Of course, the Sun with a strong cosmic status, which has good aspects, especially with Jupiter or Venus and does not have negative aspects with pest planets, greatly facilitates this task, but, nevertheless, it is difficult to manage, including internal, not allowed. In addition to social and material success, the high position of Leo, his professionalism and wisdom provide him with respect and recognition, which is very important for Lviv. Clear,

Love for luxury, outward brilliance, but especially a free or involuntary demonstration of one’s superiority over others often causes discontent among the environment.

This does not manifest itself openly, intrigue weaves behind. Therefore, it is important for Leo not to go blind from his own brilliance in order to notice the excitement in the masses at the time. If Leo misses this moment, major troubles can arise, up to the loss of position. Maybe that’s why the Lions, in order to strengthen their positions, make numerous close ties with higher authorities and senior officials.

In order to avoid troubles, both small and large, Lions should pay attention to their inner world, fight their unbridled desires and feelings, master the science of self-control and categorically abandon any kind of arrogance and arrogance.

More happy are the Lions who were born in the morning from 10 to 13 hours. The decisive period in their lives is 25 to 30 years of age.

Lions are considered lucky, in which the Sun is in conjunction with a fixed star Regulus (in 1970 – 29 ° 25 ‘, in 1990 – 29 ° 42’ of the sign of Leo), which usually happens around August 22-23. This position gives more chances for social advancement and material well-being.

Now a little more about the Lion children. A lion baby is a distinct personality. The parents of the newborn do not even suspect that they will have to sacrifice everything to this child. Children-Lions love a fun easy life, full of entertainments and pleasures, to them the word “no” is not clear for them, they should have everything they want and be surely better than the rest, and they themselves should be better, smarter, more beautiful and parents are simply obliged to provide all this to them. Since childhood, Lions have shown great ingenuity in organizing various games and strive to lead the process or to be the protagonist. They like to command, what they successfully do and do: they command in the yard, at school and at home, and not only peers, older people can fall under their leadership. For example, if parents make an indulgence and do not accentuate the family on time, very soon they will fall under the command of their offspring. If these aspirations are not curbed in time and directed in the right direction, this can become the basis for life’s difficulties in the future. Parents will receive an egocentric, dictator and tyrant.

Naturally, the degree of manifestation of positive and negative qualities is due to the position of the Sun in the field of the horoscope and its aspectarium.

Leo Decanate

1st Leo Decanate: 0 ° – 10 °

Literary talent. The ability to defend one’s views, one’s own point of view, physical and spiritual freedom. Caution, vigilance. With severe damage – cruelty, severity, unhealthy pride, suspicion, lack of self-confidence. Low-paid, non-prestigious work. Often – poverty. Often unsuccessful family life, absence or loss of children. Chronic diseases are possible. Particular attention should be paid to the position of Saturn in the horoscope.

2nd Leo Decanate: 10 ° – 20 °

Nobleness, generosity, humanity, goodwill, honesty, decency. A feeling of compassion and mercy. Indulgence in the mistakes and mistakes of others. Eloquence. Musical and artistic talent. Success in business, successful financial transactions. Happy marriage, inheritance. In case of damage – excessive conceit, arrogance, mistakes, delusions, sometimes irreparable. Pay attention to the position of Jupiter in the horoscope.

3rd Leo Decanate: 20 ° – 30 °

                             Entrepreneurship, efficiency, good organizational skills, desire for leadership and power over people. Freethinking, independence, heroism, the ability to take risks. Generosity. Success in business, especially in the military field. Towards the end of life is wealth. Perhaps an inheritance. Love of travel and travel. If damaged, there are many enemies, but in the fight against them, he gains spiritual strength. Carefully analyze the position of Mars in the horoscope.

People with Sun in Leo:

  1. Heads of State or Party: Napoleon I, Franz Joseph of Austria, Rudolph of Austria, Benito Mussolini, Fidel Castro, Charles I of Austria, Haile Selassi, Makarios III, Habib Bourguiba, John Galsuoren, Jacqueline Kennedy.
  2. Warlords: I.E. Yakir, Marshal M.V. Zakharov.
  3. Astronomers: Samuel Langley, S. Z. Orlov.
  4. Astrologers: Alan Leo, Augustine Semenko.
  5. Scientists: A. A. Richter, A. I. Mikoyan (academician), B. M. Pontecorvo (physicist).
  6. Actors of cinema and theater: V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko, Nikolai Cherkasov, S. V. Giatsintova.
  7. Musicians, composers: George Enescu, Antonio Salieri, Claude Achil Debussy, Ambroise Toma, A. A. Alyabyev, A. K. Glazunov, Boris Alexandrov, Jazeps Vitols, Alfreds Kalnins, Zakhar Paliashvili.
  8. Singers: A. V. Nezhdanova, P. A. Khokhlov, B. R. Gmyr.
  9. Writers, poets: Guy de Maupassant, Walter Scott, Beranger, Alexander Dumas, Bernard Shaw, Robert Burns, Alexander Green, V. Odoevsky, A. A. Delvig.
  10. Psychologists: Wilhelm Wundt, Gustav Kafka, Felix Krueger.
  11. Psychiatrist: Carl Jung.
  12. Mariner: Yu. F. Lisyansky.
  13. Industrialists: Henry Ford, Alfred Krupp von Bohlen Halbach.
  14. Artists: A. M. Gerasimov, B. V. Johanson.
  15. Cosmonauts: Yuri Romanenko, Valery Bykovsky, George Shonin.

Sun in Cancer

Cancer Personality

People with the Sun in the sign of Cancer have a secretive character and dreamy nature, they are very cute, soft, gentle, kind, often idealistic and too sensitive and impressionable. They are interesting as interlocutors and great lovers of nature, their sea coast is especially attractive. They are kind, sincere, cordial, malleable to kindness and affection. They sympathize with other people’s misfortune, are ready to help, if it is in their power. Sensitivity increases over the years. They cannot do without love and suffer greatly from a cold attitude towards them.

Cancers, because of their timidity, shyness and sensitivity, try to remain in the shadows, but they still like to be in the center of attention, internally they strive for this. Life success can come only in case of great activity and willingness to get in touch, establish contacts, but the Cancers need to act completely independently, regardless of anyone. The stability of the social position of the Cancers depends on how much they allow themselves to go forward, and on whether they will be able to overcome their eternal inner anxiety and fussiness, as well as the desire to hide in their “refuge” in case of any apparent or real danger.

The profession and work of the Crayfish should be in tune with their soul, otherwise the work will be a burden to them. If the Crayfish feel uncomfortable at work, they leave and look for a warmer place. They are able to change their profession if the team and work suit them. In the life of Cancers, periods of activity and periods of stagnation are clearly traced, and, after stagnation, as a rule, things begin on a new basis or in a different direction. In youth, they are full of illusions, and castles built by them, there are no numbers, but over the years both life experience and knowledge are acquired, then the Crayfish gain a firm path under their feet and a sober look at things.

Crayfish are the great patriots of their homeland, they honor the traditions of their ancestors. They love their home, family, try to have abundance in the house. They know the price of money, they always have a reserve for a rainy day. But Cancers earn money through hard work. The more they work, the more they earn, but the pay for labor must be consistent with the effort put forward, since it is important for the Crayfish to know what they work for. Crayfish work in good faith, and strive to occupy some leadership position. This is due to the desire of Cancers for personal freedom and independence, by the way, which is why Cancers often choose free professions. The Head-Cancer is very strict and severe, but always fair, moreover, neither compassion nor mercy is alien to him, he, if he has such opportunities, takes part in charity events with pleasure.

In young years, Crayfish love to travel, especially on water. Often they are fond of water sports – swimming, ski jumping or a tower, surfing, water skiing, yachting, rowing, scuba diving, etc. Satisfied with adventure, in the second half of life they settle, start a family and give themselves completely to her.

Until the age of 30-35, the Rakovs never succeed systematically, as it was planned, all their intentions are destroyed due to fatal circumstances. It comes to the point that only miserable memories remain from the dreams and dreams of young years, everything else has to be rethought and built on a more realistic and practical foundation. After the end of the “storms” period, the Crayfish seek a quiet cover somewhere in government, government agencies and departments, educational and musical institutions, or completely devote themselves to artistic craft or creative work.

Birth in the morning hours for Cancers is the most favorable, as it portends the greatest success in life.

Those born after dinner are usually mentally unstable, unstable, they will experience more changes and alternations of favorable and unfavorable periods than those born at other times. They love a stray lifestyle, travel a lot, almost their whole lives.

Born around midnight – the most sensitive of all Cancers, they are very susceptible, impressionable, sentimental, touchy and subject to other people’s influence. They have an exceptional memory, and they remember everything, both good and bad.

Cancer Children

Cancer children give parents a lot of trouble. Mentally, Cancer children are markedly different from the rest of their peers. They are capricious, tearful, touchy, their soul is so vulnerable that their parents simply do not know how to approach them. Their mood changes as many times a day as they have to change diapers, if not more, and from the slightest offense they can roar for hours, and it is very difficult to calm them. It should be remembered that not only severe stresses, but even small experiences in Cancer children can leave a very deep mark in the soul. This is especially true in youth, when self-assertion is just beginning.

