capricorn zodiac

Capricorn Zodiac

December 22 – January 20

  • Sign. Feminine, earthly, cardinal.
  • Governors. Saturn and Uranus retrograde.
  • Exaltation. Mars and Pluto retrograde.
  • Axil. Moon.
  • Fall. Jupiter and Neptune retrograde.

Constitution associated with Capricorn Zodiac. Asthenic. Narrow shoulders, weak, undeveloped chest. Long, thin neck. Rough facial features. The face is elongated, thin, wrinkled. The nose is long, the chin is strong, sharp, narrow, the cheekbones are pronounced, the eyebrows are often protruding forward, thick, the lips are thin, tightly pressed against each other. Undeveloped earlobes. Sparse, thin hair and beard, most often dark. Posture is rather rigid, gait is inactive.

Temperament associated with Capricorn Zodiac. Phlegmatic, with a strong shade of pessimism.

Positive traits of character and disposition associated with Capricorn Zodiac. Purposefulness, perseverance, endurance, endurance, restraint, self-control, self-control, pronounced ambition, pride, independence, independence, hard work, efficiency, diligence.

Negative character traits associated with Capricorn Zodiac. Selfishness, greed, self-will, willfulness, lust for power, excess of power, deceit, distrust, cruelty, avarice, dissatisfaction with oneself, dependence on mood.

Weak points of the body associated with Capricorn Zodiac. Knee joints, bones, skeleton, ligaments, tendons, digestive tract, liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, skin, teeth.

Diseases associated with Capricorn Zodiac. The above organs and body parts. Metabolic diseases, bone fractures, limb dislocations. Gout, rheumatism, skin diseases, atherosclerosis, gallbladder and urinary bladder stone disease, colds.

Colour associated with Capricorn Zodiac. Black, blue-black, dark red.

Flora associated with Capricorn Zodiac. Pine, fir, henbane, black poppy, belladonna, hemlock, sorrel.

Fauna associated with Capricorn Zodiac. Lion, chamois, mountain goat, heron, herd animals, poisonous insects.

Day. Saturday.

Countries and regions associated with Capricorn Zodiac. Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Iceland, India, Macedonia, Greece, Persia, Mexico, East Africa, South Africa.

Cities associated with Capricorn Zodiac. Moscow, Warsaw, Brandenburg, Brussels, Constanta, Oxford, Port Said, Dresden, Stettin, Berg.

Capricorn Personality

Capricorn is the most responsible and purposeful sign of the zodiac. The meaning of Capricorn’s life is achievement. He knows how to achieve a practical result in any business.

The character of Capricorns is cold, restrained, secretive. They have a practical, cold, shrewd mind, judicious and calculating. Their actions are deliberate, careful and prudent. They are responsible and with a strong sense of duty. Impulsiveness, emotions, recklessness are simply excluded here. Any emotions are sublimated into the energy of movement to the top. Capricorns go towards the goal progressively, deliberately, decisively, irrevocably, relying only on themselves. They are distinguished by tremendous willpower, objectivity, self-confidence, arrogance, dispassion, painful ambition and the ability to subordinate everything to one single goal, even if it takes a lifetime. They themselves are very responsible and diligent and demand the same from others, therefore Capricorns are the most strict and demanding bosses. They strive for power and a high material level,

Despite the fact that Capricorns are able to go to the end in everything, they can make mistakes, go to extremes, suffer from bouts of melancholy and pessimism, be disappointed, but in the end, prudence takes over. Having retreated for a while from the conquered positions and corrected the goal, they continue with renewed enthusiasm.

The mind and energy of Capricorns are often aimed at achieving selfish goals, which is why they have quite a few enemies and envious people. They skillfully use the weaknesses of people in their own interests.

When dealing with people who are strongly influenced by the sign of Capricorn, you should act slowly, consistently, but confidently and persistently. You should be friendly and discreet with them, especially when conducting a business conversation or signing a contract. It should be borne in mind that they are very melancholy and subject to the mood, therefore, before starting a business conversation, they should be taken out of this state. Never demand an immediate decision from Capricorns, give him time to think it over, otherwise you risk getting a negative answer that will never become positive. Despite the outward gloominess, isolation and callousness, Capricorns are very insecure of themselves, therefore they are careful, vigilant and prudent. No proposal will be accepted by them without long and careful analysis. Capricorns will gladly help others, but only if it is beneficial for them. If you can win their sympathy and trust, then the business ties will be strong, durable and reliable.

