Capricorn Cancer Compatibility

Capricorn and Cancer on the zodiac circle occupy opposite positions, that is, they are located opposite each other as north and south, east and west. This means that the signs are attracted and repelled at the same time, and what the outcome of this opposition will be depends on their personal horoscopes. The type of their relationship can be called “all or nothing”: they will either rally into a harmonious union, or remain the worst enemies. But there will definitely not be indifference between them. Their elements are considered friendly, which contributes to their rapprochement. Capricorn refers to earth, Cancer refers to water. The soil needs constant moisture in order to be fertile and not turn into useless stone. Water streams need firm banks and a channel in order not to lose the strength and pressure of their current.

However, in this case, the signs represent completely different natures, characters and worldviews. Capricorn is stability, composure, toughness and calculation. Cancer is endowed with such qualities as daydreaming and gentleness, he is emotionally unstable, but dexterous, vulnerable, but due to this cunning. Their worldviews are so different that even when they talk about the same thing, they do not understand each other at all, as if they are speaking in different languages. It is this fact that will both repel them from each other and at the same time be attractive. In the second case, the signs will learn a lot from the partner, be able to look at reality from a different angle, become more experienced, stronger and wiser. Capricorn will feel the warmth and care of a gentle Cancer, and the latter will calm down in the presence of such a strong partner and begin to believe in his own strength more.

Compatibility horoscope for Capricorn and Cancer

The compatibility of Capricorn and Cancer has every chance of being high thanks to the successful interaction of their planetary leaders. The first is under the influence of strict Saturn, the second is led by the gentle Moon. Saturn is a tough masculine energy, thanks to which Capricorn manifests itself firmly, stubbornly, purposefully and cold-bloodedly. The moon gives her representative gentleness, the desire to take care of loved ones, intuitively feel the other and stand in his place. The sign of the earth, which is cared for and cherished, becomes a little kinder and warmer in self-expression. And his partner adopts the skills of practicality, emotional balance and discipline.

Thus, the horoscope of compatibility of Capricorn with Cancer can even be very successful if they realize the mutual benefits of such a partnership and take all the best from each other. Cancer has a very subtle mental organization and strives for security, which he can find only next to a strong, decent and strong-willed partner who can shelter him from the hardships of life. Capricorn is perfect for this role. He, in turn, is looking for someone who will be faithful and honest with him, as well as who will give him inspiration and support his desire to achieve high results in life. Both belong to cardinal signs, which indicates their active life, aimed at acquiring all kinds of material wealth. Partners love beautiful things and comfortable conditions, so they know how to earn and save.

Capricorn and Cancer business compatibility

The compatibility of Capricorn and Cancer at work is quite high, and together they achieve good results. Cancer, thanks to its creative abilities, is replete with non-standard ideas, and Capricorn, from its rational point of view, improves them and turns them into materially profitable projects. In business, the signs of earth and water work on an equal footing and do not compete, since they are still unable to surpass each other in personal qualities.

The compatibility of Capricorn with Cancer in friendship is at an average level. Such relationships are most likely among people with mutual interest. In simple human communication, they will not go far: Capricorn is too cold and secretive, and Cancer needs spiritual closeness with those whom he considers close. Therefore, they are unlikely to become bosom friends who carry their friendship through the years.

Capricorn Cancer Love Compatibility

Capricorn and Cancer love compatibility

The compatibility of Capricorn and Cancer in love is beneficial, provided that their feelings are sincere and deep. True, some time must pass for this, since both are in no hurry to throw themselves into the pool headlong and look incredulously at the chosen one. In a love relationship, partners behave differently: soft Cancer arranges romantic dates and pleasant surprises. He is simple by nature and walking around the city at night will suit him perfectly. But Capricorn prefers more refined courtship: expensive presents and dinner at a good restaurant. Physical attraction wakes up between them almost immediately, but not one of them is in a hurry to jump into a bed.

Good compatibility of Capricorn with Cancer in a relationship is based on three whales that unite them. Firstly, both lovers value the institution of the family and dream of their friendly and strong social unit. In this regard, they do not sin with promiscuous love affairs and carefully choose a partner, trying to discern the very one in him. Secondly, they strive for material wealth and are quite zealous. They want to see the same qualities in their chosen one. And thirdly, Capricorn and Cancer are endowed with a high level of awareness, which they achieve through introspection. This means that reckless behavior and unpredictability are unusual for them, which is also important to observe in a partner for both.

Capricorn and Cancer sexual compatibility

The compatibility of Capricorn and Cancer in bed is not the most successful, because they look at this sphere in completely different ways. Capricorn perceives sex as a way to get physical pleasure and nothing more. Cancer sees in him a kind of sacred act, filled with sensuality and spiritual convergence of lovers. They agree only on one thing – the first wants to rule, the second is ready to obey.

The sign of water will lack tenderness, affection and romance, and at this time the ward of Saturn, due to his coldness, does not really understand what they want from him at all. In such a situation, either Capricorn should hear about the needs of a partner and become more open, or lovers need to reduce the number of intimate meetings, then rare sex will live on the energy of passion.

Capricorn and Cancer family compatibility

Good compatibility of Capricorn with Cancer in marriage is built not only on their mutual feelings, but also on mutual love for home. Capricorns will try their best to provide their family with financial comfort and stability while improving the quality of their living conditions. Cancer, meanwhile, will take responsibility for the psychological climate in the union: an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Both honor traditions, observe family rules and traditions, which sharply reduces the level of possible conflicts. They have few friends, but they are all loyal and decent. Spouses prefer a quiet holiday together at home or outdoors. The offspring appears in their life strictly according to the plan.

On the other hand, the compatibility of Capricorn and Cancer in family life also has negative aspects provoked by their different natures. The sign of the earth may consider the partner insufficiently responsible and strong, for which he will constantly reproach him. And Cancer, in turn, will alternately begin to fall into despondency, then into hysterics due to a lack of attention and empathy from a spouse. The partners will have to try hard to come to an understanding and establish good, warm relations.

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