Since Cancer children often do not have independent motivations, they constantly need some kind of incentive for support and for further actions, for example, praise, approval or encouragement. The activity that ambition usually creates is often suppressed in Cancer children by either phlegm or mood swings. Hesitation prevents them from showing themselves. For this reason, from an early age they seek help from their beloved people or strong friends, to whom you can join, relax near them, and gain strength. It is during this period of life that parents are important to them, as support and protection, it is the parents who lay the foundation for the future happiness of their children. This should be remembered, especially the Cancer fathers, as they are often dissatisfied with their capricious helpless children. They blame all the blame on their mothers, forgetting that as a running, so the draft horse has its own specific purpose, its place of life, its value. Little Crayfish, in spite of their weakness in childhood, always find their place in life over the years.

From childhood, Crayfish love books and read them readily, forgetting not only about the world around them, but about everything else. Having read books, they dream a lot. They soon begin to show interest in art or in the same books, making their first sketches in poetry or in works of the adventure genre. They like books with bright color pictures, and the food is only very tasty. They, like adults, are very attached to the house, their own family, very much in need of affection, tenderness and love.

Cancer Decanate

1st Cancer Decanate: 0 ° – 10 °

Kindness, friendliness, politeness, sociability, emotionality, attractiveness, charm. Many friends. Patronage by dignitaries, especially women. Strong craving for entertainment and bodily pleasures. Great success brings activity in the world of art. With a good configuration with Venus – social growth and material well-being. Often the gift of a poet or playwright.

2nd Cancer Decanate: 10 ° – 20 °

Rich imagination, vivid, vivid imagination, inventive spirit. Interesting interlocutors. Love for everything beautiful and elegant. Abilities in sciences, research work and applied sciences. Love of travel. Spiritual growth. With a good configuration with Mercury – a creative activity that gives a concrete material result. With adverse configurations, irritability, impatience, resentment, irritability, talkativeness.

3rd Cancer Decanate: 20 ° – 30 °

Daydreaming, romance, gentleness, craving for everything mysterious, not yet known, for mysticism. Well-being, the opportunity to inherit. Favor of the opposite sex. Craving for adventure and adventure. Numerous trips and travels. In unfavorable configurations – swiftness, expansiveness, haste, recklessness, rash acts, self-deception.

People with Sun in Cancer

  1. Heads of state or party: Julius Caesar, Henry VIII, Maximilian of Mexico, Edward VIII of England, Bernhard of the Netherlands, Alexander the Great, William of Prussia, Antonio Labriola, Joseph Chamberlain.
  2. Warlords: G. I. Kotovsky, Marshal V. D. Sokolovsky.
  3. Astronomers: Edward Charles Pickering, Charles Messier.
  4. Astrologers: Otto Martin Pfefferkorn, Mikhail Levin, Pavel Globa.
  5. Scientists: Gottfried Leibniz, Count German Kaiserling, Alexander Baumgarter, Baron Karl Weizsacker, Max Hartmann, Yu. V. Gauthier, K. A. Krug.
  6. Theater and film actors: Gina Lollobrigida, Olga Sadovskaya, Yuri Zavadsky, Nikolai Cherkasov, O. Obraztsov.
  7. Musicians, composers: Wanda Landowska, Jan Kubelik, Gustav Mahler, Boleslav Japorski, Anton Arensky, Henry Wieniawski.
  8. Singers: Polina Viardo-Garcia, Sergey Lemeshev, M. O. Reisen, A. S. Pirogov.
  9. Dancer: A. I. Istomina.
  10. Writers, poets: Ernst Hemingway, Franz Kafka, Hans Fallad, G. M. Sundukyan, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Vl. Vanchuga, Vladimir Mayakovsky.
  11. Philosophers: Octave Gamelin, Erwin Metzke.
  12. Psychologists: Alfred Binet, Alexis Carell (aka physician and biologist), Georg Muller.
  13. Sociologists: William McDougall (aka psychologist).
  14. Professional revolutionaries: Garibaldi, V. D. Bonch-Bruevich.
  15. Natural philosophers: Max Hartmann, Edgar Dsku, Johann Muller.
  16. Artists: Rembrandt, Joshua Reynolds, S. T. Konenkov, N. A. Sokolov.
  17. Cosmonauts: Pavel Belyaev, Vitaly Sevastyanov, Peter Klimuk, Alexey Eliseev, Yuri Artyukhin.
  18. Traveler: N. N. Miklouho-Maclay.
  19. Church reformer: Jean Calvin.

Sun in Gemini

Sun in Gemini

Gemini Personality

Gemini is the most restless sign of the zodiac. They are simply overwhelmed with the most diverse and very interesting, often “global” ideas and plans, and at the same time can be engaged in several things. They are completely free from all kinds of prejudices and superstitions, free to speak, all the time looking for something and are interested in literally everything in the world, and their talkativeness simply has no boundaries. Their clear mind, the versatility of knowledge, wit and resourcefulness, the desire to help attract people to them with whom they quickly and easily come into contact and find a common language. Gemini loves everything new and fresh, susceptible to sensation, and can slightly lie, on which they are encouraged by a rich imagination. They masterly know how to persuade the interlocutor to their point of view, to convince him and to convince him, which makes them excellent intermediaries.

Unfortunately, they lack depth, so they seem to glide over the surface without going deeper and not bothering with reliability. The state of mind of Gemini depends on their momentary mood, momentary mood and on what their mind is busy at the moment. They are hindered by their split personality, distraction and nervousness, they themselves are aware of this and experience a certain dissatisfaction with themselves, but, unfortunately, their attempts to correct the situation do not lead to anything, since it is in their blood.

Among the Gemini there are those who, using their natural data for selfish purposes, manipulate people, engage in fraud and other unseemly affairs, but all this is superficial, they are very rarely associated with the criminal world, and only because of some circumstances, more often all of a forced nature. In general, they honor the criminal code.

Most twins born around noon have a predisposition to scientific activity. Their life is full of change, they often have to change both their place of work and place of residence. In general, Gemini rarely remains true to their chosen specialty until the end of life. Either their profession is being modified in any way, or a new one is acquired, often not the last. But in the end, the Twins find themselves a thing that will be in tune with their nature and ensure their existence.

The early youth of many Gemini is not easy, many of them leave their parental home early or even their native land and leave for a foreign land.

At a time when the Sun passes the sign of Gemini, more often than other periods of time, twins, triplets, etc. are born.

Gemini Children

Twin children – the very cheerfulness and curiosity. They bring real turmoil, a whirlwind to their parents’ lives and arrange a real cycle in the house. The twins are excessively alive, mobile, agile and dexterous and are in continuous motion. They can neither be saved nor pacified; they explore absolutely everything. There will not be a single corner in the house wherever the little Gemini climbed, and no prohibitions can pacify their curiosity. But, despite the nervous strain experienced by their parents, they are a natural “elixir of life” and act on them invigorating and rejuvenating.

None of the entire Zodiac knows how to lie like Gemini children. But they do this not intentionally, but because the most diverse ideas, ideas, inventions are swarming in the head, and they are often simply unable to distinguish invention from reality. Telling you notorious fables, they themselves believe in them and therefore look completely sincere. You can also be surprised at their ability to construct, invent, they do not need instructions, they themselves are able to figure out which part should be connected to which, and if some part is missing, they will always find what to replace it with. There is another headache in the parents of Gemini – the passion of the offspring for adventures and adventures, sometimes very much like small adventures. Letting them go on parole into the courtyard, it is futile to try to find them there after five minutes.

Gemini seizes knowledge on the fly, but it is difficult to wait for systematic work from them. They learn while they are occupied with the topic, as soon as interest disappears, everything is abandoned. In addition, the Gemini has scattered attention, they try to grasp everything that is happening around them, their attention quickly switches, because of this, the time spent on homework can drag on indefinitely, so the knowledge of Gemini is often too superficial and fragmented. However, let this not really upset their parents, for all the professors are more or less scattered, but, nevertheless, they have become professors.

An ideal environment for twin students is created when his father or mother studies with his twin child (graduates from a university, writes a dissertation, etc.), because in this case he becomes a model for his child, showing an example of attitude towards study.

It is useless for twin children to dictate their will regarding their future profession, because it is not always important for them which university to finish, since the twin brothers change their life goals repeatedly. Free professions are more suitable for them, they prefer intellectual work and work, where no one presses them, neither the bosses, nor the time frame, nor the instructions. But nevertheless, the most important thing is that the future profession of Gemini should correspond to their spiritual and spiritual vocation, mental requirements and physical characteristics.

Gemini Decanate

1st Gemini Decanate: 0 ° – 10 °

Contradictory character: on the one hand – humanism, altruism, nobility, generosity, on the other – hostility. The mind is mobile, deep, grasping everything on the fly, but not always capable of thorough analysis. The master is the “golden hands”. The gift of self-expression, love for the world of art, creativity and creation, for literature and theatrical stage. A strong desire for everything sublime, idealistic, even utopian. Failures in life bring inability to use one’s own talents and abilities. Man is an enemy to himself. Under adverse circumstances, the struggle for existence. Threat of injury or premature violent death.