In professional activities, Capricorn is an indisputable authority and is considered an expert in his field. They dream of intellectual achievement. Their abstract thinking, accuracy, accuracy are indispensable in the exact and technical sciences. Capricorns are great performers, although they always try to take the boss’s chair. They perform their professional duties very conscientiously, which is also expected of others. As judges, they are harsh, but fair. Among Capricorns you can find large financiers and businessmen. Business Capricorns are very tough, ruthless. The most promising for Capricorns are professions related to administrative and political activities. They try at all costs to get into the environment of the ruling elite. The political arena is the only area where Capricorns do not observe the principles of fairness and good faith. To achieve political heights, they stop at nothing. In politics, they show their true nature: insensitivity, indifference, fanaticism, desire for power, vindictiveness. Capricorns, who are not attracted to a career as a politician, can be found among agents and heads of firms selling land and real estate.

Capricorns hide their feelings behind a mask of gloom and inaccessibility, they do not openly show them, but are very attached to their partners. They often suffer from unrequited love. Capricorns are unlucky in marriage, as they often do not marry for love, but for convenience, and early marriages, as a rule, end in failure. Capricorns are divorced only at the initiative of a partner.

In the first half of life, Capricorns assert themselves, they have to overcome many obstacles, struggle with limitations, setbacks and material difficulties. But all these difficulties are gradually overcome, and in the end Capricorns achieve their goal in life, if not in the second, then necessarily in the last third of their life.

Often, changes in the fate of Capricorns do not occur at their will. Until the age of 42, they face serious illnesses, accidents, disasters. Those born during the day have a less favorable fate than those born at night.

Now we will consider separately Capricorns-men and Capricorns-women.

Capricorn man

Capricorn Man

Capricorn men are the greatest conservatives and realists. They are tough, stern, very practical. With great ambition and dignity, they punch their path in life. Success is the incentive to move forward. Overcoming difficulties, they step by step approach their life goal. No one and nothing can stop them or force them to turn off the intended path. They give life a certain meaning and meaning. Any work is planned in advance, a scheme is outlined, details are worked out. They are conservatives, pedants and pragmatists. They do not talk about their personal affairs and problems, skillfully hiding feelings under the guise of inaccessibility.

Male Capricorns are great workers. Capricorns reach their heights thanks to their own hard work and hard work. Their ambition and strong ambition is the main driver of social growth. They want to get everything that is possible, although they get it by the sweat of their brow, at the cost of labor, pain and loss. By old age, they have a full set of regalia and, as a rule, are financially secure. But if the Capricorn men do not work as planned, and life goes beyond the usual framework, then this knocks them out of the mines, right up to the disease.

Capricorn men are reliable and loyal partners. They get married, as a rule, late, except for the case when Venus in the horoscope has a good position and has a strong cosmic status. They express their feelings extremely sparingly, but they treat the family with great responsibility, protecting it from any adversity. They need a loyal and devoted life partner they can rely on. Marriage partners have to take care of them all their lives, like the paintings of Raphael or Titian. Divorces in Capricorns are extremely rare. Love can pass, but the feeling of attachment and duty remains. Until the end of their lives, they are a support for their family, a rock on which all storms break. The sign of Capricorn gives birth to the most bachelors.

The second half of life is much more successful than the first. By old age, he has the opportunity to make up for what was missed in his younger years.

Capricorn woman

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn women are distinguished by seriousness, sobriety, prudence, prudence, secrecy, and the desire for independence. They have a cold, practical mind. They live mainly in their inner world. They reach their prime in the second half of life. These women, just like men, know how to set goals for themselves and achieve them. This is the familiar type of “iron ladies”. They are self-confident, demanding, uncompromising. Business is above all for them. If they have to choose between family and career, then they are more likely to choose a career. Professional and career growth is slow but reliable. Often, along with men, Capricorn women are leaders of all ranks. There are many women politicians among Capricorns.

Capricorn women have an amazing ability: their beauty does not diminish over the years, but, on the contrary, increases. In their 30s and 35s, they often look better than at eighteen. It is at this age that men like them most. It is not easy to look after them. Capricorn women erect an invisible barrier between themselves and their fans, which they themselves often do not realize. Men subconsciously feel that fleeting relationships with such women are impossible and therefore begin to care for them if they are ready for a serious relationship. Capricorn women approach the choice of a marriage partner responsibly. If they set themselves the goal of getting married, they will marry, while all signs of attention from men will be perceived as a marriage proposal. Most often, they choose their future partner themselves, very carefully and methodically. Having decided make it clear to the intended candidate that “resistance is useless.” In the family, they are demanding wives and strict mothers: goals and responsibilities are defined for all family members. On the path of life, they go through many crises, including love ones, the reasons for which are most often their restraint and habit to dominate. The only salvation from love troubles is work. They are not inclined to divorce; they experience family and mental problems in themselves, most often blaming themselves. They do not want to change the stereotype of life, unless they are forced to do so by extreme circumstances, they simply come to terms with the existing situation. There are many widows among them. including love, the reasons for which are most often their restraint and habit of dominating. The only salvation from love troubles is work. They are not inclined to divorce; they experience family and mental problems in themselves, most often blaming themselves. They do not want to change the stereotype of life, unless they are forced to do so by extreme circumstances, they simply come to terms with the existing situation. There are many widows among them. including love, the reasons for which are most often their restraint and habit of dominating. The only salvation from love troubles is work. They are not inclined to divorce; they experience family and mental problems in themselves, most often blaming themselves. They do not want to change the stereotype of life, unless they are forced to do so by extreme circumstances, they simply come to terms with the existing situation. There are many widows among them.

Decanates of Capricorn

In addition to the general characteristics for all Capricorns, you should get acquainted with some specifics.

Capricorns, born from December 23 to January 1, are attractive and charming, full of personal charm, but despite this, they are often expected to have unhappy love, unsuccessful marriage and married life. They are constantly on the move, they have a lot of trips and journeys ahead. Traveling can be dangerous. Their life is full of changes and painful fractures, and sometimes they have to start all over again.

Capricorns, born from January 2 to 11, are endowed with great physical strength and external beauty, and some of them are not devoid of elegance. They are diplomatic, capable, hardworking, but overly ambitious and stubborn, which often prevents them from achieving their goals. They tend to set themselves unrealizable goals. Many have a penchant for military service. In love and family life, they are almost never happy. They can live for a long time, although they are prone to chronic diseases.

Capricorns born from 12 to 20 January are noble, responsive, restrained, self-controlled and inspiring confidence, demanding of themselves and others, do not tolerate mistakes, blunders, delusions. They plan their lives reasonably and consistently, they never succumb to momentary weaknesses. They enjoy authority, respect, recognition. Despite a certain tyranny, they are forgiven a lot because of their sense of humor. Problems and troubles are mostly due to their own fault or due to fake friends.

Capricorn decanate

Interpretation of Capricorn Decanate

1st Capricorn Decanate: 0 ° – 10 °

The rulers are Saturn and retrograde Uranus.

Ambition, imperiousness, self-confidence, fatalism. Often – an occultist, religious fanatic or sectarian, ready for self-sacrifice. Everything is questioned. There are many changes and changes throughout life. Traveling can be dangerous. Relatives are often assisted in moving up the career ladder. Often disappointment in love – especially the first, unhappy married life. If the location of Jupiter is unsuccessful, the premonition of misfortune constantly darkens life.

2nd Capricorn Decanate: 10 ° – 20 °

Rulers Chiron and retrograde Venus.

Physical strength, external beauty, ambition, vivid self-expression, duality, diplomacy, the ability to assert itself. In relations with others, a tendency to cruelty, despotism, tyranny, sadism interferes. On the one hand – the possibility of a quick take-off, fame, titles, awards, on the other – the same quick loss, mainly due to the excess of their own power. Numerous powerful friends help to achieve a high social level, but there are also strong rivals, competitors, enemies that threaten position, authority, and reputation. The main victory of these people should be a victory over oneself, and how this will be possible will be shown by the location of Mars in the horoscope.