2nd Gemini Decanate: 10 ° – 20 °

Eloquence, duality, goodwill. Instant reaction. Good organizational talent. Talkativeness, the ability to confuse the interlocutor. Realism and practicality. The temper is quick-tempered, quarrelsome. Demanding for others. With low spirituality – vulgar humor, base jokes, disputes, useless showdowns, empty disputes, unseemly acts. Often the wrong way. Hasty, reckless actions lead to sad consequences and diseases. It is necessary to abandon frivolity, senseless courage, unnecessary and empty aggression, and from participation in risky and dangerous events. During trips, business trips, travel, beware of injuries, injuries.

3rd Gemini Decanate: 20 ° – 30 °

The deep, contemplative mind of the philosophical warehouse. An intuitive understanding of the essence of human relationships. Authority among professionals, prestige and good reputation in society. Love of the sciences, especially the humanities, the occult, the innermost. Craving for art. The greatest success is brought by literary activity, journalism, book publishing, music, painting, linguistics. In all genres should be presented the style of this era. Possible fame, even fame. Life is hectic. Relatives provide assistance, both close and distant.

People with Sun in Gemini:

  1. Heads of state and party: Philip English, John F. Kennedy, Joseph Broz-Tito, Ahmed Sukarno, Fabiola of Belgium, Constantine of Greece, Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Virgo.
  2. Astronomers and astrologers: Thomas Jung (aka physician and physicist), Gustav Schwickert.
  3. Scientists: James Maxwell (physicist), Edward May (zoologist, natural philosopher), John Keynes (economist).
  4. Military leader: Marshal K. A. Meretskov.
  5. Theater and film actors: Rudolph Valentine, Marilyn Monroe, L. M. Leonidov.
  6. Playwrights: Ben Johnson.
  7. Musicians, composers: Richard Wagner, Richard Strauss, Robert Schumann, Igor Stravinsky, Aram Khachaturian, Tikhon Khrennikov, Elena Gnesina, Mikhail Glinka, Edward Grieg, Charles Gounod, Jacques Offenbach.
  8. Singers: Zoya Gaidai, A. V. Nezhdanova, Leonid Sobinov, Valeria Barsova.
  9. Writers, poets: Alighieri Dante, Conan Doil, Walt Whitman, Thomas Mann, Leonid Leonov, Olga Forsh, F. V. Gladkov, Mikhail Svetlov, Mikhail Sholokhov, A. E. Korneychuk, Stanislav Neumann, Konstantin Paustovsky, A. N. Maykov.
  10. Philosophers: Plato, Bernard Bozanket, Blaise Pascal, Johann Heide, Peter Chaadaev.
  11. Psychologists: Karl Buhler, Pierre Janet, Hugo Munsterberg.
  12. Pedagogy of Christians Salzmann, Fritz Klyatt.
  13. Professional revolutionaries: Nikolai Bauman, Yakov Sverdlov, K. I. Nikolaeva.
  14. Artists: M. B. Grekov, Rockwell Kent, Paul Gauguin, Francoise Sagan, Joseph Myslbek (sculptor).
  15. Test pilot: Vladimir Kokkinaki.
  16. Cosmonauts: G.T. Dobrovolsky, V.I. Patsaev, Alexey Leonov, Vitaly Kolobov.
  17. Academician: Anatoly Blagonravov.
  18. Religious figure: Ignatius Layola.

Sun in Taurus

Taurus Personality

Taurus is distinguished by perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance, patience. They can wait a long time for the implementation of their ideas, plans, plans. These are, as a rule, sane, sober and reasonable people. Their mentality is clearly conservative, skeptical, incredulous. They rely only on confirmed facts, on what you can see with your own eyes, to feel with your own hands. By nature they are soft and gentle, but can become frantic if they are angry and pissed off, then it’s hard to calm them down.

Their views, beliefs, worldview remain unchanged throughout life. In this regard, no one and nothing can shake them. Outwardly, they are calm and patient, but due to some circumstances their character may deteriorate, then we are faced with a variety of whims, quirks, even hysteria. They become wayward, stubborn in detail.

In relationships with people, they can show a lot of elegance and charm, but jealousy or spontaneous frivolity and windiness can interfere with harmonious relationships, although they usually do not change the one you truly love. Love affairs in young years are often dysfunctional and upset due to the appearance of a third party, or due to the loss of a loved one due to an accident.

The main stimulus for life in Taurus is an innate disposition to material wealth. Only Taurus and Virgo truly recognize the weight and importance of money and property. Taurus loves home coziness, comfort, heartily indulge in earthly joys, pleasures, pleasures – they like to eat and drink well, sunbathe in the sun, lie in a warm bath, etc. Taurus usually has a strong and healthy body, a stable vitality and good resistance to diseases, so they can afford some excesses, But it would not hurt to know that observing moderation in enjoyment, intimate life, adhering to vegetarian cuisine, they can live to a deep old age (if Radix testimony does not contradict this).

Taurus love at work. They are executive, hardworking, responsible, never raise their voices in conversations with superiors or subordinates. They have a strong sense of duty, but they themselves are never in a hurry and do not drive others. They are solid as a rock, and if they have already decided on something, there is no more reverse motion. Mentally Taurus is stable, but in order for them to work normally, they need a calm environment and a harmonious microclimate. In matters they are very constructive, methodical and prudent, but they lack originality. They prefer proven methods, those that have long been mastered. They need solid soil, reliability and safety. They are cautious and distrustful, rely mainly on themselves, on their strengths and are clearly aware of their capabilities.

Taurus Children

The persistence and perseverance that the Taurus child shows is surprising and respectful. If he wants something, then there is nothing to distract, he will have enough patience so that your efforts come to naught. Taurus children are very sensitive and touchy, therefore, it is necessary to direct their emotions in the right direction and treat them only in a good way, with soft firmness and kindness, avoiding abuse, violence and corporal punishment, which will only cause stubbornness, obstinacy, bitterness and bitterness. They cannot be deceived, words must always correspond to the cause, and the promise must be fulfilled. They will persistently uphold their point of view, not devoid of logic and rationality, although they will not always express it aloud. Therefore, if the Taurus child persistently does not fulfill your requirements, this may mean that your arguments are unconvincing for him.

Unwillingness to learn and laziness to expel is useless, it requires a psychological approach and the help of a specialist educator or psychologist. In most cases, learning Taurus is not easy. This is due to the fact that Taurus children, like adults, can not stand theories, they need practice, concrete actions.

From an early age, the Taurus child strives to have his own savings bank, such as a clay pig or just a bottle, with which he begins his first acquaintance with concepts such as thrift and economy. This develops a sense of self-sacrifice and self-restraint in Taurus, and, in addition, brings the first joys of their own independent activity. Over the years, this desire is developing, the need to reliably ensure its existence is only growing, and this applies both to the material side and the spiritual. Parents of Taurus can not worry, their child will be able to provide them with a comfortable old age.

The Sun in the Taurus Decanate

1st Taurus decanate: 0 ° – 10 °

Brilliant mental abilities, especially in areas such as the exact sciences and applied sciences. Disasters are possible due to personal negligence. Of great importance is the position of rulers in signs and fields, as well as their aspects with other planets and horoscope elements.

2nd Taurus decanate: 10 ° – 20 °

Noble character and kind heart, thoughtfulness and eloquence. Success is more likely in the second half of life.

3rd Taurus decanate: 20 ° – 30 °

Despite the freedom-loving nature, at the beginning of life – dependence on other people. The beginning of life takes place in the struggle against various obstacles, difficulties and poverty. Overcome all this will help him prudence, patience, prudence, prudence and secrecy, which is for them one of the forms of self-defense.

People with the Sun in Taurus

  1. Heads of state and parties: Catherine II, Elizabeth II, Lenin, Hitler, Harry Truman, Golda Meyer, Oliver Cromwell, Karl Marx, Maximilian de Robespierre, Maria Theresa, Juliana of the Netherlands.
  2. Military leaders: Semyon Budyonny, Nikolay Krylov.
  • Astrologers: Sepharial, Ernst Kraft, E. Cur, Liana Zhukova.
  • Scientists: N.V. Mayevsky, J. Marconi.
  • Theater and film actors: Akaki Horava, Harry Cooper, MagdaShneider, Olga Chekhova, K. Ya. Yarmatov.
  • Musicians: Johannes Brahms, P. I. Tchaikovsky, Jules Masne, Sergei Prokofiev.
  • Singers: Martini Battista, Kulyash Bayseytova, E. Stepanova.
  • Writers, poets: William Shakespeare, Henryk Senkevich, Honore Balzac, Willy Bredel, Olga Bertholts, Rabindranath Tagore, Yaroslav Hasek.
  • Philosophers: Immanuel Kant, Marcus Aurelius Anthony, Karl Barth, V. G. Belinsky.
  • Psychologists: Eugene Bleyer, John Miles.
  • Psychiatrist and neuropathologist: Sigmund Freud.
  • Sociologists: Max Weber, Victor Katreyn, Gustav Lebon.
  • Mathematicians: Bertrand Russell, Henri Poincare.
  • Professional revolutionaries: Mikhail Bakunin, Nikolai Poletaev, Larisa Reisner.
  • Artists: Salvador Dali, Eugene Delacroix, Vasily Vasnetsov, N. M. Romadin.
  • Historian and politician: Niccolo Machiavelli.
  • Cosmonauts: Vladimir Dzhanibekov, George Grechko.