3rd Capricorn Decanate: 20 ° – 30 °

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

The nature is proud, restrained, cold, strict. Melancholic temperament, gloom, gloom, philosophical mind. Reflections on the problems of life and the essence of being. Watch out for fake friends. Suffering comes from your own children. Only a true friend can get rid of the hardships of life, disappointment, from the fierce struggle for existence. Submission, humility, service to others contribute to atonement or mitigation of karma.

5 degree range of the sign of Capricorn

0 ° – 5 ° (-)

Tall, slim figure. Correct facial features, brown-haired.

Distinctive features: nobility, justice, sincerity and kindness.

5 ° – 10 ° (+)

Short stature, elongated face, pleasant facial features.

Distinctive features: generosity, justice, sincerity, eloquence.

10 ° – 15 ° (+)

High growth.

Distinctive features: independence, authority, diplomacy, tact.

15 ° – 20 ° (-)

Beautiful appearance. Clean skin. Light blond hair.

Distinctive features: variability, deceit.

20 ° – 25 ° (-)

Pleasant appearance. Round face.

Distinctive features: generosity, thoughtfulness, kindness.

25 ° – 30 ° (+)

Medium height. Proportional physique. Healthy complexion. Blonde hair.

Distinctive features: ambition, lust for power.

Capricorn degree

Interpretation of the degrees of the sign of Capricorn

0 ° – 1 ° (270 ° – 271 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and retrograde Uranus.

Critical degree 0 ° 00’00“.

Elusive nature, dual character. Diligence, efficiency, cunning, cunning, diplomacy, tact, extreme self-confidence. Bold and expedient planning, good performance, achievement of a high social level and a stable financial position. The greatest successes in technology, mining, in mines and mines, in agriculture, in horticulture and horticulture, as well as in the political arena. Interest in magic and the occult.

If damaged. Strong craving for solitude and isolation.

1 ° – 2 ° (271 ° – 272 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune retrograde.

Agility of mind, cunning and cunning, often reaching the point of deceit, sleight of hand, sensitivity. Conservatism. Loyalty to yourself and your ideals. Success is achieved by one’s own efforts.

If damaged. Excessive pedantry, pragmatism, literalism. Strong emotional vibrations.

2 ° – 3 ° (272 ° – 273 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

The rulers are Mars and retrograde Pluto.

Strong will, Martian energy, good judgment, planning. Authority, good reputation. On the one hand – courage, courage, adventurism, a propensity for risky and dangerous undertakings, and on the other – prudence, caution, vigilance. Craving for science and research, political activity and public service. Love for the world of art, especially for music, poetry, painting, fairy tales and mythology.

If damaged. Often eye diseases with impaired vision. Often premature death by court verdict.

3 ° – 4 ° (273 ° – 274 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Diligence, efficiency, accuracy, accuracy, self-confidence, exceptional independence, fanaticism, dedication, purposefulness, the ability to concentrate on one thing. A sense of collectivism. Success in science and research.

If damaged. Strong craving for pleasures and bodily pleasures.

4 ° – 5 ° (274 ° – 275 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Rulers Venus and Chiron.

The nature is calm, kind, benevolent, hospitable. Energy, determination. Creative and labor successes, material well-being. Prophetic dreams. Help and support for those in need.

If damaged. Dependence on the will of other people. Beware of theft, theft. The danger of losing personal freedom and independence. The possibility of alienation, loneliness at the end of life.

5 ° – 6 ° (275 ° – 276 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Conscientiousness, benevolence, subtlety in knowledge, sober analysis of past experience. The ability to self-expression, self-affirmation. Consistency in feelings, loyalty to ideals, business, friends and family. Success in science and research work, applied sciences and applied arts.

If damaged. Self-will, willfulness, stubbornness to obstinacy, excessive compassion for others to the detriment of oneself.

Conjunction with Sagittarius Bow star. Mental activity, enterprise, a sense of justice. Often conductors of social ideas (Ascendant, Meridian, Sun, Moon, Jupiter).

6 ° – 7 ° (276 ° – 277 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Responsibility, a sense of duty, commitment, excellent public speaking, the gift of a leader. The ability to mobilize others to achieve their own goal.

If damaged. Excessive jealousy, envy. Many competitors, enemies, who create problems, bring failures. In love and family life, discord.

7 ° – 8 ° (277 ° – 278 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and retrograde Uranus.

Excellent mental abilities, hard work, efficiency, diligence, diligence, strong self-expression, self-affirmation. Success in society. Ability to achieve a goal.

If damaged. Increased conceit, arrogance, misanthropy. Lots of changes and changes. Danger of paralysis.

8 ° – 9 ° (278 ° – 279 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune retrograde.

Good understanding of people and business, harmony in professional life and everyday affairs. Success in science and research, art, politics and public service.

If damaged. Excess of power, folly, tyranny. Fall or overthrow. Threat of premature death or suicide.

9 ° – 10 ° (279 ° – 280 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

The rulers are Mars and retrograde Pluto.

Highly developed mind, prudence, prudence. Creation of spiritual and material values. Love for science, philosophical problems, history.

If damaged. Melancholy, fears, phobia, craving for solitude and isolation. Disaster or robbery.

10 ° – 11 ° (280 ° – 281 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Royal degree.

High goals in life. The favor of high-ranking and influential government officials. Achieving a high social level and material wealth. Authority, prestige, reputation. Sensory abilities. The greatest successes are brought by military affairs, the political arena, science and research work, medicine, philosophy, the world of art – literature, music, painting.

If damaged. Danger of accidents. Fall or overthrow.

11 ° – 12 ° (281 ° – 282 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Rulers Venus and Chiron.

Strong will, energy, hard work, efficiency, diligence, diligence. Big plans and a successful career. The greatest successes in science and research work, in business, commerce, art, in the political arena and public service. Often increased sensory abilities.

If damaged. Self-will, willfulness, excess of power, extravagance, petty tyranny. Loss of personal freedom and independence, captivity, exile, emigration or premature death.

12 ° – 13 ° (282 ° – 283 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

The critical degree is 12 ° 51’26 ” – 12 ° 53’36 ”.

Lofty ideas and goals. High self-awareness. Strong will, energy, self-control, self-control. Reason and reason rule over his feelings and passions. Insight. The biggest victory is victory over yourself. The greatest successes are foreshadowed in science and research work. Love for the world of art, interest in ancient cultures and ancient traditions, mythology. Travel and travel.

If damaged. Strong stress and anxiety in adolescence and youth. Problematic marriage, divorce, widowhood. Premature death.

Conjunction with the star of Ascella. Profit, happiness, loyal friends, the ability to make logical judgments.

13 ° – 14 ° (283 ° – 284 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Ability to use the experience of the past. Craving for science and research, especially for the unknown mysteries of nature and the Universe. Greatest success in applied sciences.

If damaged. Irritability, excitability, resentment, quarrelsomeness, quarrelsomeness, quarrels, scandals, confrontations. Danger of a serious, chronic illness that can lead to premature death or suicide.

14 ° – 15 ° (284 ° – 285 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and retrograde Uranus.

The nature is serious, patient, conscientious, benevolent, hardworking, efficient. Cunning, cunning, duality, diplomacy, the ability to adapt to anyone and anything. The gift of suggestion, the ability to win over people. The ability to feel the political atmosphere. With a good configuration with Venus and Neptune – love and success in the art world: in music and vocal art.

If damaged. Danger of premature death.

Conjunction with Vega star. Artistry, musical and artistic talent. Religiousness, fatal belief. Prosperity, even wealth (cusp II of the field or its ruler, the Moon, the Pars of Fortune in the corner fields). Ability for magic, occult and secret sciences (Moon under the horizon). Long trips, long journeys, happiness in love and family life (Meridian).

15 ° – 16 ° (285 ° – 286 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune retrograde.

Activity, enterprise, initiative, agility, passion, cunning, cunning, duality. Optimism, willpower, self-confidence, faith in the future. On the other hand, idealism, benevolence, refinement, changeability, diplomacy. The ability to achieve your own, aspiration. Authority, good reputation. Support from dignitaries and government authorities. Craving for risky and dangerous enterprises. Difficulties, obstacles, obstacles.

Conjunction with Vega star. See previous degree.

16 ° – 17 ° (286 ° – 287 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

The rulers are Mars and retrograde Pluto.