Sun in Aries

Aries Personality

People who have the Sun in the sign of Aries are distinguished by increased activity. Any action of Aries, their willpower and energy is always aimed at unconditional implementation of their ideas and plans. Aries are people of action, spiritually mobile and striving for independence and independence. They think only with their own heads, act on the basis of their own considerations and are not inclined to pay attention to the opinions and desires of other people, and if they reckon with them, then only by force of necessity. Moreover, they skillfully subordinate other people to their will, their personal interests, forcing people to take a passive or active part in their affairs and adventures.

Aries also has great intuition, which gives them the opportunity not only to anticipate what is about to happen, but also helps them find the causes of past failures and failures, past delusions and mistakes, to overcome obstacles. This, of course, does not mean that they are always right or that in their thoughts and decisions they are logical, on the contrary, loyal, impassive, all the more objective they are difficult to call, Aries are essentially subjective. But in those periods when the Aries turn on logic and common sense, they are able to avoid the traps that their own impetuosity and inconsistency sets in many. Often, almost childish naivety, as well as rich imagination and vivid imagination, interfere with their logical thinking.

But Aries has a wonderful and very useful ability. They are able to instantly perceive and process the information received, however, most often by their own understanding, and then, having considered all the possible consequences of the available options, also instantly make a decision and give an appropriate answer. Everything that interests them is studied with great attention and excitement, intensively, persistently, purposefully, which is facilitated by their excellent memory.

The only drawback of such a quick perception and decision can be the fact that due to excessive confidence in their strengths and capabilities, in their infallibility, they neglect important details, or rather, they simply do not notice them or discard them as insignificant. But still, in general, the speed of thinking and action indicates good coordination and is an important factor for the successful achievement of any goal.

Most often, doing business with Aries comes down to a favorite tactic – “head against the wall”. By their nature, they are very willful, wayward, decisive and fearless. Carried away by their idea, they do not notice how they cross borders, slide into open aggression and do not stop before violence. Excess of power and authority is an integral part of their nature. They are too impulsive, intolerant and reckless, overly excitable, which leads to numerous misunderstandings and life difficulties. Their temper is simply amazing, they are easy to anger, but, on the other hand, their anger does not last long.

Naturally, the stubbornness of Aries, the desire to insist on their own will lead them to conflicts and disputes. Therefore, we can say that they build their own destiny themselves, or break what is determined for them by fate. As you know, a person’s temperament leaves a deep mark not only in his character, but also affects his health and destiny. A serious study, analysis and understanding of one’s essence can direct the Martian mentality and energy on the right path, for which Aries has many opportunities, primarily a strong will. Violence, swiftness, fury, Aries energy that knows no limit should be used prudently and appropriately.

In fairness, it should be said that not only the temper and rampant Aries distinguishes. They can be both loyal and caring, able to protect the weak, offended, defenseless and weak, to help everyone who, they believe, can be of help. No matter what the Aries do – they fight, swear, defend their innocence, give alms – at every moment they are sincere and natural in their manifestation. They live with momentary feelings, are prone to dramatization and window dressing. Often, if their emotions are affected, they show excessive generosity. In a fit of emotion, they are able to benefit people who did not deserve it, but managed to hook them to the living, and neglect those who really needed help.

But the basis of Aries life is still work. Aries doing nothing is nonsense, a mistake of nature. The ability of Aries to quickly pick up everything new and progressive much earlier than others, their desire to be the first in everything and always contribute to professional and social growth. Life success comes to Aries solely because of their courage, courage, courage, ability to take risks, as well as personal initiative and enterprise, the ability to carry out their plans. Having completed one thing, they take on another with even greater zeal and greed. True, due to the increased activity of feelings, not only a quick change of ideas, interests and plans can occur, but also work. This is mainly the reason for the frequent changes in the life of Aries. They often change jobs and even reside.

In the work, Aries do not suffer coercion and pressure, otherwise they can quit everything and no longer touch this work, or even turn and leave without saying a word. They generally transfer small works to others. Despite the fact that Aries work only in their own way, their work is quoted very highly, since Aries approach the matter with enthusiasm and responsibility. Everything is done very conscientiously and high quality. But in work, they periodically need breaks to warm up. They need at times to change the object of work or the work itself or location, since they do not like monotony, dullness, monotony and everyday life, conveyor work in general is death for them. In general, Aries are usually endowed with a whole bunch of abilities, so they always have the opportunity to have sufficient income. True, they’re usually generous, often too much, and it requires a lot of expenses. In addition, they love and try to have the very best of clothes, shoes, furniture and everything else.

The general fate of Aries is becoming apparent already around the age of 20-25. The most favorable trends for a social upsurge are observed in Aries, who were born between sunrise and noon, and the closer to noon, the better.

Born between fourteen hours and midnight often depend on environmental conditions. These Aries most of their lives have to voluntarily or forcibly adapt to others: parents, partners, family members, etc.

Those born from midnight to sunrise for a long time experience inhibition in business or resistance to fate, mainly in young and young years. Not only various external influences, but also internal passions leave a heavy imprint. Such Aries often experience housing difficulties, they are in wait for all kinds of changes, both in the profession and in life in general, which are accompanied by either financial ups or crises. Life success to these Aries most often comes in the last third of life.

But in general, it should be noted that to have a friend or girlfriend with the Ascendant or the Sun in the sign of Aries is a gift of fate, but most importantly, you must be able to save it, since their sociability is unstable. Sometimes they need a noisy and many-sided meeting, sometimes they prefer only a narrow circle of the closest people and friends, and sometimes complete privacy, especially during creative work.

They are destined to travel a lot, this not only expands their spiritual horizon, but also favorably affects their mental and emotional sphere, enriches them, provides food for new ideas and ideas, and, in the end, serves as an outlet for their troubled nature. They, like mountain air, need a living life, new horizons, so their desire for open spaces, whirlpools and whirlwinds never goes out. They live only in the present and future, the past does not interest them.

Chronic diseases in Aries, occur rarely, only as a result of inattention and carelessness. The weak point of Aries is the head – Aries, as a rule, are haunted by skull injuries. The activity of Aries, their passionate thirst to lead and keep everything under control, subconscious propensity to use force continuously keeps their will in suspense, which often leads to the overspending of nerve resources, and first of all the loads fall on the brain. It is because of the super-intensive mental, emotional and physical activity Aries should pay special attention to the strict observance of alternating periods of work with periods of rest and sleep. They should eat right, as they use much more energy and energy than any other type. They would also be interrupted by the renunciation of excessive drinking and the complete abandonment of drugs, which, along with the excessive impulsiveness of the Aries, are the main cause of all their misfortunes and crimes that they commit.

Aries vitally need the ability to consciously relax both mentally and physically through, for example, meditation. This will make it possible to avoid various diseases, especially those that are characteristic of the “fiery” types.

Aries diseases are usually acute with fever, febrile conditions, which they poorly tolerate. The first helpers are hot baths and tea (you need to sweat a lot) and a reasonable diet.

Aries Child

Aries child differs from children of other zodiac signs by the same character traits as the adult Aries. Already from the cradle his “fiery” temperament, impulsivity, Martian strength and energy, his desire for aggressive actions and a strongly expressed desire to dominate are noticeable. These qualities of the child should be paid serious attention already from the cradle and begin to bring him up from the cradle, since in later years he is not subject to re-education because of his intractability. All negative traits require taming, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to approach the child reasonably and diplomatically, to act with affection, and not with affection. Otherwise, he will become stubborn and obstinate, and from a young age will seek to leave his parental home.

Parents should never lose their authority, although it is earned by them as part of their normal family life. They should clearly know when the child should say yes, when – no, there should not be inconsistency. The main commandment for the Aries child should be one of the oldest dogmas: the word and decision of the father are unquestioned and cannot be reviewed or appealed. This step is also justified because the Aries children are not very obedient to the mother, since they consider her advice irrelevant, not important for “real life”.

In each Aries child, certain talents are hidden, and the sooner they are revealed, the better. Although the child’s horoscope indicates his innate gifts, life and fate make their corrections. Although a person himself can and must make the final choice, he must be prepared for this in advance. Only the one who follows the ancient wisdom will win: “Be who you are, then you will be ready for this.”

One of the most important problems in the life of any person is the choice of a marriage or business partner.

The Sun in the Aries Decanate

1st Aries decanate: 0 ° – 10 °

Here, the essential nature of the sign is maximally manifested. Strong will, inexhaustible energy, fearlessness, courage, determination, determination, self-confidence and organizational talent. Obstinate, aggressive character. Fate is changeable, but noteworthy. Often this is a pioneer, discoverer, social activist or politician. Success in survey work. The possibility of injury to the head, face.

2nd Aries decanate: 10 ° – 20 °

Strength, authority, authority, nobility, generosity, pride, self-esteem, ambition, purposefulness, generosity, extravagance, impulsiveness, frankness, courtesy. Diplomatic talent. Man despises deceit and meanness. Success can bring public service, government posts, military service. These people try to use the favor of the people around them: relatives and friends, friends and acquaintances, even people from outside.

3rd Aries decanate: 20 ° – 30 °

The nature is very passionate, sensual, loving entertainment and pleasure, sparkling with cheerful disposition and wit. The mind of the philosophical warehouse. Sense of justice. Soft nature. Loving, benevolence, but increased impulsiveness and ardor. Often psychic abilities, especially if Neptune is connected by the aspect with the Moon. Interest in social problems, education, religion, cultural traditions, mysticism. Often – love for the world of art, especially for poetry. Fate is not very favorable.

People with the Sun in Aries

  1. Heads of state or political parties: Catherine de Medici, Napoleon III, Otto Von Bismarck, Leopold II of Belgium, Erich Ludendorf, Ernst Telman, Palmiro Tolyatti, Nikita Khrushchev.
  2. Astronomers: Giordano Bruno, Pierre Laplace, Laszlo Detre, G. A. Schein.
  3. Astrologers: Sergey Vronsky (the last Russian certified astrologer).
  4. Scientists: Renault Descartes, Charles Fourier, Werner Von Braun.
  5. Theater and film actors: Charles Chaplin, Doris Day, Willy Forst, P. S. Molchanov.
  6. Musicians and conductors: Joseph Haydn, Johann Sebastian Bach, Bela Bartok, Modest Mussorgsky, Sergey Rachmaninov, Nikolai Lysenko, Heinrich Neuhaus, Arturo Toscanini.
  7. Singers: Maria Malibran, Giovanni Rubini, Medea Figner, Ivan Kozlovsky, Leonid Yakovlev.
  8. Writers and poets: Emil Zola, Hans Christian Andersen, Maxim Gorky, A. I. Fonvizin, A. Yashin.
  9. Philosophers: Franz Baader, Benz Richard, Emanuel Mounier, Alois Gefler, Frederic Rau, Edmund Guserl.
  10. Psychologists: Max Bertheimer, Georg Hayman, James Miles, Philip Lersh.
  11. Psychiatrist: Ludwig Binswanger.
  12. Sociologists: Karl Mannheim, Emil Durkheim.
  13. Professional revolutionaries: Alexandra Kollontai, Boleslav Bierut, Kim Il Sung.
  14. Artists: Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Francisco Goya, I. Grabar.
  15. Zoologist: Michael Grzimek.
  16. Biologist and lawyer: Herman Friedman.
  17. Historian: William Lecci.
  18. Cosmonauts: Alexey Gubarev, Valentin Lebedev, George Beregovoi.

Each of the above people had several more professions and specialties. By this we would like to prove that Aries are ready for everything that they can be who they would like to be, And in all other specialties they are as strong as in the main one.

Sun in Astrology

General Characteristics

  • Planet. Male, positive, daytime.
  • Domicile. Leo.
  • Exaltation. Aries, (extreme – 19 ° Aries).
  • Exil. Aquarius.
  • Fall. Libra, (extremum –19 ° Libra).
  • Astrological principle. Warm and dry.
  • Astrological element. Fire.
  • Metal. Gold.
  • Minerals Rock crystal, diamond, ruby, chrysoberyl, gold quartz, beryl, amber, jasper, chrysolite, hyacinth, heliotrope topaz, garnet, carbuncle.
  • Occult color. Yellow green and purplish red.
  • Plain color. Golden, deep yellow, orange, bright red, white.
  • Day. Sunday.
  • Numbers. 1, 4, 6, 9, 36, 111, 666.
  • Periods. March 30 – April 8; June 8 – 13; August 17 – 26; October 26 – November 4; January 4 – 13.
  • Period of pregnancy. The fourth month, forms the general appearance of the fetus.
  • Age. 22 – 42 years old.
  • Handwriting. Correct, clear, rhythmic, easy to read handwriting with many spirals and strokes.

Flora. Anemone, anise, chamomile, mint, parsley, poppy, primrose, rose hip, dill, mistletoe, lavender, heliotrope, white letter, yellow lily, saffron, rosemary, cherry, palm, chrysanthemum, wheat, almond tree, cedar, olive tree, orange tree, laurel tree, ash, tormentilla (cinquefoil), eyelet, calendula, mustard, rice, rue, grapes, St. John’s wort, walnut tree, lotus, peony, ginger, gentian, ethea (ivy), verbena, cop (mint), resin, ambergris, musk, scarlet, cloves, cinnamon, calamus, pepper, incense, marjoram, colchicum, celandine, sundew, butterbur, sunflower, coltsfoot, camphor tree.

Fauna. Lion, horse, deer, eagle, falcon, hawk, swan, nightingale, peacock, rooster, scarab, firefly.

Country. Czech Republic, Bohemia, Northern Romania, France, Italy, Sicily.

Constitution. Athletic physique, inclined to fullness with age. Growth – from medium to high, depending on the position of the sun. The upper body is more developed than the lower. Broad shoulders. Mighty breasts. Hands are stronger than legs. The head is big. Oval face. The forehead is high, often convex. The eyes are also often convex, blue-gray or gray. Eyebrows are often tousled. Pronounced chin. Hair of golden, flaxen, light chestnut or saffron color, often wavy. Posture is straight. The movements are fast. Gait – bold, energetic.

Temperament. Sanguine, slightly choleric. Strong self-esteem.

Positive traits of Sun in Horoscope

Love of life. Will. Activity. Energy. Brightness. Wholeness. Independence. Independence. Creative power. Confidence in yourself and your strengths and capabilities. Strong and convincing self-expression. Pride. Ambition. Determination. Courage. Courage. Valor. Dignity. Nobility. Generosity. Fidelity. Friendliness. Sincerity. Devotion to loved ones. Honesty. Humanity. Constancy. Operability. Developed thinking. Eloquence. Artistry. Organizational skills.

Negative traits of Sun in zodiac

Pride. Conceit. Love of power. Cruelty. Despotism. Tyranny. Authoritarianism. Reassessment of their strengths and capabilities. Bombast. The tendency to external shine, splendor, ceremonies, effects. Pomposity. Window dressing. Credibility. Arrogance. Complacency. Arrogance. Arrogance. Vanity. Swagger. Insolence. Despotism, sometimes treachery and betrayal. Love for luxury. Motivation. Self-affirmation at the expense of others. Weak will Fluctuations. Lack of determination, will. Extravagance.

Physiological correspondence of Sun

Heart and heart muscles. Upper back, spinal muscles, spinal column. Spleen. Diaphragm. Eyes. Brain, bone, spinal cord. Nervous system. The right half of the body and eyes in men, the left in women. Vessels. Arterial circulatory system. Blood circulation. Sahasrara Chakra. Anterior pituitary gland. Pineal gland. Potency.

The disease of Sun in Birthchart

The above organs and parts of the body. Diseases of the heart, brain, eyes. Paralysis of the heart, eyes and nerves. Heart rhythm disorders. Fever, inflammation, fainting, cramps, burns, erysipelas.

Sun in Astrology Signifies

Father, boss, husband, man in general, leader. Wealthy, powerful, authoritative, famous, respected or state people, nobility, etc. Health. Degree of personal freedom. General welfare. High position, rank, rank. Fame, recognition, fame, honor, respect, titles, awards. Responsibility. Life principle

The sun can become a signifier of death only if it is the dominant of the VIII field of the horoscope or, being the dominant of birth, has negative aspects with the signifier of death, the dominant of the VIII field of the horoscope or the point of Death. Death is possible due to fire, from a fever, during childbirth or through the fault of another person: a relative, a member of his own family, a boss or other senior official.

With the good cosmic status of the Sun, death is natural, from old age or diseases of the Sun.

With the poor cosmic status of the Sun – sudden death, sudden, for example, during a swoon, in battle or as a result of an accident, by a court sentence, etc.

With negative aspects of the Sun with Mars or Saturn, premature violent death or death from a chronic, severe, incurable disease is possible.

Professions of Sun in Astrology

President, public figure, public servant, high-ranking official, priest, philosopher, sculptor, art worker and other creative professions, hunter, biologist, jeweler.

Sun in Elements

Sun in elements

The sun in cardinal signs speaks of a large supply of vitality, a strong character, a desire to build one’s own destiny and activity activity.

The sun in fixed signs speaks of decisiveness, purposefulness, perseverance, the ability to bring things to the end.

The sun in mutable signs speaks of the ability to navigate well in the external environment, to adapt to the situation, changeability, flexibility.

The Sun in the signs of Fire gives a strong will, great energy, high life ideals, tenacity, perseverance, determination, penetrative power.

The sun in the signs of the Earth gives free rein, practicality, a realistic way of thinking, patience, obedience to circumstances, perseverance, perseverance, type of action – waiting for the best moment to start a business. Everything is done with one goal – to strengthen their financial situation to ensure old age.