The nature is calm, patient. Eloquence, the gift of a propagandist, agitator. Loyalty to their work, devotion to like-minded people to self-sacrifice. Harmony between the inner and outer world. Artistry. Spiritual growth. Reassessment of spiritual and material values. Purification and crystallization of the soul. The greatest success comes in the arts, especially in the cinema and on the stage. Science, applied science and applied arts can also bring success.

If damaged. Difficulties in love, unhappy family life. At the end of life, there is often loneliness and a secluded lifestyle. Often – premature death or suicide.

17 ° – 18 ° (287 ° – 288 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Barriers, obstacles, restrictions. A complete mobilization of internal forces is required.

If damaged. Duplicity. Changeable happiness. Mental contradictions, confrontation. Beware of four-legged animals, especially horses. Risk of car accident and premature death.

18 ° – 19 ° (288 ° – 289 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Rulers Venus and Chiron.

Destructive degree.

Mental ability, physical strength. Consistency, tenacity, tenacity. Self-reliance from a young age. External support. A slow but successful career. As a result – a high social level and a good financial situation.

If damaged. Pessimism, mental breakdown, loss of personal freedom and independence. The threat of premature death.

19 ° – 20 ° (289 ° – 290 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Activity, agility, agility, sneakiness, cockiness. Vanity, pride, courage, resourcefulness. The art of imitation and mimicry. Ease of contacts. Disputes, disputes, quarrels. Self-control and self-control are essential for quick success. The greatest successes in science and research work, applied sciences and art, as well as in the cinema and on the theater stage.

If damaged. Excessive craving for intermediary and brokerage services, for pimping. Ability to adapt to people and circumstances without choosing the means. Beware of four-legged animals, especially dogs.

20 ° – 21 ° (290 ° – 291 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Reasonableness, cunning, slyness, duality, diplomacy. Increased need for communication, information. Interest in psychological and sociological problems. Love for art, especially literature, also for science, pedagogy, politics. The greatest success – as a chemist, librarian, teacher, agitator and propagandist.

If damaged. Danger of premature violent death.

21 ° – 22 ° (291 ° – 292 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and retrograde Uranus.

Perseverance, perseverance, constancy, endurance, endurance, patience, hard work, efficiency, consistency, conscientiousness, nobility. Ability to win over people. A good social and material position is achieved through their own efforts. Writer’s talent. The professional area is pedagogy, medicine, mathematics, architecture, construction, applied science and art. Love for rural life, gardening. Physical damage, material difficulties, stress, deep emotional experiences ultimately result in spiritual rebirth.

If damaged. Rock, the weight of your own cross. Concerns and worries about loved ones. Dependence on the will of others or, conversely, the subordination of others to their will.

22 ° – 23 ° (292 ° – 293 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune retrograde.

Philosophical mindset, strong will, self-control, self-control. Specific goals. Internal contradictions, earthly temptations. Recognition of personal merits and merits, achievement of a high social level and a good financial situation. Sublimation of sexual energy into creative creates enormous intellectual resources. Interest in mysticism, magic, occult and secret sciences. Success in applied sciences and arts.

If damaged. Excessive sexuality, problems in love and family life. Danger of premature death or court death sentence.

23 ° – 24 ° (293 ° – 294 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

The rulers are Mars and retrograde Pluto.

High intelligence, good manners. Diligence, deliberation, foresight. The gift of foresight. Musical talent. The promotion is facilitated by the support of high-ranking officials. Success in commercial activity, business, technology.

If damaged. Changeable happiness. Loss of personal freedom and independence. Danger of premature death, suicide.

24 ° – 25 ° (294 ° – 295 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Cunning, cunning, duality, diplomacy, prudence, foresight. High social level, material well-being. Spiritual growth. Interest in the cultural values ​​of the past.

If damaged. Frivolity, inconsistency, carelessness. Frivolous attitude to business. Happiness is changeable. Danger of premature death.

25 ° – 26 ° (295 ° – 296 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Rulers Venus and Chiron.

The critical degree is 25 ° 42’52 ” – 25 ° 44’40 ”.