The Sun in the signs of Air gives sublime aspirations, idealism, artistry, a love of art and scientific interests.

The Sun in the signs of Water creates extremely impulsive natures, these types are the most secretive. The will of these people is highly dependent on circumstances, both internal and external. People with the Sun in the signs of Water can be both mystics, and spiritualists on the one hand, and extreme materialists on the other. Their own views and opinions are unstable, and the point of view depends on the mood. They are very receptive, impressionable, emotional and expressive. On the one hand, they can inspire and convince, on the other, they themselves are influenced from outside, especially if someone is able to impress or is their idol. The most powerful type of them are Scorpios.

Sun in Zodiac

 Key words: life principle, spiritual energy, psychic power, physical strength, will, vitality, self-expression, own “I”.

The sun symbolizes individuality, vitality, will, energy, strength, ability, success, career, self-esteem. In this case, the Sun does not speak of appearance, but of the being of man. It indicates personal freedom, luck, social upsurge and financial position, fame, honors, honor, respect, titles, awards, appreciation of others or society. The sun in the male horoscope indicates the potential of vitality (vitality), in the female – is an indicator of the degree of love, warmth, kindness and tenderness. His position in the signs of the zodiac and the fields of the horoscope gives information about the breakdown power of the individual, the strength of his self-expression and self-affirmation, and the possibilities of both internal and external development.

The Sun rising at birth indicates not only strong ambition and healthy pride, courage, courage, courage, courage, but also to a certain extent, happiness, or, in extreme cases, happiness in misfortune.

The qualities of the essential nature of the Sun, positive or negative, are reflected in the formation of the nature of man. All possible positive and negative properties of the Sun are laid in the process of formation of the character of the individual. We can say that the fate of a person depends on the location of the Sun in the sign and field of the horoscope and on its configurations with other planets and horoscope elements, because, as they say, you sow character – you reap fate. Considering the position of the Sun in conjunction with the indicators of other planets, you can see all the good or bad in a person, and you can also judge whether he will be strong, independent and independent. The sun shows what innate talents and talents a person has been endowed with, how he will apply them in life; whether he will be engaged in intellectual labor or he is shown physical labor,

If the Sun in Radix has a strong cosmic status and is not damaged, especially by malicious planets, then a person will have a healthy constitution. Happiness and fullness of life are guaranteed, as well as success in government affairs, in the service and in undertakings. If the Sun also has strong aspects with favorable planets, then there will be honor, and glory, and honors, and awards, and honorary titles and titles, especially if the Sun is in the horoscope between the Ascendant and the Meridian.

If the Sun has a weak cosmic status and is damaged by pest planets, the life goal of an individual is usually noticeably weakened.

If the Sun is in the unfavorable Zodiac sign (Aquarius, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces) or in the unfavorable horoscope field (VI, VIII, XII) and has negative aspects with malicious planets, this portends a short life. A strong favorable aspect with the Moon, Jupiter or Venus can mitigate the situation.

The favorable aspectarium of the Sun highlights the noble character traits, a person with a well-aspected Sun is able to be not only a faithful friend and a devoted like-minded person, but also a generous enemy.

The aspect of the Sun with Mars gives courage, enthusiasm, increases will, energy, but a person with this aspect has little to do with the opinion of other people.

An unfavorable aspectarium , as a rule, limits the growth of spirituality, indicates insensibility, a person with such a Sun can become a tyrant and despot for his subordinates or a low worshiper.

If the Sun has only negative aspects, especially with pest planets, and there is no support for Jupiter or Venus, this is a sign of a short life. An important role can be played by a good configuration with the Moon, Venus or Jupiter, as it can fix a lot.

If the Sun has an unfavorable aspect with Saturn, it portends poor health, disability, disability, or a forced fate, will force you to endure a variety of difficulties and limitations.

The well-aspected Sun during the years when it is the dominant (1982, 1989, 1996, 2003, etc.) strengthens ambition, generosity, fidelity, loyalty, brings honor and glory, honor, respect, recognition and approval of the public. A poorly aspected Sun, on the contrary, strengthens vanity, narcissism, arrogance, ambition, aggressiveness, unhealthy pride, and makes betrayal possible.

Sun in Astrological Signs

As a ray passing through a prism decomposes into all the colors of the rainbow, unlike each other, so the Sun, passing through a horoscope through 12 signs of the Zodiac, each has its own specific, unique influence on a person and his fate.

The position of the Sun in one or another zodiac sign allows us to make an almost unmistakable conclusion about the potential will of a person and his motives and shows the degree of perseverance, endurance, patience, determination, breakdown strength and the possibility of self-affirmation, and also speaks of the person’s internal and external development.

The potential influence of the Sun in each sign of the zodiac varies depending on the degree and dean’s office it has its constellation on and what is its strength in points.

Due to the fact that the constellation of the Sun in the signs of the zodiac gives approximately the same evidence as the Ascendant, the topic “Influence of the Sun in the signs of the zodiac” should be considered as a continuation of the topic “Influence of the Ascendant in the signs of the zodiac”, as they complement each other. Therefore, only the most distinctive features of an individual are indicated below when his natal Sun is in that zodiac sign and those that were touched superficially in the analysis of the Ascendant.

Since in their practical work they often have to deal not with horoscopes, but with cosmograms, information related to the topic “Influence of the Ascendant in the Zodiac Signs” can be attributed to the topic “Influence of the Sun in the Zodiac Signs”.

Planets in Astrology

Planets in Horoscope

The main planets that astrologers use in their research are ten. These are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. For convenience, astrologers call the sun and moon planets. Modern astrologers add Chiron and Proserpine to these ten planets, and also use some fictitious planets, for example, Lulu and Lilith.

The planets are divided into seven planets that have been used by astrologers since antiquity, these are: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. These seven planets form the so-called Septener . Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are called higher , or distant. In their work, ancient astrologers were content only with the Septener planets, Indian astrologers still use the Septener planets, not including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in their calculations. Classical Western astrology uses all ten planets, and recently began to use Chiron and Proserpine as planets.

The Septener describes the main seven influences. Higher planets are considered to be the highest octaves of the septener planets, they influence the historical events taking place on Earth, therefore they have another name – collective planets .

Planets in astrology, along with the signs of the zodiac, are one of the most important factors. Planets are sources of cosmic energies that influence us: harmonious and disharmonious. Moreover, the planets affect both the external and internal life of man. Planets are horoscope figures, they include the events of our lives. Each planet has distinctive features that remain unchanged for each planet. In the synthesis of the influences of all the planets of the horoscope, we get a unique portrait of a person, his character, problems, drawing of fate.

Internal and external planets

Internal or minor planets are called, whose orbits lie inside the orbit of the Earth, that is, between the orbits of the Sun and the Earth. This is Mercury and Venus.

External or major are planets whose orbits lie beyond the orbit of the Earth. These are Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Proserpine. In some ancient sources, the inner planets are often called lower, and higher – upper, which is not entirely correct. This must be known so that in the study of ancient sources there is no misunderstanding.

Masculine and feminine planets

  • Masculine planets – the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus. The functions of these planets are oriented towards an external, active manifestation.
  • Feminine planets – Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune. The functions of these planets are focused on the absorption of energy from outside, on the passivity of manifestation.
  • Mercury can be both male and female, depending on its position in the horoscope and the aspects that it has with other planets.

This is a modern division, in different sources you can find other information on this subject, but the disagreements relate mainly to Saturn. Someone reckons him to the male planets, someone to the female. So, Biruni considers Saturn a male planet.

Regardless of whether it is a male planet or a female planet, the planet shows its qualities in the male or female type, depending on the position it occupies. For example, if the planet is “in front of the Sun”, in the eastern hemisphere or in male signs, then even the female planet acquires some masculine qualities, but if the male planet is “behind the Sun”, in the western hemisphere and in the female sign, its manifestations become more soft, restrained.

  • Fiery planets – the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto.
  • Air planets – Mercury, Uranus.
  • Earth Planets – Venus, Saturn.
  • Water planets – Moon, Neptune.

Day and night planets

The ancients believed that Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun were daytime. Mars, Venus and the Moon are nocturnal. Mercury – daytime, when visible in the morning, and nighttime, when visible in the evening. Each planet helps its like, day – night, and night – night.

There is a second option: day planets are those planets that are above the horizon at birth, night planets are those that are below the horizon at birth.

Electric and magnetic planets

  • The Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus are considered electric.
  • Magnetic – the Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune.

Asexual and fertile planets

  • Asexual are Mars, Saturn, Uranus.
  • The Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune are considered fertile.
  • Mercury is moderately fertile.

Beneficial and evil planets

Beneficial – the Sun, Venus, Jupiter.

Malicious – Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

Mercury itself is neutral, but carries out the influence of the planet with which it is in conjunction or a strong aspect.

The moon, on the whole, is favorable, but rapidly changing, and also reflects the theme of the planet with which it is in close contact.

Some authors believe that Neptune can sometimes be kind. I would advise especially not to trust Neptune, the great illusionist, even if he does not have negative aspects. What you take as good may later turn into losses and disappointments.