Ease of perception and understanding. Dreaminess, romanticism, fanaticism, lust for power. Eloquence, poetic gift, propagandist talent. Internal activity and external mobility. Inexhaustible internal resources. The victory of the spirit over the body. Travel, travel. Attraction to the unknown secrets of nature and the Universe.

If damaged. Willfulness, willfulness, extravagance, tyranny. The threat of premature death, suicide.

26 ° – 27 ° (296 ° – 297 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Dreaminess, romance, thoughtfulness, sensitivity, impressionability. Internal contradictions. Inclination to comfort, coziness, solitude, striving for everything beautiful, graceful, unusual. In love and marriage – fatality, rock. Success in science or art.

If damaged. Limitations, obstacles, barriers. Strong stresses and emotional experiences lead to the rebirth of the spirit. Change of world view.

27 ° – 28 ° (297 ° – 298 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Spiritual progress, awareness of the true value of life, human existence. Spiritual rebirth and expansion of the spiritual horizon due to travel and travel. Success in science and research work, applied science. Exploration of unknown secrets of nature and the Universe.

If damaged. Failures in love and marriage. Danger of premature violent death.

28 ° – 29 ° (298 – 299 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

The rulers are Saturn and retrograde Uranus.

A sober mind and common sense. Strong desire to rise above the outside world. Striving for power. Submitting others to your will. A brilliant career, a high social level, material well-being, often with the help of other people.

If damaged. Excessive power. Fall, overthrow. Captivity, exile, emigration. Danger of premature death due to poisoning far from home.

29 ° – 30 ° (299 ° – 300 °) Degree Capricorn Zodiac

Rulers Jupiter and Neptune retrograde.

Conscientiousness, benevolence. Higher insight, potential spirituality. Fight for social justice and equality of all strata of society, for the brotherhood of all races and nations. Loyalty to ideals, work, dedication to friends and family. The fight is mainly fought from behind the scenes. Craving for long journeys and long journeys.

If damaged. Superstition, fatality, fate, for which a person programs himself.

Capricorn stars

Influence of fixed stars in Capricorn zodiac

The star Bow Sagittarius has the properties of Jupiter and Mars. Promotes mental performance, provides a sense of fairness and an entrepreneurial drive.

Conjunction with the Ascendant, Meridian, Sun, Moon, Jupiter or Stellium – idealistic views, social activities.

Sagittarius Bow in conjunction with the Sun – from the actress Hildegard Knef, from the Chinese dictator Mao Zedong; with Venus – from the French artist Toulouse Lautrec and the former president of the Reichsbank Schacht; with the Moon – in Beethoven and Reinhold Ebertin; with Saturn – at the Belgian king Baudouin I.

The star Bow Sagittarius in 1950 was at 5 ° 41 ‘, in 1970 – at 5 ° 54’, and in 1990 – at 6 ° 11 ‘of Capricorn.

The star Ascella has the properties of Mars and Saturn. May impair vision.

Ascella in conjunction with the Sun – by the famous poet and sculptor Ernst Barlach, by the actress Gertrude Kückelmann; with Mercury – from the writer Maria Lafater-Soliman; with Uranus – from the pilot Ella Beinhorn.

The star of Ascella was at 12 ° 46 ‘in 1950, at 13 ° 13’ in 1970, and at 13 ° 30 ‘in Capricorn.

The star Vega has the properties of Venus, Neptune and Mercury. A good configuration gives a musical and artistic flair.

  • Conjunction with Jupiter or Venus – glory, wealth.
  • Conjunction with the Ascendant or Meridian is a great professional success, especially among statesmen and politicians, personalities who play an important role in the history of mankind.
  • Conjunction with the Moon or Neptune – a penchant for occult and secret sciences, mysticism.

Vega in conjunction with the Ascendant – among astrologers and writers: Karl Brandler-Pracht, Sinbad, Adolf Weiss, as well as Napoleon III, Poincaré, King Boris of Bulgaria; with the Sun – from the philosopher Rudolf Aiken, the actress Maria Schell, the writer Paul Ludwig, the physicist Newton, Adenauer; with Mercury – from Nostradamus; with Mars – from General Eisenhower and sociologist Nollt-Newman.

The star Vega was at 14 ° 36 ‘in 1950, at 14 ° 54’ in 1970, and at 15 ° 11 ‘in Capricorn in 1990.

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