Biruni noted that if the planets are strong in their cosmic status, then they help each other both in friendship and in hostility, but if they are weak in cosmic status, they leave each other and act alone.

Fast and slow planets

Because of the ellipticity of their orbits, planets move unevenly, in some parts of the orbit their speed is large, in others less. In this regard, the fast and slow planets are distinguished.

  • A fast planet is a planet that at the time of the birth of a person had a speed above average.
  • A slow planet is a planet that at the time of the birth of a person had a speed below average.

A fast planet manifests itself more quickly and easily than a slow one. If a person in Radix has a fast planet, he is gaining experience on this planet earlier than with a slow planet. It is necessary to take into account the location of the planet, since being in the sign of a related element it manifests itself more easily than when it is in a sign of element that does not correspond to the quality of the planet. So fast Jupiter in Leo or Libra will be faster than in Taurus, and slow Mercury will be slower in Cancer than in Aquarius or Aries.

The average speed of the planets

  • Sun – 0 ° 59’8 “
  • Moon – 12 ° 58 ‘
  • Mercury – 04 ° 05’32 ”
  • Venus – 1 ° 13 ‘
  • Mars – 0 ° 31’26 ”
  • Jupiter – 0 ° 04’59 “
  • Saturn – 0 ° 03’49 “
  • Uranus – 0 ° 03’00 “
  • Neptune – 0 ° 01’40 “
  • Pluto – 0 ° 00’48 “
  • Lunar Nodes – 0 ° 3’11 “

Eastern and western planets

Eastern called a planet located in the eastern hemisphere, from the Ascendant (X – III field).

The western is the planet located in the western hemisphere, from the Descendant side – (IV – XI fields).

Planets below the horizon and above the horizon

Planet under the horizon – a planet located in the lower hemisphere (I – VI fields).

Planet above the horizon – a planet located in the upper hemisphere (VII – XII fields).

Morning and evening planet

A planet rising shortly before sunrise is called a “planet before the sun,” “Doriphorius,” “Scout,” or “Morning Planet.”

A planet setting after sunset is called the “planet after the Sun”, “Charioteer”, “Auriga” or “Evening Planet”.

Any planet can appear in the role of Doriphorius or the Charioteer (not to be confused with the constellation of the same name), but most often this place is occupied by Mercury or Venus due to the proximity of their orbits to the Sun. Venus is usually called the “Morning Star”, although it is also the “Evening Star”, it is she who lights up first in the evening sky.

More details about the morning and evening planets will be discussed below.

Burnt planets

A planet located at a distance of 17 ‘from the exact connection with the Sun is considered to be located “in the heart of the Sun.” This position is also called “Kazimi”. With this position of the planet, the Sun reveals its potential and gives it additional energy, for its full disclosure. [2]

A planet located at a distance of up to 3 ° (in some ancient treatises up to 6 °) from an exact connection with the Sun in one direction or another is considered to be a “burnt planet” . In this position, the planet becomes invisible, the rays of the sun hide it, the planet seems to go blind and lose its orientation, which makes it unable to fully manifest itself. A person with such a position of the planet often has many ideas and plans related to the implementation of the functions of this planet, but does not have the ability to bring them to life.

A planet located at a distance of 3 ° – 17 ° from the exact connection with the Sun is considered to be “in the rays of the Sun.” With this position of the planet, the situation is radically changing. The rays of the Sun are already “at a safe distance” from the planet, so this position can already be interpreted as an aspect of the conjunction, in which the planets act in tandem together.

Naturally, in all three positions, the cosmic status of the planets should be taken into account.

Ringed planet

A surrounded planet, or a planet under siege, a blockade, is a planet that is located between two other planets located within the orb from it. The “environment” with beneficial planets strengthens its cosmic status. The “environment” of malicious planets weakens the planet, does not allow it to manifest in full force, or blocks its action.

Planets and Signs

Domicile – finding the planet in its own sign, where the planet feels at ease and can fully manifest its energy. They say that the planet controls the sign (see Appendix, table 3.4), and the planet itself is called the ruler. Here the properties of the planet completely coincide with the properties of the sign and their strengths are in harmony. Nothing prevents the planet from fully expressing itself. This situation is also called “the planet in your own home.” A person who has such a planet practically does not need to gain experience, he is already born with certain skills and everything turns out as if by itself (within the framework of this planet, of course). If there are several similar planets in the horoscope, this gives a person great penetrative power.

Axil – the finding of a planet in a sign opposite to its domicile. [3] In many sources it can be read that the planet in exile is weak. This is not entirely true, here the planet’s power does not decrease, but it acts according to the properties of the sign, therefore it “feels” uncomfortably, constrained, manifests its properties with difficulty, or its qualities are greatly distorted. For manifestation on this planet, a person needs preliminary experience, otherwise he will “go out of step” with the rest. This is not to say that such a person is mediocre, on the contrary, after many experiments and attempts, forced to approach the matter wisely, he can become a specialist in this field. But he will need much more time for this than a person with a planet in domicile.

Exaltation- finding the planet in the sign, where it is most pronounced, although it is the “second important person” in the sign. A planet in exaltation is often more visible than a planet in domicile. The planet, which is in its own sign, manifests itself naturally, it does not need to show or prove anything, it feels the right to behave as it sees fit, the more experience confirms its correctness. In the case of exaltation, the planet manifests itself vividly, “exaltedly”, gives all its best, at the highest limit of its capabilities. She is not the mistress of the sign, but nevertheless it is this sign that gives her the opportunity to fully express herself. It acts not of its own free will, but of necessity, therefore, if the planet in the domicile appears smoothly and constantly, the planet in exaltation manifests itself rapidly and sporadically, i.e. then,

In addition to the exaltation sign, the planets also have a degree of exaltation: Sun 19 ° Aries, Moon 3 ° Taurus, Mercury 15 ° Virgo, Venus 27 ° Pisces, Mars 28 ° Capricorn, Jupiter 15 ° Cancer, Saturn 21 ° Libra.

Fall – finding the planet in a sign opposite the sign of its exaltation. Here there is a distortion, impoverishment, denial of the properties of the planet. [4]In order for a person to prove himself on this planet, it is necessary to adapt to the situation, study it and make efforts greater or lesser. What kind of person usually does not know, therefore the action of the planet is jerky. A person uses this planet most often not there, not at the wrong time, unlike the planet in exaltation, which comes into effect at the right time. It is clear why planets in the fall are carriers of various kinds of complexes. If everything is done randomly, then it is just right to feel flawed. It is possible to solve the planet’s problem in fall, but it takes many years of trial and error. Often people with outstanding talent have a planet in a fall, for example, poets can have Mercury in a fall.

In the modern presentation, all these positions of the planets are summarized in a table that is already familiar to you.

Planets controlling opposite signs are enemies (antipodes).

Planets control not only the signs of the zodiac. Decanates and terms, degrees, and also years, days of the week and hours have their stewards. The planetary controls of the days of the week, hours, and others are mainly based on the principle of the Star of Mages – one of the key schemes in astrology. A Mage Star is a sequence of planets distributed over a seven-ray star (see Volume 1, 4.3.6.)


Two systems are used to control the Decanates: by trigons and by the star of the Mages. Both of these systems are brought about by Ptolemy in Tetrabiblos.

Trigger control is performed as follows. The first Decanate of each sign is controlled by the planet that controls the sign as a whole, the second Decanate is controlled by the planet of the next trigonal sign, the third – the last during the movement of the zodiac of the trigonal sign. For example, the first Decanate of Aries is governed by Mars and the retrograde Pluto, the second Decanate by the Sun, the third Decanate by Jupiter and the retrograde Neptune (see Appendix, Table 2).

The control by the Mages star (see Appendix, Table 3) differs from the control by trigons in that the Mages star includes only the septener planets, while the control by trigons includes all active planets, including retrograde ones.


Regarding the management of terms, we send you to the appropriate term table (see Appendix, table. 4), compiled by me based on the study and analysis of about 10 thousand horoscopes. It should be said that the management of terms in modern astrology is undeservedly little used.


If the planet falls into the degree that it controls, then its role is qualitatively increasing. And if another planet gets into this degree, then it has a connection with the planet-ruler. For details on the role and significance of degrees, see Volume II of Classical Astrology.

There are several degree control systems. You can familiarize yourself with two of them in the Appendix (Tables 5 and 6): the degree control system for the Mages star and the degree control system for trigons.


The ancients called the planets chronocrats (chronocrator – “ruler of the period”). This means that different periods of life are ruled by different planets. The basis of management over the years, as already mentioned, is the star of the Magi (see Appendix, table. 7).

Planets and days of the week

  • Sunday -> Sun;
  • Monday -> Moon;
  • Tuesday -> Mars;
  • Wednesday -> Mercury;
  • Thursday -> Jupiter;
  • Friday -> Venus;
  • Saturday -> Saturn.

This order is common for Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and some other calendars.

Planetary Hours

Every hour in the day runs its own planet. Astrological clocks are different from ordinary ones. Astrological days are divided into night hours – from sunset to sunrise – and daytime hours – from sunrise to sunset. Therefore, it is clear that at different times of the year, the duration of day and night hours is different. The length of the daytime hour is calculated by dividing the time from sunrise to sunset at 12. Accordingly, the duration of the nightly hour is calculated. From the above it follows that the duration of day and night hours depends not only on the time of year, but also on the latitude of the place. Planets with positive aspects favor things that start in their hour. If the planet of the hour is aspected negatively, then it is better not to start things.


In addition to the fact that the planets control signs, Decanates, and so on, they are also the natural stewards of certain people or qualities. Each planet in the horoscope is “responsible” for something, i.e. It is a “signifier” (index) of people, qualities, events. So the Sun in the horoscope is the signifier of the father, respected or revered person, holiday, the Moon – the mother, household chores, change, Mercury – young people, letters, trips, etc. Judgments are made depending on the location of the signifying planets in signs and fields, as well as on the quality of the aspects that they have.


The reception occurs when one planet is in the sign of another planet, which in turn is in the sign of the first, i.e. the planets seem to change places. For example, Uranus in Gemini, Mercury in Aquarius, Uranus and Mercury are considered to be at the reception. For interpretation, the planets located at the reception can be interchanged, i.e. put one planet exactly in sign and degree of another and vice versa. Some astrologers consider this position a weak connection. The reception is considered a positive factor, even if the planets are in a negative aspect, the maliciousness of the aspect in this case is reduced. The reception is widely used in horary astrology; in natal, modern astrologers use it less often.

Planets and Houses

The main factor determining the importance of the planet, first of all, is its presence in the sign and the field in which it is located at the time of birth. Finding a planet in a field is called local determination. The local determination of any planet refers only to a specific point in time and a certain place. In another place of the Earth at the same time, the planet will be in a different field of the horoscope and, accordingly, will produce a different effect. A manifestation of the planet’s principle, which is determined in each particular horoscope by the time and place of birth, affects the one born throughout his earthly life, and it is in that area of ​​life that is indicated in the horoscope by the position of the planet in a certain field. This manifestation may occur in different ranges, may weaken or intensify due to various factors,

In various fields, as well as in the signs of the zodiac, the manifestation of the planets is different. The most powerful are the planets in the Corner Fields (I, IV, VII, X). Especially strong is the position near the Meridian, and the closer the planet is to the MS, the more it acts. In successive (subsequent) fields, the manifestation of the planet is stable, although not too obvious. In the cadent (falling) fields of the planet, they affect only character and experience.

Astrologically, a planet that is closer to the MS is considered to be towering above the planet, which is located further from the MS. For example, a planet in the X field rises above the planet in the VIII field, and a planet in I in the field rises above the planet in the III field.

If the planet is located on the cusp of the field, its action is stronger than when it is in the middle or end of the field. A planet located 5 ° from the Ascendant or MC is considered to be located in either I or X field, respectively.

Planets in Astrochart

The planet’s dispositor is the planet that controls the sign in which the planet in question is located. For example, if the Moon is in Sagittarius, then the dispositors of the Moon will be Jupiter and retrograde Neptune; if Jupiter is in Libra, then its dispositors will be Venus and retrograde Chiron. In the case when the planet is in its own field, for example, Venus in Taurus, then it, for itself, is a dispositor. The influence of the planet in this position is amplified.

Thus, the affairs of the field are managed by both the planet located (locally determined) in it, and the field manager, who is also the dispositor of the planet.

If the planet is in one field and dominates in another field, then when interpreting the horoscope, the values ​​of these fields should be combined, but the more important factor is the planet’s presence in the field, domination is considered a secondary factor.

If there are no planets in the field, the field manager comes to the fore. It is for him to study the characteristics of the field. The steward should be considered according to the well-known scheme: take into account the essential nature of the steward, study the sign and field in which the steward is located, calculate his cosmic status and study aspects or establish the fact of their absence. However, the field manager should be investigated in any case, just in the absence of planets in the field, this is the only indicator that allows you to judge the field.

If there are several planets in one field of the horoscope, then they act together in accordance with the principles of this field. Each planet should be studied separately, carefully examining its essential nature, cosmic status, disposition, and aspects. Thus, it turns out which of the planets is more manifested. For example, one of the planets will be the dispositor of the field, which immediately puts it in the leading rank.

I remind you once again that with very few exceptions, a planet in a field is of prime importance for the affairs of the corresponding field. The influence of the dispositor and aspects is significant, but nonetheless secondary. With a combination of the values ​​of both fields, the starting point is the position of the planet, the next is domination. The affairs, faces and events of the horoscope field in which the planet dominates indicates the causes, not the events themselves.

So, a planet located in the II field and dominating in the VII field indicates the acquisition of property as a result of marriage, cooperation or legal process; the dominance of the same planet in the X field indicates the acquisition of property due to a certain official position, professional activity, etc.

Of all the possible combinations, those that are most consistent with the nature, natural management, and cosmic status of the corresponding planet are primarily implemented.

The rule that the position of the planet in the field is stronger than the control of the field has an exception for the first field of the horoscope. This field is the basis of everything that can happen in life with the born one, all future events and the main direction of fate are formed here. Therefore, the dominant of birth, through its disposition, directs the person along the path that the field of the horoscope indicates in which the dominant is located, and this influence is manifested the more, the more advantages it has. If the dominant of birth is not in its field, which happens more often, you should carefully examine both fields and their mutual relations. The values ​​of these fields are combined.

Retrograde Plantes, Direct Planets, Stationary Planets

From the point of view of the earth observer, all the planets, except the Sun and the Moon, periodically slow down, stop and begin the reverse movement, which is called retrograde. This phenomenon is explained by the difference in the periods of revolution of the planets around the Sun. In this regard, there are three types of planetary motion: directive (direct), retrograde (backward) and stationary (i.e. stop).

The motion directive (B) is the usual movement in a successive change of zodiac signs (Aries – Taurus – … – Pisces) (volume 1, chap. 2, p. 2. 6.). Astrologically means the natural development of events, an orientation toward the future.

Retrograde movement (K) – movement in the direction opposite to the sequence of zodiac signs (Pisces – Aquarius – … – Aries). Astrologically indicates a lesson that we need to go through, using the experience already gained. When a planet in the horoscope is in a retrograde position, this, according to the laws of Karma, means that in our previous lives we did not have time to complete the things that relate to this planet, in accordance with its position in the horoscope. It is desirable to complete these unfinished business from a past life or an unfulfilled task in this life, but if it still fails, then it will have to be postponed until the next life, and so on until it is completed.

During the retrograde movement, one should not engage in direct affairs related to this planet, as they will be stupid and useless. Even more – they should be postponed, and not only until the backward planet has moved out of its retrograde position, but until it reaches in its direct movement the degree to which it stopped and began its backward movement . For example, the transit Mercury on February 11, 1994 stopped and began its backward journey at 7 ° 34 Pisces. March 5, he stopped at 22 ° 38 sign Aquarius, began his direct movement. But Mercury affairs should be started or continued only when Mercury reaches the 7 ° 34 mark of Pisces, which will only happen on March 25th. This is especially important when considering the Progressive horoscope, in which one day equals one year.

Stationary position – a visible stop of the planet at the moment of transition from one type of movement to another. Astrologically accentuates a certain point of the horoscope, means freedom in the direction and nature of the development of the theme of this planet, i.e. It makes it possible to solve the problem, perhaps in a different way, as if slowing down the time.

Planets, as mentioned earlier, are carriers of potential cosmic energy. But they do not act on their own, they are affected by various influences, which ultimately determine the degree of their manifestation. In this regard, the planets are divided into strong, weak and neutral. The dignity (strength) of the planet or its weakness depends on many factors that we have to consider.

A planet, being in a certain sign or field, acts according to its essential nature, but taking into account the characteristics of the sign or field in which it finds itself. The position of the planet in a sign or field in which the influence of the planet is enhanced is called virtue ; the position of the planet in a sign or field in which the influence of the planet weakens is called weakness. Distinguish between essential (essential) merits or weaknesses of the planets, which take into account the position of the planets in the signs and the accidental (minor), which take into account the position of the planets in the fields.

Essential advantages include such indicators as the presence of a planet in its Domicile, in a sign or degree of exaltation, in a sign of its own element, in its own Decanates, terma, degree, as well as some others.

Accidental merits include indicators such as the planet being in its own field and some other fields, in the sign of its gender, surrounded by Venus and Jupiter. As well as other indicators, for example, directness of the planet, its connection with some fixed stars, the presence of strong positive aspects.

Essential weaknesses include indicators such as finding the planet in its excilis or fall, in the sign of the opposite sex, in a term or degree of the opposite nature.

Accidental weaknesses include such indicators as the planet’s presence in some fields, on the “burned path”, under the rays of the Sun, surrounded by Mars and Saturn, its connection with some fixed stars, weaken the planet as well “burning”, the presence of strong negative aspects, retrograde motion and some other indicators.

For ease of use, in my worksheets, incidental essential and virtues are combined in one table, as well as incidental and essential weaknesses.